Video Rant: Boom Boom Boom

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It’s getting to be spring, which brings out the Bix Noodians – the losers who drive around in their cars with their Rap “music” concussing everything within a half-mile radius. They are losers because they think it makes them “cool” to concuss everything around them with the amplified beat coming from their audio system.

In fact, it’s just rude and obnoxious and everyone around you thinks you’re a dick, too.
But that’s not the object of my ire. Listen to rap – or your barking dog – all night long, if you want to.

My rap is against incivility.

Keep your music (and your ass crack) to yourself when out in public.


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  1. The funny thing is, which will become less funny as the offending parties age, is that these people are making themselves deaf, and I say this as one who attended a few too many metal concerts with my fresh, youthful ears unprotected. I can no longer hear certain frequencies, and sometimes this is most alarming.

    The decibel pressures inside of these booming vehicles, which I refer to as earthquake generators, likely exceed most anything in a rock concert, due to the enclosed environment. While they are a nuisance and annoyance to those around them, they are a physical threat to themselves. Sadly, they likely won’t realize it until others are clearly hearing things that they cannot.

  2. I combat this by pulling up next to them in my drag-piped Harley, and wail on the throttle while the light is red. Then dump the clutch when it turns green, so I’m outta there!

    • Hi Tom,

      I like music – and sometimes turn up the volume. But I turn it down when I’m in public, around other people. It is a reflex, instinctive action. I also try not to go to the bathroom in public, for the same reasons. People who sit in their cars with rap (or whatever) blaring/concussing are trying to make some kind of point, like an ape guarding its territory or asserting its dominance. I hallucinate scenes of feeding them to the pigs…


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