Live From Corona Country VII

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Here’s the latest live report from my part of Corona Country, SW Virginia – where the bodies aren’t stacking up like cordwood but the government is stacking us up like cordwood.

At home.

Word is the Coonman – the governor of the state – is going to issue a fuhrerbefehl later today ordering mass house arrest; i.e., “shelter in place.”

I, for my part, will not comply.

I fear the government far more than the chance I might get sick. In any event, let them come. Hut! Hut! Hut!

I don’t wanted to get Hut! Hut! Hutted! But I want my life more. And it is no longer a life when you can’t live. 90-year-old people on ventilators are alive. I’d rather be be dead.

Being told you can’t work, go out –  do anything except obey whatever the government decrees.

This isn’t life. Including all of our lives. Do you want to live like a prisoner? Because you might get sick? Because someone else might? Something like 50,000 Americans were killed by the government – via Vietnam – and hundreds of thousands mauled for life, physically and psychologically. But the country wasn’t turned into a prison on account of it.

Speaking of Vietnam. Americans in the ’60s and ’70s had the balls to protest that war – the destruction of tens of thousands of lives, by the government. Some stood up to guns, even – and risked their lives for the sake of something more important.

Will this generation of Americans rise to the occasion? To protest this war – against them?

Or is submit and obey – and fetishization of saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety – so hard-wired now that the Corona Cattle would never think of batting an angry eye at the rancher as they shuffle down the chute to be made into hamburger?

And they ask me why I drink.

. . .

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  1. Just wait til the internet goes “down” then the it will hit the fan. No garbage to entertain. Boredom will dominate. Then martial law til it all comes tumbling down. I still need some 5.56, as I mentioned earlier in another post if anyone has some they can spare.

  2. Someone please tell me this will be over soon. I can’t buy any >= 50-roll boxes of TP on Amazon — supposedly all sold out, but I guess they have some 10-roll packs but not sure. Why isn’t the president making special arrangements for basic supplies like TP and also food too? Oh, that’s right — he doesn’t give a crap about the people who live in this country, ohhhh silly me. So much for the pres helping the “economy” etc, lol, I wonder what ppl think of him now. Even the trumptards won’t want to vote for him again. I wish the ppl would vote for themselves, unite, organize, and take over, because crazy monkeys are driving the ship. BTW, there’s no civics groups in entire state of OR apparently. Also no real republican party groups either. Not sure about democrat groups either, maybe a few webpages for a few counties, but seems pretty meager. But there’s meetup groups everywhere.

    Where is all this going anyway? I can’t figure it out. Maybe just nowhere.

    People from other planets/galaxies (space aliens) have been visiting Earth for ohhhh, IDK, at least many centuries probably. Yet, no viruses or other cooties spread from THEM. Yet we’re worried about something supposedly from China. Riiiiiiight.

  3. To be honest, I am pretty sure I had (and have recovered from) the corona virus, back starting at Christmas time and lasting until the beginning of February. It was never diagnosed of course, because nobody was looking for it, let alone testing for it. This all started WAY earlier than any government (or health organization) will ever admit too. They are lying to us big time!

    Flu A nope, Flu B nope, bronchitis or pneumonia probably not. I had it. I had most of the symptoms of it. I was sick a good month, just not getting better. The cough lasted nearly 6 weeks!

    There is something very fishy about this whole thing.

    • My brother and his group of co-workers claim they got it during Mardi Gras. His boss is in his early 70s and was out of work for a while. Why isn’t he dead?

    • Hi Rich,

      I think I had the same; also one of my friends. We talked about it the other day. Same timeline. This past fall, late November/early December. Not the flu – because no fever – but an extremely deep respiratory infection. I am very fit – a regular, almost daily runner and have never smoked. My lungs sounded like those of a tubercular Marlboro Man… for weeks. I had a crackling/gurgling sound emanating from deep down. So did my friend Tim – the mechanic I mention sometimes. Took weeks to clear; but neither of us were ever bed sick and neither of us ever saw a quack.

      • Likewise my son had such. I may have, since I became sick shortly after he did. My lungs tried to fill up, and I had difficulty expectorating any of it. Immediately upon the first symptom, I took a double dose of zinc, a double dose of vitamin D, and sipped colloidal Silver, which I make, all day. Did that for a couple of days, and symptoms subsided somewhat. Lungs cleared up in about 5 days, and was symptom free in 2 weeks.

    • Funny- I hardly ever get sick….but I had something too, a few months back- Sore throat (Haven’t had one’a them in AGES!); tons of phlegm (Which took me WEEKs to finally get rid of)….even stayed in bed the better part of one day…which is something I don’t even remember when I had done prior to that; even coughing (again, very rare for me). I don’t remember having anything even close to those symptons, all at the same time, since I was a kid. I don’t remember dying though…so I guess it couldn’t have been the dreaded Corona!

    • I hadn’t made the connection, and frankly there might not be one, but I had a horrible cough in January that lasted 3 or 4 weeks. I chalked it up to allergy, though allergies are not normally a problem for me at that time of year. I increased my vitamin D intake from 5,000 units a day to 10,000 and eventually the cough subsided. After reading Bill Sardi’s columns about the importance of D in fighting Covid-19 and seeing the comments from you guys, I am wondering if it might have been the virus.

      • Hi Mike,

        Yup. And – though these stories are personal/anecdotal – if we all did have it, then it suggests lots of people have already had it. The population of “cases” may be huge. But the number of deaths not high enough to set off any alarms. Just another flu season. Now – all of a sudden – every respiratory death is neon-backlit.

        It all reeks.

  4. Productive members of Virginia in prison until June? Could be a bright side, ala “Atlas Shrugged”. Tax collections go to close to nil, much fewer “stand and deliver” roadside robberies, kids getting a decent education at home, people cooking their own food at home, time to grow a garden. And at some point, more people may think “what the hell was I paying for anyway?”.

  5. Eric

    A headline on Zerohedge:
    Virginians Ordered To “Stay At Home” Until June 10, New Jersey COVID-19 Cases Jump By 3,000 In A Day, Italy Extends Lockdown By 1 Week:

    2 more months of this moronic stupidity! So it appears they are for certain gonna kill the economy for political reasons. Oh well,,, a poll shows 80% approve. We’ll see,,, when the fat lady sings….

    If you want good info on the accuracy of their ‘tests’

  6. RE Vietnam protests: is anyone aware of a planned event(s) to protest the lockdowns?
    I would join here in Wenatchee WA but protesting by myself is useless
    Hope all and the whole family is well

    • Protest the lockdown? Over 80% approve according to a poll. NY Gov Cuomo is now a hero for imprisoning everyone. Might be our next El Presidenti…….


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