Video Rant: The Saaaaaaaaaafety Disconnect

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Traffic fatalities are up – which makes no sense, given how saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe new cars are.

Or are they?

. . .

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  1. The most likely answer is since the economy is getting better every day people are driving more every day. Deaths per mile drive has been pretty stable over the last 10 or so years. Given that cars and roads aren’t actually any more or less dangerous, the extra deaths are most likely a result of people driving more miles.(If you drive 10,000 miles a year your probability of dying is lower than if you drive 20,000 miles per year.)

  2. It’s the same in Australia. The psychopathic focus on speed is getting drivers killed and for the last 4 years there have been massive increases in traffic deaths that were on a steep decline until scameras were introduced. Also during this time new car sales have increased so most of the fleet now on the road is less than 10 years old, enough to see that the newer cars are less safe and you can see it in the way people drive, staring at the large screen instead of the front window.

    • Speaking of speed… since the yellow vests destroyed almost all the speed cameras in France the roads are safer. (report on

  3. On a side note Eric: Are you backing up your videos on your own computer (or somewhere else)? It’s sort of inevitable that the youtube censors will someday knock out some or all of your videos.

    • Hi Rich,

      No – chiefly because I don’t really know how and also because I just haven’t got the time. One middle-aged scribbler can only do so much in the 24 and my cats are already indignant about the amount of time I spend on their litter boxes!

      • Presumably you already have local copies of the videos since you created them in the first place.

        For others wanting to save them , the “how” part is pretty easy since there are plenty of services out there for saving Youtube videos. Guugle keeps trying to swat them down but they’re still available. Simplest one is probably “” – you simply substitute “ssyoutube” for “youtube” for the video to save. So in this case,

        …would become…

        (I would recommend the “download video in browser” option rather than installing what may be a questionable browser plugin.)


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