Live From Corona Land IV

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Well, the Corona Cringers have succeeded in shutting down my coffee shop, probably destroying my coffee shop. Some virtue signaling ferret apparently called to “express concern” about patrons coming and going. So there goes my coffee shop – and the jobs of about eight people, who are about to join the ranks of the needlessly unemployed.

Now I need a Corona…

I am going to try to find another place to work that has got the balls to stay open.

. . .

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  1. This is the great consolidation of wealth. The crony corporations will be on top and most everyone else who doesn’t manage to successfully change the way they do business will be wiped out or bought out.

  2. The Sociopaths In Charge have created a monster. While forbidding commerce, they have just created 2 trillion dollars out of thin air. That same legislation authorizes more of the same, up to 6 trillion. I wonder how exactly they are going to hide that much inflation. I fear we are about to witness the complete failure of economies around the world. It was of course inevitable, and C-virus, likely by design, has given cover for it. Unfortunately, the sheeple will likely accept the lie, and absolve their masters of blame, as they struggle to survive. Free money buys a lot of delusion. The west especially has been living far beyond its means for a long, long time. Lifestyle financed by debt, both public and private, which have reached their debt limit. There are two industries that totally rely on debt. Real estate, and unfortunately for Eric, auto sales. I suspect they will both be totaled out.

    • Hi JWK,

      You’re right, I suspect, about the car industry – which, as you say, is built on a mountain of unsupportable debt. I’ve marveled for years that it could continue. I’m more solvent than most – in that I’m not weighed down by enormous debt – but I would never consider buying a new car because it’s just too damned expensive (leaving aside the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety crap). Not just the car, either. The insurance and taxes and so on. Even a modest new car, like a Corolla, amounts to a financial commitment on the order of twice its purchase price over a span of say ten years. So about $40,000 ($20k for the car then another $20k in insurance and taxes). That is a lot of money for most people. Now times it times the three or four cars a person generally owns over the course of their lifetime. If it’s times three, that’s $120k out the window… for cars. It’s not sustainable.

      I do not celebrate the impending destruction of the car business – nor anyone’s business – because I’m merely grouchy, not sociopathic. But the one good thing that may come out of all of this is the return of new cars that are priced within people’s means, which would mean new cars without turbocharged and direct-injected engines and ten speed transmissions and a 757-esque array of screens and such. Something solid and simple like we used t have – with a few sensible modern upgrades, such as basic fuel injection. I’d cheer that.

      • Spot-on, on all counts, Eric and JWK! If only all of those around us in the general public had such sense! (But if they did, things would never have gotten to this point to begin with…).

  3. I suppose our “friendly neighbors” will start ratting us out for “staying up past our bedtime” when/if TPTB decide to enforce a “lights out” law. Of course, it’ll be touted as “more sleep = better health”. So remember kiddies: be healthy, or the big, mean, scary officer will put a bullet in your head!

    P.S.: These dildos are not “cringing in fear”, but are actually enjoying solitary confinement…er, “sheltering in place”. After all, we have the technology to do damn near everything from home. How “con-venient”!

  4. I long ago reached the conclusion that much of the co enforcement of tyrannical edicts is done by folks who are severely frustrated that they aren’t free. They don’t realize the source of their frustration, and just lash out any way they can. In the case of the tattle tails, expressing their false sense of freedom through their expression of power over others. All higher animals desire freedom, and lose their sanity if they don’t get it.

    A further note. Watching Steve Lehto on Youtube today, the gestapo can’t stop you while you are driving to check where you are going. They have to have probable cause just like any other time. Of course that doesn’t always stop them. So just don’t answer any questions until they give up.

    • That is the result of envy, which western society is infested with. Add the effeminization of men to the equation and this is what we get. Ordering others around is the only way they can feel masculine.

      • This also explains why the pigs are now oh so trigger happy, literally. Won’t be long ’till we start hearing about kids being, as Eric puts it, “hut-hut-hutted” for throwing, say, a teddy bear at one of them. “But, some of the stuffing could’ve went into my mouth and caused me to choke to death. I feared for my life!” lol

  5. Guys,

    I just engaged in an act of civil disobedience. We had a nice day up here, so I went to the local school ball fields and flew my kite! I wasn’t the only person down at the ball fields, either. There was a group of teenage boys playing soccer, I think; they were too far away to tell. There was also a father with his son and dog. The father and son were tossing a football, while his lab was running around with a ball. No one called the cops, either. The cops drove by the field twice, but they never stopped. It was a small, but hopeful sign…

  6. That sucks Eric, gotdamn busybodies are the cause of 99% of all our problems! How did you sitting on the porch of that coffee shop in any way affect them?! The East German Stasi mentality has taken over in the USSA, probably due to the constant indoctrination of “see something say something” everywhere you look. Have to remember to check for any commies under my bed tonight.

  7. Also, couldn’t this whole thing be solved by just asking everyone to wear a paper or cloth mask when they go out in public for a few weeks?

    Seriously, why can’t we print up and distribute 10’s of M of paper surgical masks, and just wear them in public. That way infected and uninfected can be around each other with greatly reduced chance of spread. It’s not perfect (nothing is), but it would effectively reduce the “R0” to near or below 1, would it not? Isn’t that why Japan isn’t have these kinds of virus explosions, they all wear masks in public?

    • “Isn’t that why Japan isn’t have these kinds of virus explosions, they all wear masks in public?”

      It is a cultural norm there to wear a mask if you have a cold or flu.

      As for them not having big infection numbers, that could also just be face saving which is another cultural norm. AKA lying about shit. Remember Fukushima? In hindsight, the officials were lying about everything.

  8. Where is the constitutional authority for state governors to close private businesses? Where is the authority to decide what is “essential” to commerce?

