The “Hybrid Boom”

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Automotive News posted an interestingly disingenuous item the other day about the “hybrid sales boom,” the headline touting a truth that hides a falsehood.

Yes – indeed – sales of hybrids are “booming.” Because more hybrids are being made. Because they have to be made. In order for the automakers to comply with federal regs, particularly those pertaining to gas mileage and the “emissions” of CO2, the trace gas (0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere) that the same people who turned the world upside down over a cold bug that didn’t kill 99.8 percent of the population that wasn’t very old or already very sick say is causing the “climate” to “change.”

In fact, they want the world to “change.”

They want it to become a world in which most people don’t own a car and so aren’t able to live outside of the urban proletarian hives they have in mind for us. When you hear “green” think red. When you hear about “carbon,” understand they consider you dirty. They are not seeking a “transition” to “clean” energy. They are pushing for a transition to expensive and rationed energy. This “climate change” stuff is their psychological leverage to impoverish most of the world’s population by getting most of the population to accede to its own enserfment. It is of a piece with the psych-out tactics used to impose mass facial underwear wearing – which was the thing they used to coerce mass drug-taking.

That – as Clover used to say – is the truth and the facts.

It is why it is becoming as hard to avoid buying a hybrid as it is to find a V6 in anything that costs less than $40,000. It is why the Toyota Camry – which used to offer a V6 – now comes standard with a hybrid/four cylinder drivetrain. Just one example of many. Another is the 2024 BMW X6 I’m test-driving this week (review is here). Even though this is a high-end vehicle and so one that is by definition not one where considerations such as how much gas it doesn’t use matter much to the people who buy it, BMW has hybridized it. Just as Mercedes-Benz and Lexus and Audi have hybridized most and probably soon all of their vehicles.

It is why many half-ton trucks – like the current Ram 1500 – are also hybridized. They still have engines, but these are getting smaller and smaller because engines of any size will “emit” some CO2 and even the expedient of shutting the engine off as often as possible – which is what hybrid drivetrains are designed to do – will never eliminate the “emissions” of CO2. A vehicle with an engine – no matter how small – will never qualify as a “zero emissions” vehicle.

Even though it “emits” almost nothing that’s meaningfully harmful.

Including CO2.


That bogeyman has got to be turned out from under the bed – if the world is to be saved from turning red in the name of “green.” Let’s let the truth and the facts speak for themselves. As mentioned earlier, there is very little CO2 floating around in the air. The assertion that adding 0.015 percent more CO2 (this latter figure being the estimated “contribution” of “human activity”) to the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s air that is CO2 is almost as ridiculous as the assertion that wearing facial underwear would “stop the spread” of particles much smaller than the gaps in the fabric of which facial underwear is made.

But it is much more dangerous.

The wearing of facial underwear was more ridiculous. Rational people could see it, literally. But it is hard to see 0.04 percent of anything, let alone 0.015 percent more of it. This makes it very easy to exaggerate the threat of it. Which is why you never hear the people who insist the “climate” is “changing” mention the fact that the Earth’s atmosphere is only 0.04 percent CO2.

Never mind the 0.015 more they insist is “changing” the “climate”  . . . whatever that means.

And that all by itself ought to trip your bullshit detector. Science sans specificity is not science. It is politicized science, perhaps. But that is another thing entirely. The fact that the insisters had to transition from “global warming” to the “climate changing” is extremely telling. It is possible to objectively determine whether the “globe” is “warming,” by measuring whether it is or not. The measuring did not correlate with the insisting, which made the insisters look like hysterics at best and something else at worst. So they began to insist that the “climate” is “changing” instead, which neatly encompasses not just warming but also cooling as well as everything else in between.


See? The “climate” is “changing”!

They have deployed this narrative – which is as “scientific” as the narrative that wearing facial underwear is necessary to “stop the spread” – to get people to accept what they would otherwise reject.

This includes hybrid vehicles as the forced replacement for the vehicles that aren’t.

Not that there is anything wrong with hybrids, per se. There are advantages – most obviously higher gas mileage. But there are also disadvantages, including higher costs. Adding a battery and motor to a vehicle adds cost – as well as complexity, which tends to reduce long-term reliability.

And – regardless – many people would just rather have a V8 than a turbo-hybrid six. And a six rather than a hybrid four. Toyota Camry buyers were not clamoring for the available V6 to be replaced by a turbo four; nor were buyers of the just-updated Tacoma pickup, which no longer offers a V6, either.

