Tubby Hero Gets Owned

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This one’s amusing – and scary – at the same time. A guy is on his private property when a Hero – a really fat Hero – rolls up and demands ID. No one called the cops; this cop just rolls up and starts demanding ID. The property owner stands his ground and embarrasses the Hero – who eventually retreats (probably to Dunkin Donuts or the all-you-can-eat buffet).

But, what’s scary is that this fat got-damned asshole in a government uniform was not arrested for assault/making threats or some such. Let alone relieved of his government-issued costume and firearm. If you or I or any person not a government worker just accosted someone on their private property while armed and began demanding (with the implied threat of violence) ID and refusing to leave when asked… we’d be arrested and in jail.

The Hero merely goes back to the trough for another bucket of slop.



  1. I certainly have no love for standing armies, but I can see how this deputy sheriff might have thought he was stopping a crime.
    We cannot see the property, but it sounds like it is a business of some sort, with a shingle over the door, and it is 2AM.
    So a guy appears to be loitering outside some business at 2AM. To a hero, it looks suspicious, here might be an opportunity to do some good for a citizen, a little stain remover as it were. So, with no jurisdiction, not quite enough for a Terry stop, he goes fishing.

    The real problem here is that cops are the hatchet men of the government. Government is that collection of parasites who call themselves government and are smart enough to set up a printing press and claim it can print “money” out of thin air and hire standing armies of people stupid enough to be cops in violation of the very law that says there shall be no standing armies, public or private, in time of peace. Peace is when Congress has not declared war. That hasn’t happened since 1941.
    So, the deputy is between a rock and a hard spot. He is taking blood money, probably senses something is wrong, but can’t figure out that he is actually being paid to stamp out freedom wherever it may pop up.

    • Actually, we’ve been in a “state” of war for some time…
      It will never end, because of the powers that state of war grants to our Gov’t.
      Hence, the “war on poverty.” “War on Drugs.” Great “War on Terror.”

      The WoD, WoP, GWoT – all allow the government special powers.
      And incrementally, freedom is subsumed into Order Uber Alles. Operation Paperclip’s TRUE purpose becomes clear only in hind sight…

      So if it wears the badge, make it squeal. And don’t shed a tear, save for the wasted bacon…

  2. The suspect was clearly under the influence of dark skin and out after the government approved hour.

    Why was he not immediately beaten and shot for his own good and the good of the public?

    Why were tax dollars and unused ammo not properly utilized in this instance?

    Just who does this dark skinned individual think he is? What if he was born on an unapproved day? Think of the children.

    Why didn’t the blue costume fellows protect the brown shirt hero?

    What is the world coming to?


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