Here’s Why Goo-Guhl is Evil

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Franz Kafka wrote about the tyranny of the unknowable. He even gave it his name, Kafkaesque. Well, here’s an example of just that.

Below, you’ll see a copy of a Publisher Policy Violation sent my way via the nexus of online evil itself. Evil, because it has its boot on the throat of every independent media outlet online. Violate its Publisher Policies and your site will be blacklisted – and not just in the advertising way. Also in the search engine way and – if you are really naughty – in the page-won’t-load way.

Dear Publisher,This Google Publisher Policy Report gives you an overview of recent activity related to violations found on specific pages of your websites. As enforcement statuses may change over time, please refer to the “Page-level enforcements” section of the AdSense Policy Center for the current list of active violations.

Please note this report doesn’t cover violations that may happen on an overall site or account level. You may be notified by a separate email if site or account level violations are found. Ads will continue to serve where no policy violations have been found, either at the page- or site-level.

In the last 24 hours:

  • New violations were detected. As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the AdSense Program Policies were found. To resolve the issues, you can either remove the violating content and request a review, or remove the ad code from the violating pages.

Further details on enforcements can be found in the AdSense Help Center. To learn more about our program policies, please view the AdSense Program Policies.

Kind regards,
Google Publisher Policy


But they won’t actually tell you why. Give you a specific reason as regards what they deem objectionable. It is up to you to figure it out somehow.

You are guilty of “something”… but they won’t say exactly what.

You can’t call anyone to find out what – because there’s no phone number, much less a human you might appeal to. Just their inscrutable algorithms.

The definition of Kafkaesque.

Luckily, this site relies on reader support rather than the evil nexus – and its Company Town advertising system. You make it possible to end-run their financial boot on the throat.

Unluckily, they can – and have been – thwarting this site in other ways. One way – I just discovered this – is via the page-won’t load way.

Twice now, I have been at coffee shops where everything but  EPautos would load. Well, almost everything else. I tried loading some “alt-right” web sites, specifically, Breitbart – and it would not load, either.

I gather that there are filters – or whatever the term is – designed to deny you access (or make it harder to access) these “alt right” sites. But whatever Breitbart’s editorial leanings may be, EPautos is as “alt right” as Bruce Jenner is female. I get hit with the “alt right” slam a lot, regardless. Apparently, some people cannot distinguish between philosophical (moral and ethical) opposition to violence and the embrace of it.

Libertarianism isn’t in the middle of a sliding scale, with “left” on the left and “right” on the right. It is not even on the scale.

You’d think moral/ethical opposition to violence, defense/advocacy of live-and-let-live, etc. would at least be tolerated by those who dislike the “alt right.” Instead, Libertarians are to be lumped in with the “alt right,” and treated as presumptive Nazis.

It’d be funny for the idiocy this requires.

Except for the fact that this is deadly serious business.

. . .

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  1. It is not a browser level kind of block. This is a product of the DNS server your system is referencing dead ending your connection to the server. Basically when you type in a address bar your system will look up the DNS server your TCP/IP connection utilizes and ping that server for’s IP Address. If the DNS server does not have a listing for it will call out to it’s DNS server (or a root DNS) to find the address to serve back to you. If it does have an entry but purposely points it to a different IP or one that is considered a loopback IP it will result in the site not loading.

    When ever I run into things like that I will hard code my DNS server in my TCP/IP settings to correct the issue. You can find a list of free public DNS servers here:

    Hope that helps explain the issue a bit and save people time looking for other browsers.

  2. The thing is the automated system that detects objectionable content can give the URL of the content itself or the URL of the page it appears on or the list of URLs for which it is throttling ads. One or more of those is in that system.

    Whatever the choice is, you would still have to hunt and peck for it in some manner but it would be a short list.

  3. Why do you guys hate Breitbart so much, I dont get it. I would say they are a kindred site, in that they are so isolated and villified by all of the left and almost all of the right.

    Also Google is two things to my mind. There is the search engine technology and infrastructure that exists to facilitate it. And then there is the insufferable assholes who are using this amazingly useful tool for all kinds of bullshit.

    The Collectione ad instrumentum muneris, the A is A part of google that is a secular tool, I have no qualms with.

    To say otherwise, to me, would be on par with saying guns are evil because of what some people do with them.

    Anyway, great article as always, the Trump train is still steaming towards somewhere, its a pretty tough journey given the incoherent suicidal hysterics of the majority of Americans these days, some of the market gains are lost now, but maybe some more traction can be found, or something useful might still be accomplished. (by which I mean all the things which he isnt doing will continue not to be done, and he wont succumb too much to the urge to do something, when the only thing to be done is to continue holding the federal govt underwater firmly, and hoping the thing finally dies, hopefully.)

    Wait til the next president, who will be a transgender and of course some Lady Boy pornstar will come out of the woodwork, and grimly detail everything and thats all you hear about for months on end. Good times ahoy.

    Omnia videtur delicatus! Alles scheint nett! Tutto sembra bello! 一切都很好!Все прекрасно! كل شيء على ما يرام! אַלץ איז פייַן!

    • Hi Tor,

      I don’t hate Breitbart! I mentioned it only to make the point about being blackballed on account of political incorrectness.

      That aside, I find it odd/depressing that Libertarians so often get put in the “alt right” basket. It’s literally like calling hot water cold water.

      Hell, Libertarians aren’t even “water,” as far as that comparison goes!

