Philly Heroes Arrest Kid For Beating Them in Pick-up Basketball Game

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Heroes are very sensitive creatures:


  1. The same police embarrassed in the video and shown falling down like feeble porkers put him in cuffs without justification. Do tell us what the lawful reason for his being detained if you can.

    To post a bunch of nonsense about this article with no support or a single real world reference to reality is laughable. It is only done by those lacking even the most rudimentary skills of communication.

    The story behind Samir Hill’s viral ‘crossover arrest’ video

    Onlookers suspect the officers were retaliating for being embarrassed by 21-year-old Samir Hill, who crossed up one cop so bad, the cop fell.

  2. This is a non story. The fact that 2 cops played a quick pickup basketball game with a kid one day, then the next day that same kid is detained by police does not mean that there is a connection in any way, shape, or form to the pick up game. To imply that is the reason the kid was detained is laughable. It is only done to put the cops in a bad light by those who have an axe to grind with the police.


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