Rules For Successful Speeding

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We all do it – and that includes the cops who spend their days giving us tickets for doing it. Of course, they enjoy legal impunity to speed as much as they like, as often as they like. “Speed” only “kills,” it seems, when one is not wearing a special costume.cannonball lead

At any rate, since we all drive faster than the posted speed limit, at least occasionally – even Clovers – it seems right and proper that we do what we can to avoid being dunned for doing it. And feel no moral guilt about practicing such avoidance. Our ancestors felt no moral guilt about doing their damnedest to ignore the Volstead Act – and avoid the clutches of the “Prohees” (Prohibition enforcers) and today almost everyone agrees it was the right thing to do. The idea of cuffing and stuffing someone for having a beer seems both clownish and evil at the same time. Someday, hopefully, issuing speeding tickets (while speeding all day yourself, in official costume) will be regarded with equal contempt.

Meanwhile, we must do what we can.

As a professional speeder who has learned some hard lessons and (I think) acquired some feral cunning as a result, I herewith share with you my Tips for running under the radar:

* If you decide to speed you should first decide whether you are going to do it a little bit – or a lot.

If a little, the key to “getting away with it” is – above all else – to do it in company. On any given road, most cars are operating at 5-10 over the Posted Speed Limit (PSL). This is due to the fact that almost all PSLs are deliberately under-posted, for the express purpose of turning almost every driver into a potential provider of “revenue” for the county/state. This is well-known. If PSLs were set such that they conformed with reasonable speeds, most people would no longer be “speeders” – and the revenue stream would decline to a trickle. Can’t have that. Hence the unwritten rule that all PSLs must be set below the bar, to put drivers in the Catch 22 of either driving at teeth-aching, ludicrously slow velocities, transforming them into vehicular arterial plaque and opening them up to screams of abuse from fellow motorists  … or “speeding” – and thereby opening themselves up to a fleecing.cannonball 1

The best course is the middle course. Neither too slow – nor too fast. Slide into the midst of the pack. Avoid, when possible, being the lead car. Do you know what “walking point” is? In the Army one soldier – a very unlucky soldier – would be selected to lead a line of soldiers as they made their way forward into enemy country. This was the guy who took the first bullet – and the same will happen to you if you are foolish enough to lead a group of speeders. Whether it’s radar or laser, the cop behind the gun will draw a bead on the leader, even if everyone’s speeding.

He can only pull one car over at a time. Why should it be you?

But – and here’s where it gets tricky – do not be the last guy in line, either. If a group of speeders sails by a cop running radar, he will gave chase and come up behind you – if you’re the guy at the tail end. Unless the leader was going obviously faster than the rest – or driving a cop-provoking kind of car (more on that shortly) his lazy porcine proclivity will be to pull over the first car he gets behind. Which will be you, if you’re bringing up the rear. Remember: It’s all about money. And yours is just as green as the leader’s. The cop doesn’t care, usually. He just wants to make quota. By running in the middle of the pack, you vastly increase your odds of “getting away with it.” This is the same tactic, incidentally, used by smart herd animals in Africa to avoid being the one eaten by a lion. Take the hint.

*If you speed a lot, pick your moment wisely.

Extreme speeding – which in these weird times means literally (because legally) anything in excess of 20 MPH faster than the PSL – no matter how absurdly low the PSL – can bring felonious consequences. In my state (Virginia) it is “reckless” driving to travel 81 MPH on a highway with a PSL of 70. Because in my state any speed in excess of 80 MPH anywhere is – automatically – defined as “reckless.” Same goes for 56 in a PSL 35 zone, even if 35 is preposterous and traffic flows at 45-50.

Be aware of such laws, for openers. Many people are not and have no clue until they find out – the hard way – by the side of the road.low IQ thug cop

It is worth a momentary segue here to make the point that these idiotic “reckless” driving laws encourage genuinely reckless driving. Because they serve as a strong incentive to make a run, to try to get away. Why not? What have you got to lose? If you pull over, having been targeted for driving say 83 MPH (just slightly faster than the flow of traffic when the PSL is 70) you face ruinous consequences, including the very real possibility of jail time. This is no joke, for people with jobs. Which you stand to lose – along with your license. Plus lots and lots of money. Thousands in fines, lawyer bills and quadrupled insurance premiums for years to come. The thought naturally occurs: Maybe I should just go for it.  A steely-nerved and highly skilled operator can choose this course and not cause problems for anyone (“the law” be damned). Most cops are not particularly adept wheelmen and the cars they drive are generally mediocre. If you know what you’re doing – and have the right tool (and the situation is favorable; you must have “the drop” on the cop) then going for it can be a smart bet. A few moments of sheer terror ending in orgiastic bliss once you know you’re in the clear. There is nothing to compare with doing the Duke Boys on Roscoe, especially when “Roscoe” isn’t the basically decent fellow TV Roscoe was but is instead a buzzcut thug who’d have been at home in the SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger who will enjoy making you suffer if he catches up with you.

Imagining such a squealer’s frustrated fury can make one smile for months. Trust me, I know.corner pic 1

But the ordinary Joe – not a veteran of the track, a Disciple of The High Church d’ Bondurant – and lacking the necessary nerve and concentration? Such a person – operating on fear and adrenaline – can become a genuine menace. All because of a trumped-up charge, with sanctions entirely disproportionate to the offense.

But what about the truly extreme forms of speed? The real stuff; not technicalities. Serious velocity? Such is best done in short, furtive bursts. You should pick your moment – and your place. It is one thing to briefly rock up to 167 on an empty stretch of very straight road, with great sight lines. One you know really well; all the dips and irregularities – that hidden driveway from which an old lady in an ’87 LeSabre might creep out but which you are confident she won’t do because you know the old lady only goes out every once in awhile and usually not early Sunday mornings. What you want is to cut the odds of a horrible death down to something reasonable.

But the most important thing is that while you may perhaps leave the road at high speed, the odds are no one but you will be hurt in the event something goes wrong. This is just good manners. And if there is a cop around, you’ve got the drop on him. By the time his brain registers your speed, the signal from his tiny brain setting legs and hands in motion, the car beginning to give chase… you are already three miles down the road and – if you’re at all smart – will take this as your cue to disappear. Into the woods, down a gravel drive. Wherever. Just get off the road. Now. And stay put. For at least the next six hours. If at all feasible, you should leave the car where it is (well-hidden) and make your way home some other way. Get the car later, when things have cooled off.UFO pic

If you ever decide to flee, go to ground quickly. Do not continue to flee. This is the prime directive. Get out of sight, that’s number one. Then stay out of sight. Do your best imitation of an Area 51 UFO. A brief glimpse, then gone. Do not, by the way, make the usually fatal mistake of taking the first right turn off the road you’re on, with Roscoe hot on your tail. It is known to cops that most first-time fleers will panic and take that first right. Do it and you too will be doomed. Steady your nerves and take the second right. Then haul the mail like you are a wounded A6 Intruder over downtown Hanoi, having just dropped a load of incendiaries. Zig and zag, left and right; find a likely looking gravel or dirt road and push it up there as far as you can, then shut down and hunker. See above. Odds are good you’ll escape with your hide – and DMV rap sheet – intact.

Of course, you can stack the odds even more favorably by adopting countermeasures. I will not leave my own driveway without the latest in state-of-the-art cop detection and recommend you follow the same policy. At minimum, a high-performance radar detector is essential. I like the Valentine 1 because it’s still the most sensitive unit out there – able to suss out swine like a truffle pig roots out those fancy mushrooms. Though extremely illegal, a laser/radar jammer is a not bad item to have, too.

But perhaps most valuable of all is a subtle truck pic

Again, we can learn something from nature. Gaudy only works as a deterrent when you don’t taste good. Or when it signals: Eat me and die. Certain brightly colored moths; poison dart frogs. They can get away with lurid displays of color. For you and me, it’s not such a great idea. In the first place, because it increases the odds of being selected as today’s source of revenue. It is absolutely true that a bright red or yellow or neon electric blue car is more likely to get you ticketed simply because it’s more likely to be the one a baconator notices. And avoiding notice is primary, if you want to speed – and get away with it. One way to do this is to drive something that blends in. Silver, gray and white. Notice that cops favor these colors for their cars. Take the hint.

Notice also that they favor sedans. “Old man” cars like the Ford Crown Vic and Chevy Impala. Lately, the Ford Taurus, too. They blend in; it’s harder to ID them until they’ve ID’d you. But the same methods can work for you, too. Even more so, because you have more options. Foreign sedans (revenue collection is a very American activity; virtually all cop shops in the U.S. purchase only native brands) as well as under-the-radar bodystyles such as wagons. There are a dozen such that are quicker to 60 (and much faster on top) than any muscle car of the ’60s. How about a nice V-8 E-Class Benz? An AMG Benz? One of my personal favorites is the Cadillac CTS-V station wagon. Motorheads know this car and its capabilities. Most cops do not. It’s just another wagon. With a 556 hp V-8 and a 180 MPH top speed.

Or, trucks.radar pig

Did you know that you can get a new Chevy truck with the identical engine that’s in the new Corvette Stingray? Plus it can haul a stack of 4x8s. But it’s not a Stingray?

Is the object to go fast – or project the image of fastness?

Keep in mind also that if it comes to nut-cutting, if you are faced with the hideous choice of pulling over to face a life-ruining cite for “reckless” driving (for 76 in a 55) or going for it because you’ve got a solid 30 second lead on the cop and you are pretty sure that by the time he pulls out of the median and onto the highway and brings his own car up to speed, you could – if you put the hammer down – make the next exit and disappear… a car that’s subtle will greatly aid your cause. It is no good parking your red Stingray at the shopping mall and going inside for awhile to shop. There will be a Tactical Team in full hut! hut! hut! gear awaiting your return. But a white Chevy pick-up? How many others just like yours (or close enough) do you suppose there are within a five mile radius of your current location? Once out of sight, you are safe. There is no way the squealer could have noted your plate number as you flew by him at 80 with him standing still and parked perpendicularly relative to you. All he’s got is make and model and color. If all three are common, you’re holding a winning hand.pulled over pic

Of course, you can’t win ’em all. If you are a habitual speeder, one fine day, your luck will run out. For me, this usually happens when I’m not really speeding. And of course, not really paying attention. The typical bust will be something like 43 in a 35, the cop using “instant on” radar that is the major weak point of all radar detectors (including the V1). The detector will alert you if the car ahead of you gets painted by a hidden porker. But if you are first in line – hopefully because you’re the only car on the road and not because you forgot the rule elaborated earlier about letting another car walk point – you’re screwed. And for various reasons – the bust’s not too severe, there are civilians present, your wife is with you – you decide to give up and pull over.

Number one priority: Hide the detector. Legal or not, if the cop sees it, it is an affront. He will know you are a habitual offender and any meek talk along the lines of “I’m sorry officer, I didn’t realize how fast I was going; is there any way you might cut me some slack this time?” will be futile. Indeed, the cop will likely write you up for everything possible – not just the “speeding” charge.

Number two priority: Put the got-damned seatbelt on before he notices you weren’t wearing it. You want to project the appearance of playing ball, of being a good and “law abiding” driver. Any indication of recalcitrance will be met with hoof stomping rage and given you have zero power to respond in kind, it’s best to keep the porker snuffling and grunting contentedly, which you’ll do by clearly deferring to his authoritah. Or at least, pretending to in order to limit the potential damage.

