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I like to focus on the rants – and responding to readers’ responses to the rants, general questions and such – but every now and then, it’s necessary to make a public pitch for your support – which is what makes it possible to continue with the rants, the responses to – and the general back and forth!

We’re a bit shy for the month so far; see the pie chart on the front page, lower right. Hence this post. We’re close – but I figured I’d make mention.

Your support not only supports this site, it also supports the idea that independent media shouldn’t have to bend knee to Goo-guhl in order to survive. Goo-guhl not only controls almost all online advertising it punishes any site – this one included – which it claims “violate its publisher policies,” which violations are never articulated. Behold the most recent one I received just a few days ago:

From: Google Publisher Policy <>
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2018 12:39 PM
Subject: Your AdSense Publisher Policy Violation Report for pub-4366450339560392 on Jul 21, 2018


Dear Publisher, 

This Google Publisher Policy Report gives you an overview of recent activity related to violations found on specific pages of your websites. As enforcement statuses may change over time, please refer to the “Page-level enforcements” section of the AdSense Policy Center for the current list of active violations. 

Please note this report doesn’t cover violations that may happen on an overall site or account level. You may be notified by a separate email if site or account level violations are found. Ads will continue to serve where no policy violations have been found, either at the page- or site-level. 

In the last 24 hours: 

  • New violations were detected. As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the AdSense Program Policies were found. To resolve the issues, you can either remove the violating content and request a review, or remove the ad code from the violating pages.


Further details on enforcements can be found in the AdSense Help Center. To learn more about our program policies, please view the AdSense Program Policies.

Kind regards,
Google Publisher Policy


What do it mean? Might as well axe me to translate cuneiform into Mandarin Chinese.

Anyhow, this is why EPautos relies on you!

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  1. The Hollyweird studioes believe they have the right to control the entire internet and pretty much everything else in the world in order to protect the precious garbage that they spew out. To this end they have even muscled Intel and AMD to take control of your computer at the hardware level:

  2. Annnnnnnd… DEMONETIZED!

    One of the better YouTube producers AvE, tends to swear like a… well, like a man hard at work in a machine shop. A recent production started out with him throwing out a string of F-bombs and then the line above. I doubt he makes much off advertising even though he has 884,195 subscribers. He’s turned to Patreon, which has it’s own issues, mostly that they take a pretty hefty cut for their service.

    My guess is the reposting YouTube videos of heroes behaving badly, which certainly were “demonetized” due to their advertiser adverse content is what did you in. Of course we’ll never know for sure, but since Google controls both YouTube and Ad sense I’m sure there’s a connection. And you’ll never hear anything else from Google either. No appeal, nothing.

    Now one might say that Google is the problem with capitalism. Except that Google wouldn’t exist without the DMCA. Because Hollywood wants to have an easy way to stop copyright “violations” on the Internet, so the rules are pretty restrictive when it comes to tracking copyrighted material. So much so that you have to keep massive logs of everything your users are up to, so you can supply evidence if the case would ever go to trial. Most small upstart shops aren’t going to get the VC money required to lawyer up for compliance, so they find something else to do -something that will be twisted by the VCs into an acquisition target, not a competitor to Google.

    • Eric’s vid-JAY-ohs are skookum, but Youtube doesn’t chooch- or so I heard when I went down to the Homeless Despot to get some Chineesium for the doodley-doo…. 😀


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