Live From Corona Country, Part 14

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Here’s the latest “on the street” from my part of Corona’d America, in SW Virginia. Lots of people out – which is good. Most businesses still closed – which is awful. If you still believe in free association. Unfortunately, many Americans no longer seem to.

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  1. eric, I just came across this quote that sums the situation up fairly well, at least, to me.

    “To blindly trust government is to automatically vest it with excessive power. To distrust government is simply to trust humanity – to trust in the ability of average people to peacefully, productively coexist without some official policing their every move. The State is merely another human institution – less creative than Microsoft, less reliable than Federal Express, less responsible than the average farmer husbanding his land, and less prudent than the average citizen spending his own paycheck.”
    — James Bovard

  2. I was impressed last night when watching Greg Hunter and Catherine Austin Fitts. I thought they would be going with this fake virus but they didn’t! Catherine actually called it a Plandemic. Greg mentioned the hospital ship had only three patients.
    Of course there were many commenters that chastised them for not ‘believing’. It has become a patriotic thing, ya know, worshiping government. Of course worshiping God at church is now illegal. Catherine mentioned how the business saving ‘loans’ work…. The banks get a 5% fee and 5.5% interest. Of course the corporations get 0% ‘loans’.
    Twenty years ago they could not get away with this horse hockey as the early boomers and X’ers were still the primary generations,,, the last generations to have a small taste of freedom. The youngest generations today,,, Millennials, etc have been totally brainwashed. There is no hope for them. Government zombies.
    Watching a Hopalong Cassidy movie the other day,,,(yes, I am a Hopalong fan),,, “Heart of Arizona” a young boy approximately 14 years old was armed and he actually shot a bad guy. No,,, no one screaming in terror that a ‘child had a gun’, no mention of intensive required training, no mention of a 21 year old requirement and I never saw a gun safe. They actually praised ‘the child’ for becoming a man taking responsibility. Sadly there are so few men these days. Today’s boys are drugged up while in school (Ritalin) and treated as second class, no,,,third class citizens by the army of feminazis called teachers. And we pay for it…. lol.
    I watch these old movies as they are a light into our past and show the freedoms we have given up to be taken care of by the nanny State and its control freaks. They show real men and real women. Even the women were armed! (kind of scary) No mention of Washington or government even once in the movie. They did have a Sheriff but he actually was interested in getting bad guys rather than doughnuts and hut hut hut.

    Well,,, another day of government imposed confinement in the land of the free 🙁

    • Remember how the “normies” laughed at everyone who talked about government power expansion through a pandemic? Can’t happen here. Paranoid tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. Now it is happening and so far only a matter of degree off but slowly getting there and those people who laughed and ridiculed others now simply accept it. It’s a good thing. Have to go along.. If you told these people this would happen six months ago they would have ridiculed you but now they go along willingly. People are so easily manipulated.

      • What bothers me is we’re coming into hurricane season. They have always tried to get everyone to evacuate ‘for their safety’ but few did. Well if government can force you INTO your home they now have the precedent to force you OUT of your home,,, for your safety, of course. Boy, are we screwed.

    • Hi Ken, I loved watching Hopalong Cassidy when I was a kid, also The Lone Ranger, Sky King, Zorro, and a few others I can’t remember at the moment. The other day when I went to get groceries I wore a bandanna over my face so as not to freak out the locals for daring to go into a store with my bare face hanging out. Was kind of fun, reminded me of being 10 years old and playing “cowboys and Indians” and “cops and robbers” with my friends. Of course that was pre video game days, very un-pc, and loads of fun running around outdoors with our cap guns. Nowadays the cops ARE robbers and anyone with a cap gun (do they still exist?) would be shot on sight after the nannies called down a swat team on them.
      Sigh…. what a great childhood we had, gone forever, never to be experienced by future generations.

  3. Great news amidst the madness — the kids are out of school. I can’t believe it, I never thought I’d see the day. SO HAPPY for the children — not being subjected to rotten brainwashing and braintraining everyday, and the nonstop LIEnce they’re told to believe. Aaaaand… as long as the kids aren’t in school, there’s no need for the poison injections, so I hope this will prevent the poor kids from having to get their poor bodies blasted with toxic poisons so this whole fiasco could save some of them from a lifetime of horrible health problems. Hope the kids NEVER go back to the public screwls which are a vampire on the taxpayers and a waste of the kids’ childhoods/time.

    Remember when ONE snow day had to be “made up” for? The kids couldn’t miss ONE single day of the school year. How insane is that? Now, with this madness going on, what are they all going to do now? LOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • and there lies the best way this whole thing could backfire. The children have been released. Sadly I don’t think many of them will be using this to learn on their own. If they do it could be the spark we need.

  4. Worked outside last Friday. Beautiful day too, perfect day to get that special vehicle out. Saw a ton of classic cars, a few exotics and lots of noisy motorcycles going by. Was kind of fun actually to see them go by. Glad those folks decided to ignore the order and went out.

    I think heroes are doing few traffic stops, as they fear getting the virus from a motorist. Seems like heroes are actually getting it at rates higher than the general public, hmmmmm. Especially big city cops like Detroit, where a few hundred have it.

    Hoping this will be largely over by May, but there seems to be folks that will insist on ruining the summer. School is out until next fall here in Indiana. Friends that are teachers are trying to do online, but that is hard, as quite a few of the high school students have taken on full time jobs!!! Imagine that!

    • Also, Forgot to put this in the first post. Two local hospitals are ghost towns. One has tents outside for virus testing, but the few nurses there were sitting around.

      They must love not having to deal with visitors. Parking garages are nearly empty.