Government and Your Car: Tom Woods Talks to Eric Peters

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12th September 2014

I talked to Eric Peters of today, and the conversation was fantastic. An expert on cars who’s also a Rothbardian libertarian — not a common thing, I don’t imagine. Have a listen! (Here’s the audio and there’s a YouTube version below.)

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  1. Eric, I finally got a chance to listen to the interview.
    I don’t know why, but somehow I expected you to sound like Jeff Foxworthy. Got to keep in mind that just because you live in “the Woods” doesn’t mean you are a Redneck. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
    Further on interns – they are the 1 legal way to circumvent minimum wage laws – you pay them nothing!

  2. Creating Great Podcasts and Videos – by Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio

    It seemed like Stef started out by recording his podcasts while he was driving. Do your regular test drives, but then also do a podcast there perhaps? Maybe you’d need papers with indexed bullet points to help you organize. Edit the footage as needed.

    Maybe you somehow attach the GoPro to the handlebars or in your helmet while on an early morning bike ride and talk about freedom along the ride. Josie Outlaw videos are just her standing outside, but still seem a lot better than all the office style drywall caged monologues.

    • Yeah…

      I am starting from scratch, though. I literally have no clue how to record (using what?) then format (how?) then make available online.

      And the last thing I need is another job that doesn’t pay….

      • I’m having good luck in AUDACITY. I can make a cool sounding StormCloudsGathering type of narrative with my voice this software. Also speed it up, so it keeps moving, and the listener stays engaged.
        – – –
        Shit me either yet. I made this into a real doozy in AVI DEMUX, but then it just reverted to being a snippet when saved as an mp4 file.

        Known skills
        1 select portion of longer video.
        2 switch out audio track with different audio track.

        Will update as progress is made.
        – – –
        Other software he mentioned was to record skype calls. I know how to leave skype video messages, so this shouldn’t be that hard either.

      • RE: One man band.
        Twice on this thread, I’ve thought of the word, ‘intern’.

        Also, the helmet podcast seems like a cool idea, but wouldn’t the wind wreck havoc on the sound quality?

          • I better stick with my day job…

            Here’s PorkBot reading the text of your article as a podcast. Allegedly you can pay for a better quality voice, but why not just use a human being to read it? Not really a podcast, because I think it has to be in a different format to qualify as a podcast including an RSS feed? Perhaps be on a podcast site? Please consider gibs’ing Eric a dolla everytime you lissen to it.


            Click on hyperlinks in left middle center
            Click OnPorkBot’s Podcast For Audio File
            Click On Text of Podcast ArticleFor the script being read aloud.

          • Ha! A “hot” intern… You mean, like some dude the chicks all swoon for???
            Just kidding:)
            But seriously, you need interns. Have you been reading the bits on EPJ about interns?
            Probably not.
            Internship is a Great way for younger People to learn skills they didn’t know they had, and apply it later to a real job. [Harness their energy!] It’s a Win-Win situation!
            IMHO, you should put an ad out and see what you catch in your net. You might get one of those stereotypical self-described hacker-types with a hunchback? That’d be cool.

            Anyway, I’m still kind of laughing about that bit of wishing I had two of me and the wife says, “Then you’d want four”.

            It seems to me, interns, fill the gap.
            At least in the short run.

            Also, if I knew you a little better, and I lived out that way,… I’d kick your ass for Not trying to get an intern or two. …Or at least give you Lots of shit until you did or got sick of hearing about it and kicked me out of your garage.

            • If this gig ever takes off, I will pursue interns… professionally!

              Dom and I have talked about how cool it would be if we had the resources to do serious projects – like upgrade an original Beetle with a TBI unit and possibly overdrive to see what kind of mileage would result.

              It would be fantastic if I could just focus on stuff like that – producing the content – and leave the proverbial nuts and bolts of maintaining/updating the site, handling correspondence, etc. to interns.

  3. Fantastic episode. I hate to admit it, but that polished shill schtick Tom Woods pulls off does work a kind of magic and make what’s being discussed seem of greater importance some how. Maybe on some level we all want to be sold something, it’s just hardwired into us.







    • Thanks, Tor!

      I’m considering doing podcasts. Tom “hipped” me to the idea.

      But – and here my teeth begin to ache – another task added to my day. And I’m already overbooked.

      My Clover book (about the death of America’s love of driving) has lain fallow for months because I just haven’t had the time to work on it.

      I’ve been pouring the coals to EPautos instead.

      It’s a Catch 22 I’ve been wrestling with for several years now.

      So many things I’d like to do – and need to do.

      Just not enough time – or of me – to go around….

    • Get on out there & tweet see you next week.


      I enjoyed listening to the interview. Extended interviews are great for giving people an opportunity to explain their ideas and positions on different topics.

      Too bad the political process is primarily composed of short sound bites that are usually without any substance. (Although cynically one could think that it is this way by design.)

      • Isn’t a tweet when you get high off your ass and start doing stupid shit? Wait that is a tweeking. A tweet is when you bottom out on that ass.. Or is that a queef. A tweet is when my valve stems get old, then I bend them a bit. If I listen well I can hear the air escaping, tweeting out. I hate that because the tire needs busted to install a new one. A lot of work!

        Oh mang. One of my personal favorites!


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