Hero Cops Beat Disabled Woman

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Megan Graham, a resident of Federal Way, Washington, is partially deaf and cognitively disabled. She was at a friend’s apartment building when a police officer pulled up behind her. She responded politely to him, but apparently failed to hear him ordering her to get back in her car.graham pic

The officer grabbed her, and escalated the situation considerably (as police are prone to do). As violent authoritarians who like to get drunk off power, police do not take kindly to being ignored. Ignore an ordinary person’s requests, and that person might grow irritated. Ignore the police and surely, one is at risk for a beat down. Ultimately, police are there to ensure compliance and obedience, not safety.

Sure enough, Ms. Graham ended up being brutally beaten by two police officers. She advised the officers that she had mental and hearing disabilities, and did not understand why she was being treated in this manner.

As she was being beaten, she called 911 for help (terrible irony). In the 911 recording, Ms. Graham said to the officer, “You attacked me before you said anything! There is no point whatsoever for you to touch me like that, especially with my condition, so how dare you even touch me?”

The officer in response repeatedly says, “You are under arrest.” This is typical police protocol. As they beat people, they scream “stop resisting!” and “You are under arrest!” to falsely make the victim appear like an aggressor. Police are now recommending that Ms. Graham be charged with felony assault on an officer.

During the 911 call, another officer also punched Ms. Graham multiple times in the face, and yelled for her to stop resisting. Ms. Graham denies that she was ever resisting, and an eyewitness backs her account. Deborah Fenwick said of Graham, “That woman was not resisting, I saw it. That woman doesn’t have a violent bone in her body. She’s got a heart of gold. If she would have understood the officer’s commands in the first place, she would have absolutely complied with him.”

Graham said she was hoping other officers would show up to deescalate the situation. Unfortunately, Graham, like many Americans, subscribed to the “few bad apple” theories about police – that they are mostly helpful, kind, protectors, with the exception of a few rare brutes. Time and time again, police have proven that this is not the case. There are plenty of bad apples, and as the full saying goes – “a few bad apples spoil the bunch.”

More about this story here and here.

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  1. I am not commenting directly about this (yet another…) disgusting story about cops. I am commenting because I want to point out to all those “optimists” who think we’re at the “tipping point of freedom” that these stories in the “maggot” section are barely commented upon. To me that speaks volumes. People only want to talk about nice things and hope, but facing reality (that is, “we” are completely fucked) is too uncomfortable to talk about so let’s all just only have discussions in the “nice” section of this website.

    God damned sheep. These “maggot” articles only reflect a fraction of the “real” law enforcement, right? ….WAKE THE FUCK UP!

    • People like Eric spend their time writing articles, maintaining a website that gets slammed with bullshit spam and attracts the attention of douchebag snitches…and yet the only lengthy discussions are in the other parts of the website?

      Much respect to those who have been voicing their opinions in the “maggot” section but I’m calling it like I see em’ and those who sit by and vent their opinions in the other parts of the site, while trying to ignore this other part, are a bunch of pussy hypocrites. You don’t love freedom, you just love that which fits into your bubble of reality. Sheep. God forbid should you open your eyes all the way to how this world works.

      • Jacob,

        I’m a professional writer; it’s what I do. I use the skill I have to broadcast information. I’m not ineffective at this.

        What would you have me do? Go on the physical offensive? Suicidal – and pointless.

        The strategic battle is one of ideas. The subsequent physical battle – if it’s even necessary – will be a tactical mopping up operation.

      • Dear Jacob,

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but your complaint isn’t against Eric, it’s against the posters here who stay in their comfort zones, posting about cars, motorcycles, maybe a bit about mainstream politics, but aren’t agitated or radicalized about recent events?

        I agree that I’d like to see more posts that challenge the Statist Quo, but it’s up to me to make that happen, Libertarians shouldn’t bully each other to get their way should they?

        Upside Down Flag – America In Distress

        It is a very small number, those who are awake, and have paid full freight to become awake. A large part of Eric’s audience, are just people who don’t owe anything to anybody, and merely want to be left alone and no longer leached off of.

        The last thing I would recommend is demanding everyone adopt the same strategies as a Free State Project 20 year old with no other possession than a few changes of clothes, a bong, and some vintage Van Halen CDs to his name.

        My experience is that spontaneous order needs many different phyles to work its magic. I’ve carved out niches deep in the inner city statist ghetto and off the beaten track, unincorporated barely habitable land out in the middle of nowhere.

