Earning the Hate

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Here’s video of a guy pulled over for some trumped-up offense or other; observe the insolent questioning by the armored-up government geeks. They practically ooze contempt for their victim.

The skinny one pretends to be “friendly” – an absurdity given the encounter is not consensual and the man is under duress. Meanwhile his arrogant partner places his paw on the man’s car while the other continues to fish for… something. Anything.

Then – after playing “friendly” – the skinny armed government worker starts asking about “large amounts of U.S. currency,” “narcotics” and “firearms.” Then asks whether the driver “takes responsibility for everything in the vehicle” before announcing that a Hut! Hut! Hut! drug-sniffing dog is on its way to provide pretext for raping the man’s 4th Amendment and natural right to be left in peace.

If the Hero Dog does not “alert,” then the man will “be free to go.”

In other words, the man hasn’t done anything to warrant (legally justify) a search of his vehicle, so the armed government workers detain him while they wait for a dog to give them pretext to search the vehicle.

The man is forced to wait in the hot sun by the side of the road while the armed government workers continue their witch hunt …

Hut! Hut! Hut!

The filthy animal “alerts” – and the man is cuffed.

This is what America has come to.

. . .

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