Corona Coincidence?

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What to make of what is going on – which is going very fast in a very ugly direction?

It’s all too convenient. Two weeks ago, Orange Man seemed and probably was electorally invincible. Nothing his NPC opponents tried worked. The Orange Man ridiculed them, publicly, in his Orange Man way – leaving them bug-eyed with exasperation. One is reminded of people in the ’30s who could only refer to FDR as that man in between gasps of hate.

The “climate crisis” wasn’t selling, chiefly on account of lack of evidence, the lack made up for by an abundance of emotional rhetoric. Its purveyors had been reduced to desperation tactics such as shoving an emotionally damaged teenaged girl on stage whom they figured (correctly) few would openly criticize because she is a damaged teenage girl. But refraining from openly challenging a challenged little girl is not the same as believing what she says.

There there, sweetheart; it’ll all be okay.

The EV thing – which was tied to the climate thing – was about to topple like a Jenga tower due to the end of federal subsidies that had accounted for almost all EV “sales” so far – and because of the supply of inexpensive gas, something else the Orange Man caused to be.

Fold into this a growing public comprehension of the limitations of EVs and the massive commitment of the entire car industry to the manufacture of EVs, with the realization that the money spent would never be recouped.

It is doubtful that the government could have gotten away with bailing out Tesla or the other car makers over the failure of electric cars. But what if the entire car industry fails for another reason?

“Reasonable gun control” laws – including the extremely unreasonable ones proposed in states like Virginia – had been encountering very public pushback, leading to the withdrawal or watering down of such “reasonable” proposals.

People were waking up to the machinations of the  digital Thought Police – the big tech companies who not only don’t like differences of opinion but have been using their effective monopoly on the means of modern communication to suppress it by “de-platforming” and “de-monetizing” differences of opinion (and of fact). Resentment of this had been increasing and an OM victory in November would have emboldened resistance even more.

03-18-20_EP_on KMED     

The virus solves all these problems. The hysteria about the virus, that is. People are more panicked now than they were on September 12, 2011 – and more receptive to police state measures after 20 years, almost, of submission training.

It is all possibly coincidental – but I tend to be suspicious of those.

Sickness vs. Death worldwide so far.

At any rate, there is a difference between getting sick – and getting dead. My friend Tom Woods forwarded an interesting- because not hysteric – piece (see here) by Richard Epstein of the Hoover Institution, which is associated with Stanford University.

There have been apparently about 150 deaths attributed to the virus in the U.S. so far. The bulk of them older people (many in their 80s and up) with underlying/additional health problems as well as bad habits, like smoking.

More of the same comparison.

But even if it were all young, healthy people and several thousand of them, it needs to be put into context.

Approximately 35,000 people are killed in car accidents each year. No one suggests eliminating travel by car, much less the shutting down of the economy. Well, a few “Vision Zero” hysterics have suggested it – but they are not taken seriously precisely because of their hysteria.

The “experts” agree that the recovery rate for Corona is 95-97 percent, with the variable being the capacity of the health system to treat all at once a large number of sick people plus all the other people who need care for one reason or another. But the figure to hang onto is that 95-plus percent of the people who get this bug do not die from this bug.

But fear of death that isn’t likely to happen for the 95-plus percent of us is being used to destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of us, by ruining us financially and rendering us dependent and desperate. Many of us may literally die from desperation, starvation and – possibly – the Mad Max violence that is certain to erupt over the next several weeks and months as millions of people realize their lives are over – and then the government violence which will be used to “contain” their desperation and rage.

It will then be very easy to enact – to decree – “reasonable” restrictions on many more things than just guns. Perhaps we will be ordered to “shelter in place” and told our only access to the necessities – food and so on – will be via the electronic Dickensian system of appealing to Amazon – owned by a technocrat multi-billionaire – who will provide so long as we comply.

Please sir, may I have some more.

The entire population reduced to financial serfdom, a state of arrested development and limitless control in the name of an “emergency” that seems tailor-made (and tailor marketed) to achieve what all the previous efforts failed to achieve.

It’s all too coincidental for me – a journalist of 30 years experience in detecting the odor of a rat – to not be suspicious. I remember a 40 story office building neatly collapsing almost straight down, as if someone had pulled the rug out from under it. I remember “WMD.” Perhaps you do, too.

I remember many other such things.

My prayer is that it is not too late. That – as bodies fail to stack up over the next two weeks or so – people will begin to suspect they’re being played. Again.

And if the bodies don’t – and if they do suspect – there will be another kind of Hell to pay.

What is occurring is either a product of justified crisis, insane stupidity – or evil almost beyond imagining.

We will know which soon enough.

. . .

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  1. Eric, one more thing on this COVID-19 thing.

