Baltimore Hero Assaults Kid

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If you or I or any other not-cop had done this, we’d be facing arrest and serious criminal charges. But a Hero can assault people with impunity: 

Locals are outraged after video surfaced showing a Baltimore City schools police officer slapping a student in the face, cussing him out, and then kicking him.

Filmed at Reach Partnership High School by another student on his cellphone, the short clip does not show the events preceding the assault, but the unidentified boy can be seen standing up against a wall.

“Fuck you!” the Hero says while delivering the first hard slap.

“Go home then!” he says as he delivers a second more powerful smack to the left side of the student’s face.

“Get the fuck outta here!” he finally says while delivering a third slap, which doesn’t completely connect because the student ducks.

For good measure, the school cop then kicks the boy in the back as he is walking away.

Watch the raw footage:

As a result of the incident, the head of the Baltimore school police force is now on administrative leave and two of his officers have reassigned. In addition, the unidentified officer involved has been reassigned to a position away from the school.

Baltimore Schools spokeswoman Edie House Foster confirmed on Wednesday that officials are “vigorously” investigating the case, but she did not say why the two officers not involved in the assault were placed on leave.

Foster said the video was filmed on Tuesday at the school in East Baltimore and was then posted to Facebook. The spokeswoman called the officer’s behavior “unacceptable and appalling.”

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake also called what occurred in the video, “appalling,” and asserted that the cop’s actions could further harm the relationship between police and a community already resentful towards officer misconduct.

“The behavior that was demonstrated on the video, you never want to see anyone treated like that,” Rawlings-Blake said. “Anytime there is a law enforcement officer with that level of authority that seems to be abusing that authority, it impacts all of us across the country.”

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