Eric’s interview on Wide Awake News

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Eric’s interview on Wide Awake News with Gabe Elton.

Gabe Elton is also one of our sponsors.


  1. Eric,

    Enjoyed listening to the interview. I did not realize the time passing as I listened to the program. Good sign (for me) of an interesting topic/speaker.

    Hopefully the income train gets righted in the black, since I would miss this site.

    • @ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N, RE: “You Amerikans talk funny.. ”


      Crack me Up!

      People are like birds. The songs we all sing.

      I’d share a story that’s not mine about Nuts and Bolts, but I’ve not got an ok on that.
      In the background a person in Alabama…. oops, I’ve run out of steam for the night,.. goodnight my fellows in liberty. And, thank you so much for ending my night on a positive note, ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N.

      Love your nic, BTW.

  2. Dear eric,

    I listened to this interview.

    Whoa, are you ever ‘with it’, cool, calm, collect and in command of the facts.

    I was impressed.

    ….For whatever that’s worth.

    I suspect that grandpa Walton would be proud of you for your level-headedness and plain spoken truths in these matters.

    “When Push comes to Shove”.

    One bit I noticed which was seemingly glossed over somewhat:

    The interviewer mentioned, …”Why is it, that those people who, Defy regulators, and who – ah – can’t stand the idea of force – and – government bureaucracy [….] how come they are the ones who warn of The financial crisis before it Ever gets here, long before the regulators Ever knew what was coming?” … [Never-mind the guys at thehousingbubbleblog who sounded the alarm around about 2004-2005… Anyway…]

    The answer is, “Because the people who sounded the alarm followed Austrian Economics! {Even most of the guys at thehousingbubbleblog!]

    But, your answer was ok, too.

    Ha! Suddenly I picture Lucile Ball alongside Obama


    [I’d say more…but then I’d be even – More – targeted by my Stasi goberment. ….Such is The Life in a Stasi “free country”.]

    Awesome interview. … We’re going to be killed for saying what we do, eh?
    ….If history is any guide.

    Again – fingers crossed – the next generation ‘gets it’, and understands, and things turn for the better.

    In the meantime, the Stasi/Westworld/Bully-thug world makes me sick,… and, I can only hope it doesn’t kill me while it dies a well deserved death.

    Monster thrashing alert!
    Fair Warning!

    • Thanks, Helot!

      I’m working to overcome my innate shyness and do more of these gigs – because I recognize that the spoken word is as or perhaps (in these times) even more important than the written. Speaking is not one f my natural strengths, but I’m trying to at least become passable at it.

      • Ha. Ha. As “they” say (kind of) the audience is a bunch of naked chicks.

        Or, if that doesn’t work, just focus as if you were talking to one particular individual.

        Your tone, your reVerb, is spot On! …Just focus on that chick in the red sweater with fuzzies. Or, Tor, or, Bevin? Only, those guys are surrounded by motors on lifts and they are both covered in grease and sweat and the hot chick(s) is standing in the background holding a wrench?


        I shouldn’t say anything. You’re doing Fine. Par excellence.
        Just from this one example, I would say, Speaking – IS -one of your natural strengths. … You just don’t know it.

        ….Just Talk to me mang. …PerfectO-mongo!

  3. This BRICs thing is overdone… they have very little money (for this sort of thing) in it, and it’s mostly financed by the status-quo. Doesn’t seem like much of a threat unless the IMF crowd and the rest want to slowly destroy the dollar and helped create the BRICs to that end. Death of the dollar will be an inside job if and when it happens.

      • Helot,
        I mean no disrespect, but I believe you have the wrong scope here.

        The rats created the iceberg, and set the course of it and the Titanic to intersect, while they built billions.
        They started stripping the titanic and making their “liferaft” after we left port, and at this point, we will be left only with a liferaft, to impact the iceberg, while they change course and repeat the process in the BRIC regions. Meanwhile, the Steerage classes (everyone NOT in the 1%) believe they are on the Titanic, not a liferaft cobbled from the extras…. (Was thinking remnants or wreckage – but their ship goes on, while ours is simply on collision course, without propulsion – and weveryone sees the “gold” – the glitz – and doesn’t understand there’s no BOAT any more, it was removed and re-mounted while we watched, right under our noses, even WITH OUR APPROVAL! But we’re all crammed onto a postage-stamp sized liferaft…

        I would GUESS that somewhere around the time of the Killer Bs and their actions to break the Bank of England, that these people established laternate currencies and started diversifying in ways that would make countries green with envy, were the means and scope known. Soemthing along the lines of a third-world economy, like say – Germany or Japan…. Invested aross BRIC enterprizes, used to “convert” china to capitalist systems via corruption and bribery (commies are human, sort of… Or at least greedy.) Same WRT Russia, for that matter. North Korea is too much work for too little reward; opium in Afghanistan, OTOH, is valuable – but Afghanistan isn’t – so “they” establish political systems and religious systems which rule, then bring in the better-armed Amerikans to police the poppy fields when the indigs get indignant and kill off the poppies… (Taliban was anti-drug… So we became anti-taliban. And now the opium flows again….)

