Illegalizing Trump

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Whether you like Trump or don’t, is it right – is it not dangerous – to say that those who do like him may not vote for him?

That is what’s percolating upward, bobbing to the surface of the sewage dump this country’s corrupted, co-opted political system has become. It is not merely that Trump must not be re-elected; it is that he must not be allowed to run for election. And it is even more than just that. People who want to vote for someone like Trump must not be allowed the chance to vote for anyone like Trump.

That is the Sicilian Message broadcast by the serial indictment of Trump. And by Leftist lawyers such as Laurence Tribe, who says the very Bad Orange Man is “disqualified” from running for office under the rubric of a “violation” of the 14th Amendment, enacted just after the federal government crushed the attempt by the Southern states to secede from a “union” they longer wished to be part of,  for his “role” in the protests the Left has framed as an “insurrection” that took place in January of 2021.

It is an interesting term to use – in both cases.

Tribe cites a clause in the 14th Amendment that was written to “disqualify” former Confederates who simply wished to depart from the union from being eligible to seek office under the regime that made a mockery of the concept of self-government, by refusing to respect the right of the people of the Southern states  to govern themselves, having decided they could no longer consent to being governed by what they, with cause, regarded as a government dominated by Northern money interests they believed could not be parried via the ballot box due to there being more Northerners than Southerners. And so the Southerners sought to depart, in peace.

And were brought to heel, by force.

If wanting to end a bad marriage is an “insurrection,” then so is every divorce.

At any rate, having settled the matter of consent – which no one in the South or the North enjoys – the newly omnipotent federal government said that:

“No person shall . .  hold any office, civil or military, under the United States or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid and comfort to the enemies thereof.”

But Trump has done none of these things.

Tribe, et al, insinuate he did them.

They presume to know his state of mind. That what he said – e.g., to be peaceful – was not what he meant. What he really meant when he urged his supporters to peacefully express their entirely legitimate concerns about the most unusual presidential election process in the history of the country – one in which Election Day was actually Election Months; one in which the counting was stopped – and then resumed; one in which an unappealing geriatric who could never draw a crowd to hear him speak somehow got more votes than a man who filled stadiums to capacity – was for them to storm the capitol by force and prevent the geriatric from being sworn in.

The facts bear none of that out.

But it is not facts that matter to Leftists such as Tribe. What matters to such Leftists is power, acquired and held through use of force, if need be – the very thing they impute to the Orange Man, who is very bad – for upsetting Leftists. For whom the idea of “democracy” is of a piece with their idea of “consent” in that both mean obey the Left.

If you question this, then you are an “insurrectionist” and – oy vey! – a “threat to our democracy.”

By which they mean their oligarchy. (The Left is no longer the party of the poor; it is the tool of the connected rich.) 

The CNN lugenpresse admits that Trump hasn’t even been charged with “insurrection” – or “rebellion” or “sedition.” His crime is a purely political one. He is a denier. That is – and his supporters – had the cheek to question what went on during the election. His subsequent claims about the results of the election being questionable are predicated on that. This question-raising rises to the level of an “insurrection,” “rebellion” and “sedition” in the mind of Leftists such as Tribe.

And in a way, they are right.

In their own minds, that is. That is the place where to question whatever a Leftist says about anything is “denial.” Which – to a Leftist – is “seditious” and tantamount to treason. Watch where this goes.

In the old Soviet Union – where someone like Tribe would have been among his tribe – there were “crimes against the Soviet Union,” which meant anything that questioned Soviet Power. It went even further in the old Soviet Union. To raise question about Soviet Power – about communism – was an indicator of mental illness. Only crazy people questioned Communism.

And now – per Tribe, et al – only dangerous people question  . . . well, you know.

And such dangerous people must be declared ineligible – by people such as Laurence Tribe and his tribe. Elections must be fixed before they are held. As they were in the old Soviet Union, where the voting mattered as far as the result almost as much as your not having consented to be “governed” prevents the government from governing you, good and hard.

. . .

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  1. GREAT comments from Trump on EeeVees, in his interview with Tucker Carlson tonight. Paraphrasing:

    – They are trying to force people into EeeVees.
    – People want to drive 4 hours in an EeeVee, then find out the range is only 1.5 hours.
    – Your first 10 minutes in an EeeVee are the happiest. Then you find out …
    – EeeVees are fine, but people should be able to buy gasoline cars too.
    – They even want to take our gas stoves away.

    Probably about 5 minutes in a 48-minute interview were devoted to the sorrows of mandatory EeeVees, flow-restrictive washers and dishwashers, mandatory heat pumps, and other gov-crippled appliances.

    Face it: whatever his other limitations may be (and they are legion), only ONE candidate is going smack down our EPA and NHTSA and Energy Dept oppressors.

    Just as Ronald Reagan — regardless of his other limitations — was the ONLY candidate in 1980 that was going to smack down the oppressive 55 mph national speed limit.

    Simple fact …

  2. Let Trump go into the general election where he’ll lose once again.

    People in both major political parties seem not to have gotten the message that you can’t win simply by motivating your “base” no matter how motivated.

    A winning Presidential candidate needs a large chunk of swing voters who call themselves independent, though they’re really not.

    They voted for Trump in 2016, but not in 2020…why change back this time around?

    • Idk if “swing” voters matters as much as it is whom counts the votes. The area of WI I’m from “officially” voted for Biden and a bunch of other D’s. The strange thing about that is for every Biden yard sign, there were 15 Trump signs, which was way up from 2016 where it seemed to be an even split between Trump and Clinton, yet Trump won easily. Most friends/family in that area still seem bugged by the fact they know very few people who openly voted for Biden.

  3. If you want less government, the worst possible result in November 2024 would be for Democrats to hold the Presidency and the senate, and gain control of the House. A triple play.

    Those conservatives who do not vote, or efuse to vote for Trump, can make that triple play possible. The result will be faster growth of government power and control than if the government power was divided among the top two parties.

    I voted Libertarian from 1976 through 2016. Those were my principles. In 2020 I voted for Trump simply because I was confident Biden was going to be worse. He has proven to be worse than Trump was. I will vote Republican again in 2024, or should I say anti-Democrat. The last thing I want to have in January 2025 is Democrat president, Democrat controlled House and Democrat controlled Senate. I’ll do my part to prevent that from happening.

    • “Biden was going to be worse. He has proven to be worse than Trump was.”
      Several thousand would like to argue that point, but they can’t. They’re dead from taking a warp speed vaccine.

  4. I have often wondered what would happen if they gave an election and no one voted. And I don’t think they aren’t going after Trump, they are going after the people who voted for him.

    • I don’t vote. I’m not putting my stamp of approval on their crooked system. If no one voted, from where would they get their mandate to govern?

      • Your feelings are shared by many. Also if the elections are rigged, what’s the point? I think a lot of people voted for Trump as a protest against that system. Sort of a middle finger. If I vote, it will be for a 3rd party. That way you are at least telling the system your phony charade is not fooling me, here’s a vote you don’t get. The more people that do that, the more the system loses legitimacy. Not voting doesn’t bother them in the least.

        • KK appears to be a clown. I suggest not responding to any post by it. May be a high end AI, doubtful but who the fuck knows anymore. The less acknowledgement to the enemy the better.

  5. The slave owners breed slaves for stupidity…the smart ones are eliminated…then only the stupid ones are left…they will believe all the bs…like the CO2 narrative..and the 15 min city/prison agenda…..the stupid slaves are a danger to the smart ones…they help the slave owners…traitors…

    The slaves were given the right to vote for a president or prime minister…..they get to vote….but only for one of multiple /luciferion aristocracy/freemasons

    The luciferion aristocracy control group on top
    ……the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, they are the banksters….they invented banks and fiat money……

    The Pharaoh’s feudal system is still in place today….King at the top…slaves on the bottom…the tax slaves and debt slaves..

    The slaves should start their own narrative…..which would be…..
    don’t listen to or co operate with the slave owners….. the aristocracy/globalists….
    ……penalize any slave that co operates with the slave owners or spreads their narrative….
    …. don’t vote for anyone connected to the templars, freemasons, vatican or the banksters….

    the slave owner’s narrative is divide and conquer …..
    all the ideologies were created by the control group to get the slaves fighting each other….. religions, democracy, communism, fascism, liberal, conservative, capitalism, left vs right, black vs white vs bipoc…fake racism, woke, LGBQT, all pushed 24/7/365 by the globalist owned msm….
    if you put red and black ants in a bottle and shake it, the ants will kill each other…the globalists are shaking the bottle….keeping the slaves fighting each other….

