Maryland Hero Goes Berserk

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Three students at a school in Baltimore were intially charged with assault and suspended after a school police officer attacked them with a baton and pepper spray, seemingly for no reason.

One of the girls, a thirteen year old, was left needing 10 stitches in her head after the cop smashed her in the face with the baton, while the other girls were sprayed directly in the face with pepper spray.

The video shows the police officer beckoning one of the girls, named Starr, down a flight of stairs. According to the girl’s grandmother, the officer was yelling “Little girl, get down here.”

When Starr responded by telling the officer “My name is not little girl, it’s Starr,” and attempted to walk past, the cop grabbed her by the arm and forced her against a wall.

The video shows that as the small girl attempts to free herself, the much larger officer grabs her by the hair.

A second pupil attempts to help Starr, and becomes involved in the tussle. Starr’s cousin, Diamond, then enters the fracas and is chased down the hall by the baton weilding cop. The video shows the cop smacking the girl in the face with the baton, despite the fact that she was in a defensive posture against a wall.

Then, as a teacher attempts to restrain Starr and the second girl, the cop goes out of her way to hit them in the face with pepper spray.

“The officer kind of comes from behind and reaches around and sprays them multiple times in the face with pepper spray. It’s disgusting,” Jared Jaskot, the family’s attorney told reporters.

The footage shows Starr clutching her face, clearly in agaony after the cop’s actions.

The families of the girls told reporters that the school failed to inform them of the incident, only learning about the situation when paramedics contacted them to say the girls had been hospitalized.

Worse still, the school and the police officer at first attempted to lie about the incident, saying that it was caused after the girls punched, kicked and scratched the cop in the face. This led to assault charges and a suspension for all three students.

After the video footage, which clearly shows nothing of the sort, was viewed by prosecuters, the chrages were dropped. However, the students remain suspended.

Speaking with reporters, the head of the local police union claimed that the officer, whose identity is being withheld, was justified in her actions because she was “trying to make an arrest.”

It appears that the only catalyst for this police officer’s violent actions was a little girl talking back to her.

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  1. To continue from Jean’s anti-feminine reaction. Who says “we” have a duty to expunge such women. I would say the following. Though completely hideous, I wouldn’t say this woman is the locus of evil.

    The fact that there were surveillance cameras and school police under the control of the state. This crossed rubicon means anything that happens post hoc in that building will be evil.

    I’m not blaming the victims who economically and politically have no choice but to send their children to such a place. I don’t bear any ill will towards them or wish them to suffer. But unless they recognize this as being unacceptable, I consider them to have nothing to do with me one way or the other.

    I feel no connection to such people at all. I feel completely disassociated from them. To coin a word,, I feel only psycho-apathy for them. For me, “Here’s Where The Story Ends.” I care more about this song, than nearly all of them, for instance.

    Such people reside in the REALM of evil. And if they are part of it, and are “just doing their best.” If they “at least don’t profit” from such a situation. Or if they’re making an effort to “do unto others” while sending their children into such a place without preparing them.

    That is not enough. I don’t consider them human beings, deserved of anything from me at all. I’d have more respect for a family with many children, who at least made an effort, by choosing to sacrifice and exploit some children, in an attempt to save at least one of the other children. To acquire the wealth or power to get out of such a prison scenario by any means necessary.

    There’s an unclean stench about anyone who participates in this. It can be overcome by learning to provide value. By developing defenses to thwart such humiliation and subjugation. But absent evidence of things such as this. I have no more regard for them, than I do muslims in ISIS territory, or whatever “worst place in the world” realms that exist today.

    This is only in response to Jean, really. It is my analogue of his longing to join a team of costumed thugs like a modern day Prophet Jeremiah and kill em all and let Crom sort em out. My longing is to become even more calloused towards all such nonsense and nonsequitirs.

  2. Speaking with reporters, the head of the local police union claimed that the officer, whose identity is being withheld, was justified in her actions because she was “trying to make an arrest.”

    Are there any actions that would not be justified, according to the local phero union? If I started attacking students, I would want my identity withheld as well. I guess writing the student up was not good enough for this phero.

    I agree with the lawyer, This is disgusting. It appears that the local public will be paying some cash to pay for this phero’s deeds (and school’s attempted coverup). [sarcasm]It fits with the personal responsibility the school tries to promote among the students.[/sarcasm]

    • Female Pheros are the worst.

      Failures as women; they become cops for the same reason a weak man becomes a bully. Only it’s even worse, because women (as a rule) have no choice but to overcompensate when it comes to dealing with men on a physical level. A woman cop is much more likely to resort to weapons and so on because she lacks the male’s ability to physically control a situation.


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