Number three priority: Have a “clean” record. Which you will, if you’ve lived by all the rules above. The cop is going to run your name through his computer database and if he finds a long list of previous tickets, you are baked. But if you’ve got “plus” points, or at least, haven’t got a ticket on record during the past several years, there is – based on my experience, at least – a decent (50-50) shot of talking your way into a warning. I find it’s helpful to be white and middle aged and to not fit any “profile” that cops don’t like. But being calm, polite and deferential will usually soothe the porcine soul.angry pig picture

The absolute key thing is to not argue. It’s a fight you can’t win. Use guile instead. Slump your shoulders; look defeated and non-threatening. If you have glasses, wear them. Even if you don’t need them. In low and pleading tones, tell the cop your job depends on your clean record, that you haven’t had a ticket in years and could he maybe give you a break this time? It’s degrading, true. But it does work. And if you think about it a little, there’s no shame in resorting to such tactics given the dynamics. Is it cowardly for the badger to retreat into his hole rather than face a pack of dogs?

If, despite your best efforts, you do end up with a piece of payin’ paper, you must fight it. Use every low strategy available. Delay, by demanding multiple continuances. Stop up their works by subpoenaing witnesses, making lots of “discovery” requests for documents, which they must honor. Use their own bureaucracy against them. Hire a shyster, the oiler the better. Sometimes, you can “cut a deal” with the court before your trial. Speak with the assistant DA or commonwealth attorney, whoever the state’s hatchet man is.

Ideally, get the charge reduced to a non-moving violation (no “points”) or dismissed entirely after you waste an entire Saturday attending the DMV “driving school” some courts will let you take as an alternative. You’ll still pay a beefy fine, but just the once. And a one-time it is infinitely preferable to future (and ongoing) hits from your insurance Luca Brasi and of course, the next time you get pulled, they will be merciless if there’s already a ticket on your rap sheet.

Stay clean.

Run silent… run deep.

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  1. What an excellent topic, Eric !!!

    As a successful speeder in CT until 2000, I, of course agree with your advice but I do have maybe another couple of tips to add for highway speeding (BTW I agree with your comment and have never used a radar detector because I never wanted to learn to rely on it)

    1. I used to consider everyone ahead of me on the road as my eyes scouting the road for me. This works because of the fact that, as you say in your article, absolutely everyone speeds all the time and therefore will hit the brakes if they see a cop and warn me.
    2. I used to speed mostly on familiar highways where I knew where the cops had their traps
    3, I always used to slow down (to 70) before and look up highway entrance ramps
    4. speed less at night and watch for suspicious cars behind you; Crown-Victoria-types using “commanding” driving styles. I often would let these cars catch up with me to see if they were clear and then, if they were; I would pass them and go knowing that since they had sped to get to me the other cars behind must be “clear”
    5. Other speeders are your friends they are like the magnet for cops clearing the road for you
    6. I seldom hogged the passing lane, where all cops are concentrated on, but would pass and return to the middle lane

    After initially getting one speeding ticket when I moved to CT, I never got another one for 10 years even though I would drive 75-80 in the old 55 speed zones.

    I then moved to Germany and I can’t tell you what a pleasant relief it is to mostly not have speed limits on the highway. And the minimal costs they have if you actually do speed in the lower speed zones. (I did get 2 tickets from automatic radar traps this year going 25-30mph over the speed limit, and I think they cost 80Euros each, I just sent in the fine immediately and honestly, don’t even know the details of “my infractions”; no insurance hikes, maybe a point, but I don’t really know)

    You really appreciate driving in Germany, when you return to if from Austria, for example, coming from, from what I find to be stressful, speed limits of about 80mph, where everyone drives at constant speed to a the open highway.

    I can’t explain the sense of relief and ease with which everyone then drives. Alone the diversity of speeds on the road reduces the stress because the people behind you that want to pass you do so easily and you do the same to those that are comfortable at a lower speed than you are.

    I generally drive 100-120mph and am probably in the upper 15-20% of the drivers.

    It took me years to get rid of the habit of looking up entrance ramps for speed traps. And because the German cops drive the “recommended speed limit” of about 75mpg it also took me years until i got rid of my fears about passing them going 50mph faster than they are. Generally, though the really pleasant thing about the roads here is the almost complete absence of cops.

    The point I’m trying to make with this commentary is not to show off, but to bare witness to the the libertarian ethic that left to their own devices, people do (and have always) come up with better systems than those imposed from above.

    If someone doesn’t believe me, then I urge them come to Germany, get on the highway and see for themselves how libertarian highway driver interaction works in the absence of draconian enforcement.





    methinks you failed to use the codebook that you provided and instead used the default settings at the website xoh* and you forgot the letter “n” in fucking.

    [*xoh is…
    1 eXecute no-Op and Hang
    2 XML over HTTP
    3 eXperimental Observation Helicopter
    4 other?]

    • lol…

      Nah, was just using the ‘X’ as a full stop, as they recommend in section 2.1 of the help page — trying to be pseudo period authentic I guess.

  3. Texas is a speeders paradise. No recklessness threshold or enhanced penalty and you can get a ticket dismissed if you are driving less the 25 over via defensive driving once per year or deferred disposition 4 times per year.

      • ooOOrgle you mean?

        He does have the 16 millionth most popular site. With 2 visitors a day and 6 total pageviews. It’s a sad version of the prisoner’s dilemma. You, me, and ooOOrgle. Why can’t we cooperate and escape our captivity, or at least lessen the misery?

        I guess his site’s a Minecraft Server, which I understand a little better than Rev’s Strawman, since I at least have a friend who has a closet full of World of Warcraft Servers.

        I like visiting my friend once in a while, (your friend, SURE Tor) because he makes me feel like father and husband of the year. All day he stares into his monitors playing WoW. Doing web work for clients and playing the game at the same time.

        His kids might die at his feet, his wife might be getting tag-teamed by all his neighbors and their great dane in his living room, but unless someone uploads that info into his gameserver, he’s not going to notice.

        He sent me the links for his game a hundred times until I finally tried them.

        I lasted about 2 minutes and then deleted everything. Which was a whole lot of huge files, let me tell you. I just don’t get it. And more importantly, it took hogged up all my resources and made it hard to use my computer for other things.

        To each his own. It just wasn’t my thing. I’m glad he has something he enjoys.

        I hope I’m not doing that to you. I’ll try to pace myself and produce more compelling content. I’m really just a humble cyberhobo wandering about seeing if anyone needs a digital bojangles dance. I don’t mean to gum up all your threads and cybersquat everywhere like clover says.

        Cyberspace, it’s the new soviet man’s cyberia, only he checks himself into whatever circle of online hell he prefers, acting as his own warden.

        It’s just so boring here at twerk. Not much better at home with the barrage of anti-male Bravo shows and endless cooking channels happytalk about the latest souffle of je nais sais quoi.

        If only we could assemble into a productive corpus voluntarily. Without the filthy green confetti of the state. If only we could produce value together somehow.

        ooOOrgle’s Beyond The Corral is a survival server.

        Beyond The Corral is also a white-listed server. However, the white-list is disabled when the Owner, an operator, or trust player is online, allowing non-white-listed players to join and play.

        Visit the website for more information or to request to be added to the white-list.


        If only there were a learn libertarian and freedom game, that would be something.

        All By Myself – Las Vegas Airport – Richard Dunn

        Well, back to the grindstone substitute. Back to listening to Dimension X and X Minus One programs, and looking non-obsolete.

  4. I’m sure many here don’t have their own land, tools, workspaces, and what have you. But I still think we each can improve are our, engineering, food, clothing, and shelter making abilities with limited resources, abilities, and privacy.

    We need the episteme, the way of obtaining justified true beliefs, to learn how to think and act freely. Mainstream episteme that reifies the state, violates our newly honed sense of order itself, a sense we aren’t even aware of having until we feel it violated by pathological phenomena such as Publik Skewl faux science dogma.

    But probably more importantly, we need the techne, the know how and skills to be more self-sufficient and to be able to create things of value for ourselves and to barter with others. I hope some of them will descend to the common mans level, the man who doesn’t have resources, tools, or a private place to work on things in peace.

    Are there DIY Projects we can try. Engineering is all about innovation. Here is a place where engineers share ideas and showcase their latest creativity.

    DIY Skills

    Directory of Projects for 1st Year Engineering Students

    Inventors will continue to be most important. Second most important is fabricators. Third and most numerous, will be the engineers.

    Someday engineers will enable us to exit the realm of clovers once again

    • Hi Tor,

      No doubt. But of course, life in The Woods is not for everyone!

      Just the other day, we lost power (again) and back to the gennie we went. Meanwhile, this morning, I spent two hours hauling wood into the garage; it’s “free” heat, if you don’t count the summer I spent cutting and splitting!

      • I was hoping there’s a way a version of “The Woods” can be created anywhere in the world. Even in the densest, most statist urban prole hives. Can you, a Claire Wolfe, and a Mama Liberty survive even in Noo York Sitty?

        A shotgun a rifle, a 4wheel drive, and a country boy can survive. Hank Williams Jr.

        What about this? Imagine you had to give up one thing per day in “The Woods” yet still maintain the character of your sanctuary with an increasingly simplified, and minimalist configuration.

        What would you surrender, find an alternative for first. What would hang on to the longest, have the hardest time finding a substitute for?

  5. IRS Revenue Ruling 2005-21

    Frivolous tax returns; use of “straw man” to avoid tax.

    This ruling emphasizes to taxpayers and to promoters and return preparers that a taxpayer cannot avoid income tax on the erroneous theory that the government has created a separate and distinct entity or “straw man,” in place of the taxpayer and that the taxpayer is not responsible for the tax obligations of the “straw man”.

    This argument has no merit and is frivolous.

    Internal Revenue Bulletin 2005-14

  6. I read and watched a lot of what you posted recently, Rev. It all seemed useful and enlightening except the strawman stuff.

    Especially like the guy talking about allodial title, which in the US is available only in NV and TX. In NV, you sometimes additionally need water rights, but in the more desolate counties, you really can own your (radioactive caliche) land outright and there are no inspectors or officials on retainer to hassle you.

    Is there an easier way to comprehend or a briefer synopsis of whatever is meant by the strawman dissertation? Or can I get by without it?

    I can memorize data or formulae if I can understand it. But I just don’t grok the purpose of the strawman thing. I’d need a source with no religious, moral, historical, or explanatory superfluous info, if such exists.

    If it means voluntarily sending them anything or appearing before anyone in authority, then I reject the whole idea out of hand.

    e.g. you can buy a strategy card that tells you what to do when you hold 12 and the dealer is showing a 4 as his up card. Is there something like that for this stuff. Just the bare minimum need to lower the house’s edge when playing their games out of necessity. I don’t care to know lots of tertiary info that doesn’t help me increase my chances of occasionally being able to “beat the state casino.”

    We know the state claims to obligate us from birth via X Y & Z. We both know it’s evil and crap that they claim this. But what specific Jedi Mind Tricks can I use, or recite, to possibly keep their dark side enforcers out of my life?

    Marc Stevens doesn’t seem to advocate the strawman stuff, maybe it hasn’t yet been successfully applied here in the states?

    — —
    To be free, you need only learn how to conceal the truth. And to outright lie if partially caught. And even completely confess and spill it all if you are fully and irrevocably caught by them.

    Lying can cause damage to yourself and others. But so what, learn to heal. Learn to mitigate the damage to those you care about and owe a duty of fidelity to you can’t fulfill.