But they buy them because what choice do they have when that’s all the choice there is?

This “hybrid boom” is in fact a kind of get-it-while-you-still-can buying-up of the last-call offerings that still have engines, at all. The “boom” will go bust when even hybrids no longer make the cut – irrespective of what buyers want.

. . .

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  1. Alright Eric you published this chart!

    Take note of the important information on that chart:

    1. Ice Age glaciations end at low CO2 (termination)

    2. Ice ages glaciations start at high CO2 (inception)

    (thus the claim CO2 controls temp is patently false)

    3. During the depths of glaciation, CO2 falls very low, so low it is far below 200 ppm where plants die. C)2 on that chart is the yellow line and yellow shaded area, find the 200 ppm scale on the left, take a look – CO2 is way below the danger level where plants die.

    (thus low C02 could be the cause of megafauna extinction)

    4. Dust storms rage in late glaciations. On the chart, purple area and line is dust. Ice ages are cold, dry, and brutal. Everything dies, winds blow dust ends up way up north on the ice sheets where the data in the chart was measured in ice core samples.

    (thus ice age glaciations are brutally harsh conditions for life)

    5. The red line is temperature – note that our current interglacial temp. highs (the Holocene optimum) is colder than the last one (the Eemian). In fact the current interglacial is colder than the previous 5.

    6. earth is due for ice age inception. Bill Gates wants to spray the upper atmosphere and obscure the sun – that could wipe out human civilization.

    7. nuclear war could cause global darkness and also cause ice age inception

    • Landscapes and Cycles

      About Jim Steele:

      “His understanding of climate change evolved as he sought to understand the causes of the declines in local bird populations that he had studied each summer as part of the Sierra Nevada Neotropical Migratory Bird Riparian Habitat Monitoring project. He soon discovered maximum temperatures in the Sierra Nevada had declined since the 30s (see graph) as observed at the nearby Tahoe City weather station that is part of the US Historical Climate Network. It became clear that the Sierra Nevada were not overheating despite publications blaming wildlife extinctions on global warming. The most important factors affecting local climate change were the cycles of El Nino and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation as well as landscape changes that had greatly altered the regional microclimates. Believing the politics of global warming have been misguiding conservation efforts, Jim Steele wrote the book Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism. And the lessons learned from his students helped shape his writing style, making the book’s science lessons most enjoyable and easily grasped by all.”


    • And returning the favor, consumers to discontinue buying Chevy’s…particularly as long as “scary” Mary Barrera is around!!

  2. The Feds stopped caring about what people wanted a long time ago. If we little people were “allowed” to own the kind of vehicles we truly wanted, the sales lot would look much different than it does today. As it stands our choices dwindle and like the one begging for food, we are supposed to be grateful for the moldy scraps the government so generously offers us.

  3. Older is better, get what you want before they were throttled by the govt regs.

    Had the Limp Wristed Queen and Pedo Peter not been around during Dieselgate, we’d have diesel options in crossovers and cars instead of hybrids replacing big engines, as Orange Man probably would not have had them crucified like the homo did. What a damn shame

    • You/we have to understand that ALL of this was PLANNED many years ago by the elite. It doesn’t matter who’s in office; it’s going to happen either way. As Mark Twain once said, “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”. Unfortunately, the elite are a force that CANNOT be stopped, at least not by us mere mortals. They have the best protection of all: the majority. Why? One word: ENVY. In other words, they know that the majority will NEVER bite the hands that feed them. All the elite have to do, is give the majority a few “scraps”, while brainwashing them into believing that they’re “victims” entitled to…EVERYTHING. This in turn, will make the majority believe that WE are somehow responsible for their “suffering”, and thus, will see to our demise.

  4. Is a lithium-ion hybrid car battery (such as that in a new Lexus ES300h) more dangerous than an old nickel-metal-hydride unit? I ask because of all the lithium-ion battery fires witnessed in EVs (not counting damage from accidents, floods, or normal degradation). Not sure if Toyota made a good call there.

    • Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries

      more fire risk
      greater energy density…more range…
      more expensive
      shorter life span

      Lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries

      better safety….less fire risk
      shorter range….
      lower energy density…about 40% less then Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries
      cheaper…are found in most Chinese EV’s
      longer life span
      more temperature sensitive…worse in hot or cold climate…

      Lead acid batteries

      inexpensive, safe, and reliable.
      lower energy density….75% less then lithium ion batteries…

  5. The slave owners…the control group….control the planet by controlling the narrative…..

    They are satanists so they invert everything…good is bad…black is white…

    Control of the narrative is done through the education system and all the MSM….they brainwash the traitor slaves, who help spread and defend the narrative….some are paid to…

    It has worked really well so far….the last 6000 years….

    Any attempt to prove the narrative is BS, is quickly dealt with…

    The most heavily defended is their biggest money maker…allopathic medicine…next soon…the climate change narrative…..

  6. CO₂

    How those crazy scientists write it down.

    Mars stole all of the carbon dioxide in the entire universe, that is why the atmosphere up there on Mars is 95 percent carbon dioxide.

    You’ll keel over in less than a minute, not much oxygen in Mars’ atmosphere.

    You need gravity to have an atmosphere like the one here on this freaked out planet.

    Mother Nature is the greatest teacher and she kills all students.

    Everybody should know that by now.

  7. The entire USA is being punished by the imposition of unreasonable and unscientific “pollution controls” just because of Los Angeles’ unique topography.
    No amount of “clean up” will solve Los Angeles’ problem. The native Americans who occupied the region for centuries past called it “the valley of smoke” with good reason. Temperature inversions are responsible for most of Los Angeles’ “smog” problem. This was going on long before automobiles were even invented.
    It is the geographical make up of the area, being situated between mountains and the ocean that is responsible for pollution being “bottled up” in that region.
    The only way to “clean up” Los Angeles would be to ban all human activity from the area. Even then, that would not eliminate the problem as temperature inversions would still occur.
    This is a major reason why California was allowed to establish its own stricter pollution control laws. The sad part is that the rest of the country has to “pay the price” for California—not good.

    • You do realize that America is not the only country with strict emissions laws, right? UK, France, and every other “G7” country have similar regs as well. Klaus Schwab, et al, want to get rid of cheap, reliable energy for the masses, thus forcing us back into the (literally) Dark Ages. The WEF was created to “reclaim” ALL the luxuries that us “peasants” have enjoyed for the last century or so. Sorry, make that the last 10,000 years, since we won’t even be allowed to burn firewood!

  8. Just to let everyone know. BMW has updated their software and disabled your ability to “code” out ASS. I would avoid BMW. The next thing you know there will be cameras in your face (in “your” car) like Subaru (also a non-starter). Volvo you cannot even manually turn off ASS on each ride. A definite no go. So what’s the least BS car for 75K these days. They think I’m going to pay that much for a car that literally dies all the time?! Funny stuff.
    Also, does anyone know who first came up the ASS scam? Like what person?

    • ASS is old, some cars had it in the 1980’s, European I think. Europe’s emissions testing spends a lot of time idling in traffic, so ASS lets you pass the test with a much larger engine than you would otherwise, so it’s a price to pay for a better engine.

      In the US, the first generation Prius was probably the first mass market car whose engine stopped, but I guess that doesn’t count in a hybrid because it’s not noticeable. ASS started getting popular in the US when the fuel economy regulations under Obama got passed, since the industry now had to sqeeze every last bit of efficiency out of cars.

    • “So what’s the least BS car for 75K these days?”

      $75K could buy you one hell of a restored classic daily driver. Find one that’s had fuel injection and an overdrive transmission added and you’re golden. No BS.

        • Benjamin Franklin put it best…

          “Man should enter into marriage with his eyes wide open,
          And forever after, keep them at least half closed, if not more…”

          That said, a restored classic vehicle that the wife fancies, perhaps from her youth, maybe the best solution to your problem.

          I’m looking at 60’s-70’s Oldmobile convertibles, for the wife and 2000’s era’s Bentley’s for me…so many choices, and so little money…LOL…but much cheaper than new!!

          • LOL. My wife’s “childhood” was spent in a ghetto in Kingston, Jamaica. And all she can drive is me, crazy.

        • “So true, but I have this condition called “a wife” and it can be rather painful.”

          Maybe you could use that 75K to buy a set of balls? LOL

          I’m lucky, my wife is on board with my classic car obsession. She even wants one of her own. She likes the 60’s/70’s Bronco.