    …if the slaves co operated with each other they could eliminate the globalists…

    The pharaoh kings built obelisks…it is a phallic symbol…a symbol of pharaonic domination…the pharaoh king’s power……..the top is tapered…circumcised…the pharaohs circumcised the slaves…the mark of the slave…the same is true today….these obelisks are all over the world today…a sign of pharaoh still in power….—Knights-Templars-Sons-of-Pharaoh’s-Aristocracy-come-from-Ancient-Egypt:a

      • No. His post is distraction and bears false witness. The Vatican in its current iteration serves Israel first, not rank and file Catholics . The Jewish-dominated central banking cartel, whose cornerstone is the Bank of England in the City of London ( an entity separate from London itself ), can print fiat money. The Vatican cannot. The enforcement wing is Israel’s vassal state, the USA. The templars are obsolete. Most Freemasons believe their brotherhood originated under King Solomon.

        • This is spot on and what society is becoming: “The slave owners breed slaves for stupidity…the smart ones are eliminated…then only the stupid ones are left. . .”

          Also, I’m let to believe that the Vatican can create their own Euros. Maybe I’m wrong on that.

  6. I see there are all kinds of explanations and theories about Trump, who he is, and what he did, etc. This has been going on since he first ran for president. If DC politics is scripted theater, what is going on with Trump indictments and being put away is very bad, because what is happening is the nation is being rolled into Communism one party system. The question is whether Trump is in on it, or is a actual victim.

    Have you noticed, with Trump you never really know where is loyalties lie? Trump seems to be an enigma wrapped in a mystery, inside a Zionist plot to destroy Amerika.

    During Trump’s first candidacy, he was outed as a Zionist insider, by this quintessential expose video, which has not been superceded by any since it first came out around 2015:

    Donald Trump Exposed as an Inside Tool of the Zionist Swamp – (List of Zionists In Key Positions)

    (BTW the reason I know this is because I was actively blogging on Trump all through his first term, and was immersed in the details, and wrote dozen of essays criticizing his supporters like Alex Jones, Dr. David Duke, etc.)

    Along with the Vaudeville Orange man, was Operation Q, that Trump was secretly playing 4D chess, and exposing the Deep State. The Q-tards will have a hard time explaining Trump’s chess game when he is put away and paraded around the tube in an orange jump suit.

    IMO, Trump is in deep shit, because he has Jewish judges, in Jewish courts, with Jewish prosecutors, and Jewish legal scholars, and Jewish districts where juries who are going to find him GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY. And this has already happened with Alex Jones who got sued and lost and a BILLION dollar judgment against him, and a recent rape case against Trump. The victim claims Trump raped her, but could not remember the day, month, or year. Trump still lost:

    NYTimes – “NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday upheld a $5 million jury verdict against Donald Trump, rejecting the former president’s claims that the award was excessive and that the jury vindicated him by failing to conclude he raped a columnist in a luxury department store dressing room in the 1990s.

    Judge Lewis A. Kaplan said the jury’s May award of compensatory and punitive damages to writer E. Jean Carroll for sexual abuse and defamation in the civil case was reasonable.”

    The Jew Judge finds Trump GUILTY.

    Trump was NOT found guilty but still owes $5 million, and that ain’t no chump change, not even for Trump. Judge Kaplan is a Jew who is also assigned to Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) Crypto scam.

    Mark my words, SBF will walk, while Trump will die in jail. Why? Because the Jew has privilege, and Trump is a Gentile. What you have to come to realize, Jews run Amerika for Jews. It is not racist, it is not aunty semenitic, it is not a slur, it is a plain as day for anyone with eyes to see, fact.

  7. Food for thought…
    President Trump is being prosecuted for (supposed) “crimes and misdemeanors” while he was president.
    ALL of these lawsuits must be tossed out and declared invalid. The only way to prosecute a president for “crimes and misdemeanors” committed while he is in office is with impeachment.
    The “supreme court” will probably rule on this…

      • This is how we do it. At the very least, ever single functionary and apparatchik that leaves the safety of their green zone should be treated thusly. Maybe even some poo filled diapers or rotten tomatoes thrown in for shits and giggles..

        They’re losing the consent of the governed and don’t even realize it. Not that they care, but they will when it becomes a safety concern.

      • I saw that and wondered if that was a good idea, since old Pedo Joe is a mean son of bitch who might want vengeance for demeaning him in front of a camera.

        IMO Biden ordered the hit on Maui, see this:

        OPERATION INCINERATE LAHAINA: Secret Details of the “Shock and Awe” Execution Plan

    • Yes I do remember, and if she had gotten in I bet she would of squashed dissent like no other. She was promised the presidency but lost – while her philandering husband served two terms while soiling dresses.

      • Philandering and soiling dresses are time honored customs and not necessarily crimes. Especially if the woman involved is as ghastly and repugnant as cankles the pantsuited Pol Pot. The mass murder at Waco however should have led to impeachment, removal, trial, conviction, and execution.

  8. I don’t care who’s prosecuting him or why. Let’s face it, IF this is anything more than political theater (and it probably isn’t) this is likely the only retribution he will get for allowing the destruction of our country by being complicit with the COVID psy-op; for the untold millions of lives he ended/ruined via “fast tracking” the clot-shot (Which he still credits himself with for “saving millions of lives”); for his signing of CARES; for him enabling Biden’s the Deep State’s war on Russia by signing the biggest military budget in the history of the world; for banning bump-stocks, yada, yada.

    Seriously, who cares what these crime families do to each other when they in-fight? I dread another Trump presidency.

    At least now, a majority of sane people hate Biden (both R$’s as well as many D’s) and have gotten a taste of what radical liberalism looks like , and as a result are actually starting to wake-up to that branch of evil to the point where they might actually start resisting. If Trump reappears, they will pcik their flags back up and start waving them and go back to sleep- and the evils will just continue, only with their complicity and cheering.

    I cringe every time I hear someone say “They are afraid of Trump”. Why would they be afraid of the guy who did NOTHING to even remotely cleanse a few particles of scum from the Swamp in his four-year tenure (Though the opportunity to do so was handed to him on a silver platter); someone who got an actual award for being “The best friend of Israel”; Who did more to further tyranny and the NWO than anyone since Woodrow Wilson and FDR combined; who left three-quarters of Obama’s staff and appointees in office during his tenure, etc. etc.?

    I hope he rots in jail or goes before a firing squad, which would not even be apt justice for all the evils he enabled. But of course, since this is political theater, neither will ever happen.

    • And notice the timing of this- Why did they wait so long? Because this kind of theater will rile-up the voters and ensure peak participation in the next election- and then the next Bozo to ascend the throne can just pardon the vile Mr. Comboverstein..

    • You stated: “At least now, a majority of sane people hate Biden (both R$’s as well as many D’s) and have gotten a taste of what radical liberalism looks like , and as a result are actually starting to wake-up to that branch of evil to the point where they might actually start resisting. If Trump reappears, they will pcik their flags back up and start waving them and go back to sleep- and the evils will just continue, only with their complicity and cheering.”

      I don’t think it matters. They have the elections rigged so that anyone with conservative leanings, real or pretend, will not make it to office. The vote fraud has been in your face obvious since 2017. (I first pointed it out during the 1992 New Hampshire Republican primary. It took them until the next day and 5 days out to get the votes properly counted. They had to keep Buchanan below 40 percent or he could have taken the nomination from Bush, according to a Time magazine article at the time). In 2017, Republicans lost solidly red districts with safe incumbents in off year race after race. In 2018, Republicans performed the worse since Watergate despite heavy participation from Trump voters with a loss of 40 seats in the House. The worst since was 1982 when they lost 26 seats in the middle of the severest econonomic downturn since the Great Depression. Trumps 2017-18 economy was performing solidly as the trade tariffs were working to secure jobs that would have been lost in the steel and almuminum industries. The 2018 Paul Ryan Tax cuts were starting to overheat inflation in the consumer markets, but nothing compared to now. In 2019, the libs stole the Kentucky governor’s race and in 2020, we all know what happened when they stopped counting votes at 1130 at night. In 2021, we got a break from it and in 2022, the vote fraud was pervasive across the country. A governors race in Arizona, senate races in Nevada and Pennsylvania, along with other governors races in Nevada, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Maryland were stolen from the people. House races in rural areas were also “lost” across the country. There is no way that a party in “power” with 10 percent inflation, increasing unemployment and overtly communist ideology could legitimately win even millenial and gen z vote majorities. Something stinks in Deuteheland.