    In a world of mob assholes, you don’t owe a stranger a dang thing. Be pleasant if you can. But if he asks you any questions that reveal anything you need to keep secret, ignore him, or make something up if you have to. It’s your life, you have no obligation to a pottage of ancient dogma that’s become a life sentence if you adhere to it.
    — — —


    Honesty is the recognition of the fact that the unreal is unreal and can have no value, that neither love nor fame nor cash is a value if obtained by fraud—that an attempt to gain a value by deceiving the mind of others is an act of raising your victims to a position higher than reality, where you become a pawn of their blindness, a slave of their non-thinking and their evasions, while their intelligence, their rationality, their perceptiveness become the enemies you have to dread and flee—that you do not care to live as a dependent, least of all a dependent on the stupidity of others, or as a fool whose source of values is the fools he succeeds in fooling—that honesty is not a social duty, not a sacrifice for the sake of others, but the most profoundly selfish virtue man can practice: his refusal to sacrifice the reality of his own existence to the deluded consciousness of others.

    Self-esteem is reliance on one’s power to think. It cannot be replaced by one’s power to deceive. The self-confidence of a scientist and the self-confidence of a con man are not interchangeable states, and do not come from the same psychological universe. The success of a man who deals with reality augments his self-confidence. The success of a con man augments his panic.

    The intellectual con man has only one defense against panic: the momentary relief he finds by succeeding at further and further frauds.

    The mark of an honest man . . . is that he means what he says and knows what he means.

    Intellectual honesty consists in taking ideas seriously. To take ideas seriously means that you intend to live by, to practice, any idea you accept as true.

    Intellectual honesty involves knowing what one does know, constantly expanding one’s knowledge, and never evading or failing to correct a contradiction. This means: the development of an active mind as a permanent attribute.
    — —

    Unlike the TV Show “Cheers”, most times I want to go where nobody knows my real name. Why not pick an alias and learn to go by that and leave all the shit your parents and people you grew up with associate with you in the dust bin of statist history. You don’t need to be accountable for a past if it’s better for you to move forward and be free.

    This stuff about honesty and reputation is all very nice and a worthy ideal to consider. Especially if you’re a woman or a man who doesn’t mind a stunted and emasculated existence where you waste your limited life pleasing and catering to others. But maybe its not for you.

    If you can, make plans for a new existence. Find a plausible exit path for your current identity and then leave him out to pasture. Forward your mail somewhere.
    Walk away from everybody with some kind of cover story, and then stay gone. Start fresh.

    Convince your wife to tell everyone you’ve ran off and she doesn’t know where you’ve gone. Then both of you move somewhere else, and never invite anyone over who knows your real identities. Or simplify your life and find a new more compliant wife, maybe one that speaks a foreign language that makes it hard for her to connect you to the state you’re incarcerated in.

    We really are all Anne Franks. They’ve just loosened up the Holocaust System, but maybe for some of us, it still doesn’t pay to let them know where you are or what you do if you can avoid it. Why not just fade away and become an international man of mystery like Austin Powers?

    • Tor, I’m not sure if you fully grasp the meaning of the strawman thing, but I hope this helps:

      Vid’s about 20 mins. I hope it’s the right one because I don’t have time right now to do a more thorough search. It took me a while to fathom how and why TPTB connect you to your strawman and, how they use it to enrich themselves at your expense.

      Fact of the matter is, when your parents registered your birth to the grabbermint (under coercion), that became your strawman, which is the only thing that statute law has power over – your NAME (in capitals). It’s since been grabbermint property, pretty much all permutations of it.

      You might want to look up:

      Capitus Maxima (full name in caps eg: TOR LIBERTARIAN)
      Capitus Media (Tor LIBERTARIAN)
      Capitus Minima (Tor Libertarian)

      Certain rights are actually granted or removed depending on the “style” (not “spelling” as some erroneously describe). This is extremely important. Your surname in all caps is not for the sake of legibility, as then all books would be printed in caps, nor is it that grabbermint ‘puter systems can read capitalised names better. If so, why the lowercase given name? It’s all lies to stop you realising the deception of the rights they remove from you. If your surname (or entire name) is in caps, then you’re treated as a limited liability “person”, in which you have grabbermint granted rights (IN-alienable). Capitus Minima is when you retain all your rights – UN-alienable – which is the sole jurisdiction of common law.

      The site explains this very well in one of their vids.

      This is an excerpt from Canadian Mary Croft:

      “The only thing over which they have jurisdiction is the NAME, not the man, so, if we make it abundantly clear that they can do whatever they want to the NAME, but we are not their property, they might catch on that they had better leave us alone. My ‘name’ is private and I can use it, privately, but I’d better be bloody careful if I intend to use it in public because, publicly, my ‘name’ becomes a ‘NAME’, owned by the CROWN, and my using it is in violation of §403 CCC (Personation/ Identity Theft), i.e.: fraud . Their demanding that we use it means they are enticing us to commit fraud.”

      It can be found here:

      Her stuff makes great reading but she’s since closed her site. I’d recommend reading her articles but beware that sometimes she already expects her readers
      to already know pretty much everything.

      I’ll try to find answers to your questions if you have more 🙂

      • Very good. I want to understand it, regardless of its applicability to my circumstance. Dismissing it because “it doesn’t work” isn’t really an argument, though of course for many it makes sense since their time is limited.

        The argument from consequences isn’t one a libertarian should accept IF he has the time and ability to examine the argument itself

        Strawman theory on rational wiki

        These entries from rational wiki are usually pretty good, just ignore their odd point of view since they claim to reside in some ideal land where none of this affects them in the least. I’d sure like to know where that is, so I can join them, since I sure can’t beat them.

        • Crom help us all. Their is an Amish Horse and Buggy Manual in PA.

          Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

          Let us as horse and buggy drivers be courteous and respectful as we travel today’s busy roads. Here are a few things that will show the motorist that we truly are willing to do our part to make roads as safe as possible for all users.

          1. Pull off the road to let traffic pass whenever it is safe.
          2. Drive in the Buggy Lane, if one is provided.
          3. Be visible day and night at all angles by using lights and reflective tape.
          4. Use horses that are safe to be on the road.
          5. Train horses to always stop at the Stop signs.
          6. Never try to race a motor vehicle at a crossroad. Be patient and wait until it is safe to cross.
          7. Always be careful when making left turns. Signal first then proceed to
          make the turn when traffic is clear.

          There are a lot of our children and adults walking, bicycling, and horseback riding along today’s busy highways. Let’s be courteous, respectful, and visible in these situations as well.

          The disrespect and ill feelings toward our plain people in some communities could very well be the result of a lack of courtesy shown by horse and buggy drivers. At all times, we should be willing to stop and let the faster traffic go by. Never think, “I have just as much right on the road as he has.” That is true according to the law, but at the same time, it is our Christian duty to always practice the Golden Rule and not ‘hog’ the road. We should consider it a privilege to use the road and not a right

          Up hill wear me
          Down hill spare me
          On the level let me trot
          In the stable forget me not

          As live horsepower is the form of energy we use to pull our buggies, a few words of caution in the use and treatment of horses is in order. Let us remember that a horse is a living being. If you treat him right, your horse will be your willing servant and will take you many miles to school, to church, to town, or to visit friends and relatives. In time, your horse may become more than a servant. He may become a trusted
          companion. While the driver of a car has only to keep his vehicle and himself under control, the horse and buggy driver must also control an animal, with a mind of its own, that weighs ten times as much as the driver.

          A horse has been described as “a large mass of nerve endings connected to a small brain.” Your horse cannot reason or understand the way you do. Things that seem simple to you may frighten or confuse the horse. Try to see potential problems before you arrive at them and think of how your horse may react.

          Lancaster PA Amish Since 1720

        • Thanks for that Tor. I had read rationalwiki’s strawman article some time ago to try and get both sides of the argument.

          Interestingly, they don’t mention or give reason why your name on a summons or other official grabbermint document has the surname capitalised, but given and middle names not.

          This has obviously nothing to do with legibility, which bunks their claim for capitalising names, especially printed ones, rather than hand-written.

          After much more research into this the rationalwiki entry seems to have been written to throw us off the trail, or inject some doubt. However, through many things I’ve witnessed personally and many others actually finding the grabbermint entry to their named trust account made from their BC’s, strawman theory is no longer a theory.

  7. About twelve years ago, my wife and I were cruising late at night through northern Arizona in my cab; a converted police Crown Vicky. We were just minding our own business when the Christmas lights came on in the rear view mirror.
    The state porker marched up to the car, demanded my paperwork, and then asked, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”
    “I have no idea,” I lied.
    “You were doing 75 in a posted 55 zone.”
    “Well, that’s odd, officer. My speedometer said I wasn’t doing nearly that fast. And this is an old police car. I have the EXACT same equipment as you do. I’m sure one of us has some equipment that must be a bit out of whack.”
    He shined his flashlight at my dashboard, read the “CERTIFIED CALIBRATION” printed on the bottom of the speedo, then gave me a verbal warning, and walked back to his cruiser. I promised him that I would get the speedometer checked with the mechanic when I returned to Phoenix.
    As we drove back onto the highway, my wife turned to me and asked, “So, how fast were you going, Mr. Certified Calibration?”
    “75 just like the man said.”

    • Nice one Paul! I’m gonna print “CERTIFIED CALIBRATION” on my non-working speedo. Nah, cops here in Oz likely have something different BUT –

      Certified by what calibration equipment used by what certified body to calibrate speedometers, that for this to be permanently printed on the device must not consider wear of the speedo or tyres on the car. Also, what calibration equipment was used to calibrate the calibration equipment and, by what body certified to calibrate speedometer calibrating equipment and authority was all this calibration done, without certified calibrating equipment and a certified calibrating body to calibrate the equipment that calibrated the equipment that calibrated the equipment etc.?


      Those are the hard questions to which answers must be demanded in court 🙂

  8. Map of speed limits in the US
    – –

    Just speculation, but successful ballot initiatives need either a large mass of rent seekers behind it, or a large rent seeking corporation behind it. Where is the massive windfall profit in reasonable laws that make sense?

    Legal weed is produced and sold by legal weed oligarchs.

    Huge mobs of safety rent seekers create crap like drunk driving laws and speed limit signs in the first place.

    1901 CT enacts first speed limit law.

    n 1652, the colony of New Amsterdam(New York) issued a decree stating that “No wagons, carts or sleighs shall be run, rode or driven at a gallop” at the risk of incurring a fine starting at “two pounds Flemish,” or about $150 in today’s currency.

    In 1899, the New York City cabdriver Jacob German was arrested for driving his electric taxi at 12 mph.

    The path to Connecticut’s 1901 speed limit legislation began when Representative Robert Woodruff submitted a bill to the State General Assembly proposing a motor-vehicles speed limit of 8 mph within city limits and 12 mph outside.

    The law passed in May 1901 specified higher speed limits but required drivers to slow down upon approaching or passing horse-drawn vehicles, and come to a complete stop if necessary to avoid scaring the animals.

    On the heels of this landmark legislation, New York City introduced the world’s first comprehensive traffic code in 1903.

    • Interesting point there Tor;

      There are no longer any horse-drawn carriages to spook so speed limits are essentially without cause of enforcement.

        • G’day PTB. It seems that since the days of the horse and cart, when even children used them to ferry their goods around sans requirement of registration and licence, grabbermints got in on the ground floor of what would be the greatest and most lucrative advance – the motor car.

          Before that, only those using horse and cart for commercial purposes (taxi etc.) required licenses and registration, because using public roads paid for by the public (Fee Simple) for private commercial gain is inequitable and unfair.

          However, generations hence have been conned into relinquishing a right for a privilege (licence) to use what they already own – roads. Registration is the transfer of superior ownership to the State/Crown.

          Anything that can be licensed must be fundamentally lawful anyway, otherwise it would be forever impossible.