    • The least BS? The GMC Savannah if they still make it.

      A 3/4 ton truck would be the only new vehicle I would buy.

    • Gosh my BMW is at the dealership getting fixed right now. If the ASS is still not disabled when I pick it up I will be devastated. This shit is getting way too real now.

  9. I’ve said it time and time again:

    If you take the idea that indeed CO2 is a pollutant, then the only way to reduce it is to Burn. Less. Fuel.

    And if you want to Burn Less Fuel, then there are cheap, simple, and easy ways to do so.

    Here are some of those ways:

    -Telework. We conducted a mass nationwide experiment on the viability of telework for jobs that don’t require your physical presence at a work site—and it worked splendidly, for the most part. Yet employers are now mandating that employees return to the office. (I think it has more to do with a desire to fire people in an underhanded way and protect the value of commercial property than anything to do with “collaboration.”)

    -Quality small cars. During the last “energy crisis” car makers produced a bevy of small cars—some great, some pretty decent, some meh, and some awful—Toyota Corolla, VW Rabbit, Ford Escort, Dodge Omni, Chevette, Honda CRX, and even Yugo. Many of those cars got an honest 30 MPG in town and 40-50 MPG on the highway—with carburetors and 4-speed and 5-speed stick shifts and 3-speed and 4-speed hydraulic automatic transmissions, and few, if any, electronic control systems. And they were cheap—so people bought them in droves. Today’s technology means that MPG could easily be at least doubled, if not tripled, over those figures, and even the cheapest ones would be pleasant to drive. And while they may not be safe or clean by Uncle Sam’s standards today, they were safe and clean enough even a few years ago. Try to find a decent small car today—the pickings are slim.

    -EU-spec diesels. Diesel engines developed under specifications and standards of the European Union have been and still are today popular because of their incredible gas mileage and durability—until the VW “scandal.” Yet even the “dirtiest” of the lot is cleaner than the diesels of old, and produces fewer CO2 emissions because of its efficiency. And thanks to the VW scandal and other regulations, EU-spec diesels are no longer economical.

    -Decent motorcycles. While motorcycles are obviously not for everyone, for many people, a motorcycle works for basic transportation needs. The kinds of motorcycles that work best for these purposes, however, are neither the “Hawgs” nor the “crotch rockets” that dominate the motorcycle market. Again, we used to have practical, easy to drive, inexpensive, and enjoyable motorcycles like those made particularly by Honda and BMW.

    -Nuclear energy. The only power source capable of generating the electricity we need without carbon emissions is nuclear energy. Yes, it has its own environmental and safety risks, but there are newer reactor designs that reduce or even eliminate these risks. Simply by replacing old coal, oil, and natural gas plants with next-generation nuclear plants, we could reduce emissions by enormous quantities.

    -World peace. While world peace is all but impossible lately, war has a pretty big carbon footprint. Yet the greens aren’t saying a peep about it.

    But we will have none of these things.

    Because the whole point is NOT to control emissions or the climate—it’s to control YOU!

    • “it worked splendidly… Yet employers are now mandating that employees return to the office. (I think it has more to do with a desire to fire people in an underhanded way and protect the value of commercial property than anything to do with “collaboration.”)”

      I’d disagree with you on that point. Employers soon found out that their hard working employees started working less hard (or not at all) when sent home.

  10. [ They want it to become a world in which most people don’t own a car and so aren’t able to live outside of the urban proletarian hives they have in mind for us. When you hear “green” think red. When you hear about “carbon,” understand <b. they consider you dirty. They are not seeking a “transition” to “clean” energy. They are pushing for a transition to expensive and rationed energy. ]-Eric

    • They == Davos + the entirety of the US government + foreign national governments. Bottom line,,, any entity that pushed / pushes the fake covid narrative and the fake CO2 narrative.

      The enemy of my enemy is….. soon to be banned as it is said in the book of John and the United States Con-gress has declared the Bible “hate speech”. Incredible!
      Banning bible history as hate speech and still we hear nothing from the “We don’t care crowd”.

