Inside Track Interview

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Automotive writer Eric Peters joins Franzi in the first half hour. The Southern Arizona News-Examiner is one of the many publications that carries his columns and new car reviews.

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  1. Posters: A slight correction: Inside Track and the Southern Arizona News-Examiner, that carry Eric’s columns are not the mainstream media. We pride ourselves on covering the stories that the MSM doesn’t! And, glad all who have listened to Eric’s interview on Inside Track are pleased with it. We at IT and SOAZNEWSX absolutely love his insight and columns!

  2. First time I’ve ever heard the MUTCD mentioned in the mainstream….

    Just FYI in case some wise guy ever starts getting technical with you:
    It’s convoluted when getting into signal timings. The state law usually refers to the state sign manual or similar and requires it incorporate the MUTCD. For signal timings the MUTCD refers to ITE ( ). And the ITE standard ( has been corrupted by the profit seekers ( ) .
    You have to pay for the ITE standard to read it, but the important parts for yellow signal timing are quoted in this FDOT presentation:

    Can see how some wise ass might say, it’s not in the MUTCD… but it’s just a chain of incorporation, so it is, it’s just not typed in.


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