AGWs Stalk Guy in RV

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Here’s video taken by a guy legally parked in his RV. Armed government workers appear and begin to demand ID and ask pushy questions (all questions posed by armed men are inherently pushy; the person being questioned is under duress). The lead AGW has his hand on his Tacticool belt, ready to deal with the “threat” posed by a guy parked legally in his RV who wasn’t causing any trouble and didn’t ask to be harassed by AGWs.

They walk around the RV menacingly, shining a flashlight in the man’s face and using profanity to convey their contempt for the mere citizen whom they are supposedly “serving and protecting.”

The man ignores the AGWs, which you can tell infuriates them. But this time, the AGWs leave – though they did circle back in their car, like a prowling shark. But at least they didn’t claim they “smelled marijuana” or saw a “threat” to their “safety” . .  and then Hut! Hut! Hut! the man into the morgue.

. . .

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