    • This isn’t off topic at all. They will try the covid bullcrap to game election results. I can’t believe that people are playing along with it.

  9. What a great name, Laurence Tribe. Tribe like the tribe. Why not just call yourself Israel?

    wiki – “He was the son of Paulina (née Diatlovitsky) and George Israel Tribe.[10] His family is Jewish. His father was from Poland and his mother was born in Harbin to immigrants from Eastern Europe.”

    Tribe is a “big gun” brought in to quiet Trump:

    wiki – “Laurence Henry Tribe (born October 10, 1941) is an American legal scholar who is a University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University. He previously served as the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at Harvard Law School.

    A constitutional law scholar,[6][7] Tribe is co-founder of the American Constitution Society. He is also the author of American Constitutional Law (1978), a major treatise in that field, and has argued before the United States Supreme Court 36 times.[8] Tribe was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 2010.[9] ”

    Jews no like Trump, he not do what they tell him to do. We know this, because the Jewish establishment and the Jewish media are out-of-their-minds insane over Trump and his white Christian base.

    Trump actually won the election, but they took it from him. So do you know why? The answer was revealed in the David Goldberg Notes. The Zionists ordered Trump to attack Iran, but he did not unleash Amerikan firepower on Iran like we did on Iraq, all he did was murder General Soleimani – which was not enough – because Jews want Iran wiped off the map. So Bibi Netanyahu, the Khazar Zionist mafia boss, and Rothschild agent, ordered Trump flushed down the toilet. And indeed Trump did not get his presidency and now he is being put away for good. Some kind of power they have, eh?

    David Goldberg Notes:

    March 16, 2021 – Something very strange occurred in 2019, months before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. A man who went by the name David E. Goldberg and who claimed to have a source in the White House, released a series of videos discussing something he described as a massive operation to tag, track and identify “patriots.”

    Goldberg said he had seen documents on subjects called Project Pogo and Project Zyphr. Interestingly, he talked about a widespread virus being used as cover to target and take out “patriots.” He claimed an imitation “flu like virus,” the use of rolling blackouts, and the cover of night would set the scene to take “patriots” from their homes and put them into internment camps. He discussed that the State of Israel was pushing for the U.S. to engage in a war with Iran, on their behalf.

    There is real existential panic in Israel, because Iran is now to powerful to attack, Iran is now allied with China and Russia, and the Belt and Road Initiative goes right through Tehran.

    Israel wants all the Arabs dead, they want Eratz Israel, or what is commonly called Greater Israel, which is all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates, based on some fake promise by some fake god in some fake holy book promised to some fake chosen ones (and modern Jews are not Biblical Jews in any way shape or form). And yes Virginia, the Bible is a hoax all of the way.

    The two blue stripes on the Israeli national flag represent the Nile and Euphrates. Pretty obvious once you see what they are up to. So Israel did 911, blamed it on the Arabs, so they could kill the Arabs by use of their war whore Amerika, and so far we have killed 30 million of them! (That number is from Dr. Kevin Barrett)

    As far as murdering ALL of the Arabs in the Middle East, that was revealed to us by none other than Eustace Mullins, who gave a speech at America Promise Ministries in Sandpoint, Idaho a very long time ago before the internet. Long before anyone heard of Covid, some knew what was coming:

    Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection interview

    All of the conspiracy information above is par for the course, old news, and if you don’t know it you need to get your ass in gear and get up to speed. Get to the internets and git to learnin’!

      • I agree, I do not think the US military can invade Iran, all they might do is some kind of air attack. BTW, did you know the Zionists has also ordered Obama to attack Iran, and he did not either, and this happened:

        “tlanta Jewish Times owner and publisher Andrew Adler more or less called for President Obama’s assassination in his column last week.”

        He had to resign and the whole story was swept under the rug.

        • The only was the U.S. military could “take out” Iran with an acceptable number off U.S. casualties would be to use nuclear weapons. And the only way the U.S. military would use nuclear weapons on Iran would be in “retaliation” for a (false flag) *nuclear* weapon detonated on U.S. soil by supposed “Iranian terrorists.”

          “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

    • I graduated from Law School in 1980. The textbook for Constitutional Law was written by Tribe. I only got a “C” in the class. In my opinion he had never read the constitution. He was a “document in need of interpretation” advocate. As the plain language of the document especially the first 10 amendments were particularly opaque to him. I darn near failed the class, since then I have had nothing good to say about Tribe as a Con law professor or as a scholar, he is a bought and paid for tool at best and total scum at worst, fortunately he is old and will die soon and earn his reward, this is comforting to me as I believe in Hell and damnation, oh he was, I believe Barry’s Con law prof at Haahvaahd Barry also taught Con law somewhere in I believe Chicago. It is very clear that whatever relevance the Constitution once had is going fast. The only defenders of the constitution left are the (2nd Amendment nuts) you know the right to keep and arm bears. That may be what saves us as we the (2nd Amendment nuts) will not comply. The real America will not go the way of Canada, Australia, most of the rest of the world. From my cold dead hands after sending an honor guard to hell.

      • ‘The textbook for Constitutional Law was written by Tribe.’ — Ugg

        At first, you naively wonder how talentless hacks like Tribe get to write textbooks about a constitution that isn’t really theirs to interpret.

        But then … *smacks forehead* … you realize that the publishing industry is vastly overpopulated with members of the same socialist, errrr, tribe.

  10. I see the Trump derangement syndrome people are out in force, even on this site. For shame…
    That being said…Trump was a outsider who had no idea how pervasive the “swamp” was and still is.

    His “appointments” were predicated in following the recommendations of the “federal executive service” that proposes candidates for high-level federal positions. Trump knows now that he doesn’t have to follow the “recommendations and can appoint trusted people that he knows.

    Yes, his COVID actions were reprehensible but he trusted “experts” with agendas of their own, the primary purpose to see that Trump did not get reelected. NOBODY knew of the fraud being perpetrated by the “deep state”, drug companies and the medical “profession”.

    Here is another aspect of the Trump presidency that receives no coverage.
    Trump is a “deal-maker” who has been dealing with jews all of his life. He KNOWS what (((they))) are like.
    One of the reasons that Trump could not be allowed a second term is that of the “deals” that he made with israel.
    From pardoning jewish criminals to “giving israel whatever it wanted”–the Golan Heights among others, Trump was going to demand that the jews complete “their end of the deal”–something that the jews would not like.
    Trump’s “deal” would have required the dismantling of illegal jewish “settlements” and a real solution to the Palestinian situation–the removal of the Bantustan system of land distribution that the Palestinians presently live under. Jews cannot be trusted and are well-known for not completing “their end of the deal”, especially when dealing with “goyim”..
    Trump was going to use his second term to “make it happen” as he could not run again. This is why the jews turned on Trump.

  11. At this point, if anything about the real USA is important to you, the Bad Orange Man is your only option. You don’t have the luxury of “someone better.”

    All of your complaints about him are invalid and meaningless nonsense given that the state is trying to choose your president *for* you. Stop it.

    Stop your bitching about “votes don’t matter;” if they didn’t, they wouldn’t work so hard to make them go in one direction. Staying home is childish and selfish.

    Between now and the ’24 election, provided there is one, your sole mission in your civic life is to roll that grenade back into the tent.

    • Staying home and preparing for the decimation of the USSA seems much more practical than wasting an hour or two of one’s day when we know what the end result will be…and it will be.

      Do you believe 2020 was a fair election? It is either yes or no. Do you believe senile Uncle Joe received 81 million votes? Why do you believe this time will be any different? Do you honestly believe that the system legitimately counts our votes?

      I will tell you what – let’s go back to pen and paper with a printed receipt and I will vote in November 2024. Pressing a button on a machine that can be easily hacked does not provide me any comfort. I can get a receipt for any purchase that I make, but we cannot get one on something as important as our “democratic” vote. Why is that?