          Are those Amish buggies registered? Somehow I doubt it. If so, then they’re not that smart, because the buggy’s not drawn by mechanical means. We don’t really have Amish in Oz.

          • The DL, registration, is being slippery sloped. Because so few understand the scam in Illinois anyway a registration taxing power to put plates on Amish horse drawn vehicles was passed to pay for the damage the horseshoes did to particular road surface common in the rural Amish areas of the state. I only recently found the decade plus old article and do not know if it was actually put into the action. I’ve not seen one on the road in this state.

            There have been a number of ‘big talk’ attempts to force registration on to bicycles on city, county, and state levels but they have gone nowhere.

            After decades of conditioning people believe that any road use is government granted privilege and feel it’s unfair that some aren’t tagged and taxed.

            • Thanks BrentP. Although we do pay for roads through fuel excise, much of it is likely siphoned off for other purposes and, many other taxes are used for roads when they want as well.

              I sometimes thought that it might be unfair for cyclists, buggies and things that don’t burn fuel to use roads unless registered, but it’s clear that any form of tax can be used for that purpose, so they have every right.

              However, I still think that proof is required by DMV’s etc. to prove that rego payments are used for roads. To my knowledge they’ve never done so. Even something called a “road tax” should be traceable.

  9. Another tip from someone who has been on many a road trip. I’m actually driving from Chicago to Orlando next week and always practice this.

    Similar in vain to not being the lead car in a group, I tend to stay in the right lane doing what traffic is (about 5-10 MPH over the speed limit). If it’s a busy road, I’m happy to be doing this speed. Once it starts to get more rural or late and loosen up, I simply wait for the fast car(s) to come by. Typically this is no longer than 5-10 minutes before someone comes flying by doing 15-30 above the limit. At that point, I pull out and follow, but try to stay about 1/8 – 1/4 mile behind (easier at night to follow tail lights). When I see their brake lights go on, I slow down and move into the right lane, as typically it’s because they see a cop (or alerted thru radar). Now sometimes I lose them and when I do, I move back into the right and simply wait again. It takes some patience, but has seemed to work for me. Over the years (and that’s a lot), I’ve had about 3 different cars in front of me get tickets. By the time they are pulled over, I’m coasting along with the other traffic at the limit. So far so good — knock on wood!

  10. Where are all the egalitarians and leftist supposed friends of the little guy complaining about inequality when it comes to traffic fines? Is there anything more obviously regressively taxing than the paying paper ordered by the state? Not to mention the moral hazard inherent in allowing the state to demand monetary compensation at it’s own discretion -isn’t it obvious this will be used to benefit the agents of the state? From an egalitarian point of view, even a punishment such as a punch in the gut would be better than monetary fines (it would hurt equally regardless of the contents of your wallet, and wouldn’t pose nearly as much of a moral hazard).

  11. I went on a road trip last summer and developed a good tactic. I would set the Cruz control for 3-4 mph over the PSL, when the Highway would go long toward a hill with good visibility I would hammer it at the hill getting to 100 or so, then let up the gas, timing it just so that when I reached the crest of the hill the car was back to the cruz control setting. The cops usually hide behind these hills waiting for people to speed over the crest. I did this for 3500 miles and it worked great.

  12. “Rules for successful speeding.” I prefer Rules for successful defense. Not with the cop on the side of the road mind you, but in Court. The whole PSL is a sham, a revenue scam for the sheeple.

    First thing anyone should admit is that when you’re on, say I-xx, everyone but the errant clover is going above the PSL. The cops sit there, watching with their radar guns, often even traveling with them, and will admit, in court, that they opersate on Dept. Procedure allowing X over the PSL.

    WTF? Allowing lawlessness? Really? Unless, of course, it’s not really lawlessness but a scam. The first point should be obvious. The PSL is, in effect, meaningless as it is not enforced. A law unenforced is no law at all. We all know the State does not permit lawlessness. It regules just about everything imaginable, even speeds on the roads. It’s all in the Statutes. Look it up.

    So just what is that speed which will garner one being pulled? How can one know of it? Is it a speed set by statutory procedure to which one has been given NOTICE? The PSL? If so, then doing 36 in a posted 35, an unlawful act, gets you a ticket. But 36 in a posted 35 won’t get you a ticket. How can that be?

    For a cop to allow X over the PSL but pull you for Y is not necessarily arbitrary as it may well be per Dept. policy, but it is capricious, holding Y as enforceable and not X where both exceed that expressly stated by statutory procedure – the PSL (NOTICE) which is no notice at all as it’s not enforced.

    Two things stand out, statutes and procedure.

    In any criminal case you have right to trial by jury; Court of Record, appealable. Might take getting to there, but that’s the ultimate idea.

    For Virginia to state that any speed greater than 80mph is reckless, then any cop doing greater than 80 heading to an accident or whatever is being reckless and acting as to the endangerment of the Public. What is it about 80 that makes it reckless anyway? A friend goes to VIR often with his Porsche. I’ll let him know he’s being reckless.

    Time to stick it to these people in Court, with a jury.

  13. I’ve been breaking one of Eric’s rules since my daily-driver for the past 16 years has been a NSX. I frequently drive between Austin and Los Angeles and seldom make it either way without being stopped. My V-1 has saved me thousands of times but the NSX still attracts attention. Most recently, August 26, 2014, the TX boys on I-10 at Ft Stockton stopped me around 1AM (I drive non-stop). They were well under the 80 mph PSL so I passed them politely and using my turn signals both out- and back in. The bubble gum machine immediately flashed-on.

    The accusation was speeding, of course. I told them I’d checked my speedo and they were driving well-under the PSL. My V-1 had told me they were ahead of me long before I actually saw them. Number One went back to their SUV with my license and insurance card while Number Two came up and started to chat. Said he’d seen a few NSXs on the highway but never up-close and personal. We actually had a nice “chat” about the car. He actually knelt down at my driver-side window face-to-face. Of course his PRIMARY reason was to try to determine if I’d been drinking – I never do.

    Number One then came back, handed me my license and insurance card and said he wasn’t going to give me a ticket. No reason given. But…..

    THEN, he started asking me 1) was I carrying a large amount of cash? and 2) did I have any drugs? He asked about the drugs a couple of times but at least 6 times about the cash. This is important, guys! The latest highway scam is “Asset Forfeiture.” They take your cash without accusing you of doing anything wrong. Then you have to hire an Attorney to try to get the cash back. The legal costs usually outweigh the cash taken so they get to keep the confiscated cash for their department’s slush fund.

    This IS happening, folks. Be prepared!

  14. I’m surprised the author didn’t mention the smartphone app “Waze” (a Google-owned app) that combines social networking with GPS functionality. If your route is fairly well traveled, chances are a fellow “Wazer” ahead of your saw the Prohee hiding in wait and hit the “bacon ahead” button, alerting other Waze users of his presence. This is perhaps the greatest technological improvement for speeders in the last 36 months.

    I’d also suggest dedicated speeders buy a dashcam off ebay for 40 bucks and have it covertly installed in front of the inside rear-view mirror. I was able to use footage from mine in a traffic case to show I wasn’t in the lane the officer wrote down on the ticket that I was in, and got the ticket tossed.

    I was going to make a comment about radar detectors but am afraid it will end up getting this post tossed. Stay safe.

    • Make sure your radar detectors are current. Best deals are ebay. The older ones are useless. In cities and towns with cameras, or when travelling install a license plate blocker (clear plastic) that won’t show on camera, can order online ebay. Try to run errands early in the morning, pay bills, grocery shopping as in late afternoon onward, seems to be more cops on patrol. Our cars are white or silver/off white as we live in the S.E. where it get’s hot.

      • Hi Laura,

        One of the nice things about the V1 is that they can be sent back to Valentine for updating as needed. Best unit on the market, based on my experience (and numerous third party tests).

  15. I think it worth mentioning some other strategies for successful speeding. Cops generally rely on hiding to catch their prey. I try to speed or speed at higher speeds only in places where cops can’t hide. On a straight road with high visibility I’ll go faster. I’ll slow down a bit at bridges, curves, and hills. If I’m on a highway with not only a middle barrier but a side barrier I’ll be more confident in my speeding. If there are cars traveling in front of me through an area where cops could hide and I see brake lights suddenly come on I slow down. This may be due to some reason other than a cop hiding out and in general if brake lights come on you might want to slow down. But it is a useful concept to have in mind.

    In general when I speed I try not to be committed to just going fast but to going fast in places I’m less likely to get caught. Cops can be clever but in general by choosing where to speed I’ve been lucky and avoided a ticket for over twenty years.

  16. Brings back memories & smiles. I’m quite a bit older now, but I’ve outrun & outsmarted them more than once on motorcycles.! First time on an Indian. (The old Indians, now you know how old I am). I must have been 14 or 15. Grandma was pissed, the first time, when I slid sideways through her raspberry patch! Ah, the memories! Eric has some real good points. I spent my life driving over the road. Blend in, is the best strategy. Most of all, don’t endanger anyone else.

  17. They actually raised the PSL from 65 to 70 on the interstate freeways that run through the major nothern cities here in Utah because people were already driving over 70 to begin with. Of course UDOT said the new limit would be “strictly enforced” but no one has yet to see that happen.

    As usual, the real dangers have come from the clovers who don’t know how to drive and some friends witnessed a 3-car pileup soon after the limit was raised because no one had room to merge onto the freeway.

  18. My success in avoiding speeding tickets is not to be noticed. I routinely speed by continuously passing slower vehicles–“leapfrogging”. Passing, then getting in the middle lane, waiting for the next “opportunity” to pass can be a viable way to exceed the speed limit without being noticed.

    • I speed as a matter of course – as most people do – because most speed limits are as ridiculous as a hippo in a thong.

      But you have to be prepared to run for it if you’re carrying serious speed. Which these days – in my state, at least – is not much. As noted in my post below to Paul The Cab Driver, it’s anything over 80, even on the highway. Better be sure you have the drop on the cop – and the nerves to drop the hammer. Otherwise, you are facing a bust that will definitely ruin your day, and all your days to come, for several years.

      • Eric….the thought of making “a run for it” in these days of cameras and LP scanners is flat out stupid. You’re on the hook, so let’s compound the potential penalty by adding felony fleeing and eluding to the smorgasbord of infractions the po po can pile on. Dumb, and ironically, reckless. Nonetheless, the article is a great topic and something I support 100% in theory and practice.

        • Hi Ray,

          It depends on the situation. In my area, LP scanners are not yet in use – and it’s open country, very rural and lightly populated. Trust me, it’s very doable.

          But if I still lived in my old suburban hellhole in Northern Virginia? Then I agree; the odds are no longer ever in your favor and it’s a fair argument to make that you’d be putting others at risk.

        • Have to agreed. My son decided to run on his motorcycle and they got the helicopters out and he realized he was doomed. The cop was surprised he had insurance and asked him why he fled. When he said, I couldn’t afford the ticket, the cop said, well now you’re a felon, can you afford that?

          After 6 months in jail and a new cigarette habit (said there was nothing else to do there) out he came.

        • As far as I know, it is not considered ‘fleeing and eluding’ until they are actually in pursuit. That means lights on and coming up behind you.
          A book I once read (The Safe Fast Driver’s Handbook) talks about “extending and escaping.” The difference is to NEVER exceed the limit when the officer can SEE you. However every hill / curve is an opportunity to bump it up to 150 and attempt to merge in with another block of traffic.