        It is no cost, to read everyone’s articles and videos that are posted on the internet for free, authorized or unauthorized. My newest revelation, is often times if you become awake without your own money and skin in the game, it encourages you to overstep your place.

        Even though I may run logical circles around a Heart Surgeon who loves Ron Paul, to be fair, there is no Ron Paul if someone doesn’t pay the freight so he can eat and live a decent life. There is no free lunch.

        Much of my learning has been done with free media. I am a prime example of someone likely to “overstep.” I embrace it, and feel that as a Left Libertarian who disrespects some aspects of property for his own freedom, it’s acceptable as long as I bring something of value to the table.

        Libertarian National Radical Campaign Committee
        Cultivate disrespect for evil laws, and overgrow the government. Gary Johnson supports this initiative.

        Nassim Nicholas Taleb
        A good man is warm and respectful towards the waiter or people of lower rank. A better man does so if they are not from his ethnicity. The best man is both nice to the lower rank and arrogant with the powerful. The converse (at three levels) is true for the half man.

  2. Eric, I wanted to submit this as a guest post but I don’t know how to go about it.

    I’ve been listening to the first half of the 5th June Mike Harris show on Rense Radio when he interviewed Jim Dean from Veterans Today. Jim made an important request to all American listeners during the show.

    Now most people know that a lot of money is being given to Israel but the true cost to the American taxpayer is far greater than that. There’s hidden funding which bypasses Congress. For example, American taxpayers have been funding massive construction works for Israel’s benefit and these costs have been hidden from public view.

    Jim Dean is asking Americans to write to their Senator or Congressman, demanding to be given information on the money that has gone to Israel plus details of all the hidden projects in Israel that the American taxpayer has funded.

    I’ve posted a transcript of the relevant parts of the show at:

    Feel free to spread the message.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Not just aid to Israel but all “aid” – that is, transfer payments extorted at gunpoint – must be ended. That means to individuals as well as foreign governments.

      No one – no group, no country – has the moral right to take the property of another for their benefit, or to benefit someone else.

      That’s the issue here.

      Not merely “aid” to Israel.

  3. Audio of Megan Graham calling a 911 dispatcher for relief from Assault & Battery By Cop, in a small town south of Seattle WA.

    Megan Graham, is a 36 year old Washington woman who suffers from cognitive and hearing disabilities. She reckons this has a lot to do with why she ended up being beaten to a pulp by cops after being seen talking talking on her cellphone in a stationary vehicle.

    Approached by police officer Justin Antholt, Megan Graham proceeded to plead that she had come to take her dog to a friend’s apartment (thus necessitating the use of her cell phone) and as a sign of good faith went on to invite police officer Justin Antholt to join her to see for himself. Instead of joining her, Antholt went on to demand that Megan Graham get back in her vehicle as he sought to pull up her Eye of Sauron Police State Dossier.

    Because Megan Graham has a cognitive and hearing impairment she misunderstood the directive over the din of the police officer’s running cruiser. Antholt then ”lunged and grabbed her wrist,” leading her to believe she was being attacked. Attempting to explain her disabilities to Antholt, Graham eventually relented insisting instead that he call back up so she could explain what really had gone on. From there Graham went on to call 911 in the hopes that “other officers would show up to listen and deescalate the situation.”

    Eventually another officer did indeed show up, but not to defuse the situation as Graham had hoped but rather to contain her and arrest her. Meghan Graham, goes on to tell whilst being contained, fellow officer, Ashley Crispin, went on to punch her several times in the face. Outrageous stuff indeed.

    Graham has since offered that she wasn’t resisting, but was merely trying to flip over when the officer put weight on her injured hip.

    The police, meanwhile, have a different Pigs Eye View version of events.

    According to Officer Antholt’s report, Graham “bladed her feet and balled her fists in a fighter’s stance” before attempting to strike Officer Crispin, causing him to respond “with closed fist strikes to Graham’s face” in order to bring her down.

    Causing him to respond with a closed fist? Hmm that sounds a bit suspect. Federal Way police say they are reviewing the incident.

    Meanwhile Graham’s felony assault charge still stands. She is due in court on June 10th at 9 AM.

    – – – –
    Nikola Tesla Quote

    The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

    • When is someone finally going to open up with full automatic fire and dispatch these fuckers to their just desserts? I’m sick and tired of hearing about these bastards doing this over and over again.

      • “When is someone finally going to open up with full automatic fire”

        Well, I don’t have any full automatic stuff. Those who have that kind of thing are likely to be on the side of “these fuckers”. I could only guess at an answer for you. My guess then would be ‘never’.


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