      Until the USSA government is wiling to open their books (aka Dominion voting machines) to show us the tabulation of our votes it is just another feel good sentiment to the American public that they foolishly think they have a say on the direction that this country is headed in.

      • Of course the election in 2020 wasn’t remotely fair, but neither was it in 2016 and indeed for decades before that.

        These repeated indictments are a sure sign that somebody somewhere thinks he can win. Moreover, he is the only candidate who actually risks anything by running.

        As I said before, your objections are invalid. In the face of the chaos and deliberate destruction of the last 2 1/2 years, The potential is there to actually exceed the margin of cheat.

        While that remains possible, refusing to vote on some sort of selfish principle is nothing but abject surrender.

        • IF, you’re voting at the local level, it might make sense. The County Board of Supervisors in the next county over (200,000+ people) was within a 5 person margin.

          And IF, you think voting matters, perhaps ya really need to step up your game:

          ‘How to Run for School Board and Win Every Time’

          “If you are goofy enough to like face masks or COVID shots, please don’t read this. This information is too effective and we have enough goofy people in office already.

          If you are cowardly enough to ever wear a face mask for any reason, please don’t read this. This information is too effective and we have enough cowardly people in office already.

          Everyone else, please read on. This stuff really works.”…

        • IF, on the other hand, a person thinks it’s ridiculous to say, “refusing to vote on some sort of selfish principle is nothing but abject surrender.” Especially, on the national level.

          There’s this:

          “I don’t have the statistics in front of me, but I believe that you have a greater chance of getting in a car accident on the way to your polling place or slipping in your bathtub when you are getting ready to go vote than your vote having any significance.”…

        • Have you ever heard of the deeply radical, ‘Discourse of Voluntary Servitude’?

          …”Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”…

          • Thats a good read. We need more people to understand the lesson of ‘The Emperors New Clothes.” Then we need to create our own modern version of it

      • Hi RG. I don’t vote and never have, because I never consented to any of our government. Not one person on the face of this earth has the right to exert “authority” over me, nor should I have authority over anyone else. The only exception to that is parent and child, and even that authority ends when the child becomes self sufficient. Voting is equivalent to me giving authority to someone else so that they can rule over you. I don’t have the right to do that, and I would be a hypocrite by voting. And from a practical standpoint, we all know that our vote doesn’t matter anyway.

        • Voting is an unwritten contract between the slave masters and the enslaved. It’s one of the ways people give their consent to being commanded and controlled. Without voting, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be would have no clear mandate to rule us.

    • THIS. Roll that grenade back into the tent. It does not matter what he does in office, him just being there is enough stress on the system that it might break. That’s the best outcome possible!

    • ‘Between now and the ’24 election, provided there is one, your sole mission in your civic life is to roll that grenade back into the tent.’ — Brother John

      Preach it, Brother.

      It took audacious, desperate levels of cheating in 2020 to select ‘Biden.’ Consider this factoid from the US Census: ‘The Census Bureau reported in April 2021 that its surveys found 168,308,000 registered voters, and 154,628,000 votes cast in the 2020 election.’ (Table 1 in link)

      That’s an incredible, unprecedented, Soviet-like 92% turnout, reflecting the vast extent of late-night ballot stuffing.

      But in 2024, ‘Biden’ — whose popularity has sunk to the level of one-term president Jimmy Carter — is facing a shellacking in which the level of cheating needed to win won’t be mathematically possible.

      Next year is the last, best chance for voting to ever matter again. It’s do or die [death of democracy] time. Roll that grenade …

  12. Trump was reelected in 2020. He will be reelected in 2024 as well. But he will never take office again. It will be seen to it.

    I may be wearing a tin foil hat, but at least I am not wearing a blindfold.

  13. Lock him up. Because at the end of the day, that was Trumps only job, and he failed epically. He could have run the table on ole Hitlery. Instead he cottoned to his soft headed jewess daughter who convinced him “Daddy don’t be mean.” That one fateful decision should be more than enough to disqualify him from consideration. If that weren’t enough there’s always the case against the Orange Goo. But it don’t make no never mind, as even some otherwise smart people around here still think casting a ‘vote’ into a digital gulag amounts to anything more than a bucket of warm spit. Voting for American idol or Who’s Got Talent seems more legit than this one party Deep State charade.

    America is a failed state. We’re in a fourth turning, and fourth turnings always expose the structural rot, destroying formerly esteemed institutions. The sooner we accept it and move on the better. No one in authority should be given one once of respect or civility. Hell, at this point they should all be on the run, hiding out in rat holes like ole Saddam. I know thats hard for some of the older, old timers here to accept. ‘Muh respect’ was ingrained in your programing. Other than money and power, scorn, disrespect, and physical pushback are the only things these political cocksuckers understand.

    The rule of law is dead. At some point all eyes will be opened to this, by then it’ll be to late. Madam Karma is about to pull down our pants and have a great belly laugh at our expense. If the best we can do is pretend to vote for a doddering old fool hooked to an ice cream drip, inside a nursing home. Or, the orange version of same, campaigning from inside the prison yard, then we are fooked. The world will grab their popcorn, follow along, and cheer for our demise. As our deep state has wronged just about every part of the world in the name of freedumb. What a blessed time to be alive.

  14. Shortly, it will not only be illegalized Trump, but all of us that refuse to jump on board on this train wreck to hell.

    Today, I received notice that I am no longer allowed to file clients W2s/1099s without registering with the Social Security Administration and the IRS through I have been registered with the SSA with a user ID and PW for almost a decade, but now that is no longer good enough. Instead of my DOB and SSN (which they have on file) they need my MOBILE phone, my ID, and a selfie. I AM NOT DOING IT!

    After a call this morning with the SSA to verify that there was no other way around it I told the agent that I guess my clients will be mailing in their W2s so SSA can manually input them. He said that was fine as long as each client had under 10 employees.

    FYI: This is not just for a firm or business, but the individual has to register. What sane person who works for XYZ Company as their office manger or payroll clerk is going to register and have to produce this kind of information for a company that they may not be with in another year or two?

    If they are requiring this for payroll reports it is only a matter of time that they require this for tax returns. Can you imagine having to register with TurboTax before you can hit “submit”?

    This is how they are going to force us. They are slowly boxing us in and the walls are getting closer and closer until we bend over or suffocate from lack of air. Bastards…all of them.

    • This is awful news, RG. But it is not surprising news.

      We are at – we are already beyond – the point at which any restraints that once held the government in check have been cast aside like so much confetti. They are going to go for broke – and the sooner people on our side get this and plan accordingly, the better it will be for us all.

      A fight is coming. The fact that most of us desperately do not want it is irrelevant. Our choice will be to fight – or submit – and that’s it.

      • Hi ML,

        I am not crossing the line. I am not providing them with a selfie, my driver’s license, my phone, etc. so I can be thrown into some databank somewhere only to find out a year or two from now has been hacked.

        Honestly, it is about maintaining some type of privacy in our lives. I realize those days are coming to an end, but if my information was good to file thousands upon thousands of W2s and 1099s over the last decade – why not now? They don’t need my picture or my phone. They know I exist and honestly, I don’t trust them to protect my personal information.

        I will spin off the payroll department of my business if I have to. There are multiple companies out there ADP, Paychex, Gusto, etc. that are better equipped to handle that than myself anyway. I did it because many of my clients are small businesses who have only one or two employees and they did not want to spend the exorbitant fees assessed by the third party payroll providers. It is just another nail in the coffin thanks to government bureaucracy.

    • Americans are very reliable tax payers. The extrememly few who “cheat the system” are usually either not worth going after, or likely “illegally working” under the table, for a rate that would make paying “their fair share” not worth the effort.

      The fact that these fuckers are under the impression that the US is full of tax cheats and scofflaws is horrendous.

      Repeal the 16th amendment!

  15. Look out, witches are next. Witches were blamed for the Little Ice Age, somebody has to suffer, be a victim and the blame both. Hang some, burn some at the stake for causing the long cold snap that raged on until 1858 CE.

    Burn Kathy Griffin at the stake! Why not?

    Next thing you know, it’s the Carrington Event, things change all of a sudden.

    This time around, happens to be another kind of human, never changes, flip flop, it never stops. Climate Change Madness is the same story, just 750 years later. People are nuts and go nuts, just look at what everything is right now. It’s Everything At Once!