          As an aside, I personally recommend rigging a brake-light kill switch, just like the cops use. It’s pretty simple and I’ve had one in my cars for the last 30 years. I usually just replace the brake fuse with a switch that I have on the shift lever or handbrake. Of course, use another fuse inline…

      • I speed because it is a little way to get money “back”. They get me with taxes at every turn. So I figure every time I speed I take some of it back (in a not so monetary and every so metaphysical way). Say I speed every day to work +10. And that ticket would be $200. Then $200 * 220 days is $44000.00. Take that, gvt. At least I feel a bit better about the situation.

        • Hi Sirlrb,

          You hit home with that home! Every time I run up to 170 or so (on the bike) I feel the scales balancing in my favor again.

          And flummoxing a “hero” is beyond sex….

      • eric, I had a light blue shortbed Nissan 4WD pickup that was fairly invisible or either they didn’t think of one going as fast as I drove it. I bought it, stuck it to the floor and kept it there it’s whole life. West Tx. wind being what it is, sometimes I could only best the PSl 10 mph but other times, wind to my back, going downhill it would get into the upper 90’s and I used it all. I saw a local DPS and stood on the brakes. He hit the instant on about the time I got to 75 and said he got me at that speed. I doubt it, since back then braking really hard would make their units not be able to lock on but WTH. I spoke to the other trooper, had known him for 30 years and asked him when the 55 insanity would end. No end in sight he says. I get the ticket and go to the house since I had two pickups down, one just the day before and the wife needed the one I was driving to go to work as I was coming home from the midnight shift. Once I read the speed, I got infuriated. The ahole had written 86(still 9mph less)so I could take a DDC.

        I took it to the local JP, a really old family friend and told her what he’d done. She said ‘just go get me a ddc doc and I’ll toss it”. That’s what I did.

        During that DDC, the trooper giving it asked how many times people had been there and almost everybody raised their hand. Then he asks how many for 2nd, 3rd, so on. He got to 5 and I still had my hand up.

        Just fuck em and feed em fishheads. No, you could do as many as I had legally but they didn’t cross check county to county so I was the only one to know I had concurrent speeding tickets. 1980-86, those were the good old days. Why? No instant on and my old Escort and then Passport would sniff them out for miles. I only started getting tickets again when instant on came on the scene.

        BTW, a speed limit sign in Tx, is a suggested speed. You can be ticketed for going under that speed if the occifer deems it’s not safe driving. But it is a suggestion and as such, a lawyer can take care of virtually any(even 26mph over the posted 75 which brings you a felony now)speeding ticket or otherwise. There are so many that simply pay nobody gives a damn about a few that use a lawyer. In a perfect world and all that……but it’s cheaper and easier and you don’t have a conviction showing when you get stopped the next time.

        It’s been freezing drizzle and icy roads all week so the DOT has just stopped trucks hauling HAZMAT, mainly, bottled gas trucks since they can peruse their load ticket and compare to the signs posted on the truck. Lazy a-holes.

  19. Another great tip is to find out your local municipalities shift change. They typically like to head in at least 1/2 hour before to clean up paper work and such. It takes the new shift at least 1/2 hour to check emails, drink coffee, cop talk with the departing crew. That gives you an hour of generally cop-free roads!

    • I use that method all the time where I live. It really works. I have the 1st shift, to 2nd shift spot on, and I never see swine during that time.

  20. Eighty is criminal speed in Virginia? Eighty? Really?? Tell me you are joking.
    Our here in Arizona, we have a term for 80 mph too. It’s called “commuting”. The speed limits out here, especially on the highways in the desert, are 75mph, and the cops usually don’t bother you unless you’re doing 90 or 95. Even if you do get pulled over, and speed is the only issue, they will often write you for less. I got popped outside of Kingman for 110 in a posted 65 zone (in the middle of the fucking desert). The cop wrote me for 75 in a 65….
    If you want to go fast in beautiful country, you really need to get out of Virginny.

    • No joke Paul.

      Dead serious.

      Automatic statutory “reckless” driving.

      Virginia is a peculiar state; hasn’t been the same since the Late Unpleasantness.

      • Yeah Eric, Ol’ Virginny is indeed “peculiar.” As I recall my (former) home state was the first to roll over, expose its soft white underbelly and pee all over itself to get back into the “Union” after the War of Federal Aggression. That’s why I tell folks I’m just 150 years behind the rest of the Confederacy escaping the Carpet Baggers when they ask me why I moved to Missourah. I went back to visit my folks a few years back (2010 methinks) and I hadn’t made it nine miles into the communist-wealth on I-64 when I spied a trooper with a nice looking well dressed young man pulled over, going through the possessions in the back of his fairly new mundane SUV. Ahhh, fond memories of the old home place… I had a neighbor who was a 25 year veteran of the Va. State Police. He commented one time that he wanted to peel the stickers off his car, cut ’em in half and put ’em back on so they read “Police State” for truth in advertising. You know things are bad when even their paid enforcers can see it.

  21. When I first read to use “counter-measures” my mind went to some type of device(s) such as tire spikes that could be deployed from your car to deflate the tires of your pursuer.

    • Gerald to expand a bit on your thought, those would be caltrops. Preferably made of two bent pieces of tubing sharpened on the ends like hypodermic needles and welded back to back (barbs optional). These will vent a pneumatic tire very effectively and rapidly. Perhaps mounted in canisters in the rear fender wells with a small explosive charge to deploy them like a chaff / flare dispenser on an aircraft? (look up AN/ALE-47 for more details) Three down-firing cannisters on each side, loaded with 25 -30 caltrops, fired from six independent switches (so you could decide which side of the aggressor’s vehicle you wanted to disable first). Hmmm…I think Jean has been a bad influence on me…

      • I’ve always thought of using caltrops on the fly Boothe, but innocents running over them later on isn’t nice, so I used to sprinkle them at night in the wheel tracks of cop traps behind bushes on the freeway. They had a marked effect of all cops in the district having to find new and more unsuitable places to hide – constantly.

  22. I agree with the assessment that you should have a radar detector–I have 3 in my 3 personal vehicles. Feel naked without them.

    As far as the way to act when pulled over by parasitic pork, I do pretty much everything the opposite of what Eric does. I have been pulled over several dozen times. I have tried passivity maybe 3 times. It never worked for me. My best ticket avoider is to be assertive and ask them to prove to me who they are before I hand over any info to them. They get nothing until I have their information. Especially if they are city or sheriffs dept. These two are less likely to get violent than a state pig.

    In my experience, when you are assertive and take control of the conversation and the situation, authoritarians are way out of their comfort zone. They start to question if you know more than them and seem to get nervous. I find it helps to never wear a seat belt. Many times they write a seat belt ticket rather than a moving violation, even when they have pulled you over for speeding. It’s only $10 in Idaho and I fight them. They absolutely hate it, because the fee cannot be raised even if you lose. It costs them money to give me a seat belt ticket.

    I have had a couple situations where i have argued with the cops for long enough that they just decide to write me up for nothing. Many times they haven’t even checked my insurance or run my license.

    Experiences are going to vary depending on the area you live. In rural Idaho, it seems I can break these guys down to their hometown–don’t want to be the dickhead–roots.

    I’m 6 ft 235 lbs and a large chested athletic build. I can’t really pull off the slouch. Besides, I hate these bastards so much, I can’t stand the thought of appearing defeated to them. Several dozen altercations have warranted no taser or drawn gun, so I will keep doing what I do. Much to my wife’s–and mothers–chagrin.

    • Sorry, that should be”not write me up”. They aren’t going to “write me up for nothing”. That was really stupid and cloverific of me to say.

    • You’re absolutely correct Ancap, it’s always about the read on the cop, the situation, and relative knowledge. It’s one of those stupid games we shouldn’t have to play to make our way in this world.

      I do exactly as you do when I am pulled over while bicycling. I know more and they get out of their comfort zone. Driving I can’t do that around here most times. Even when wrong the cops are arrogantly confident they are correct because well the badge and gun say so. Bicycling knocks them off balance far easier for some reason.

    • Hi Ancap,

      Agreed. One should adjust one’s strategies to suit.

      Here in VA, they are extremely aggressive about seat belts – and the fines are progressive (god, I hate that word!) The first one is $75. Then they go up for each subsequent one. And they are reported to the DMV – so your insurance mafia will know and use the fact against you.

      I only engage directly when I know I have a shot at winning such a confrontation. But they have all the power and you have none and they are well aware of it. Especially in these days. There used to be at least some vestigial reluctance on their part to resort to force. But the system has effectively told them to have at it and there will be no repercussions. Moreover, many cops are PTSD’ing “hero” troops who have been psychologically maimed by their “service.” Be very careful around such. Especially given many have low IQs and the associated poor impulse control and predisposition to lash out when frustrated.

      • $75 for a seatbelt fine? My God! Are your legislators smoking meth or something?
        We have seatbelt laws here too, you know. It’s $15. I challenged the last one I got in court. the cop said “blah blah this and arf arf bark bark that and no seatbelt.”
        When it came my turn, I looked at the cop and said, “Are you my mother?” the cop said, “What?? No….”
        I said, “I rest my case.”
        The judge said “guilty,” I paid my $15 and was done with it….
        I’m beginning to think you people in Virginia are just too fucking polite…

      • Exactly the point when dealing with “ex-troop” cops Eric. Most of them had no authoritay whatsoever in the Army, so this time around they’re getting their own back, on the wrong enemy of course.

  23. Today as Eric pointed out in an earlier comment, counter electronics is just about useless with the newer cars and all those electronic gadgets for parking, lane deviation and just about anything else trendy and modern. I just about dropped my lunch when I was getting 8+ ahead of me on the V1, then looking carefully for the cop, then realizing it was the Benz ahead of me setting the thing off. It went away after he turned.

    Although after driving for the past 15+ years since I got any tickets for anything, I can still say the V1 is a good defense. The “burp” alerts of the instant on ahead of you need to be payed attention to, and check your speed anytime the thing goes off, especially a quick on and off. Something ahead of you is “flagging” traffic. The newer cars are just an annoyance, and if you ask me it is also interfering with their fun and games. If there is one radar signal around then things are okay, if there are two or more they tend to cross talk and start to speak gibberish to each other. Hence, a lot less traps around at least in this area.

    Mostly, be a “local’ and know exactly where the speed traps are usually set up. Around here, just keep to the posted, and your eyes open. I have often expected and found the bogey sitting about where I thought they would be, and LO! in just a few they had another “customer” — read that a public contact stop.

    There are not many of these around again, knowing where – and more WHEN they usually run the traps is being “local”

    Flashy or odd cars will always flag you as an offender, or potential offender. The last one I got is a long story, but it was in a VW camper just going down the street, in the middle of a pack, and the problem swung into the tail end of the line. As cars turned off, he just moved up, I was the last one from the pack,, doing the posted, but he said I was doing 45 in a 30 — LIKE in the middle of a pack? I had to plead that one down to “defective speedo” pay the 175 bux, and take me 3 points like a man, rather than the 350 bux for 15 over, and 6 points.

    One thing is is to beat any charges, write to the court, and ask for a pre-trial conference. This is where you meet with either the local city / county attorney or a court officer, usually the best, and work out a plead agreement. Eric is right, all they want is the cash. They don’t care about anything else. So plead it down to something without points, like “failure to obey official sign”, pay your fine, and move on.

    The VW ticket the city had a young fem attorney and she wanted scalps to place on her wall, there was no way, even with a good record you were going to walk out of there without something in the way of a big fine, and of course points.

    In the end, with now over 15 years of driving conservatively, having a V1, and keeping the eyes wide open on the road, have given me a clean record.

    Finally, NEVER and I mean NEVER drive impaired. There are two OWI tickets, one for under the limit and one for over the limit. If you get flagged with either one your life in the insurance pool will be a trip thru Hades for at least 10 years. Ask my daughter about that one.

