Eric’s Autos: 50 MPG Then – and Now

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Hi There,
i just read you post about Eric’s Autos: 50 MPG Then – and Now Jul 2, 2013

and wanted to say here in UK we have many cars that do more than 50 MPG just clicking on one car maker you can see cars with up to 83.6 MPG that is a British gallon so it equates to 70.5 MPG to the American gallon, here is a link to the Vauxhall site for UK and you can see there is not one that does less than 60 MPG (49.99 MPG USA ) i don’t see any reason why you cannot buy one of these cars as a personal import and run it there, it is time that people in the USA came up to date and started driving smaller and more efficient cars.
regards Poppy Ann

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  1. Hi Poppy. Although I live in Australia, importing any car from Europe to the USSA requires compliance to some of the most draconian EPA legislation and so some UK diesels can’t be imported unless they have a urea injection system etc., and that’s not including USSA grabbermint mandates such as seat belts, airbags and lighting.


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