Reader Question: Thoughts About ’08 Acura TL?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Kenny asks: Do you have any particular opinions on 2008 Acura TLs?  The one I’m kinda eyeing has about 76,000 miles and a V6 engine.

My reply: These are great cars – and one with only 76,000 miles is exceptionally great. My only concern would by why the car has only 76,000 miles. Most cars are driven about 12,000 miles each year, so this car should have well over 100,000 miles on the clock. Assuming it’s got low miles because it was lightly used – bully! But try to find out whether it sat for long intervals, especially if it sat outside.

Otherwise – assuming it checks out as far as condition and the price is right – green light. This car was made at just the right time. It has everything good about a modern luxury-sport sedan, without almost everything that’s bad about current luxury-sport sedans. The V6 is brilliant – and has no turbo. It is not direct-injected. A not-ten-speed/DSG/CVT transmission. Very little in the way of Big Bother technology, too.

I remember driving them when they were brand-new. It seems like just yesterday. ”

Snap it up before someone else beats you to it!

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  1. I believe the 2005 and earlier TLs had known transmission issues, but by the 2006+ models Acura had upgraded these trannies with the beefier one from the MDX. Therefore, you should be OK with a 2008. This was also the last year of the handsome and timeless design, before the horrible 2009 redesign with the kind of “beak” and softer, rounder outlines.

    I have an ’03 CL Type-S, but if I had to buy newer, I’d look for an 07-08 TL Type-S with the Manual. They are really great cars. Handsome, quick, roomy, and extremely well built.

  2. My BFF has had an 07 V6 Acura TL “S” since new. Less than 70,000 miles on it because he is no longer in the workforce due to health issues.

    Just a nice, nice vehicle. I’ve driven it a couple of times. Too low to the ground for me, and the ride too hard, but the size, room and competence are dead on.

    As well, the design of it gets better every year as vehicles become more over the top with each generation.


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