What is “Restoration Pro”?

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All of a sudden, I have been getting links to a site called Restoration Pro that is publishing every single article I post. Not blurbs with links back to EPautos but the entire article. See here, for example. Cue Seinfeld… Who are these people?

It looks like a WordPress (as in the company) site. Like WordPress is mirroring EPautos.  There is no “contact us” info – none that I could see.

And I want to contact them, very much.

To tell them to stop copying and pasting my stuff without so much as giving me a reach around.

Anyone out there have suggestions? Know anything about this Restoration Pro stuff?

Also: Clover…. she’s back!  (I knew it was only a matter of time before she gave in; staring at my picture just isn’t enough for her.)

UPDATE: Tor found Restoration Pro on facebuch; see here:

Rain hate mail upon him!




    • Tor, you’re The Dude for real! 🙂

      I’ve left multiple messages for the RP content thief. I even tried calling the number. Nothing. So, I posted another, er, “article” for him to steal. I hope his customers (and family) enjoy it.

      • Sure thing Mister Eric,

        Let me know if there’s anything else. I’ve definitely gotten a lot by visiting your site all these years.

        Tor Munkov Mark Anthem Libertarian currently hailing from 77338

            • RP loves granny porn!

              It looks like there’s about a 45 minute lag now between the time I post a new article here and the time RP publishes it (verbatim) on the RP site. The interesting thing is that it appears on RP even after I delete the original here. Which (I think) is great for me. I can publish – briefly – a Granny Porn or gay bukkake “post”… then immediately delete it… but RP will have already snatched it and it’ll appear on his site even after it’s long gone here. So I can fill his page with embarrassing, grossly offensive material… wait, I take that back. I can let him steal such filth from here and repost it on his site (I have done nothing, nothing! – cue Sgt. Schultz)… which is just what he deserves. I asked nicely for him to cease and desist. He didn’t. So…


              Now, the dilemma is how to keep the SOB from picking up my real articles.

              • Eric,

                Perhaps there is code that can be added to your articles that interfere with the bot operation of stealing your work.

                (I do not know what to add, but perhaps someone might be willing to help out with the coding information needed.)

                • I wish – and I wish I knew!

                  But, alas, I don’t.

                  I’m not a computer/tech/software maven.

                  If anyone out there can help, I’d be much obliged.

                  I have two new articles – real ones, not granny porn – almost ready to publish but am reluctant to because that bastard RP will just steal them. And that infuriates me to the point of distraction.

                  PS: He’s also stealing articles from Salon. I e-mailed them about it.

  1. “All of a sudden, I have been getting links to a site called Restoration Pro that is publishing every single article I post. ”

    How did the links come to you, email, tweet ICQ? If you need help, and you’re asking for help, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    • If there’s anything further I can do from this barstool at Montana’s Saloon in Humblewood TX let me know. Free motor boats available for new barristers admitted to the bar if you’re in the area of Eastex and Beltway 8 tonight.

      • I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, but I want to smash this RP guy’s effing face in. I am tired and have no more patience for shitheads online who want freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! stuff…. which they steal from people like me. Wish I could get my hands around the bastard’s throat.

    • Tor, you might or might now have read the lemon tree story. This woman asks all sorts of questions to the USDA but the ONE question she failed to ask was what they would do with the tree. How would it be treated? If it’s such a big deal you’d think they’d come around with a biohazard unit, wrap the tree in some space suit thing, wrap her house up, spray it with some pesticide inside and out and then do a controlled burn of her property, house included plus the autos and her and whoever else lived there, the people they knew, associated with and might have come into contact with. Surely this tree problem could be solved with a hydrogen bomb…….or several depending on where hey could have tracked her movements to. If she’d been to Disneyland they might need a few extra bombs. If she’d been overseas, esp. to Russia……or France……or Yemen, well, you could see how several hundred ICBM’s could be needed to control this threat to…….to……..wait, they didn’t say who/what was threatened…..the USDA? Ah, now those nukes look better all the time.