    Just a few notes from the far side of life.

    The Aerojet

  24. Eric, I’d question going onto a gravel road when that road is dry. That could leave a huge dust cloud that will hang around for several minutes and draw pig’s attention. Make it a sealed road so no dust cloud is visible. Not only that a sealed road allows for greater speeds which can aid your getaway from the thugs.

    Also, most gravel roads will have huge pits in the middle of the road. An inexperienced driver can hit 1 of these and lose control ending up in a ditch, where a cop may get called to and it’s all over. And your car may sustain major damage. Now you can be in really big trouble.

  25. I wonder what would happen, and I’m just throwing this out there, but what if we all just followed the law?

    Mind you, not out of some kind of moral obligation to do so, but solely to deny them their revenue scam.

    What do you think would happen?

    • Hi CL,

      I doubt it’s even possible! Ever read that book about how most us commit at least one felony a day? Without even realizing it?

      The tax code is literally impossible to fully comprehend – and hence, to follow to “the letter.”

      • I’ve never read it, but I wouldn’t be surprised, and I get the point. Good point. They’d just decide to enforce some other arbitrary laws “for our safety”.

        BTW: I was posting here as “David” until just now. I decided to use an alias. Not sure where the best place to post that would be, but I’m the same person.

      • Back when the shrub was in office, several of his federal prosecutors would have a “meeting” every morning or evening, generally at a bar or coffee shop, where they’d try to one up each other as far as crimes they could charge each other with. I think the general consensus now(of course that changes with new bills that pass in the dark of night)is most people can’t avoid violating at least 3 or 4 federal laws, totally unaware of having done so.

        Once again, this country has gone to shit.

        • One of Stalin’s right hand men (Beria?) used to say, “Show me the man, and I will show you the crime.”
          It’s so complex, no one is safe unless they have favor.
          Oh, but ignorance of the law is now excuse (unless you have a costume that includes a badge).

    • The entire country would grind to a halt. Nothing would function. The roads or anything else. The laws are all about putting selectivity into the system.

  26. The worst thing you are, is a Taller.

    In this Tallist society, the Tallers are favored for positions of leadership and privilege.

    Of course you own this blog and we Normers and Shorties own nothing, and are for all intents and purposes, your slaves.

    Someday the Equiheightists will come into power, and you Tallist Oppresors will finally be brought down to our level and we will all live as equals in a better world without Vertical Prejudice.
    – –

    Race is an important characteristic for the mind to make discernments, but only to the extent that it is the optimal criteria for classification.

    Once you meet a man, you should of course see his humanity, and not believe in some Witch Doctery wherein whatever he does is because of the high quantity of oxidized amino acid tyrosine visible on the surface of his skin.

    Racism is one of the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry.

    Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors.

    Racism claims that the content of a man’s mind (not his cognitive apparatus, but its content) is inherited;

    that a man’s convictions, values and character are determined before he is born, by physical factors beyond his control.

    This is the caveman’s version of the doctrine of innate ideas—or of inherited knowledge—which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science.

    Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. It is a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.

    Like every form of determinism, racism invalidates the specific attribute which distinguishes man from all other living species: his rational faculty. Racism negates two aspects of man’s life: reason and choice, or mind and morality, replacing them with chemical predestination.

    A genius is a genius, regardless of the number of morons who belong to the same race—and a moron is a moron, regardless of the number of geniuses who share his racial origin.

    Like every other form of collectivism, racism is a quest for the unearned. It is a quest for automatic knowledge—for an automatic evaluation of men’s characters that bypasses the responsibility of exercising rational or moral judgment—and, above all, a quest for an automatic self-esteem (or pseudo-self-esteem).

    Today, racism is regarded as a crime if practiced by a majority—but as an inalienable right if practiced by a minority.

    The notion that one’s culture is superior to all others solely because it represents the traditions of one’s ancestors, is regarded as chauvinism if claimed by a majority—but as “ethnic” pride if claimed by a minority. Resistance to change and progress is regarded as reactionary if demonstrated by a majority—

    but then contradictorially, retrogression to a Balkan village, to an Indian tepee or to the jungle is hailed if demonstrated by a minority.

    Under Racism, and under Political Correctness: A does not always equal A. For that reason, and for many others, racism is preferred to be rarely used, only when such a blunt tool is the only one available would a man of mind engage in such a thing.

      • go for it Larry it’s nothing to do with me any more.

        The plan is you and others will buy a V1 from here, and enjoy peace of mind while driving. They pay for themselves from day one. The plan is you will learn about real money from Austin. Or you will click on the donate button or mail a ten spot directly to Eric to help him survive his self-imposed exile of living in a press van down by the river.

        This is a freemium site under construction I believe. Everything is free for now, but opportunities are being sought to monetize and reward the faithful. Such that down the road, I’m sure there’ll be benefits and advantages of paying the premium to really unlock all the upcoming mindblowing site features.

        As a matter of fact, those who donated in the beginning may very well have the last laugh and the first offerings some day. I’m sure you aren’t forgotten. You’re light a few shekels for now, but someday soon, you’ll be getting something the late comers and the never even arrivers will gnash their teeth in envy over.

        Only those who provided the precious metals, will receive Eric’s revelations of the Secret of Steel

        Prayer to Crom – last hope for atonement and deliverance from statism for those keeping their metals to themselves

  27. eric, I like all your recommendations, the very things I’ve used many times. I don’t take the pleading pitiful look though and there’s good reason. He looks at that as if you’re a lower animal. I like to see the badge and then ask if he’s kin to somebody else of that name, maybe grab one to put in front and he could be(this has happened more than once). Oh, I played football the same time your brother was in school I think. Is …. your brother? I’ve had this happen. No, …..(or he may have to correct you and you instantly correct yourself, oh yeah type of thing) isn’t my brother, my uncle. Well, ain’t it a small world. We played together in the …. …… bs bs bs. I swear it’s worked when it was all complete bs. It’s almost like he’s having to give a ticket to somebody his brother would tell him was a good guy. BS is slick and the more you can produce makes it less likely something will stick to you…..besides the bs.

    Any alert and I nail the brakes to something close to legal and hold it while removing detector(and in west Tx., getting a brand cause some of them get so hot)and sticking it in my undies. At this point it’s a free for all and if he doesn’t see a detector or signs of one(remote power supplies instead of the lighter recep).

    As soon as I’ve done my hard braking I whip my seatbelt across me and address the detector. That belt doesn’t have to be latched, just across you for a brief time till you can latch it.

    And that leads to hiding your beer. Don’t have to need to these days. It used to work well but now, it’s useless so just don’t drink if you intend to speed.

    Just a couple years ago I’d had 4 beers and got pulled over. I used what was at hand, a hard SW wind blowing in my window, my other window I could drop down for a good draft away from him with those dreaded(I love them myself)electric window, pulling way back into the car(the sun was low and actually blinding me so I backed up into the shade of the roof) and instantly started blaming another car. Plus I was pissed too for the way the other driver(the cause and one that didn’t get stopped)was driving and immediately said so and encouraged him to go after this person. Then I straightened him out with what I saw as compared to (make it clear, you saw one thing while he was incorrectly seeing another)what he thought he saw and was indignant about the entire thing. You’d be surprised what good things can come of being indignant and not particularly in agreement with said cop. Oh, stick a Hall’s mentholyptus lozenge in your mouth if you have one or something similar.

    • Sharpton’s a first class moron paid through his race-baiting thuggery. He reminds me of a vid I seen years ago by some Mufti or whatever, spouting that Muslim science was better than Western. I’d ask Sharpton why his race didn’t discover electricity first and why they’re not living on the moon.

      • Dear ЯΞ√,

        here’s a slice of Sharpton and AMΞЯICAN JUSTICΞ:

        Bernhard Goetz

        Bernhard Goetz shot four African-American men on a New York City Subway train in Manhattan on December 22, 1984, when they approached him and allegedly tried to rob him.

        At his trial Goetz was cleared of all charges except for carrying an unlicensed firearm. Sharpton led several marches protesting what he saw as the weak prosecution of the case.

        Sharpton and other civil rights leaders said Goetz’s actions were racist and requested a federal civil rights investigation. A federal investigation concluded the shooting was due to an attempted robbery and not race.

        Bernhard fired five shots, seriously wounding all four men. Nine days later he surrendered to police and was eventually charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and several firearms offenses.

        A jury found him not guilty of all charges except for one count of carrying an unlicensed firearm, for which he served eight months of a one-year sentence.

        In 1996, one of the shot men, who had been left paraplegic and brain damaged as a result of his injuries, obtained a civil judgment of $43 million against Goetz.

        FOLLOWING UP; Still Seeking Payment From Bernard Goetz
        By TINA KELLEY
        Published: September 10, 2000

        Darrell Cabey, who was awarded $43 million by a jury for his injuries from being shot by Bernard H. Goetz in a Manhattan subway train in 1984, has not received that money from Mr. Goetz. Mr. Cabey and three others were shot by Mr. Goetz, an electrical engineer, while riding the subway. Mr. Goetz, who used an unlicensed handgun, told the police that he feared the young men were going to rob him.

        Mr. Cabey, the most seriously wounded, was paralyzed and suffered brain damage. Mr. Goetz was acquitted of assault and attempted murder in 1987 but was convicted on a weapons possession charge. In 1996 a civil jury found the shooting unjustified and awarded Mr. Cabey $43 million. Mr. Goetz later filed for bankruptcy, but a judge said he still had to pay his victim.

        Mr. Cabey’s lawyer, from a law firm that specializes in debt collection and is pursuing Mr. Goetz who, he said, ”appears to be living in voluntary squalor, still on the West Side.”

        Reached by telephone, Mr. Goetz declined to comment.

        Mr. Cabey’s mother, Shirley, had known all along that there was little chance of getting money from Mr. Goetz, said. ”It was very important to her, all those years, that people know that her son never did anything wrong to Bernard Goetz, that Bernard Goetz was the criminal,” he explained. ”That’s what the verdict established, and it gave her a tremendous sense of well being.”

        • “African American” – a contender for the most grotesque piece of racist racial cant of the 20th and perhaps 21st centuries.

          First, you’re not from Africa unless you were born in Africa. The idea that a guy who was born in New Jersey and whose father and mother and grandparents on both sides for generations were also born in New Jersey – in North America – is “African” is risible.

          Second, there are millions of whites who were born in Africa.

          A white child of S. African Boer expats born in New Jersey is more “African American” than Al Sharpton.

          But we all know the truth, even if we’re not allowed to mention it openly. “African American” is a racial term, created as a way to tout the black race uber alles. But we’re supposed to pretend it’s not explicitly a racial term (if it were not so, then the child of Boers mentioned above would have a valid claim to the honorific, but of course he’s not entitled to it because he’s white… regardless of the fact that his parents actually did come from Africa).

          I bear malice toward no man on account of his race. But I tire of having race thrust in my face by people who constantly complain about “racism.” Who harp endlessly about their race. But expect others not to notice much less take umbrage.

          “African American History Month.”

          Yeah. Racial history. Great.

          But we’re not supposed to notice. Actually, we are. We are supposed to worship race history. So long as it’s the history of the black race.

          My teeth are beginning to hurt again…

          • My favorite African American? Elon Musk.

            You may have to self-assess. Are you, or have you ever been, an Afrophobic Anti-Africanite? Is your hatred of Tesla a result of deep prejudice and rampant xenophobia?