    Your fault that you live and breathe. Stop Humans!

    If you are going to make things worse, go ahead. They told me, “Cheer up, things could be worse.” So I cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse.

    We’re in the Covid Gulag, inside of an obscene reality, the wretchedness just gets worse, holy schnikes.

    More drugs or something, Nurse Ratched to the rescue. The World Series will be here soon enough, you can watch the games while Jack Nicholson gives the play-by-play.

    Then some big dumb Native American uproots an institutional plumbed-in sink and makes an escape from straight jacket hell.

    Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space – Steppenwolf, Born To Be Wild

    You do have a right to think, nobody can stop that.

  16. Lawyer Jonathan Turley, who is no fan of Trump:

    ‘Below is my column in The Hill on the increasingly popular theory that former president Donald Trump is already barred from office under the 14th Amendment.

    ‘It is a theory, in my view, with a political appeal that outstrips its constitutional support.

    ‘In a constitution designed to protect free speech and prevent the concentration of power, this theory would allow for the banning of candidates based on fluid definitions of aiding and abetting insurrection.

    Such ballot cleansing is common in countries like Iran where citizens await to learn which opposition candidates will be allowed to run. The implications of this theory for our constitutional system is chilling.’

    Chilling indeed: ‘ballot harvesting 2020’ –> ‘ballot cleansing 2024’

  17. For better or worse, The Orange Man (and to a lesser extent, Bolshevik Bernie) have let quite a few genies out of the bottle.

    Among those genies are:

    -That our country is run by an oligarchy that is willing and able to put the long range good of the country and its economy in jeopardy to win the next election or make next quarter’s profit.

    -That the wars we get ourselves into have less to do with actually defending our country than with catering to special interests in the defense sector.

    -That there is an unelected bureaucracy that is the real power in charge.

    -That you can’t have open borders and a welfare state.

    -That all branches of law enforcement are not about protecting you, but protecting the government from you.

    -That the whole climate change thing isn’t about trying to control the weather, but about controlling you.

    -That national security begins with border security.

    -That the health care system really doesn’t want us to be healthy.

    -That the media doesn’t care about getting to the truth, but at best getting more views, likes, etc. and at worst blatantly lies to us.

    -That the goods and services we use are more and more in the hands of oligopolies and monopolies.

    And no matter what happens, those genies are not going back in.

    • Bryce: This is an excellent observation. I sometimes get down about the current state of things, but then I realize there’s at least the upside that this ugliness becomes more and more obvious and undeniable to the general public, whereas it used to just be known by the few (those crazy “conspiracy theorists”). This is a painful, but necessary step if something is to be done about it.

      • Indeed, Trump’s failings are many. He didnt get the wall built. He only temporarily pushed back the CAFE dictates and did nothing to stop the false god of climate change/crisis. He should have known that Democrats cheat, and was caught napping when they stole our election. They committed a color revolution coup on him and rather than ship Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Comey, McConnel and countless others to Gitmo to spend the rest of their lives in front of a firing squad, he folded like a soft loser. But he did quite effectively RIP the mask off the evil face of the American state.

        And every obviously trumped up impeachment and indightment makes him more of a hero and legend, simply because he made them show their hand and expose the evil they do to many people who thought they could just mind their own business and ride it out peacefully.

        Insurrection isn’t even possible in our America, not a GD democracy but a free country where the people rule themselves.

        • One thing you may not have known Trump attempted to do: he wanted to ban all “assault weapons” by nothing more than his own executive order! This was after the Last Vegas concert shooting. He was incensed that the public was able to easily buy “automatic” (huh?) weapons. Thankfully, his advisors said he couldn’t do that legally, but he did get the bump stock ban enacted. I didn’t know about this until I heard on David Knight’s show a few months ago. Needless to say I was pissed off that the president who preached that he would defend the 2nd Amendment wanted to undermine it!

          • >This was after the Last Vegas concert shooting.
            I was casually acquainted with one of the victims.
            worked for his dad many years ago.
            TJ didn’t deserve to die. Probably none of the other victims did either.

      • Hi Mark,

        Not bad from a little guy out of Farmville, Virginia, huh? I like him. He seems authentic and sincere. Twenty nine million views and counting. I am glad he did not sign. The woke mob would have made sure his anthem would have never been created much less played on country radio. When you are bought, you are owned. I hope he stays true and he and WV Radio find a way to make millions without signing away their souls.

    • I saw a video of him performing at an outside concert. The whole crowd knew the LYRICS and were singing along. Maybe we’re not dead yet. He also turned down an $8 million deal to shut him up.

  18. One would think the generation (silent) that fought Nazis and commies would have better sense. We have a gaggle of them in con-gress and a president doing everything they can to destroy the freedoms they grew up with and the nation they grew up in. Bunch of unthankful slobs.

    HL Mencken,,, a true visionary:

    “Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.” HL Mencken

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” HL Mencken

    We’re there!

  19. I’m no fan of Trump, quite the contrary, but I do love how the more charges the Establishment piles on the higher his poll numbers go. RG’s assessment of him is spot on, but seeing his numbers go up must be driving the PTB nuts, and that makes me happy 😊

    • I think this is part of the plan. Make it so that Trump is the inevitable Repub nominee and then have Democrat secretaries of state attempt to pull him off the States’ ballots. If they’re successful in just a couple of key states, Biden, Newsome or some other leftist will be certain to win. That’s the obvious play at this point and Tribe just signaled the secretaries of state of the same tribe (pun intended) to go forward with that plan.

      Alternatively, it goes before the Supreme Court. If they rule against Trump the plan will be successful. If they rule in favor of Trump, he’ll lose anyway because the vote and vote counting is totally corrupt. Then they’ll use that as a pretext to pack the Court with 3 or 5 new justices arguing that the “far right” Court attempted a judicial insurrection, and 9 justices are too few for such a diverse and populated nation.

    • Mike,
      I’m of much the same opinion. The more the Democrats try to pile onto him, the more they expose themselves. There’s far more evidence of election fraud than there is of any insurrection at all, much less Trump instigating one. What kind of “insurrection” goes into action unarmed and doesn’t attack anyone, nor even destroy property?
      Democrats going to SCOTUS judge’s homes and terrorizing them is far closer to insurrection.
      This entire bag of male bovine fecal matter is one of many reasons I don’t vote. Two criminal organizations at each other’s throat’s over who gets to tyrannize the people. The Democrats appear to be more sinister, but the Republicans only slightly less so.
      If it weren’t for our lives being at stake it would all be very entertaining. Who are the Democrats going to replace Biden with, and when? Will the Republicans replace Trump? Who with, and when, and HOW? The only thing they are both good at is stirring up shit, God bless them for it. Now people can see what POS they, and any other candidates are. If they could only believe what they see.

      • >Who are the Democrats going to replace Biden with, and when?
        My prediction:
        Gavin Newsom will be the Dimocrap VP nominee.
        The Biden Thing will be re-selected.
        Biden will either die in office or be 25ed out.
        Newscum will become unelected pResident.

        • I thought Biden would’ve been 25ed out already; I thought that this would’ve been done after his 2nd year in office. I thought that the Dem Party leadership would’ve had a sitdown with Biden to thank him for his decades of loyal, Party service, and then persuading him to step aside for Kamala. If Biden didn’t step down willingly, then they’d use the 25A to remove him.

          Then, Kamala could’ve finished out the 2nd half of Biden’s term, before going on to serve two terms of her own, per the 22A; the 22A gives a POTUS a maximum of 10 years. After all, Kamala checks all the boxes: woman, POC, etc. After all, she was a DARLING if the Dem Party; I thought for sure they’d put her in! That didn’t happen, though. In light of that, your scenario seems more likely.

          • Hi Mark,

            I have this dark suspicion that the reason the Biden Thing has not been put out to pasture to chew coarse grains through loose teeth is that they – the creatures behind all of this – know there will never be another election, at least not one that is in doubt. The old pedo can be propped up for as long as the Adrenochrome keeps him going (a la John Gill, the “Fuhrer” in the old Star Trek episode, Patterns of Force).

            • >Star Trek episode, Patterns of Force
              In which two Jewish actors, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, get to play at being “Nazis,” or at least the Hollywood comic book cartoon version of same. Trying their roles on for size, so to speak.