        The insult is, the sheeple see the Titanic, and think they’re on it, instead of on slinters in the water…. But the ship built? Makes the Super-Guppy look tiny, and the whole thing is solid gold, encrusted with precious stones, and “the 1%” are on that, while the praetorians and politicians are on the Titanic.
        I know, I’m brutalizing the metaphor – but no one seems to grasp what’s being done, nor the scale at which it’s being done.

        The economies of small countries – Belgium, for example – are being subverted to line the pockets of these people. Not blatantly, maybe not even directly. But it’s happening.

        Say, for example, that Dassault sells aircraft (Mirage fighters, for example.) But the engines best suited to the design were Pratt & Whitney engines. P&W is American, IIRC, which is adequate for illustration. 1%er “A” owns the land the ores are extracted from; 1%er “B” the mine itself; 1%er “C” the manufacturing; 1%er “D” the majority shares in P&W. After that, it’s small fish in a big pond….
        But when the contract is announced, and the little fish try to cash in, the stock ticks up.
        Little fish drive the price up.
        1%er “D” (and maybe the others!) exercise options to buy at (low) price X. BAM! Net worth just jumped by 100,000 – or even 100,000,000. And they’d negotiated the options as part of pay, so….

        WAIT!, you say – they are not allowed, by law, to SELL those shares!
        100% correct – but they’ve been buying options, and shares, for years – they’ve prepared! And while those options and shares have been accumulating, their value was small individually, and larger only as an aggregate. But options as part of pay? Not taxed, IIRC. And stocks are taxed as Capital Gains, not INCOME – changing both the 1%er’s income bracket (lower) and tax rates (plural, cap gains is one rate, and income is another. Cap Gains I believe is lower….)

        So they sell their “back inventory” and the speculators drive the prices up, while the options allow the 1%er to buy below market prices, and regain what he just sold at a profit. Bam, 100,000 ($Whatever) in dollars, too, for re-investment.
        That’s BEFORE we talk shell companies, holding corporations, trusts, etc, all of which are “independent” entitites….

        Put a Renfield (Dracula reference) in each shell company, holding corporation, managing trusts, etc – YOUR hands are clena, but the Owner’s Equity is yours for “withdrawal” at any time, essentially, and you control the entities inderctly – because Renfield answers to you…

        To examine scaling more? Think of it this way, you MUST report financial transactions over $10K. BANKS must. Investment houses, too. And if you do things across multiple banks, or multiple days, in smaller transactions to avoid the reporting requirement? You will be flagged, and might receive a visit from the Feds. (Likely will.)

        Whereas, if you have 3+ comapnies handling affairs FOR you, even if there IS a report on each transaction – do you care? It’s someone else’s @ss getting burned, you’re innocent, even if they acted on your orders. And if there’s a profit margin even of 100%? ASSUMING they catch 100%, you’ll still break even, and that’s worst-case. (Fines – for IRS, at least – will usually be 100% of the amount owed, plus up to 100% again as a penalty. Other fees may apply, though. SEC, for example, and sometimes RICO can be brought to bear… But if you’re a millionaire… Well, now, Billionaire? You’ll be well-insulated because you can spend money to make that person’s life miserable. Excessive prosecutor? Buy or burn. Burn can be supporting a rival in an election, or literal, or somewhere in between – most of them will have skeletons in their closets.)

        Thing is, we can NAME the people who are a problem. It’s not the pols (Renfields) per se, but Gates, Rothschild, Morgan, Soros, Koch, etc, etc, etc. (And there are more outside our country, for example: Putin’s in on the game, too, no doubt! And probably Gorby before him, and the Politburo may be partially 1%ers as well… Communism’s even MORE corruptible than our Chrony Craptocracy (Chronic Crony Crap-sellers Kleptocracy.)

        Line from a movie, Crocodile Dundee 2: “Maybe in a few years, I’ll retire. Buy myself a small island. Like Hawaii.” (He was a drug lord, bragging about his wealth. Got him dead…) But how many lives ruined for that wealth? Did he care? No, his soldiers did their jobs, did their time if caught….

        Not unlike any rent-seeker… Big Chief walks free, while little people go to jail, do their time, or even die in the streets to support the enterprise(s)…


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