      • There is a way around the assault on the First Amendment with the jewish “push” to prosecute those who dare to exercise free speech under the First Amendment with their phony “anti-semitism” tirade.
        If you get caught up in the “anti-semitism” “hate crime” snare, demand that your jewish accuser(s) PROVE their “semitism” with a DNA test.
        Almost every jew in the USA has NO semitic DNA (unlike Palestinians who ARE true “semites”).
        This one move should be enough to derail the whole mess.
        That being said, it is almost every U. S. politician who is exposing him or herself as shills for israel.
        There are enough trees in Washington D. C. and surrounds in which to refresh “the tree of liberty” with the blood of tyrants and israel-firsters.

      • You may be way more right than you know. There is a “climate canvassing” job making the rounds of the job boards “to hire motivated individuals interested in speaking with residents at their doors about cost-savings available to them through recent clean energy focused legislation.” Yet the organization link resolves to a URL ending with “Nj-Covid–19-Vaccine-Outreach-Team/jobs”. Something is totally fishy here.

  11. Next, they will be coming for your barbecue:

    >The researchers found that “on average, 21% of the total mass of human-caused VOCs present in Las Vegas’ outdoor air were from cooking activities,” according to the NOAA report.

    >“Twenty percent is coming from cooking, and that’s about the amount that we saw coming from tailpipes,” said Matthew Coggon, a research chemist at NOAA and lead author on the study. “So basically, cooking is putting out as many volatile organic compounds as your tailpipe emissions.”

    >These compounds are important, he said, because they are known to react with nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere to form smog,

    You vill eat zee bugs, comrades, and you vill eat zem RAW!

    • Hi Adi,
      Govco has been taken over by hairshirt wearing Puritans, absolutely no pleasure allowed. I refuse to wear the sackcloth and ashes, and if the Biden thing declares a “climate emergency” I will get in my car and start driving around to add some more CO2, which actually will help “save the planet”.

      • Hi, Mike,
        >absolutely no pleasure allowed.
        Yup. 🙁
        > The Penitentes were a Catholic order of men (frowned on by the Vatican) that formed and flourished in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries as Spanish missions in the Southwest declined. And the Penitentes did engage in some startling and arguably brutal rituals (at least by today’s American standards).

        >During Holy Week, they publicly whipped themselves with Disciplinas, whips made from Yucca stalks. They bound bundles of cacti to their bare backs or were bound to heavy wooden crosses as they walked through the Stations of the Cross. As for rituals that went on behind closed doors, a novice received three Ave Maria cuts on his back to show that he was a genuine Penitente.

    • Well I don’t see any pots of boiling tar or bags of feathers, so we’d better get used to it.

      It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

    • I’m doing my part. I regularly have two grills going at the same time.

      Raping Gaia, one tri-tip at a time.

    • “Twenty percent is coming from cooking, and that’s about the amount that we saw coming from tailpipes”

      Which, as Eric points out is next to NOTHING. 20% of .014? Oh no! Panic!!

      • If TPTB were serious about “climate change”, they would be forcing countries like China and India to stop their driving first, no flying, no more energy (coal or nuclear), and show the rest of us how great it us to eat bugs, walk every where, and freeze to death in the winter for the sake of the earth. After all, they have far more pollution and people doing the polluting tha the US.

  12. The climate change zealots & global elites also want us to stop eating meat, taking showers, using gas stoves, drinking coffee, and even having children. After the narratives about COVID, face diapers, and mRNA jabs proved to be complete bull crap, people who STILL belieeeeeeeeeeeeve the BS narratives about “Cliiiiiiiiimate change” and there being a “Climate Emergency that requires drastic government action” are some of the BIGGEST CHUMPS EVER.

  13. There are calls for the Biden Thing to implement “Climate Lockdowns”. If the Thing were to do that, it might make the COVID lockdowns and other draconian measures we were forced to endure in 2020-21 (even 2022 in some states and countries) look like nothing……there was also an undercover Project Veritas video that came out in 2021 with someone from CNN admitting that after COVID, the next thing they were going to focus on was “Climate change”.

  14. We live in a carbon starved world.

    CO2 is a lagging result of temperature change over eons. As the earth warms more CO2 is released from the oceans, as the world cools more CO2 is recaptured by the oceans. Climate is affected by:

    Sunspot activity, we don’t know what causes the sunspot 11-year cycles but I assure you it is not driving SUV’s from the third planet.

    The MIlankovitch Cycles:

    The only carbon dioxide harming the planet is that which is being emitted from Brandon’s mouth.