              I speculate that Jews, and likely many others as well, do not so much object to “Nazis” as they object to Other People getting to be the “Nazis.”

              IOW, if you can be the fucker rather than the fuckee, then, hey, No Problem! It’s just human nature, unfortunately.

              Leonard Nimoy was one of my favorite actors. Captain Kirk, not so much.

            • Ah yes, one of the BEST episodes of the original Star Trek! I hope you’re wrong about the election, but I suspect you’re not.

            • Eric,

              There’s also the fact that Kamala Harris is even more unpopular than Joe Biden, even with DEMOCRAT voters, and I’ve read elsewhere that there are concerns even among the DC Swamp & Democrat Party establishment about Harris becoming President, which could also be why they kept Biden as “The Big Guy” (No pun intended). Everyone here may remember that back during the 2020 Presidential campaign, when Kamala Harris was seeking the Democrat nomination for President herself, she never got anywhere beyond a few percentage points in polls and she subsequently ended her campaign for President.

              • John B,

                Actually, Kamala was doing well; she was up to double digits at one point. That was until Tulsi Gabbard FLAMED HER ASS ON CNN! After TG roasted her in that nationally televised debate, she quickly plummeted to 1%, and withdrew shortly thereafter.

          • @ MarkyMark
            RE: “your” scenario vs. “my” scenario
            Same script, different cast.
            Outcomes very similar.
            I am curious to know…
            Who would you predict for Newscum’s VP?

            • Adi,

              I have NO IDEA who Newscum’s VP will be! It’ll be a faithful, fellow traveler leftist, but that’s all I can say for sure.

              • Hi Mark,

                If Newsom runs, his running mate could be Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer or former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

  20. In a prescient essay dated July 28, 2022 and titled ‘They Can’t Let Him Back In,’ Michael Anton got to the nub of the matter:

    ‘Again, why? I think it’s because, while Trump’s core MAGA agenda is decidedly not outside the historic bipartisan mainstream, it is well outside the present regime’s core interests. Our rulers’ wealth and power rise with open borders, trade giveaways, and endless war. Trump, at least in principle, and often in practice, threatens all three.

    ‘Anti-Trump hysteria is in the final analysis not about Trump. The regime can’t allow Trump to be president not because of who he is (although that grates), but because of who his followers are. That class—Angelo Codevilla’s “country class”—must not be allowed representation by candidates who might implement their preferences. The rubes have no legitimate standing to affect the outcome of any political process, because of who they are, but mostly because of what they want.

    Complaints about the nature of Trump are just proxies for objections to the nature of his base. It doesn’t help stabilize our already twitchy situation that those who bleat the loudest about democracy are also audibly and visibly determined to deny a real choice to half the country. “No matter how you vote, you will not get X”—whether X is a candidate or a policy—is guaranteed to increase discontent with the present regime.’

    Just so: ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a Deplorable’s face – for ever.’ — Orwell, via Fani Willis

  21. Trump’s pep rally was not thought thru, and he should have seen the set-up coming but he also put Fauci in charge of his presidency, so not too smart being on full display. That said, J6 has put on display for the whole world to see just how corrupt our country has become. Without this over-the-top get Trump at any cost we might be muddling thru another decade of RINO’s betraying their base.

    I don’t like Trump but voted for him because he was talking about issues no one else was and he was outside the system. He was already rich therefore not easily bought. However, he absolutely blew his presidency during Covid. He might be responsible for millions of deaths due to these vaccines he gave free license to. I was likely not going to vote for him, but our enemies have made him a national hero and he might get elected from a jail cell. I will vote for him just to stick it their corrupt asses.

    • The Orange Man also blew it with respect to the Covfefe Virus because first, he did not truly secure our borders, up to and including using the military, and second, by allowing liberal governors and mayors to act with impunity.

      If the Orange Man was, as so many posit, a dictator or merely a wannabe dictator, the Covfefe Virus was the perfect opportunity to act like one, all in the name of public health. But the Orange Man, well, let a crisis go to waste.

      • Hi Bryce,

        I agree. I have written at length about Orange Man’s egregious handling of the “pandemic.” Perhaps the most bizarre apologia I get in reply is that it was all intentional – part of a “white hat” plan to “expose” the enemies of America and so usher in a house-cleaning of them. I see zero evidence to support this Hopium Perspective. The Left has become even more brazen and authoritarian. I consider it a near-certainty that it will do in 2024 what it did in 2020. Things will be arranged – and our choice will be to submit to it or not.

        Just the same as it was with the “masks” and “vaccines.” Those are also coming back, by the way.

        • Yup, I can almost feel the mask and vaccine push coming back. I understand they’re proclaiming a new variant of the fake virus: “Eris.” Just in time for the new booster shot and election.

          I’m still willing to die on this hill though, and I suspect many more are for this round.

  22. The Orange Toxin should be illegal. His oratory skills aside, he’s a consummate bullshitter; a shrewd and ruthless “businessman” who has pulled the wool over the eyes of millions of starry eyed rubes and dupes. He and he alone stood idle – deer in headlights look – as every tyrant down to the local dog catcher put the last nails in our society’s coffin. He piloted the SS Face Diaper at warp speed, enabling lockdowns, masks, mRNA poisons, and every single abuse handed down by his demented pedophile successor. And no, Trump wasn’t fooled or misled by bad advisors.

    Simple question for MAGA asshats: if the 2020 election was fraudulent, then what makes you think 2024 will be different or have any different outcome? Why do you think sniffy shows such callous indifference to everything and everybody in what remains of our country and society? Hint – it’s because the outcome for next November is already determined.

    The elitist establishment is sending about as clear a message as possible. Ignore it at your peril.

    • I say put him in jail. He earned it. Maybe not for what they say, but for the things you mention. Let the jailing of political opponents begin so it shines through for all to see clearly. They kept this shitshow going longer than it should’ve by not doing that, which is the smart thing.

    • This is a misrepresentation of Trump. Yes he was a shrewd businessman, so what, he was a great capitalist, a true entrepreneur whose efforts created millions and supported many people and enriched the economy. How that is a bad thing?

      He did not stand idly by, he was thwarted at every turn by every imaginable government agency, judges, politicians (his own party), ALL media, people he had trusted. The man took on the full weight of the whole crooked mess and SURPRISE, was not able to defeat them. For that you want to pile on and punish him? Geez with “supporters” like that no wonder he couldn’t fight off the swamp.

      • Hi Krusty,

        Well, except for two things. Three, actually.

        One: He did nothing to stop Fauci and Brix. He gave them both legitimacy by giving them a platform – and by standing beside them.

        Two: He authorized the “warp speeding” of the dangerous drugs misleadingly called “vaccines” into existence.

        Three: He never ended the “emergency” – thereby enabling the election shenanigans to occur.

        He has apologized for none of these egregious mistakes.

        • Yes that is all true. I could try to defend him by saying the entire weight of the establishment medical system was pushing him in this direction and at first it was a unique situation with possible catastrophic consequences if not acted upon urgently. But I think it is more that in the era he came from there was no greater respect then that afforded doctors and medical people. You probably remember a time when doctors were held in higher regard than anyone else. That more than anything else affected him on those decisions.

      • Hi krusty,

        Trump is the Swamp. This same man allowed the Schumers, Clintons, McConnells, McCains, Grahams, and Bidens of the country to remain in power. Oh yes, he donated to all of them. Would you like to know how many of the above I donated to? Nada. I bet you didn’t either.

        Did he really take them on? Do you truly believe that Trump cares about us? He cares about his legacy and his pocketbook. What happens to you or I is irrelevant for anyone who works for the State. We are a number, another carbon footprint who gets in the way of their acquiring wealth and resources.

      • Right, he’s some protagonist in some Shakespearean tragedy. Everyone around him just stabbed him in the back. He was just some trusting old soul, trying to do the right thing best as he knew how. Weird, though, to surround oneself with such friends and trusted advisors who all want to see you and your policies fail at every turn. Who does that?

        No, Krusty. He’s always been a con man – what’s the word these days? – a grifter. A narcissist and a bully, who through his selfish pursuits made Biden an inevitability. And now, we – and he – will await our fate.

        • This – “Weird, though, to surround oneself with such friends and trusted advisors who all want to see you and your policies fail at every turn. Who does that?”

