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All – bugs 2

I am attempting to resolve the weird issue plaguing the site. It may have arisen from having more than one URL. My default – what I always type into my browser when I want to get here – is “EPautos.com”

But then, there is  “ericpetersautos.com” and also (apparently) “libertariancarguy.com”

It seems to me there ought to be just the one URL (site name): Epautos.com

On advice, I changed the URL in WordPress to exactly that. Let’s see what happens.

I have also solicited help from a Word Press hipster. Or, so I hope.

In the meanwhile, some of you may be seeing older versions of the EPautos.com main page. The latest (newest) article ought to be the Insurance Savings piece. But some people are still seeing “Electric Pegasus.” Apparently, some of this depends on whether you’re logged-in (as a subscriber or contributor). My wife, for example, now gets the latest version of the page, having signed in. But my sister (in CA) is seeing the old version.

Shit on these got-damned computers. They are like a really hot 22-year-old who is also a huge pain in the ass to live with.

Anyhow, please bear with and know the problem is being worked.

And: Open call for help. EPautos could use some technical support!





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  2. Everything looks good from out here as far as epautos and ericpetersautos using different browsers, a dell laptop, an hp desktop, and a samsung galaxy tab

    comment block, donations pie chart, first page scrolling lead articles, everything looks up to date and most recent changes are available, whether logged in or not logged in

    Libertariancarguy is still stuck in Thanksgiving mode, but then again, it’s often been behind compared to your main two domains.

    Clovercam doesn’t have much recent activity, I’m not sure if its up to date or not

    • There is definitely a problem.. a fairly big one. Several people have contacted me, advising that they are seeing “old” versions of the site. Not good.

      I have a call in to a WP-hip guy… fingers crossed.

      • good luck.

        one thing that doesn’t work the way they used to, is any of the bookmarks. I deleted them all rather than figure out what was wrong, because you said you’ve reconfigured your site.

        When I’m logged in now it says EPautos in the upper left next to the dashboard icon where it used to say ericpetersautos.

        If you’re able to do screen prints and save them. You could “take pictures” of your dashboard and email or otherwise transmit them to whoever is helping you.

        This should enable someone to be able to help you, without you having to give them WP admin or any other kind of access.

      • Hi Eric, et al,

        This is the challenge when using a CMS like Word Press. Since your pages’ HTML is generated on the fly when somebody accesses your site, it becomes a real challenge to debug. I dabbled with Word Press, Joomla and Drupal a couple of years ago and decided it was too complex for my tastes. What these systems do provide is a ready-made framework for things like blogging, e-commerce etc. The downside is that you lose a lot of control and have to trust that the security built in actually works correctly. My first suggestion is that you make sure that your version of Word Press is set to the latest. I looked at the page source and at the very bottom of this page it had what may be a clue….

        • is this what you mean, Giuseppe?

          I’m a logged in known user and I see:

          !– Dynamic page generated in 0.347 seconds. —
          !– Page not cached by WP Super Cache. Check your settings page. Not caching requests by known users. (See Advanced Settings page) —

          – – –
          I think the page not being cached is a good thing. It uses more resources to make this page from scratch for known users; which is the way eric wants it.

          Isn’t this preferred?
          Don’t cache pages for known users. (Recommended)

          • As any random anonymous squatter, not logged in I see…

            !– Dynamic page generated in 0.297 seconds. —
            !– Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache on 2015-01-08 20:14:01 —

            So now I get an older version of the page from 2015-01-08 20:14:01
            I get it 0.05 seconds faster, but it’s not the absolute latest version available.

            I like your methodology for doing that. Quick and easy.


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