Magnets, Monkey Paw and Me

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Just a quick note to let you know that a batch of EPautos/No Clovers! magnets went out to supporters yesterday; I apologize for sometimes being tardy – but I am just one monkey and only have two paws! I hold out hope that, somewhere out there – preferably in my area – there is a Girl Friday who might be interested in helping me with that, or with the cats and other such – so as to leave me with more time to deal with all the rest of it! If not, I suppose I will have to engineer a clone… a Mini E!

This is also an end of the month pitch. We’ve got about a week left in August and could use a few more coins tossed in the cup. As you know, this corner of the ‘Net is not a wholly owned subsidiary of Facebook and has been Gooo-guhlized in an attempt to stifle news and commentary not to the liking of the powers that be.

If you get a kick out of what goes on here – and perhaps even consider it worthwhile – please consider supporting us!

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PS: EPautos magnets are free to those who send in $20 or more. My latest eBook is also available for your favorite price – free! Click here. If you find it useful, consider contributing a couple of bucks!  





  1. I thought a monkey paw was one of those sinister “charms” that brought misfortune and tragedy to anyone carrying one. They are creepy looking, I’ll have to admit that much.

      • “I arrested him for not having a license for his minckey” “Clouseau! The man with the monkey was the lookout for the bank robbers!” “But he was blind, he told me so!”

        • Hi Graves,

          I need an organ grinder… so I have music to dance to!

          Along these lines: I am giving serious thought to getting a Dr. Frank N. Furter outfit and makeup and showing up – with camera crew – at GM’s new press HQ in Noooo Yoik, ‘dere. And demanding to know why I, a tranxesual LBGQTXZY auto journalist with quite a large following, have been cast out of the press pool.

          Is GM racist? Sexist? Opposed to tall, well-hung transexual Transylvanians?

          • They already have you and I pegged as WASP from the get-go. #1 we have an intellect, #2 a vocabulary, and #3 own our own property. No chance we could even fake being part of anyone’s kiss-ass Special Interest Groups. Nice try though, lol!


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