EP Autos Track Day

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My roommate from college purchased a bad ass 37′ SeaRay boat a few weeks ago.  I stayed a couple weekends with him on it around the DC area.  Good Times!  One evening we picked up a guy on a broken down jet ski just before dark.  His name is Mike and he needs his website revamped.  I’m thinking to do it for him in exchange for a group discount rate for EP Autos members to burn some rubber on the track for a day.

Here’s Mike’s Commercial:


What say ya’ll?


  1. Mang, that looks like fun!
    For that, I almost wish I traveled East of the Mississippi.

    No chance of that though.

    Ha! Could you imagine if Clover showed up too?

    No chance of that either I suppose.

    • The offer is open to clover too! This would be THE opportunity for him to prove himself. I think this guy does pretty large groups too. I was talking to him on the phone and he said he owns around 15 cars.

      • Shouldn’t this be: ‘This would be THE opportunity for her to prove herself.’ ?

        I’d *almost* pay to see it.

        However, as Eightsouthman said, ” ne’re the twain shall meet”.

        Youse guys on the East coast would no doubt have fun.
        …I’d watch the video.

        • Downshift, I have always referred to clover as her. And it wasn’t me that said “ne’er the twain shall meet”, it was H I Mc Donough, think “Raising Arizona”. I’d love to see it, just don’t wanna have to travel that far. Now the TMS, that would be fun. I remember the first race that was supposed to be there. It was so fast they canceled the damned thing, open wheel Indy racers and they chickened out. Just shows to go ya. “Too fast fer us”. Ok then.

    • Downshift, me too, won’t go even close to Ms. Something about a Tx tag induces the locals to go bonkers, never understood it. I’ll just stay west and they can stay east and ne’re the twain shall meet……H I McDonough


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