AGWs Handling Complaints

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Here’s coverage of a local CBS News affiliate’s undercover video of armed government workers getting very heavy with what they think are ordinary citizens attempting to file official complaints. The secret recording shows extreme intimidation tactics deployed against people asking what the procedure is to file an official complaint.

One AGW almost attacks the man after demanding ID and then accuses him of being “on medication” and not being “cooperative,” the set-up for the beatdown and arrest that came within inches of happening.

Of course, none of the AGWs in the video will be criminally prosecuted and it’s doubtful they’ll even lose their jobs.

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  1. For all the talk about coming forward to accuse the person who committed a crime against you, they sure don’t mean accusing a hero of one……

      • Hi Moose,

        As has been observed – but bears repeating, until the blunt-skulled masses get it – AGWs are a gang. An official one. But a gang. Calling them “police” or “law enforcement” is a Jedi Mind Trick – like calling theft “taxes.”

        These AGWs are – like taxes – a morally despicable thing made legal via the use of euphemisms and “official” titles, trappings, procedures and so on.

        But – like taxes – AGWs are fundamentally about the most morally despicable thing there is: The use of force – deadly force – against people who’ve harmed no one, in order to deprive those innocent people of their rights.

        Even if you are never personally issued so much as a ticket for jaywalking, you have been robbed at gunpoint to pay for the AGW’s salary and equipment and are under constant duress because of the threat posed by AGWs as you try to go peacefully about your business, which they will not allow you to do.

  2. How can people argue cops are doing more good than bad. Leave the bad guys to good citizens with guns. Get rid of the cops. We had 26 thefts from cars in one month in my precinct and i saw the perps one morning before work. I emailed my precinct officer to let them know and tell them that i wanted to be a part of the block watch. No response from the cops. They don’t give a crap about crimes that actually affect people. Try speeding on the highway and you will get a ticket.


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