      • Yeah I read their ridiculous spin and blather about her awesome adventure. If everyone did this over every single imposition, we could live as natural mammals again instead of hanging our heads and being red hair lab chimp stepchildren.

        As if you only need to find the correct burrow-crap and this would have been avoided.

        And the pathetic notion we pay these goons with our tax dollars. Like somewhere all their unbridled larceny and battery is neatly chronicled and verified against a meaningful budget for quality control and compliance and shit.

    • “before you prang something”. Yep. True story. A friend who had all sorts of guns and reloaded like crazy was shooting his .243 one day with some hot loads but if IIRC, they were soft nose semi-jacketed BT’s, not exactly penetrators. He finds this piece of 1/2″ steel lying around, props it up and decides to see if that .243 will punch through it at 10 feet. He had a good, thick jacket on since it was cold. He shoots that steel and feels a breeze right away, looks over and see’s his jacket shoulder is shredded and then feels a little trickle on his arm. He didn’t feel the need to try it again.

  2. eric, I don’t mean to break your train of thought about the “situation” with RP but I just read an article by Gary North. He believes the soon to happen very bad recession is caused by stupid bankers and their followers.

    While I agree with what he’s basically saying, I don’t agree with what is at the bottom of it. Everything that’s happening right now ties into reducing the wealth of everyone worldwide, enough that people will starve quite probably by the hundreds of millions and maybe by the billions when you take into account the billions that are hanging on to the crumbling edge of starvation via the largesse of hundreds of millions.

    I don’t believe what’s about to happen in earnest is happenchance of bad planning or of not understanding the way wealth works. I think the controllers who are doing this know well the end result and look forward to the day when they are virtually alone in determining everything everyone else on earth does right down to how much food they have.

    I’d be remiss to point out that the average lifespan is and has been falling in this country for some time. I don’t need to remind everyone that healthcare for most people is simply unattainable. So with these points in mind I’d ask readers to consider this article but not be taken in by the motive behind the cause.


  3. restorationpro .wordpress .com has an invalid certificate or it has been issued for a different website, this problem may indicate an attempt to intercept the data between you and a remote server, do not visit is recommended,or click to proceed at your own risk.

    OpenDNS at NE Memorial Hermann is blocking the domain, even though it claims you can click thru and see it.

    Type of risks small wordpress sole proprietors face:

    ​Google has blacklisted over 11,000 domains (WordPress sites) after a malware campaign, dubbed SoakSoak, compromised more than 100,000 websites using the WordPress content management system.


    Restoration Pro legit domain

    Could be some employee or their IT guy made this free site. I’ve never given legitimate author-ity much of a thought. It’s hard to distinguish from the myth of authority, but it might be a worthwhile investment of time to explore what the difference in the two is. Here’s my evolving understanding.

    Legitimate Author-ity – I contributed to a work of non-fiction and am credited or not credited in the book itself. Forget all pieces of paper and usual official C3PO protocol droid madnesses on this fact. I will always have some say and some connection to a thing that would not exist without my objectively concrete contribution to it.

    I contributed DNA to offspring my wife who then gave birth to my issue in NE Memorial Hermann Hospital in 2004.

    I had contributed DNA to offspring with a gal I met at a Karaoke bar in 2000 and later give financial support to her, though there might not be much legally connecting to her. Sort of a LiveBeatDad but Cuckoo bird nest cuckold thing I suppose.

    Yada Yada. Mother was estranged and then not estranged. Cuckoldee is a 6′ 5″ iron worker and I’m not much inclined to help him understand why his second youngest is so much shorter than his other three. And “so it goes” Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse Cinco.

    Mythical Author-it-tay (Enter mirror-shaded Cartman on a Bigwheel in next cartoon panels)

    Crossing guard at kids elementary school barks at you where to park.
    Principal of the school.
    Local CPS bureaucrats.
    School policeman.
    Truancy officers and home visit goon squad.
    Health department where her immunization records are kept.
    Mayor of town.
    Justice of the peace.
    Chief of police.

