“Where I Feel Safe and Comfortable”

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Here’s video of an armed government worker in Sante Fe using his Authority – as opposed to the law – to assault and kidnap a citizen. Who the armed government worker then charges with assault and – of course “resisting.”

The man’s real offense?

He affronted the armed government worker’s Authority by daring to video record the armed government worker.

When the armed government worker notices he is being video recorded, he goes directly into Hut! Hut! Hut! mode – and orders the man to move back. How far, the man asks? “Where I feel safe and comfortable,” demands the armed government worker.

When the man doesn’t comply with this illegal order – it is legal to film anyone in public, no expectation of privacy and this goes for armed government workers, too – the armed government worker shows Who is Boss by cuffing the man (behind his back, of course, to make the point) and shoving him in his government-issued (but taxpayer-financed) car and takes him to jail, charging him with as many trumped up offenses as his vengeful little brain can summon.

Now the taxpayers of Sante Fe will get to pay for the armed government worker’s abuse of this man.

But no consequences for the armed government worker, of course.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

. . .

Remember: They are not “police officers” – much less peacekeepers. They are armed government workers – and they do not work for you.

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  1. “Remember: They are not “police officers” – much less peacekeepers.”

    You forgot to mention that they are ringmeat mongoloid dickweeds. That needed saying, I thought.

  2. One other real negative in stories like this is the arrest record. It’s not enough that someone might be arrested, then the charges quickly dropped. There will be an arrest record that may remain forever. This can really be a problem for decent people years later.

    Heroes know this and use it to screw with you. It’s called “catch and release”.

    • Hi Aljer,

      It’s insufferable. No consequences for blatant lawbreaking – leaving aside the moral issues – for the “heroes” while everyone else is not only required to know and obey and be accountable for all laws but must also abide by all the unwritten laws else be held accountable for that.

      Hut! hut! hut!


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