    Preventing commerce, at the end of the day, is the same as preventing life itself. In essence, they are juggling with death. Death from C-virus or death from poverty. What’s the difference?

    • There is no such authority; they arrogated it and no one will dare challenge it. Social media and cancel culture ensure that no lawyer will step up to the task and no judge will entertain such a challenge. Try it and your efforts will result in judicial precedent enshrining and exigent circumstances exception to the First Amendment. People seriously believe what is going on is necessary, appropriate, and temporary. It’s none of those things, but good luck convincing anyone otherwise, less you be forever fat-shamed as a covidiot.

      • This is my fear. There is absolutely no authority at the state or even Federal level to order commerce to cease and business to close. They simply made this up in a blind panic.

        This is similar to WW2 where the Japanese Americans were rounded up and herded into camps, “just because.” Now we recognize that was a moral atrocity and violation of Constitutional Rights. But only in hindsight.

        Now “shutdown orders” are enshrined precedent and we can expect “cower in place” orders whenever anything bad happens, even a snowstorm or tornado.

        We’ve just lost what little remained of our liberties without anyone firing a shot. And the idiots are lined up to buy guns…but for what? We’ve lost our rights without any fight whatsoever.

        • Also, whenever a vaccine does get developed, be prepared for it to become completely 100% mandatory on pain of fines/imprisonment. Establishing that the gov owns our bodies as well as our livelihoods and freedom of movement.

          • Hi Mike,

            Yup; and it won’t b just that vaccine. It will be other vaccines, too. The principle having been set it will be expanded. They can come get me. More weight.

            • Hey Eric,

              Funny too, how just within the last year or two, many states have recently abolished laws that allowed parents to opt their children out of vaccines for religious/philosophical reasons; and even tightened the criteria for medical exemptions…..

              Mighty convenient (for “them” of course…not us…)

          • They had already established ownership of our bodies and freedoms. The current situation just erases any last shreds of doubt.

        • The Japanese Americans were only part of it! You forgot how gov’t took over industry, and told ’em what to build. GM couldn’t build cars, and neither could Ford. GM built trucks and airplanes, while Ford built bombers and Jeeps. The gov’t also told us what we could and couldn’t buy, e.g. gas rationing. WWII opened the door for a lot of this.

          • Exactly! One thing always leads to another, and…here we are. Now TPTB is once again demanding GM et al to convert to manufacturing ventilators and such for yet another war: the “War on Disease”.

  9. While it is very likely the virus is not that bad, what we really have to be concerned about is the panic, especially as induced by evil party governors and sundry status quo hacks. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the worse (not bad, but worse) guys are doing this all as a go for broke effort to take the country and the “deplorables” down to get rid of Trump. I see the guy playing a very high stakes game against a bunch of crooks who play for keeps. YMMV. I’m not sure who they think will vote for Quid Pro Joe, he of the advanced senile dementia, but I’m sure they can get a figurehead to stand in and can dismiss his criminal record as just politics.

    What I’m personally doing is lay low, get some stuff done which I usually don’t have time for. Go to town on a regular basis for supplies and to watch how things unfold. They can’t keep this up forever, and it is very likely over in a couple of weeks. My family is always prepared for a couple of months- live in a rural small town, couple months essentials on hand is just a way of life. Keep the fleet full of gas and diesel.

    And of course, it is advisable to always go armed. With a panicky mob around it is just the only prudent way.

      • Different here in a very small town. I just had a flat tire from the tractor repaired. All transactions are now handled in the parking lot, drop wheel, step back 6 feet, let tech pick it up. Nobody is allowed into the showroom.

        They called to let me know it was done and when I asked what the bill was, “$30, cash only”.

        Went to pick it up and it was sitting against the wall outside the office. Big sign on door “DO NOT ENTER! Wait, we will come to you”. Girl came out to get the payment and apologized (no need, I use cash) that they were not using debit because they did not want people in the showroom or touching the debit machine.

        Of course when I went to get gas, everybody was using the debit at the pump and handling the filler. How long until self-serve is outlawed “for safety”?

        • I actually prefer it like this. It’s the one good thing to come of all this BS so far….. I took my dog to the vet T’other day, and we got to wait in the truck until it was our turn. I don’t know what this accomplished in terms of “saaaaaafety”: to anyone, as we then went inside where many other people had already been, and were in close proximity to the vet and assistant and receptionists, etc. -but I was glad to wait in the truck none-the-less.

          • Yup. More “safety theater”, just like the TSA molesters.

            I am being very careful as I do think this thing is a fairly big threat but the safety protocols set out by governments are haphazard and seem pointless in many cases.

            Can’t go into the fast food places but drive through is open and I really doubt they are cleaning the debit pad they hand out the window to every customer. Even if they are, the window teller is handling it when handed back by the customer. Then passing food to the next in line. The gas pump debit I mentioned above. The grocery store here is not dousing the till conveyor in alcohol so if one person contaminates it, everything toughing it after is at risk of transfer.

            Worst, I see people going into Walmart with four young kids in tow. If there was a serious effort to curb the spread, they would leave the filthy, touch everything, booger rats at home.

    • Yep! Here, dentists offices had to close….but the liquor stores can stay open.

      In CA. marijuana dispensaries were ruled essential.

      In NYC, the rolling petri dishes known as the subways are still running (I used to get sick at least once a year when I lived in NYC!)

    • Hey Swamp,

      The reason liquor stores are deemed essential is that the PTB understand that there are still some lines that, if crossed, will cause push-back. They don’t know exactly where those lines are, but use each crisis to push the boundaries a little more, to find out. My guess is that they’re afraid that closing liquor stores for the foreseeable future may cross that line this time.



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