    All things forced on you Borg Cube style because “You Have Been Assimilated” and your technological expertise has been added to their collective.
    – – –

    I Fucking Love Science – Stinky, Parasitic Cuckoos Protect Host Chicks

    Better at least than those deprivation tanks snitches, the Minority Report precog. I guess I’m some sort of Gypsy Metacog.

    Metacognition, in a broad sense, is the thoughts that a person has about their own thoughts. More specifically, metacognition includes things like:

    How effective a person is at monitoring their own performance on a given task (self-regulation).

    A person’s understanding of their capabilities on particular mental tasks.

    The ability to apply cognitive strategies.

    Much of the current study regarding metacognition within the field of cognitive psychology deals with its application within the area of education. Being able to increase a student’s metacognitive abilities has been shown to have a significant impact on their learning and study habits. One key aspect of this concept is the improvement of students’ ability to set goals and self-regulate effectively to meet those goals. As a part of this process, it is also important to ensure that students are realistically evaluating their personal degree of knowledge and setting realistic goals (another metacognitive task).

    Common phenomena related to metacognition include:

    Déjà Vu: feeling of a repeated experience
    Cryptomnesia: generating thought believing it’s unique but it is actually a memory of a past experience, aka unconscious plagiarism.
    False Fame Effect: non-famous names can be made to be famous
    Validity Effect: statements seem more valid upon repeated exposure
    Imagination inflation: imagining an event that didn’t occur and having increased confidence that it did occur

    SHAKIRA LYRICS “Gypsy” (This is a narrative from a chippy’s perspective, so butch it up mentally if you can. Or at least have a good laugh, cringe, or heart and mind palpatating pangs of disgust and despair.)

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    Crayons and dolls pass me by. Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly.

    Not the homecoming kind. Take the top off and who knows what you might find.
    Won’t confess all my sins. You can bet it all trying but you can’t always win.

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    [Bridge]And I say, “Hey, you! You’re no fool if you say ‘No’.” Ain’t it just the way life goes? People fear what they don’t know.

    Come along for the ride (oh, yeah). Come along for the ride (ooh)…

    Weirder than Fringe Theory. This has been Cringe Theory. Be sure to use enough Oragel so your teeth don’t hurt too much.

    • It’ll be interesting to see whether Mr. Restoration Pro leaves the Fuck You post up… if not, I’ll know it’s a human behind the curtain. An asshole human.

      Update: It’s gotta be a bot. I posted another “article” threatening to put up pictures of gay bukake … and ol’ Mr. Restoration Pro reprinted it as soon as I posted it.

      So, time for the fisting/anal-gaping/goat-fucking, midget blowjob/granny porn tsunami. I will post it here – wait for him to pick it up – then delete the images and offensive material from the version that shows here. I am pissed. And when I am pissed, I get angry. And when I get angry, I get vengeful. I am going to plaster that site with the most loathsome porn I can find.

      • SWP mode activated!

        How to Find Out Who Is The Owner of a Blog
        Here aret the steps for finding a “private blog owner” which will apply to just about any non-blog website. The exception is sites build with a hosted solution, like Wix.

        Maybe the site is using content it does not have permission to use and you want to contact them to get it removed. This ranges from scraped articles and copied content to stolen images. In general, try to limit such contacts to actual content theft or plagiarism, just in case the site owner is the type to willingly defend themselves in court.

        They have links on their site that have broken over time, and you want to get them to replace those links with working links to your content. This is called “broken link building” and is a pretty useful strategy, if you can pull it off.

        Typically you want to have content that is relevant to the context of the original link. You send the site owner a message informing them of the broken link and its location, and your offered replacement. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s an easy established link for your site. Plus, it’s white hat, so it won’t get you in trouble.

        Or maybe some site shows signs of being hacked, such as subpages that are filled with malicious content. I’ve also seen hacked sites show up in spam email. The site owner maybe doesn’t know, and their core site wasn’t touched; the hacker just added additional subfolders and pages that redirect to their spam sites, and use those links in their spam emails. For whatever reason you want to contact the site owner to inform them of the hacking.

