Don’t Be a Corona Cringer!

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Life is still relatively normal here in the Woods of SW Virginia; traffic is lighter but people are about and out. I encourage everyone to not Corona Cringe – and self-arrest. Live your life; go out – do business.

Do what you can to prevent the destruction of America on the basis of what very well could prove to be hugely exaggerated worst case scenarios that are being used to create a worst-case scenario!

If we can hold the line for another week or two – if we don’t give in t the hysteria – this can still be salvaged.

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  1. Get ready. This summer is going to be the garage sale of the century.
    No savings, no paycheck survivors are going to be selling everything not nailed down.
    Economic troubles don’t destroy wealth (real stuff), it just leaves weak hands.
    And if this virus does turn out to be the real deal, skill-challenged millennials will be unloading a lot of grampa’s tools.
    I’m gonna need a Schadenfreude vaccine.
    If you’re in Michigan:

  2. We haven’t suffered any edict here in MO so far. I’m somewhat of a recluse to begin with, so I wouldn’t be personally affected much. Typically go out about once a week. Went out yesterday. Most all the stores were open, but traffic was quite light for a Saturday morning. Since the Clovers are the most fearful, and hiding at home, driving was indeed a pleasure. People in the store, a typical crowd, were most respectfully keeping their distance from each other, as much as possible. Very few wearing masks. Lots of bare space on the shelves, and of course no TP. Apparently still a lot of folks focused on their ass hole. If we get an edict, I will make it a point to go out daily. If an AGW tries to stop me in my MX5, I may give him a tour of the county on two lane blacktop. I will not comply.

  3. Unfortunately the hysteria is going to win out. The ease with which the government was able to tell people what to do, hook, line, and sinker, is disturbing. Their decisions which will impact the economy are going to end up doing way more damage than any virus.

    I see visions of “Quarantine Macht Frei”.

    First they came for the “infected.” Then they came for the safe-vaxxers/anti-vaxxers. Then … “Never again,” right.

    • Hi 37,

      I was heartened yesterday by all the people out and about – including people in places like CA, even – where Reichsminister Newsome had ordered them not to. Not everyone is flipping out. My coffee shop remains open. I am going there again today, goddamn it. And I urge everyone else to do similar. Go out. Live. Do not let these SOBs take away your life.

  4. Today at the store I work at, we finally got some toilet paper and paper towels in – or maybe I just got to see it for once, since I had an earlier shift than usual today.

    Nearly every customer had at least one of the two. Despite the one-packager-per-customer limit (regardless of package size), and my getting my first break unusually early in the shift, my brand was gone by the time I was able to buy any, and all that was left on the shelf was a few small packs (~4 rolls). I did manage to score a larger pack in a brand I don’t usually get, just because someone tried to buy more of them than they were allowed and the extra package hadn’t been put back on the shelf yet when I went to break. Don’t know if that’s cheating or if I’m going to get in trouble, but now I should be set for TP until the panic buying dies down.

    Later, I was told by a coworker that we had more of certain high-demand items (mainly TP) in the stockroom, but were only packing out a limited amount per day because people were stealing stuff.

    Meanwhile, in a rival grocery store on the other side of town, people are straight-up stealing hand sanitizer (put there by the store for the cashiers to use) off the checkstands.

    Rubbing alcohol and (as far as I know) bar soap are both still pretty hard to come by.

    I don’t even want to know how crazy things would get if this was actually a virus apocalypse and not an overhyped case of the sniffles. If the conspiracy theorists are right and this is a test run of sorts so the elites can see what they can get by causing a panic, then we’ve all failed the test miserably.

  5. This is probably the biggest con in world history. Went for a ride on my bike. Nice and cool. Light traffic due to the believers. Put a mask on my helmet,,, got some laughs. Yes, I wear a helmet even though their not required in Florida. Like Eric says,,, It’s my personal decision, not my caretaker government. During my small racing career I found them helpful,,, several times. 🙂

  6. Took the wife and kids to hike some trails today, followed by some take-out from the local BBQ joint. We actually enjoyed taking the food home instead of dining in. If it wasn’t getting so chilly out by then, we would have looked for a outside pocknic area to sit and eat.

  7. Hey Eric,

    Yep, I go out everyday. I was hitting my local brewpub each afternoon until the NM decider decided that said pub could no longer serve those immune to the hysteria.

    Anyway, yesterday I went out for supplies (mesquite and hickory) for a marathon “swelter in place” smoke fest. Prepped my homemade smoker, simple rub for the pork shoulder and, a first for me, decided to make some pastrami (smoked corned beef). Smoking involves a lot of down time, so I added another new one to the day; decided to make some keto friendly peanut butter cups. PB cups were an afterthought and I’d already got the wood and charcoal at the local Mercado (Mexicans God bless em’, seem to be mostly immune to Coronapanic). After putting the meat in the smoker, went out again to get some 85% cacao chocolate and natural peanut butter for my PB cup experiment. I had to go to three gringo markets to find what I needed (white folks here are proving to be far more hysterical than Mexicans).

    Well, while seeking down the last jar of peanut butter in SF, I passed by the best Mexican food truck in town and what I saw put a smile on my face and gave me hope. The place was packed, at least thirty people, standing together and chatting, waiting for the best damn breakfast burritos in the state. Of course, most of them were Mexicans, but there were a few gringos as well. No masks, no fear and a total disregard for the inane 6 foot rule. It got me thinking, Mexicans, at least here in SF, display an admirable lack of concern for the “law”. They seem far closer to the spirit of freedom that was once considered a defining American trait.

    Along those lines, a couple years ago I bought a nice pork belly form Whole Foods (White Folks) Market. I told the guy at the counter that I was going to brine it and then cold smoke it (make bacon). I asked him if I could bring it back and have them slice it when it was done. “Sure, no problem” he said. Well, when I did, it was a problem, “we can’t do that!”, another counter guy said with incredulity, “it’s against the law, and unsafe”. Annoyed, and without a slicer, I thought to myself, a Mexican will do this for me. Sure enough, went to a local carniceria and asked that counter guy, “sure”, he said. “How much?”, I said, “a dollar?” he asked. When he was done, I pulled off over a pound and gave it to him, which he greatly appreciated.


  8. Went to my local motorcycle shop today. Traffic was very very light. I came to the counter with a armfull of parts and the owner raised his eyebrows. I told him I am buying all the accessories for another bike I recently bought in a different state (way way away), from him instead of off the internet. And I will just ship everything out there when needed. He was very appreciative.
    I would have bought the bike from him too cause his dealership is awesome, and he really takes great care of his good customers, but he didn’t have the one I wanted, couldn’t get it, let alone the huge shipping cost was over-the-top, but I tried.

  9. Hi Eric, I make it a point to go out every day, even if the weather sucks, just to make the point I will not be a prisoner. Sadly there’s not a lot of places I would normally go to that are open due to the idiotic shutdown order by or governor….. and just what gives him the authority to do that? Where’s the ACLU when you need them? As if that wasn’t bad enough the pussies here are practically begging for a complete “lockdown”; guess they’re not familiar with the phrase “be careful what you wish for”. Ugh! So far ONE 86 year old guy has died from CV, and he was sick anyway. Just for chuckles I checked the obituary section of the local paper and there were about 40 deaths listed, which is just for the local area. So projecting that statewide there must be several hundred deaths every day because, you know, everybody dies someday. Yeah, one guy (who was probably close to death’s door anyway) out of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who die because it’s their time is cause for hair on fire hysteria just stinks on ice.


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