          …”In this fable, the frog is commonly said to symbolize people that can be a little too trusting, always willing to offer second chances, and looking to see the best in people; even when they know the nature and tendencies of the person they’re offering trust to.”…

  23. One good thing Trump did during his 4 years as President was expose just how corrupt the U.S. government really is. Or did the government expose themselves as corrupt because they hated Trump just as much as Deranged Lefties do.

    However, his administration’s COVID pandemic response in 2020 was awful as well as a blatant violation of civil liberties. One would have thought that people on “The Left” who claimed to be protectors of civil liberties would have objected. Nope, they cheered (particularly after Joe Biden got into office), and shamed those who refused to comply with nonsensical public health diktats. What was weird in 2020 was that virtually all “Western Democracies” engaged in the same pandemic response such as lockdowns and universal masking of the entire population, which has never happened before in previous pandemics. Some countries, such as Australia, even forced people who “tested positive for COVID” into special COVID camps. 2021 only got worse when the experimental mRNA COVID jabs came out and governments (including the Biden regime) tried to force every single human to get vaxxed. And now the Biden regime and Pharma funded media appear ready to engage in the same fear porn they engaged in before, this time about another new “COVID variant”. There will likely be calls for EVERYONE to wear face diapers AGAIN. But wait, we’re told there’s a brand new vaccine for the latest variant. After the rampant fear porn surrounding COVID the last time, people who fall for it this time are chumps.

  24. I don’t know what’s happening around the rest of the country, I can only take a sample of what I see here in this rural area of a Red State.

    Prior to Trump being cast out at the conclusion of The Power Elite ballot stuffing/pre-programed 2020 selection there were Trump flags & banners being displayed on many properties & on the rear ends of vehicles.
    One guy had the most memorable one (12′ x 8′) it had Trump in large letters and below that, “No More Bullshit!”.

    Since then, All of those banners came down. Briefly, I saw a few Trump 2024 flags, those too have disappeared. The only two I’ve seen are an old FJB banner and a new-looking Trump flag flown next to an American flag off the back end of a UTV in a kind of parade they do with UTV’s.

    What I’m getting at is, RE: “Why can’t Americans see that they are being used?”… Perhaps, some have?

    I see zero Bid-in signs. So, in light of R.F.K.’s success so far, perhaps some Leftist are doing likewise? Idk.

    Anyway, seems to me this whole Political Theater is just one big version of, “Let’s, you & him, fight” & split the spoils afterwards. ?

    • Hi Helot,

      I carry no water for the Orange Man. I agree with RG and others about the Orange Man. He is a poisonous, treacherous narcissist who cares about us the way a time-share salesman cares about a mark.

      That said, this is no longer about the Orange Man. It is about the criminalization of opposition. I agree with Paul Craig Roberts’ assessment.

    • Over in Grand Junction there’s a dirt race track that faces the highway. Along the top of the banked turn there was a wall of Trump and Boebert signs with American flags. All over town, Trump signs in shop windows, lawns, bumper stickers. One of the few Republican strongholds in Colorado.

      The Boebert/Frisch race came down to something like 500 votes difference. Frisch conceded after the automatic recount kicked in.

      Trump was suposed to concede the election. He didn’t. That’s not how it’s done. Elections are the show, but the goal is to get a close count. Then the deep state gets their vote, by convincing the candidate they don’t like to give up. Al Gore conceded, even though it was later found he actually had the votes to take Florida. Why do you think that’s the case? Maybe some think tank consultant recommended he concede. Or the money people. But he did just give up, and that’s not normal behavior for highly competitive people.

      Hillary was suposed to be the first woman president. She made a deal with Obama because the deep state knew she was a polarizing figure, and no way did they want another Republican run administration making things worse. The runway was cleared for her to acend to the throne in 2016, but then Trump spoiled the fun. The deep state didn’t like that at all, because the vote was so lopsided they couldn’t fix it.

      Just seems to me that if you’re the type of person who’s going to run for President you’re probably not going to just roll over and submit like a beta dog when the vote gets close.

  25. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan administration official, summarizes our plight:

    ‘In my book The Tyranny of Good Intentions, I discussed the weaponization of law in order to more easily convict criminals. In the 21st century we have witnessed a remarkable expansion in this weaponization. For example, the use of weaponized law against Trump rally attendees and against President Trump himself, which has brought no protests from law faculties, bar associations, Congress, media, or federal judges.

    ‘Consequently, we have become a society in which the function of law is to get someone, or to achieve an agenda that cannot be achieved legislatively. The person doesn’t have to be guilty of a crime. Merely being demonized or disapproved of suffices. Law now serves not justice but political and ideological emotions and the agendas of the powerful.’

    Roberts adds this timely reminder:

    ‘A RICO indictment means that the incompetent Fani Willis in Atlanta can seize Trump’s assets and prevent his defense. Willis, of course, is too incompetent to know this, but what about the crook Biden appointed as Attorney General of the United States?

    ‘When will we read that Trump’s assets have been seized to prevent his defense?’

    Right to counsel is a constitutional guarantee. Yet the US fedgov routinely strips defendants of the ability to defend themselves by grinding them through the judicial mill to impoverish them, outright seizing their assets, or even raiding and indicting their attorneys.

    It all sounds rather Stalinist, don’t it?

  26. Let us recall:

    ‘Soon after the Civil War, ex-Confederate states began to send “unrepentant” former Confederates to Washington as Senators and Representatives. Congress refused to seat them and drafted Amendment XIV to perpetuate, as a constitutional imperative, that any who violate their oath to the Constitution are to be barred from public office.

    ‘After the amendment’s adoption in 1868, disqualification was seldom enforced in the South. At the urging of President Ulysses S. Grant, in 1872 Congress passed the Amnesty Act, which removed the disqualification from all but the most senior Confederates. In 1898, as a “gesture of national unity” during the Spanish–American War, Congress broadened the amnesty.

    ‘Congress posthumously lifted the disqualification from Confederate general Robert E. Lee in 1975, and Confederate president Jefferson Davis in 1978.’ — Wikipedia

    ‘Gestures of national unity’ are all over now, as the names of Confederate generals are stripped from fedgov military bases, by vote of Clowngress under the ‘Biden’ regime. A national consensus to let bygones be bygones, still in effect as late as 1978, has been replaced by open cultural warfare, to our enormous detriment.

    Obviously Trump did not incite an armed insurrection — END OF STORY. ‘Parading through the Capitol [unarmed]’ — a charge leveled at many J6 protesters — is to insurrection as a pocket knife is to a 155mm howitzer: not in the same class of things.

    An effort to disqualify Trump, the leading Republican candidate, is an attempted coup d’etat. If it succeeds, following upon the previous coups d’etat of Nov 22, 1963 and Sep 11, 2001, our Republic will be dead and gone.

    It’s not about Trump the person anymore; it’s about destroying the rule of law and arresting a presidential candidate for disputing the previous, egregiously fraudulent election. A vote for Trump declares ‘NO, you may not;’ a vote for anyone else lets the coup plotters get away with their publicly declared conspiracy to hijack the election (again).


    ATLANTA, GA — In yet another stunning move, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has announced the indictment of every Trump voter in Georgia on charges of conspiracy to elect an election denier.

  28. All I know is that if the Founding Fathers came back today they would very quickly be given a free flight along with an all inclusive stay at that famous resort that the government runs for people they don’t like; or worse.

    Sadly the constitution has not been followed for a long time. A long time ago I read a book that analyzed the Soviet constitution; on paper it sounded good but the catch was you seldom got the rights it mentioned. We’re at that point now here. Solutions?

    • Hi Landru,

      The first step toward a solution is an awakening. An understanding of the situation. That saying we are “free” – as they did in the old Soviet Union and is said here – does not mean people are in fact free. Words – definitions – matter. Also principles, which follow from them. If it is possible to get people thinking – reasoning – again, then anything is possible.

    • “Rights” listed under the Soviet “constitution” are known as parchment rights (not worth the paper it’s written on). What made our system unique until the past few decades or so was divided powers (legislative, executive & judicial) as well as the individual 50 states. Each were given specific powers to keep the others in check and that system sustained the Bill of Rights. That system worked until the people running those institutions decided that they were going to RULE with one mindset and govern as an Oligarchy. Government systems such as the ones with a Parliamentary system such as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, etc. have the veneer of a free government system but do not have divided powers because the Prime Ministers can be recalled by the Parliaments if they do not govern as they say. When this nation ratified the 16th amendment, the 17th amendment and the Federal Reserve System in 1913; those 3 acts alone put the nails in the coffin of the Bill of RIGHTS. But anyway, divided powers is the thing that gave the Bill of Rights “teeth” and now that we really do not have divided powers anymore is the reason we’re losing our rights.

