Some Heroes in Action

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This Hero likes to Speed … to get to Dunkin Donuts:

This one also likes to speed: 92 in a 55:

This Hero pulls over an Ex-Hero … and gets edumacated:





  1. This Dog Just Wants Some Privacy

    Uptown Pigs

    Dagestan Traffic School

    Seal Team Six Bin Laden Raid Before The CGI Footage Was Added

    Two Jews Bust Each Others Balls

    The Militarization of USSA Police

    Senor Testiculo Educates Children

    Notubes Self-Healing Bike Tire

    America’s Third World Justice System

    Young Girl Shoots Gun

    Edward Snowden Exposes The Eye of Sauron

    Obama Puppet Is Speechless Without Notes

    Chanter Gets Punched

    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    Porkers Gloat Over Shooting a Woman

    The Future Of Entertainment

    Five Stages of Living In A National Surveillance State

    Once It Gets Started It’s Hard To Stop

    Any Freedom Denying Law You Support Forges Your Chains of Bondage

  2. Norwegian Mental Heroics: Logic Reigns Over Emotion

    Bastøy Island, Norway – Nicest Prison in the World

    No death penalty in Norway, maximum sentence: 21 years

    Rethinking Prison In Norway

    – Lookee me, I’m a reasonable and logical philosopher of principle. Except regarding law and order. Maim, mutilate, and make them pay. Nothing is bad enough for “those” other guys. Social consequences be damned.

  3. Lupe Fuentes, an actress and hero, saves Venezuelan man from bogus USSA child porn charges.

    The authorities use all manner of Gorillas to take our wealth and keep us in mortal terror.

    In this age of Internet Plenty, ignore their primal gruntings, for truly they are obsolete. They are as relevant as once were the King’s Calligraphers after the invention and proliferation of the Gutenberg Presses throughout Europe in the 15th century.

    Lupe Fuentes and The Ex-Girlfriends

    [This music video pops up everytime I watch an Agorist posted internet movie.]

    Someday the world will live in peace under bootlegocracies, cagematchocracies, and pornstarocracies, and the like, for these are the proven voluntarily hegemonic phyles that will soon prevail. The worst of the Free Market will get on top. That’s the best scenario available to free men.

    – Noooooo. Sayeth the Clover. Scarcity is man’s true destiny. Only “moral” goods and services should be available to my fellow humans, scarcity breeds morality, don’t believe the evidence to the contrary.

  4. America – The Land of Heroes!

    Officer Bhabha Punches Cyclist In the Face

    Just Doin Ma Job

    Idaho Springs Bankster Eviction Brigade

    Just a Day in the Life of my Brother SWPs

    Growing up in the 50s 60s 70s and 80s

    Pigs Planting Drugs On Homeless Black Woman

    Truck Driver Falsely Imprisoned By Pigs For 17 Days

    • I remember doing all those actions listed in the video of growing up in 50s, etc…. and then there was riding in the back of a pickup, 8 of us kids, going down the local highway, riding in a horse carriage while my crazy grandpa encouraged the horse to go ever faster, down the hill onto a narrow wooden bridge…… and making it to the other side. We were just so privileged to experience thrills, and danger, and excitement, and freedom.

    • Yes they would revolution. You would be written up a ticket on the flimsiest of excuses. But here in Melbourne, I’ve seen cops 3 times last 3 years driving at over 135 kph without lights or sirens on. At night and day. On roads with 90 – 110 kph limits. Wish I could drive that fast.


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