        Basic Steps to Take to find who owns the blog.

        About me Page

        Before you get into the more advanced, site-specific instructions, you should probably go about looking for the site owner in natural ways first. There are a few ways you can do this.

        The first and most obvious is to look for contact information on the site. A lot of blogs will have an “about me” page or an “about the author” page that points to the owner. Some will just have a sidebar or footer with that biographical information in it. You can use the contact information they provide – typically an email address or a phone number – to reach them. Of course, sometimes these are out of date and no longer work, so you have to try something else.

        Occasionally, the blog will have social sharing links attached. These probably go to a blog-related social media account, which you can use as a lead to track down the owner. It should be a simple process from there.

        A lot of blogs and websites will have a contact page. Sometimes it has contact information, like the previous step. Sometimes, though, it will have a submission form that generates an email and sends it to the site owner. This is a valid method of communication, but sometimes the blog owner doesn’t check their email, or the email goes to a domain inbox and not their personal inbox. These are problems you’ll face, and the only sign is that your email remains undelivered or bounces. You won’t hear a response, so you can move on to another step.

        If the blog has comments enabled, and it’s an active blog, you can leave a comment on a recent post. It shouldn’t be filtered as spam so long as you don’t look like a spammer, but there’s no guarantee that the site owner will see it right away, or that they’ll respond to it.

        Another thing you can try relies on the blogger having their name published on the site. You can run some Google searches for that name and look them up on other sites. You could find them on social media, which makes it easy to both gauge their activity level and get in tough with them. You could find them on other community sites, like web forums, where they might be active. In those cases, you can register and send them a private message. You might also find them as a contributor on another, more active website, which you can use to reach them directly.

        If they post their content as Admin, or as a screenname that isn’t easily searchable, you can try running a Google search for the URL of the blog. You’ll find a lot of results from that URL, of course, but you might also find profiles on social networks where the person involved posted it as their contact. I’ve found sites listed on Twitter, Facebook, even DeviantArt this way, which can lead you to a more direct method of communication.

        Another option is to manually use a Google site search. You will use the inurl operator to specify that you want to search only within the site in question. What do you search for? Try looking for common contact phrases. “Contact me” or “reach me” are good. You might also search for the”at” symbol, which could be part of a URL for an email address, which might be the contact address for the blogger.

        Use a site like Builtwith. com if you are interested in knowing what blogging technology a site is using.

        Blogspot blogs have a .blogspot. com URL. Tumblr blogs generally have a .tumblr. com URL, though some of them will have a custom domain. If they do, it will have “powered by Tumblr” at the bottom somewhere. WordPress blogs come in two forms; the self-hosted .org and the hosted .com. If it’s a .wordpress. com blog, you’ll follow a different process than you will if it’s a self-hosted blog. Often, you won’t be able to tell if it’s self-hosted with WordPress or if it’s using another CMS.

        Finding a WordPress Blog Owner

        WordPress. com is the hosted version of WordPress, and as such it works almost exactly the same way as Blogger. Unfortunately, there’s no standard author or owner widget to take advantage of, so you’re left with the view source and find profile link option. Obviously, you’ll want to look for a WordPress profile link rather than a blogger link.

        Beyond that, there’s no real way to identify the owner of a WordPress. com blog beyond finding the information on the page. For some issues, like stolen content or hacking, you can contact WordPress directly and they will notify the site owner and/or take the content down. For other issues, like wanting to contact the site owner for a partnership, WordPress won’t be able to help you. On the plus side, you won’t have the issue of wanting to buy the domain, because the site owner doesn’t own the domain either way.

        Tumblr as a system does have a built-in way to contact the owner of a blog, via a message directly to their inbox. Often, this will be on their sidebar under “Ask” or “Ask me anything.” Many templates remove the option, but this does not remove the functionality. All you have to do is take the www. tumblr. com URL and add /ask to the end. Sometimes it might not work, but usually if the functionality is there but hidden, it will bring up a submit box.