    • I’ve made that point before, it’s not that we have too much CO2, its that the atmosphere does not have enough carbon dioxide. They will not bring up this possibility anywhere, especially in our government run public skoolz.

  15. It’s all about land. Expensive land is often in areas that are marginal, and for arbitrary reasons, such as the view or the neighbors. The land that the rich own to park their cash. Because land never loses value, right? So you have your beachfront property in Miami, your cliff house overlooking Palm Springs and your ski-in ski-out home in Steamboat Springs. All incredibly valuable, all in marginal areas, and all potential catastrophes waiting to happen should there be any adjustment to the planetary system since purchase.

    One should always question any statistic related to natural disasters (which used to be called “acts of God” but apparently Mother Nature has taken over that role too). Especially those that provide a damage estimate in dollars. When the rich build in dangerous places, often very expensive buildings, they then complain when the 20 or 40 year flood wipes out the investment. But the hubris of these anti-Canutes is that they can command the planet itself, and thereby maintain their wealth, frozen in time for eternity.

    Back before our mastery of interior space, most of Florida was unlivable in summer, Steamboat was a frozen hellscape in winter and the desert was a place where fools and outlaws died from dehydration. No one built there, and the spaces weren’t inhabited by anyone. The great success of the 20th century was the ability to make productive use of unproductive land, and part of that allowed for development of marginal property for entertainment or purely aesthetic purposes. And once the rich saw that rising productivity was creating a less exclusive world for themselves, they set about walling off the hoi-polloi too. Oh, they’ll let the “clean” ones through, but they better not get involved with their daughter.

    Ironically the big reason why Aspen became a popular destination was because the trip from John Wayne airport to Aspen is only about 2.5 hours via Learjet, so if the climate really is being destroyed by the dread gas, then perhaps their own action will destroy their investment. How does one square that circle?

  16. ‘sales of hybrids are “booming” — eric

    Indeedy-weedy! Just like the ‘sudden death boom’ courtesy of the ‘vaccines,’ the hybrid boom was brought to us, willy-nilly, by Big Gov.

    The first rule of sudden death club is, you don’t talk about sudden death club. That’s why there’s only a respectful silence from the Lügenpresse: blessed be the name of Pfizer.

    Unlike like George Carlin’s ‘big club that you ain’t in,’ sudden death club is open to everyone. Just get your boooooooostahs! 🙂

  17. It was clear yesterday. Now it’s cloudy and about to rain. Holy shit the climate has changed! I need to go buy a Prius so it’ll be clear again. Got it.

    Would be comical but for the outright hypocrisy of the limousine lefties and our “betters”.

  18. Although “Climate Change” has replace “Global Warming” as the operative phrase we still get hit with the ever popular GW BS on a regular basis.

    Notice how every so often we hear “news” reports of such and such being The Hottest DayWeekMonthYearDecadeCenturyMillenia On Record. Such reporting is sans the fact that accurate temperature readings are on for the last few hundred years of Earth’s 8 billion year history.

    As always, Hubris strikes again.

    • ‘Earth’s atmosphere is only 0.04 percent C02.’ — eric

      One suspects some irony may lurk in the mangled orthography of C02 vs the standard CO2 (the ‘O’ standing for oxygen, not zero).

      But it’s a little distracting and defeats the search function, if one is looking for posts about carbon dioxide.

    • With respect to the change to “climate change” from “global warming:”

      I suspect that one reason behind the, well, change was not so much the “warming” part (after all, global warming is a hard sell in the middle of a blizzard) but the “global” part.

      You see, if climate change, global warming, or whatever it’s called is truly an existential threat to the human race and the planet, that means every nation on earth has to come together to fight it.

      But when you stop and look around, you notice that the only nations that are responsible for it and the only nations who must pay the price are in the West.

      The East is off the hook, and furthermore, the East doesn’t care.

      China is the number one emitter of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of all kinds—the skies are choked with smog, the rivers run with sludge and filth, and the soil is filled with toxins. In India, people breed like bunny rabbits while they use the streets, rivers, and railroad tracks for toilets. Russia gets to drill and dig to its heart’s content to fund its war machine—and in its former form as the Soviet Union, was home to such ecological disasters as Chernobyl, Semipalatinsk, and the Aral Sea.

      But we in the West, where we first recognized the dangers of pollution and cleaned up the air, water, and land, must own nothing, eat ze bugs, and enjoy it.


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