      • I was thinking of others, not you. Of all the news sources that are on the same team, and are never criticized. It is striking that one of the few that isnt on any current team, is talked about negatively so often.

        I will grant that should the Breitbartians ever get a better foothold and stronghold somewhere in our culture, they very well might then become authoritarian aholes. But for now, they are a non-entity as far as the Grand Illusion Keepers are concerned.

        IMO some things arent truly comparable. I dont trouble myself with what the Keepers Of The Big Lie might classify Breitbart, or George Carlin, or you, or me as.

        I deny their right to do such things. I have resolved to live within the gaps of their structures, and neither be a part of them, or apart from them.

        As far as who I am, and what I do. I would summarize as NA. Not Applicable. In almost all cases, whoever I am talking to would not be able

        Here is one example that might clarify what Im on about.

        Theres a show and concept called CATFISH. Where people sign up on facebook, twitter, etc and use a fake picture and fake story line. They then take advantage of the kind of people who believe everything on the internet has to be like real life. The life we often decry, where we have credit histories, criminal histories, are forced to carry ID. Are forced to justify what we are doing. Are tracked against our will, etc.

        Anyway, the evil Jews behind the Catfish show are doing their part to marginalize and terminate the type of people that use fake names and fake data on the internet. Obviously, because such people are a threat to their authoritarian systems.

        What they do is pretend everyone who makes a fake profile, is doing so with evil intent. And that the act itself, is something that needs a fatwa and must be prohibited. They dont directly say that, but it is clear that is their end game.

        When you worry about whether Elon Musk or Google is evil to too much of a degree. I believe you are playing into their game.

        At some level you, Carlin, Musk, Google are providing goods and services that somebody wants. It is irrelevant, who specifically what the entities providing these goods are like. In an absolute laissez faire sense, I just want the goods and services.

        I emphatically do not want any kind of system that gives me any kind of leverage or knowledge about those who provide goods and services. To act like everything is so complicated, and that we have to only use Kosher goods and services is a road to ruin and madness, I believe.

      • Someone said, “No one *joins* GamerGate. They just get thrown into the pit with the rest of us.”

        Mike Cernovich and Milo Yiannopoulos have denied being alt right. They are regularly listed on Wikipedia as “leaders” of the alt right.

        Same thing.

        • Hi Somercet,

          I’m not that familiar with either of these guys; I can only speak for myself. Well, my writing speaks for itself. It’s as “alt right” as my ’76 Trans Am is eco-friendly!

      • Brazo, exactly correct! Breitbarters are the right side of the totalitarian coin. And I do not see how they can be labeled as alt-right when they are all Zionist ass kissers.

        • Nun, they remind me a great deal of Fox. They’ll tell the truth…..if it suits their spin, otherwise…….

          I know people who think Fox is the only network that will tell the truth, simply because they believe the bs Fox delivers. Of course this is difficult to do if you are an online kinda person and read something other than what you want to believe. And the fact is, most people only read what they already believe, me included to some extent.

          I think I can read The Blaze and sort the shit from the shinola…..but you only end up with a smidgen of shinola.

          The “don’t be evil” line is hilarious seeing as some “ex” CIAers have outed Google as being paid for by the CIA although it always seemed some evil entity created it.

          Back when Bushco illegally began war on other countries it was nearly impossible to find an opposing view other than the one spewed for on MSM. In the first few days after 9/11 you could find articles easily that painted a quite different pic of what happened vs a couple weeks later when it was only the “revised” edition.

          One bit of hilarity involved a guy who’s a govt. sucker from the getgo who called me an anti-Semite because I dared say Israel was front and center as the guilty party. Probably a good segment of US society believes that now…..or maybe not.

  4. eric, even the gun grabbers have some accusations even though they may be something along the line of “do you still beat your wife?”.

    Google is not all fun and games these days for those who work there since it’s public that Google has teamed up with the military/industrial complex in more than one way.

    It would seem they have gotten a “by” concerning monopolies too. Can you imagine any other single company with such a monopoly on the entire industry getting away with what the big G does and has done for decades?

    I cringe every time someone says “Google it”. I jumped on the DuckDuckGo bandwagon back in ’08 when it debuted. You can delete Google from their searches and still do well. Just don’t depend on Yahoo to give you anything.

    Well, the wife is watching Gone With the Wind. I guess she’s reliving where our money went state and federal wise. I can identify with the line “Can I put my hand in your pocket? I’m cold” although it never fails to crack me up.

  5. “Libertarianism isn’t in the middle of a sliding scale, with “left” on the left and “right” on the right. It is not even on the scale.” < Well said Eric…- been trying to tell people that for ages. The way I see it, the right/left scale itself is completely crooked…. just a creation to divide people and then give them the feeling of freedom of thought and views somehow, distinguishing the west from say places like china or the middle east where we are told the media is controlled….. Ironically, the right left scale itself its so restrictive…… and now its becoming so obvious more and more people are noticing…. lets hope more of them see the light……

  6. I have even noticed this censorship at the browser level itself even. I tried an alternative browser since I don’t really like the big browsers (they all have kind of major annoyances). This new browser was pretty good, until I started surfing some of the right leaning sites. Breitbart in particular it seems to hate. It freezes their pages, or the page crashes. It’s only non left sites that seem to have problems. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    It sucks that the tech industry seems dominated by the left.

    Remember when google’s motto was “don’t be evil”? They certainly don’t remember.


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