Heroes in Action: Hut! Hut! Hut!

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From the Blues Brothers (original), made when the idea of cops as “heroes” would have been taken by most people as a good reason to move several steps away from the person who said it:


  1. Haha, Eric, that’s the very scene I refer people to that demonstrates the culture change that has occurred regarding cops! Back then the cops were often lampooned as buffoons but now they are worshipped as heroes. Sadly, the buffoon era did not last very long in our history, just through the mid-60s to the late 70s, and came to an end with the rise of the Nixonian “law and order” mandate. It’s possible that similar sentiments could return here soon and, if it does, it might be more like the third-world view of cops as a minor annoyance that’ll stay out of your way so long as you have enough dough to bribe them when you have to.


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