Fatbody Hero Doesn’t Grok “Public Sidewalk”

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Here’s a video of a grossly overweight “hero” (a “troop”) hut-hut-hutting a couple of guys who are legally taking video outside a base, from a public sidewalk:

What interests about this – or should – is that there are no consequences for the hut-hut-hutting. The fatbody bully is not chastened, much less arrested  – as any normal citizen would be, who threateningly (the fatbody and his buddies were all armed) accosted people legally going about their business.


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  1. I laugh at these asswipes. They’ve got their fat faces so far up the State’s ass that they can’t see reality anymore. They are 100% delusional. They truly believe they are better than us (and above the law!) because they wear a green/tan COSTUME!


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