I Don’t Care What The Law Is!

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Here’s a video taken by a brave woman of armed government workers – wearing their opaque-tinted Intimidator sunglasses, barking orders – making up laws and enforcing them.

The woman is in a public area, taking video of the publicly visible exterior of a “secure” government facility – completely legal, as every armed government worker ought to know by now. But what matters isn’t the law. It is that the armed government workers take great offense at what they consider to be a challenge to their Authority – the most egregious “offense” there is, even though it’s not on the books.

Regardless, the Hut! Hut! Hutting! commences, with the badged, armed bullies once again earning the hatred more and more reasonable people are beginning to feel for these lawless cretins.

He actually says, “I don’t care what the law is.”

“Terrorism! It’s a huge issue!” Then he trots out the Universal Excuse: The woman is “suspicious” – which of course can be defined as anything an armed government worker says it is – and that entitles the armed government worker to …

Hut! Hut! Hut!

Why doesn’t the law apply to them? And when these low-IQ (how else to explain their inability to understand the law) bullies abuse the law, make up laws and enforce made-up laws on camera, why is it that they are never relieved of “duty,” much less prosecuted – as any of us would be?

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  1. Why is it that when these enforcers of a law don’t know the law, they suffer no repercussions, but we plebes must know all the law at all times, since ignorance of it is no excuse? The Federal Register, which currently stands at about 62,000 pages, are laws which apply to all of us. My state (CA) also has several thousand pages of laws, so let’s round that up to 70,000. How the hell am I supposed to be aware of all the laws which I could break?

    I commit several felonies a day, unknowingly, while trying to be a good human being. The only rational response is to ignore all this shit, hope not to get caught. This is what democratic totalitarianism looks like.

    • You’ve heard it said that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Fine, we’re responsible to know the law, never mind how thick is the Code of Federal Regulations, the CA Penal code, CA Vehicle Code, CA Welfare and Institutions code, and so on…

      But when confronted by a “hero”, if you attempt to assert your rights or indicate you have some legal knowledge, you’ll get challenged with “are you a LAWYER?” So, you have to be admitted to the bar, else the officer has complete leeway to buffalo you, and/or outright lie, and bully? The bottom line is that you’re just a “mundane”, not part of THEIR club…in Amerikka today, indeed some (cops and shysters) are “more equal” than others (the rest of us).

      • Morning, Doug!

        Exactly so. We are legally required to know and abide by the law. Our failure to know it does not constitute a legally viable defense against a charge of having violated it.

        But – cue disconnect – law enforcers, who are officers of the court! – routinely display ignorance of the law and are almost never held accountable when they violate it, even on camera.

        What is wrong with people – most people? How is it that this doesn’t enrage them?

        • I’m frequently reminded by my wife and friends that there is something wrong with me when I get enraged by this. Just be chill, it’s the law, if you don’t like it, change it by voting. HAHAHA, i never laugh so hard as when I hear that.

          • Hi OP,

            Yup. One of the reasons for the falling out with my ex is that I wasn’t able to just “chill out” about what’s going on. I know – ruefully – that my inability to just shrug it all off and act as though everything is normal is a big part o the reason why I am single now.

  2. Unless the facility is on a military reservation, in which case there will be prominent signs posted forbidding photography, she has every right to record the Government at work.

    Hence why many Federal facilities are designed with high fencing and tall shrubbery and a fairly deep access gate; it keeps ‘surveillance’ like this to a minimum. Contrary to what the cops think, if there’s really an issue of National Security, the Feds will procure sufficient land or relocate that facility to where it can be better secured. In fact, his harassment of her is a violation of her First Amendment rights.


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