2020 Toyota Tundra Rant

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Here’s something not-Corona! A look at the 2020 Toyota Tundra – and some reasons why it might be worth having a look at. Assuming any of us still have jobs a month from now.

No direct-injected, ASS-addled engine. No eight or nine or ten speed transmission. Just a truck, in all the right ways.

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  1. Hey Eric? Just curious: What are the frames like on these Tundras? I have zero experience with modern Jap trucks- but I know years ago, if you compared the frame rails on the Jap trucks to those of the ‘Mercan trucks, the Japs looked like bed frames by comparison. How do these Tundra’s frames compare, to say an F150?

  2. Hi Eric, I love my 2012 Tundra without all the BS their putting in vehicles. Not sure how Toyota is still doing this considering the café mandate? I guess the puss they sell to clovers makes up the difference?

  3. Nice truck! If only it had a real 8′ bed….it’d be perfect! Glad that at least Toyota still has some sense though!

  4. Wow, so excited to see your review on this beast, especially as it’s a Pro.

    I’m curious how it compares to the 5th gen Ram, as I got a Rebel with a 5.7 (non-hybrid, so no ASS). You wouldn’t mind making a slight comparison would you?

    Have a great day now, Eric!


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