  29. It’s still seems to me that Trump was selected to further demoralize and polarize the US. Few people are as apathetic to this show as I am and either love or hate the guy and anyone associated with him. A destruction of the confidence in the US political system couldn’t be designed much better.

    • Amen, Local. Trump is not one of us. I don’t understand the adoration. Trump is an instigator and a bully, but so is the Swamp. Trump wouldn’t bother with people like us (which makes him like every other politician), but he loves to be worshiped. Why can’t Americans see that they are being used? This is a power struggle and the only ones who will suffer the consequences will be us.

      Seriously, we need to wake up and kick them all to the curb. Their only focus is their own welfare. We are foolish to believe that any of them give a damn about our own.

      • Many women hate Trump because he is a bully. That’s a big mistake, IMHO, if the choice is Trump versus Biden in the next election.

        I voted on my libertarian principles from 1976 through 2016. In 2020 I decided to vote for a mainstream candidate for the first time since 1976. I voted for Trump simply because Biden was a crook, far left and not all there. Those were three good reasons to vote for Trump.

        I don’t think Trump was a good president, with his mishandling of Covid. He knew nothing about Covid, but mysteriously trusted leftist fake experts Fauci and Birx, who scared everyone as much as possible. All knowledge of past pandemics was thrown away. But the worst decision Trump made, by far, was financing a rushed nine month Covid shot development process, that should have taken up to 10 years, and even then with a 98% failure rate. A nine month process was very high risk. Trump’s claim that “his” shot saved one million lives is the false statement of a person treating followers like they were fools. Yet, even with his many shortcomings, Trump as president in January 2025 will do less damage than Biden for another four years.

        The reason so many other people are getting indicted with Trump is to improve the odds that one of them will turn on Trump, and lie about him, to get off the hook themselves. It will be possible for a blue jury, in a blue city, to convict Trump on at least one of 91 felony charges, and have him in prison on Election Day 2024. If so, welcome to Civil War II.

        • This woman does not look at Trump favorably (I only use hate in rare instances…like when government wants to take away my right to work) because he has a thin skin, feels the need to degrade anyone who doesn’t back his beliefs, is a serial cheater, hires horrible people whose only redeeming virtue is that they kissed his ass, and warped speed clot shots without additional testing into Americans arms that for some had deadly consequences.

          And yet, we are supposed to go to the ballot box and circle his name because “he will do better next time”, “he will get rid of the Swamp next time”, “he will hire better people next time”. Bull shit. Bull shit. Bull shit.

          If this site has taught me anything over the last three years is that our vote means nothing . To quote Mark Twain ““If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

          Sure, maybe Trump showed Americans how corrupt politics really is, but in all honesty, did we not know that? How many times do we bang our head upside the wall knowing nothing is going to change? This isn’t all Trumps doing…he is just another politician. They divide us, they censure us, and steal from us and we are supposed to go to the voting booth shouting “gimme more”.

          • In November 2024 you will have had four years to view Trump as president, and almost four years to view Biden as President. If they are the Democrat and Republican candidates, one of them will win. If you honestly think in November 2024 that both are equally bad candidates, then vote for a third party candidate who will not win.

            The Democrats will be loyal, so almost none will vote Republican in 2024. If some Republicans are not loyal, and reject Trump in 2024, then Biden will win. That’s the bottom line.

            Conservatives and libertarians who do not vote for Trump will get Biden to complain about for another four years. Especially if Democrats retain control of both houses of Congress with a Democrat president.

            • The fix is in, Richard. It doesn’t matter how we vote. Do you truly believe Biden received 81 million votes in 2020? Biden couldn’t fill an elementary school gymnasium and Trump was filling sports fields with 15,000 people. In 2020, Trump received more of the Black, Asian, and Hispanic vote than he did in 2016, but still lost. Add in the ballot harvesting, polling places that had plumbing leaks and had to “close down”, last minute absentee ballots found, etc. The numbers don’t add up. They won’t add up in 2024 either so I am sitting out.

              Don’t get me wrong I am fully aware Newsome will be President and it makes me want to vomit, but the American people seem satisfied with their freedoms being castrated. If a corrupted, doddering old fool who accomplished nothing in his 50+ years in government can win the most powerful position on the globe than we deserve what we get.

              Personally, I don’t see the difference between one fool and another fool. They both should be retired, lounging poolside at the Villages, along with 50% of Congress.

              Neither choice is enough to waste an hour of my day when the theatrics will be the same no matter who we pull the lever for.

              • “The fix is in, Richard. It doesn’t matter how we vote. Do you truly believe Biden received 81 million votes in 2020?

                Democrat election fraud did not start in 2020. Even in 2020, it barely worked. Let’s review history:

                Trump won in 2016 and Republicans gained control of both Houses of Congress despite election fraud.

                Trump lost in 2020 by 44,000 votes in three states, mainly questionable ballots counted after midnight on election day. Post midnight votes were needed for Biden to win despite millions of absentee ballots sent to addresses where the voter had left the state, or to addresses, such as office buildings that were not residences. The Democrats found ways to get those ballots filled out, returned and counted and yet still needed more votes after midnight to win.

                Republicans gained control of the House in 2022.

                The belief that elections don’t count must assume Democrats will win every election with election fraud … or that Trump was just as bad as Biden, or even worse.

                A second Biden term would mean no need for Biden to care about reelection, which could be worse than the first term.

                If you truly believe the top two candidates are so bad that you refuse to vote for, or against, one of them, then you risk a fedral government controlled by a single political party, just as it was in 2021 and 2022, under Democrats.

                A logical approach to help control government power, when no third party candidate has a chance of winning, would be to have Democrats and Republicans sharing political power, rather than having one party in control of both Houses and the Presidency.

            • Libertarians in GA voting for Trump and then going for their own party’s candidates down ballot in 2020, forcing the runoffs, gave us the current mess in the US Senate.

              Granted, the Republicans stayed home in the runoff election in large numbers, but enough (11,000 out of 30,000) Libertarians “voted their conscience” to create a problem.

      • Right on Raider Girl. Withdrawing consent does not mean continuing to play their games. Do just enough to stay out of their cages and affect change in ways that really matter. Counting on rich pedo creeps to save us comes from a weak position.

    • Trump may have been selected to “demoralize” and collapse confidence in the US political system, but Joe Biden, who was illegitimately installed, is designed to destroy the foundations of our prosperity and former power.

      Trump may actually not care about anyone or anything but his own, but the real cancer is the body politic itself who is bothered

      by his mean tweets and some of his idiot moves over what the leftists and the cabal are doing to every aspect of American life. Not a day goes by where one thing or another isn’t attacked by this cancer. Gas stoves, internal combustion engines, weaponization of the justice department, wrongful political persecutions, the list goes on and on. The problem is that a sizable percentage of “Americans” think this is just fucking dandy.

      The fact is that there is no one other than Trump that even pretends to try and fix anything. Do you think that a guy named Vivek Ramaswamy is going to do jack? What about Ron Desantis? The rest of the Keebler eleves? So, the Republican establishment is again allowing shit candidates to run against the show master.

      Again the real problem is that Trump doesn’t have 95 percent support in this country in light of the shit show that we have gotten from the left since he was elected in 2016. The fact, that Americans throw their little fucking temper tantrums about what Trump supposedly said, did or tweeted and swing mid terms to Democrats in 17, 18, 19 and 22 tells me that the electorate, not Trump is the real problem. These mentally deranged leftists should be locked up just as they would enjoy locking us up.

      Trump isn’t perfect, Trump is a douche, and is kind of a moron, but what we have now is infinitely worse.

      I have very little patience with the complaints and mummering among the electorate these days. Face it, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron Desantis and any of these other chumps are going nowhere.

      In case anyone gets the idea I’m a Trump supporter, I’m actually voting for RFK in the primary. Not because he’s perfect, but he would be a damned sight better than this statist anti=American senile imbecile we have now

      If RFK doesn’t get on the Ballot, it’s Trump, holding my nose, all the way.


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