            Kindred terms:
            French Canadians
            Mexican Americans – (Cheech Marin & Chinese American – Tommy Chong)

            While you were writing that, I wrote something similar, only different, it’s called BEANERS!….BEANERS!….Gonna Eat Beans… – Chinese American Orphan Tommy Chong

            • It’s been much noted (though it’s no less valid for being a commonplace) that anyone who trotted out, say, “White History Month” or who launched a publication that was explicitly racial (but white racial) – “Ivory” magazine, as opposed to “Ebony” – would be pilloried for their racist ways.

              Blacks – everyone – have got to grok that until no one can pull the race card without incurring disgust, this racial shit is never going away. Indeed, it will – it is – becoming becoming worse.

              rap is crap. But Neil Tyson is a brilliant man.

              Tyson’s brilliance has nothing to do with his appearance.

              And it’s not “racist” to despise the ugly noise of the ghetto.

      • Sharpton is a murdering felon who got caught and joined into the club via informer. He worked for the FBI and no telling who else and STILL DOES. He’s the absolute bottom of the barrel.

  28. A while back, I got several speeding tickets. Run of bad luck. One was 10-15 miles over the speed limit, and one was like 20+. That last one had a face dollar fine of 400 dollars. I went to court for both tickets. Neither cop showed up.

    WTF? If it’s all about the revenue, they would have shown up. But I guess I was the one guy they ticketed that day or were busy with something else going on 🙂

    • Eric_G, they used to tell me that back in the late 70’s; or words to the like “Ya caint outrun that radio, boy.” Oh yeah? Well one can most assuredly outrun, out maneuver and outsmart the bonehead on the the microphone. Especially so in heavy city traffic or winding rural roads on a motorcycle. As Eric pointed out; don’t take that first right, keep on going flat out to the second or third turn. Don’t let up, run like your life depends on it (it just may, because at this point the cop will probably be bringing one sure thing to the traffic stop: an ass whipping). Then turn again (I believe that old “three times is a charm” adage) and still don’t let up, then look for the best spot go to ground. And I’m with Eric once again, stay put until you can be absolutely sure the coast is clear (such as after shift change at the cop shop). If you’re on a bike, lay it down if you have to and lay down with it. Then proceed to your destination within the confines of “the law.”

      One of my friends (back when I was in Uncle Sam’s Airplane Club) had to make a break for it to get away from the Floriday Highway Patrol. He turned into a retiree housing area and went to ground in the woods next to a bayou on his Honda CB750F (hardly a dual sport). As he was sitting there waiting it out, an older couple came strolling through the woods. The man stopped and asked him about his bike, about the poe-leece cruising the area and if he was on the run. He ‘fessed up and the fellow turned out to be an Air Force retiree and former motorcyclist. He offered to let my buddy park his bike in their garage over night and call his wife to come get him! Sometimes the odds are “ever in your favor.”

      Another night three of us were riding through town at about twice the PSL when we passed by a couple of revenue collectors sitting in a store parking lot swapping doughnut stories. They peeled out after us and we ran flat out for a while and then my two compadres split off left and right while I kept on straight. Well, they could only pursue two of us and for some reason they decided to follow the guys that turned. Apparently most cops, like most people, aren’t physicists and fail to understand it only takes a few curves (or turns) to accelerate out of hard on a bike and you can put some serious ground between you and the car behind you. None of us got caught. I’ll bet those were the only two cops on shift. What were they gonna do? Radio each other? Ha! So much for Motorola, huh?

  29. I seriously question the wisdom of trying to “hide the detector” when you already are being pulled over. At this point, it is Too Late. They are watching you very carefully. They could chose to describe your act as a “furtive motion,” and use that as a pretext to search your vehicle for drugs, weapons, whatever. If/when they don’t find those, they are still going to find the detector.

    Now, having a “built in” detector which is not readily observable is an excellent idea. Most major makers of detectors offer kits to accomplish this.

  30. Something that may help if you get caught doing “a little” over the limit is a concealed carry license. It gives you “buddy points” with the cop, since you went to the trouble of being legal to carry, obviously that little speeding thing was a minor oversight on your part.

    It also increases the hassle that he has to go through. Before, he could just leave you in the car while he runs your license. Now he has to go to the trouble of disarming you and keeping a closer eye on things. So better to just let you go with a verbal warning.

    Usual caveats apply: Be very polite, and even if your state doesn’t have a duty-to-disclose law, it’s a good idea to let him know right away you have a CHL — he’s going to find out anyway when he consults the computer, so best not to surprise him.

    • 20 years ago, a concealed carry permit “might” have scored buddy points with a cop. Not Now. They want to be the only ones with guns. Even when absolutely legal, if you have a gun, they are going to view you as a threat. This increases the risk to you.

      Nevertheless, it’s probably wise to hand over your CCP along with license (with no comment,), so they can’t accuse you of planning to “surprise” them.

      Even if a CCP doesn’t help (at best) during a traffic stop, there are still good reasons to have one. Potential benefits outweigh the potential risks.

    • A CCL will NOT score you buddy points here (NW Indiana outside Chicago). What happens around here, is you get multiple squad cars pulling up on you and your car when the cop finds out. He will run your plate (and likely discover you have a CCL) before even getting out of his car! So you go from one cop to probably three. And you haven’t even said one word to each other yet.

      Sometimes the sergeant (or whoever is the supervisor) will even show up and observe from about 400 feet away. Do you honestly think your walking away with a warning? Not a chance in h*ll.

      • Hi Rich,

        There is apparently a great deal of difference depending on where you happen to be. In my neck of rural SW VA, having (and presenting) the CHP can be a help. The culture here is still generally gun friendly. But in Northern Va – especially Fairfax and Arlington and Alexandria? Very different scene.

        • Of course in my area, there is a police department that thinks its kosher to break out a motorist’s window and then taser them. Maybe in rural Indiana its more like your area. I am guessing it is. Since there are urban “communities” in NW Indiana, the county police as well of the urban cities are of course very anti-gun.

          Stupid when you think of it. As legal gun owners are the least of their worries. So many of Chicago’s bad habits slip across the border into Indiana.

          Though I did get one over a cop not too long ago. I have a friend who is a town councilman in a town just south of mine. One of his town’s finest decides to stop me late one night, speeding I think he said. He is shining a flashlight on my hands as i take my drivers license out of my wallet. So when I got it out, I made sure he saw that I had my friends official town business card (with his home or cell phone hand written on It). Did not say one word about it.

          But his demeanor changed instantly as he was reading everything he could read in my wallet. He ended up not even asking for the car registration or insurance, and it only took about 15 seconds to “run” my license (pretty sure he didn’t). Didn’t even get the warning speech.

          I guess he was worried I would be calling the councilman if I was unhappy.

          Told my friend about it later. He laughed and said, I think I know who it was (he had run on a police reform platform, and was cleaning house). I was glad he wasn’t mad I had dropped his name. He said drop away ha ha!!

          Since he is now term limited (and doesn’t want to run again anyway) he got to do what he truly wanted to do since forever. Fire the long time (and corrupt) police chief. Taking tons of heat for it, as some people will back a cop no matter, even a crooked one.

    • Don’t try that in Philly.

      I got pulled over for blowing a stop sign that I missed (looking for destination on left, didn’t see stop sign on right at a T, not + intersection). There were two officers in the car, a junior/trainee and a white shirt (a supervisor).

      One of the first questions they asked is if I had any weapons. I told them I was a CCP holder but did not have any weapons at the time, all truth. They promptly opened the back doors of my car and started going through the work materials I had back there. When I prompted them for the justification for their illegal search the supervisor tried to claim that by stating I had a CCP it gave them justification to search for weapons, which is of course BS. They quickly stopped searching once I asserted my rights, but be careful where you use that tactic…

      They didn’t ticket me though. When the junior handed back my paperwork he did not even come all the way up to my window to do so, turning his back (I assume to hide his badge #) in the process. They then flipped their rollers on and smoked their tires pulling a 180 to flee (again I assume so I would have a harder time getting the car #), blowing the same stop sign in the process 🙂

  31. “I find it’s helpful to be white and middle aged and to not fit any “profile” that cops don’t like.” Ha ha ha ha. Me too. Ooops, now we’ve both broken the first and second rules of White Club.

  32. I think everyone here knows my stance on the issue of fines and court.

    1. ALWAYS challenge all fines in court! You are there under direct threat, duress and coercion. No jurisdiction or case was established up to this point, which is up to the court, not the officer. Simply because the fine exists doesn’t create jurisdiction. It’s merely an allegation. Don’t let them fool you.

    2. File a motion to dismiss based on the lack of EVIDENCE proving the constitution and code applied and there was jurisdiction. In other words, where’s the contract or evidence that a Man or Woman – you in particular – signed in agreement to those statute/criminal codes? Your licence and registration aren’t valid contracts to that effect, because full disclosure was not given. No human has any automatic control over another, unless a contract between parties exists, otherwise it’s called SLAVERY! No otherwise free Man or Woman can automatically be deemed to be under grabbermint jurisdiction, unless they CONSENT to it. Demand the evidence that you – a Man or Woman – have given consent to their jurisdiction. It doesn’t exist.

    3. In court you’re ALWAYS the person’s personal representative, NOT the person (strawman). You can’t “represent” yourself, you can only BE yourself. If you identify yourself or consent that you’re a “person” or “Mr. X”, then they’ve established jurisdiction over you because statute law is all about persons, which as described in their codes can also be a corporation. Statute law can only have jurisdiction over the sea or commerce.

    4. You do not consent to anything and if the judge asks you anything, you then ask if they’re trying to make a contract with you, and if so then you require full disclosure. The judge is trying to establish jurisdiction. If they did fully disclose their intentions as to how you’re about to be reamed unlawfully through sleight of hand and legal wordsmithing (lies), the game would forever be over for them.

    5. You do not “understand” the charges, because you do not stand under them and accept them or anything the judge says. It’s another attempt to get your consent, or verbal contract.

    Every word that cops, persecutors and judges say come from LEGAL dictionaries. Chuck out your useless Oxford and read them instead. Every word has a specific legal meaning which will surprise you. Note:

    Driver, traffic, passenger, vehicle etc. are all COMMERCIAL terms. If you’re not acting commercially (being paid to be behind the wheel on that occasion), then you’re “travelling”, not driving. Your car is a “personal conveyance” providing it’s not owned by the company.

    Statute law is Maritime/Admiralty/Corporate law. The only way they have jurisdiction on land is by brainwashing every new generation to contract with them under commercial law, threatening and coercing them to toe the line, getting registrations and licences when it was never originally required under common law, which always supersedes statute law. Never consent to their attempts at jurisdiction. It’s all a lie.

    BTW.. The gold-fringed flag in statute court is a military one. Are you really a serving member?

    If you don’t know your rights and exercise them, you have none. Discover all their tricks – watch all vids by Bill Turner (know your rights etc.) on YouTube. I can’t possibly condense all that valuable info in one place.

    • Rev, I can see that working in a civilized place. The trouble is there are few civilized places left where the games of ruling class are still played like that. In north east Illinois, I don’t know about anywhere else, it’s force. Playing those games would frustrate the cops, prosecutors and judges because they don’t even know them. It takes two side to play a game of strategy and tactics and I find traffic court to be at best like playing chess with a dog. It’s only a matter of time before the dog just knocks over all the pieces.

      One can play their moves but at some point the government employees are going to knock over all the pieces and be the victor because they have the monopoly of legal violence behind them. But if one hires a licensed traffic court lawyer then a different game can be played. Of course that costs money into the system, because these defense lawyers are part of the system. The only player that gets cut out occasionally are the insurance companies. The insurance companies made their deal with state government but not county or muni.

