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It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who chipped in to support the site this month. We’re going to make it! Not only that, I can afford to order a fresh batch of EPautos magnets!

I still have enough to get out a mailing that should cover most of you for this month. They are going out today or tomorrow, depending on how many envelopes I can put together (yes, I need an intern… preferably about 25 and about 125).

Ben the Computer Guy is also going to be making some tweaks that will hopefully deal with some of the things brought to my attention (thanks, David) and this is possible because I can afford to pay the guy… which is possible because you’ve supported the site.

So, thanks! troll

And, some inside baseball: There is a troll lurking, one I suspect might be a GM troll. I regret that GM considers me an enemy. It’s very odd. Fifty years ago, a guy like Ralph Nader was the kind of guy GM considered an enemy. I’d have been on GM’s payroll. Or at least, not had my press car privileges revoked. It’s startling that pro-industry, pro-car journalists are now regarded with the Gimlet eye by the car companies, while the inheritors of the Nader-Ditlow-Claybrook legacy – the enemies of the car, haters of the industry – are deferred to and feted.

Doesn’t GM (doesn’t VW) get it?

Maybe they do…

Maybe they see the future as not being about cars (certainly not internal combustion-engined cars) but about “mobility” and other such long cons. They have certainly (publicly, at least) bought all-in as far as the “climate change” New Religion and so regard guys like me as heretics.van-by-he-river

Add in a few choice words critiquing “diversity”… and, well… there’s an old Airstream parked down by the river for me.

But, maybe not.

We are approaching a nexus, I think. A moment – and it will pass quickly – when things could go the other way.

The sane way.

But if that moment isn’t seized – while the other side is still in disarray and trying to recover its composure – it’ll be all over.

And this time, for good.

Thanks again, everyone! Here’s to a great December – and an even greater 2017!

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  1. I have enjoyed this site in all of its iterations for 10 years now. At times, I enjoyed doing a road test or two. That was before the advent of potato in teh exhaust pipe throttle response on cars and before the gunslit windows. That said, the only improvement that I can think of is adding a “like” to each persons comments to make it more like a social media site. Maybe that would be some differentiation from the other sites out there.

  2. Hi Eric,

    I wanted to give thanks for the forum you provide, so I just kicked in a little. I wish it could be more, but times are tight.

    As for suggestions:

    I would love to see a “view comment” feature on the comments page. The comments page has a “view post” button, but that doesn’t take you to the specific comment. The comments page is great for catching up after an EP hiatus. However, it would be extremely helpful if I could go from that page to a specific comment in the original post.


      • Bob could care less since bob is neither a NEW clover, been here done that before, or hanging around more than a few posts, since doing so will lower my IQ. The like minded who only talk to each other, enjoy the echo chamber…Clover

          • Hi Myles,

            These Clovers are so depressingly homogenous – right down to their style. Same “ideas,” brayed belligerently, like an angry donkey. Same maladroit sentence structure and sloppy use of words. And the same anger. That fury at anyone who dares to question their almost royal right to lord it over other people, because they know best. Because their wants and needs take precedence over our right to act on different wants and needs.

            Clover cannot grok that, while I have strong opinions, I would never impose mine on him. But Clover’s opinions are always binding on others.

            I refer to guys (and gals) like “Bob” as Clovers because they are same kind of person, always. The uniforms change over time… but it’s the same “type” wearing the duds.

            • May I don my tinfoil cap for a moment?

              It’s rumored that folks are being paid to participate in the anti-Trump rallies. Given that, it’s not much of a stretch to assume that folks are being paid to troll online forums such as this one, right?


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