        Finding a Private Blog Owner

        ICANN Whois

        For any blog that uses its own hosting, or its own domain name, you have a few more options.

        Occasionally the domain owner will be a holding company, or will not be related to the person you’re trying to contact. This makes it more difficult to find the actual information you’re looking for.

        Who Is Hosting This is a similar service, except instead of the domain registrar, it looks up information on the web host of the website. It works the same way; you just plug in the URL of the website you’re looking up, and it will give you information on the web host. Specifically, it gives you their name, their IP address, a link to the WHOIS information, and name servers.

        The important item here is just the IP address. You can use this to cross-reference it with other sites you think might be owned by the same person. If the IP address is the same, they’re hosted on the same web server, and thus owned by the same person. It’s a long shot, but that can help you track them down.

        Google Analytics Footprints is the final method. When all else fails, you can identify when two sites are owned by the same person by the Google Analytics tracking code embedded in the site. Not all sites use GA for their tracking, but if you think the site owner has another site out there, you can look it up via their Google Analytics code.

        All you do is open up the page source, just like previously. Somewhere on the page will be JavaScript, and within that JavaScript, there will be a line that looks like this:

        ([ ‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-########-1’ ] ) ;
        The #s will be a string of numbers. You can use the UA number – including the UA and the trailing -1 – as a keyword to search.

        The site you’ll want to use to look up this information is SameID. You can put in a domain, an IP address, or a Google Analytics ID code, and it will search its database for other sites that share that information. This will give you an idea of what other sites are possibly owned by the same person, and you can investigate them.

        Do note that IP address is unreliable here, which is why I didn’t mention it in the hosting bit above. Shared web hosting typically has anywhere from 5-20 different websites hosted on the same server hardware, so they will all have the same IP address. That doesn’t mean one person owns all of those sites; rather, it means one web host provides hosting for all of those sites. Use caution when trying to contact site owners via IP.

      • ” when I get angry, I get vengeful. I am going to plaster that site”

        Not a good idea. Take a breath and calm down unless you enjoy walking into traps.

        “Also: Clover…. she’s back! ”

        Duh. Trolls are like stray dogs, you feed them, you own them. She has to register to post, right?………..

        • I’ve witnessed a great many people on this site that came with their statist shoes on and stayed to hear rebuttals of those views and eventually turned around and saw the light…..and stayed around. This isn’t the case with clover. It will never be the case with clover since she has her own agenda. I’d hook up the field cultivator and plow her ass under.

    • Tor, how did you link them? restorationpro I think is some sort franchise thing. Having them turn out not to be linked would mean hitting the wrong guy. There may be no link at all since squatters like to just take names they think other people might want or go to by mistake because they mimic real things.

      When I scroll back to their very first posts there is a phone number and a link to a different one in Washington DC with that area code 202 phone phone number.
      See: https://restorationpro.wordpress.com/2016/01/14/fire-and-smoke-restoration/

      • I just posted some gay porn for him… let’s see if he swallows.

        Update: He did!

        The bee-you-tee-ful thing is the gay porn is up on RP”s site… after I deleted it here!

      • I cant for sure. I’m flying blind and surfing with a potato here. Especially cause I’ve upgraded to Windows 8 on this laptop, and I am not comfortable using anything above Windows XP.

        And far worse than that, I can’t look at the site at all because this hospital I’m sitting in has heavily restricted WiFi with Websense and OpenDNS blocking filters and maybe more.

        The iPhone I have with me is linked to my family’s things otherwise I could look at the site using data , I only do things like EPautos or Voat stuff on separate devices with little or no connection to real life.

        I’m not going to do anything untoward on facebook, because I’m unskilled at following rules and protocols, and soon enough, all my dozens of facebook profiles will get arrested, and then I’ll have to appear before the Facebook Magistrate post their bail, and endure the same Arraignment I once did at Reddit.

