This Hero Looks Like He Might Explode

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Check out the gut:

And, note that the Hero commits a physical assault – putting his hands on the guy filming.┬áThis would have been severely punished (a likely capital offense) had the guy video recording (or any citizen) done exactly the same to a Hero.

Why is it that a Hero can be filmed committing a crime and there are no repercussions?

Note that the other Hero witnessed the crime and did nothing.

What do you suppose he would have done had the guy filming touched the holy personage of the about-to-explode Hero?

We all know the answer.

He’d have been arrested and caged. Probably, thrown to the ground to cries of “stop resisting”!

And it’s among the reasons why these armed government workers are increasingly despised.

They are bullies and thugs – their bullying and thuggery legalized by a tyrannical government.



  1. Come on Eric, you’re being too hard on the Hero.

    He just wants to protect and serve.

    If you would just stop skipping your appointments in Room 101, you could finally get you head around the equation – Protect and serve = Opening A Can Of Whoop Ass On Civilians.

    Think of the children Eric (at Waco) and how “we” protected and served them (by killing them.)

    Just think of Elon Mooch as the greatest rocket surgeon of our time. Embrace your servitude. Dance naked in a field of clover.

    Just make sure you pre-register on the sex offender’s list.

      • But….but……but big broder furnish your every need comrade….why you no like big broder? And when you need operation, big broder der for you wit big broder medicaid. Embrace big broder and he take care of you. When he give you the medicaid his helper look to see if you have registered firearm(s) and come trade you medicaid for dem. Good deal big broder eh? I never register for firearm my whole life but big broder took dem to protect me anyway. Big broder see through walls, he santy, knows if you’re naughty or nice.

        • I might get a chance to play with a $34,000 FLIR camera this week.

          Always wanted to know what it would be like to see like Big Bro himself.


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