One of Clover’s Heroes in Action

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Observe this Hero’s driving:

On July 20, 2014, I was passed by Toledo Police car 419 while on I-75 South near Rossford. I myself was doing 70 mph in a 65 mph zone. I kept an eye on the officer and after several miles of extremely unsafe driving – cutting off drivers and driving in two lanes at once – I decided to start recording. Here is the entire video from start to finish. I apologize for the quality early on, but my video camera was out of reach and my windshield is a bit dirty. It does get better.



  1. I think I like the guy who shot that video.

    “If I was to drive like that…”

    Yeah, Clover wont comment here, I think.

    I wonder why?

    This all reminds me of back in, “The Day” when I would cross the county line and put my arm out the window and flip off the bastard who was following me while watching him turn around and go back home.

    That kind of shit doesn’t happen anymore, the whole nation is one Giant soup bowl for them now. One in which they rise to the top and are, “above The Law”.

    The whole notion of, “Back in The Day” takes on an entirely different meaning to me now. You might as well say, “Back on planet earth” or something like that. That’s how much things have changed. [For those born before a certain date who have no idea how different things were before they were born.]. …I can only imagine how much better it was in the time before *I* was born. And on backwards from there…

    And We Thought We Were Free


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