      As a side note I think the brilliance of the founders was that the system they created made corruption fight itself. All the different layers and divisions of government would fight each other for plunder and be less effective because of it. Sadly that system broke down once and for all in the Wilson administration.

      • Rev, I can see that working on an undead planet. The trouble with this one is people die and we’re not smart nor patient enough to compensate for their loss, so we wax nostalgic for an approximated ideal past of which there is no possible vector to return to.

        Unlike the circumstances of the Founder’s Era, everywhere above the North American Tectonic Plate, it’s force. We’ve lost our founders, and no one wants to find new ones.

        Imagining ourselves accomplished enough to play those kind of games that would at least frustrate the plantation muscle, the slaves representatives, and the plantation witch doctors because they don’t even know them.

        The brilliance of the crumbling dust of the founders corpses somewhere beneath our feet was their having been alive in the past and initiating a system that made corruption fight itself.

        If only the Walking Dead scenario could happen, if only people improved instead of deteriorated and they could come back as zombies. If Sam Adams and John Hancock were here. And the other mythical great superheroes like The Flash. And Batman. Especially Batman.

        I mean sure Rev, you’re a living human being and all, but the fact is, I’m holding out on my fantasies of reanimation and superhero assistance rather than take the time to join forces and defeat our common enemy today.

        What is this sourcery. Show your mad pride, if you’ve got some. Join the neurominority. Do things your own way, let the others be perplexed, perhaps the unsolvable freedom equation has a solution, if enough of us become turn irrational, unbounded, and impossible to place in a matrix of any dimension.

        • Tor, What the f did I do to deserve mocking? And my gut reaction is really a two word, seven letter total response that begins with the letter f and ends with the letter u.

          You can’t play a game of chess with people who don’t know the game. I’ve tried using the law in court. They won’t even read the law when I show it to them. The law is whatever they say it is when they say it. The written law doesn’t mean shit to them.

          Legal definitions or not. It doesn’t mean shit. They make it up as they go along. They laugh at people who think it does. It’s about power through violence here. That’s it. The so called judges and prosecutors and such I’ve encountered don’t even have the basic knowledge to understand what Rev is talking about. They went to the same sort of government schools I did. They are low level thugs and bureaucrats who haven’t been told because they don’t have a need to know.

          Rev’s approach requires the other side to not only have knowledge of the greater scam but also play by the rules upon which it was constructed. If they don’t play by those rules and don’t even know they exist what are you going to do? Get found guilty and then appeal to higher and higher courts until you get someone that can understand your argument? By that time you’ve paid several times the fine to them in fees. Sure maybe at that point they’ll dismiss it, but they got the money out of you and that was the goal of the people who do know.

          • no offense meant, really. just picked your perfectly rational well thought out comment random. pasted it in the “leave a reply.”

            and proceeded to change some of it to try and show whatever it was that was in my mind at the time.

            maybe along the moebius lines of: i’m just some twit on the internet, life is absurd. deal with it. thrive in it. a faux clover gets a clever fox jumping over lazy dogs of the state.

            because the state has power, it has the luxury of being irrational, we’ll have to endure and outwit their irrationalities and…

            well I’ll stop right there, this is eric’s and your blog and not my plaything.

            i don’t see property in the same light as “norms” never had.

            sorry for the offense.

            – EVEH DZMS BHLQ

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          • BrentP, you’re on the money. You don’t know how bad it really is I’d guess and hope you never find out. Think you can confront your accuser? You can’t even find out who your accuser is. Ask your lawyer. He’ll say “the judge won’t allow it”. But it’s the law. “yeah, maybe so but not in any court I’ve been in”. WTF? Than he’ll say “I might find out for X thousands of dollars”. You Dirty MF, holding me up for a name. And then he’s likely to take your money and obfuscate for a few months before finally saying he couldn’t get it.

            I could write a book on this shit. Maybe I should. Then we could all go through it again since I had the money to buy back our property the first time. They don’t mind selling it…..again…

            I had a guy ask me, because his father was accused and convicted of embezzlement, how much time I did. 22 hrs I said. As a teenager this didn’t even add up to him. How much money did they get back from your dad? My dad didn’t have the money. There’s your problem. Some investors lost money so somebody had to pay. Sometimes it’s the quality of representation(sic) you have but there’s always the revenge factor, a real biggy in Tx. But it makes no difference where you are for most supposed crimes, it’s the same system, the just us system. You could appeal it to the world court and still get convicted and even get a ruling that would make it worse for everyone else who followed you. It’s quite literally, a bunch of what we call, bullshit…..and it’s much worse now than ever and getting even worse every day. Jean has a point and it would work if enough people used that tactic. People are conditioned now from childhood to be victims and they now, simply bend over and take it and ask no questions. After all, everybody they know has been through it. That’s just the way it is isn’t it? Makes my blood boil

            • BrentP is the hindu kush pinnacle here in Korn&Gall Valley. Clearly. Eric. Methylamine. Boothe. BrentP… You’re right about Jean too.

              I sometimes dreamwalk Jean’s scenarios, but with go stones or chess pieces instead of flesh and gore; fighting over enough boardgame territory to bring them to glorious atari checkmate.

              Enough aAt least until I wake up and find the Western TattleTallyBan pigeons have upended & crapped on my nocturnal Restrepo victory yet again.

      • BrentP;

        “Playing those games would frustrate the cops, prosecutors and judges because they don’t even know them.”

        With all due respect, not true fella. Judges, persecutors and lawyers all know precisely what’s going on because they’re members of the BAR. Not many cops are aware of it though, but I reckon they all must feel something’s amiss because they’re trained to elicit confessions from the innocent, such as accused of doing a wheelie on a bike that can’t pull skin off custard. Yep, happened to me.

        Cops have an obvious quota, although it’s not written in stone, they’re forced to “work hard” by their boss, who in turn is forced the same by the State.

        Lawyers are trained to be aware of courtroom circumstances, such as when the defendant attempts to challenge jurisdiction (which is perfectly lawful) by asking the judge for their Oath and Bond (which they don’t have and therefore can’t produce), the lawyers in the room are trained to scoff and laugh, the cops come bursting in and menace the defendant.

        The judge then tries to intimidate the defendant by accusing him of disrupting the court, which isn’t true.

        Challenging jurisdiction can be done at any time during proceedings, if not on the side of the road if one’s prepared.

        It’s entirely up to the individual on the course of his actions but I assure you they know the game. If you don’t it’s high time you learned in order to protect yourself.

        • I’m not going to argue with you because in a more or less civilized time and place you’re correct. It’s scam and you can beat the scam. My argument is that the USA in the late 20th and early 21st century is not civilized. That those carrying out the scam no longer even know it is a scam or how to back off of people who haven’t fallen for the confidence game.

          I’m only going to give an example of the disregard and thuggery of the US just-us system. This is the Laura Kriho jury nullification incident. I learned of this from a relative of Kriho’s (well he said he was and I have no reason to disbelief that) who suffered at the hands of the judge in this example in another forum.

          Please read it. In the USA they don’t even play by the rules passed down over the centuries. They make it up as they go along and when their scams are known by a little person they may very well invoke violence because on the low levels they are just thugs. It can work out in the end but expect a long and expensive fight.

        • Hi Rev,

          I have to amen Brent on this stuff. The problem in the US is that the courts (and cops) literally make it up as they go and as they like. They don’t play by the rules. There are no rules – except they’re the ones making them. It’s a game you can’t win.

          Down Under, it’s probably still a lot like it was here 30 years ago.

          Enjoy it while it lasts.

          • Eric, BrentP, if you can’t do it on an individual level, it sounds like your country needs to band together. Plenty of US examples exist where individuals have beaten the system using their rules. Marc Stevens is a good place to start looking since he uses a simple formula. However I don’t think he teaches much of the real internal workings of the system, which could leave many blind.

            Otherwise we’ve had a group start up here in Oz about 6 months ago and are getting a good following, setting up seminars, podcasts etc. It won’t be long before that group starts nationwide protests I hope. I’m sure you guys have many more such examples over there. Although your Constitution is different, it’s still created under common law.


            You have to admit though, something must be done before the continental US becomes a gulag rooted in Communism or such. That may take many decades to overcome, as evidenced by Russia and N. Korea.

            • I am not saying it never works. In fact, quite the opposite, I am saying it works when those on the other side:
              1) Know they are scamming.
              2) are gentlemen enough, civilized enough to cede when the other side knows it’s a scam and shows they won’t play.

              However, for every success we see highlighted there are more failures in the USA. Why? Because in the large population centers of this country the people operating the scam on the lowest levels of the system don’t know it’s a scam. They know the law is the law and they use the law to make money to make a living. They might grasp that the laws are unfair but that’s as far as their mental abilities and knowledge go. The whole contract, consent, jurisdiction and other aspects by which we are scammed are not in their library. Also, they are thugs, not gentlemen. So they just get annoyed and angry when challenged intellectually. You can’t play chess with a grizzly bear. When a cop or a judge is yelling at me it’s not an intellectual debate anymore. It’s not about rules any more. And yes, I’ve gotten individuals of both professions yelling at me by defeating or confounding them intellectually.

              Now that’s not to say you can’t carry the fight up the food chain and ultimately ‘win’ a dismissal, upon reaching someone who is sufficiently informed and civilized. However, the system is set up by which to reach that stage you’ve paid far far more than the fine was. Then they may just roll over and dismiss your $100 ticket now that you’ve paid $200 or more in non-refundable court and filing fees.

              So here’s the issue I face. Pay in a fine. Pay in fees and hours and hours of my time. Neither will change things. Neither will set me free. Neither will benefit me. It’s a lose-lose equation. It’s been set up that way intentionally and until my fellow man is willing to listen, shake off his condition, stop believing in a scam, it will remain so.

    • Here in Colorado the natives always go to court. It’s down to a process, where you talk to the court clerk first thing in the morning. They will offer an automatic plea bargain, usually 1/2 the fine and no points. Pleading guilty automatically is a sucker’s bet.

      • Eric_G, obviously they want your money and the power to take more. The automatic plea bargain is one way. They don’t want to stop you using the road at all, because they know you’ll fall foul of the system again, it’s designed to happen. They filch your wallet and add to your record so that it’s even easier next time, all with your consent.

        Far too many resign to the fact that the system cheats and makes it up as they go along, rather than use that as evidence in the appeal courts, which have greater power.

        I’ve had a magistrate turn to the persecutor and ask him his opinion on a matter of law of all things. I stated that I object and for the record, the magistrate asking the prosecutor for legal advice is not only outside lawful court procedure, but highly biased in order to back up the magistrate’s claims.

        After several of these instances – all on the record – the magistrate then decides a particular Act that hurts the persecution most isn’t valid due to its age: The Imperial Acts Application Act 1980.

        There’s a saying in legal circles: “First in law, best in law”. Many people think if a law is old then it’s of no use. In fact it’s the opposite, because if it survived so long without being successfully challenged or repealed, then it shows its value.

        That Act hasn’t been repealed and the magistrate was lying through her teeth, all on the record. They were crushed on appeal because they didn’t run the case properly. Notably I had to remind them at every turn, because if you don’t speak up they won’t help you, they’ll use your silence or ignorance against you at every turn.

        They tend to run not guilty pleas after all guilty pleas. This has the effect of the courtroom likely being empty by the time your case is run and they can bullshit as much as they like. It’s something like 5:1 odds against you.

        If ever possible, take a bunch of friends with you. I know it’s difficult, but having witnesses of your own to these blatant courtroom shenanigans is vital and goes a long way into tempering their behaviour, much like cameras used at a stop.


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