Public Sidewalk is “Highly Secure” Area

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It is amazing – and depressing – how little knowledge of the law law enforcers have. Or respect. In this video we see a man accosted by a scrum of law enforcers (armed government workers) for the non-crime of taking some video of a building/grounds from a public sidewalk. This is entirely legal, regardless of the affront perceived by the armed government workers who “respond.”

The armed government workers refuse to answer the man’s simple question: Am I being detained or am I free to go?

This is a legal requirement. Armed government workers are obliged by the law to state, if asked, whether an interaction is consensual (and the person free to go at any time) or not. If not, then the person is being detained – and in that case the armed government workers are obliged to adduce some specific reason for detaining the person; some reason to suspect a crime has been committed or is about to be committed.

These armed government workers won’t tell the man whether he is being detained but forcibly prevent him from going on his way. They demand ID – which they have no lawful right to do – and then eruct the non-legal justification about “in this day and age.”

Behold the Legacy of George W. Bush – all of you flag-humping conservatives who voted for that inbred little creep. It is because of him that we live in a hut! hut! hut! police state, with “enemies of freedom” and “terrrrists” hiding in every old lady’s handbag.

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  1. eric, I had to laugh when I was speaking several years ago about what shrubco did to the US of Aholes and the rest of the world. He’d reply, Hey, Bush is gone, he’s not there, can’t blame him(big Republican sucker)and in the next breath, literally, decry Lincoln and how he destroyed the country and so many lives and freedoms……..geeeeezzzz, what a maroon….

    • I left out an old college buddy who stood in line for a couple terms to give the shrub his own special BJ….as did countless tens of millions of biased, homophobic,(insert any other observations here)who worshiped the evil spawn of the Nixon administration who reached their full evilness during the last of the last century and this entire century. They may not be in Yahoo news every day but they’re still doing their worst.

  2. Don’t blame the voters, eric. It ain’t as if the votes actually get counted and the one with the most votes wins, or anything.


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