        Kind of a mean attitude on my part. But getting a different guy all riled up might end up getting the result I want. He would see our comments/visits and possibly surmise that resotrationpro WP is the culprit or maybe not, I’m no expert or even much over intermediate at doing anything specific on the internet.

        It did seem like the facebook page i posted earlier had a similar 1 800 number to this NJ Restoration Pro guy but maybe not. That why I thought they might be the same.

        Thanks for pointing out my error. I do tend to just make a best guess on things and go with them and modify on the fly. I’m not a pro or standup guy like Eric I post here as a recreational diversion. Nothing I post should be taken as a fact. It is all speculation and meant as a joke only.

        My take is that most of you want the internet to behave just the way regular life does. But to my way of thinking, that is exactly why they leave all these problems unresolved. They want you to kill or butcher the internet for them and thank them for their service and protecting and serving them.

        Of course this neednt mean bending over and taking unspeakable things up the ass the way
        Restorationpro . wordpress. com has lately become fond of doing 3 times a day.

  4. I’m on an iPad this morning then a laptop at 6am CST with hospital filtered wifi so not able to deploy full armada presently.

    Old RP has your fuck you article as his index page so at least there’s that.

    Sorta related My nephews high school baseball games are all hosted on a YouTube channel of a local auto dealership I’m sure without permission etc. It’s an anarchy thing that’s more good than bad in my eyes. Though of course my eyes have no skin in the game as Taleb says.

    When I do web stuff I cheerfully appropriate whatever I think I can if it drives traffic and ups the sites google street cred.

    I’m admittedly a bit Pakled here where I take whatever can Make Things Go.

    It leaves content owners in a Borg quandary perhaps and tempts them to castrate the Internet maybe. If we are your true comrades we will one of us rise to this challenge in an anti fragile way every time this happens so these incursions help you more than they hurt you.

    • Is there any way to stop this dick? To disable or gimp whatever bot he’s using to scrape this site’s material? Clearly, it’s on autopilot. (I doubt a human would have posted the Fuck You article!)

      • I don’t know eric. A little crowd sourced Sun Zoo should go along weigh. I don’t think much of the internet has an ignition switch. Or a gas pedal or steering wheel. Certainly no brakes or air bags.

        Plasmas and electrons can’t be bargained with, reasoned with, they don’t feel pity or remorse. ..

        Cue Arnie the nerd turned sadistic owner of a blood red murdering 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine…

        You don’t know half as much as you think you do, you clover shitters.

        – – –

        Scott Werntz

        I tweet LGBT news from around the world – all day, every day – the good, the bad, and sometimes just plain entertaining!

        Restoration Pro Loves Gay Cock! http://bit.ly/1RdesR5 #LGBTNews Tweeted 2 hours ago

        – – –


        By Eric Peters AutosJust spitballing though as per the youzhe. I’m just a good time Charlie wishing for the good old days to return.
        http://www.amazon.com/GOOD-TIME-CHARLIE-MEN-TWENTY ONE PILOTS

        Restoration Pro Loves Gay Cock!
        Saturday, February 6, 2016 9:44

        http ://beforeitsnews .com/motor-junkies/2016/02/restoration-pro-loves-gay-cock-2523956 . html

        – –

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  5. Maybe it’s an click bait page, so whomever can try to add ads if it gains enough traffic. That’s the only thing I can think of. Just outright stealing of your work.

    • I tried; the complaint page is completely inscrutable. Then I tried to fill out a copyright complaint and that didn’t work, either.

      I have figured out that the person behind this “mirror” site is a guy who owns a fire/water damage restoration business (hence, Restoration Pro). I have tried to contact him but his site is site up so that you have to use Facebook or Twitter or WP… and it wants my log-in info for all that… which makes me nervous.

  6. Hi Eric,

    Weird. They do have a comment box at the bottom of the page, have you tried it? They also show all of your contact info, including the donate button. I thought about leaving a comment, but decided I didn’t want to engage an unknown entity. I did a search for “restorationpro” and only got one hit that didn’t lead back to the site.



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