    While the disease is REAL, I’d not take anything the US Government says at face value, not even from “Orange Man”. While I do believe in his sincerity, it’s quite possible he’s been sincerely DUPED, and BETRAYED by his ostensibly “loyal” staffers, provided they too haven’t been duped. It’s quite possible they have.

    I’m concerned about how this epidemic is being used as an excuse to shut down gun shops and other retailers like Wal-Mart that sell ammo. I’m glad that I took care of that little problem just before things went to hell on my trip to AZ to get in some Spring Training MLB games, which turned out might be all the baseball we get this year! We shall see, but in the scheme of things, though I speak “heresy”, MLB and my beloved SF Giants are just not that important. Prohibition of gun and ammo sales, as done in Champaign, IL, and Fresno, CA, are an unjustified attack on the 2A rights in those municipalities, as no civil unrest exists nor has martial law been declared. What’s more, CA’s Gov. “Numbnuts”, though his intentions are benevolent, AFAIK, has already drank the “Kool-Aid” of panic, justifying this latest power grab in “Shelter in Place” (a de facto state of ‘house arrest’ on LAW-ABIDING Californians) as to prevent over 50% of CA residents from infection, w/o any valid science showing WHY it’s likely and/or inevitable. If a valid reason, like civil unrest or military attack by a foreign power were afflicting CA, then Newsom would have reason to declare martial law. Since he hasn’t, all these diktats are illegal on their face and should be challenged, pronto.

    IDK if the whole thing has been contrived from the get-go or it’s just a matter of never let a crisis go to waste. Yes, it has been taken advantage of by those ALREADY “afflicted” with Trump Derangement Syndrome to blame him for what’s largely an overblown MILD epidemic. It seems that I have to admit that a DEMOCRAT, FDR, was right, what we need “fear” is, in fact, “FEAR” itself! And I am ashamed of (1) how Americans have gone along, fat, dumb, and happy, never taking time to prepare for UNFORESEEN emergencies and (2) have blamed OTHERS rather than themselves for their lack of prescience.

    I do have a “pet” theory, and I’m glad that you brought up 9-11 of almost TWENTY (goddamn, has it been THAT long? Shit, boy, we all be gettin’ old…) years ago, which, employing the time-honored reasoning of “Cui Bono?”, WHO do you THINK mastermind the whole thing? I say, that same gaggle of Kosher Kriminals is at it AGAIN. How, do you say, given that “Iz-Reel” does have their own issues with COVID-19? Well, for one, CA’s own J-O-O long-time senator, Feinstein, cashed out of the market just prior to this whole thing coming down. Now, ain’t THAT a “coinky-dink”! Plus, last week, it was announced that Israeli scientists were on their way to developing a vaccine! Now, if indeed they got some really talented doctors there, all the kudos to them, but typically these things take TIME…much MORE TIME than, if they were likewise entirely victims, that they’ve had thus far. And does it not seem that, just like many COMPUTER VIRUSES coming from Israel, and so many prominent American anti-virus outfits being OWNED by Israelis…that’s something that’d make you go…hmmm. Now, I don’t say that it was a deliberate introduction, that’d be, for all practical purposes, an act of war, and fraught with the danger of “blowback”! No, methinks the Mossad was working this thing in conjuction with the Chicoms there in Wuhan, and thanks to the corrupt practice of the workers taking infected animals and selling them at local meat markets, the thing got loose, unintentionally. Who KNOWS whom COVID-19 was REALLY intended for? I do notice that IRAN has a real problem with it,and satellite photos show many trenches being dug with heavy equipment and lined with a white powder consistent with quicklime. Again…CUI BONO?

    Eric, the American public is being PLAYED, and we must RESIST…NOW. I can see staying home, everything I normally do, like gym, Church (yes, I’m trying to go back to Church on a regular basis) are shut down for the duration, and I can work reasonably effective from home. Internet still works, and there’s plenty of chow, supplies (inc. ammo), the water still comes out of the spigot, and the toilet still flushes the shit away. Where I’m drawing the line is if the locals or the State of Calipornia decides to CONFISCATE firearms and/or ammunition. They’ll GET my ammo, all right…one round at a time, and when they catch it, at 1,400 feet per second, it might just “sting” a “tad”. As for my firearms…only from my cold, dead, fingers, if there’s any in the party attempting illegal seizure to attempt it.

  2. Another thing I’d like to point out: the media always tells us that everything should return to normal after a few months. It’s almost as if they know when the “pandemic” will end.

  3. Just saw an article that a few of our illustrious senators cashed out their stock holdings at the end of February, with the help of some insider information, while the rest of us mundanes watch our 401k/IRA’s go down the drain. As the church lady used to say – how conveeeenient. Wall Street on Parade is a great website that’s been pointing out that the banksters started the economy crashing on September 17th, aided and covered up by the Fed. The virus is a great distraction/excuse for the looting of all of us that is now reaching its crescendo; they’re going to toss a few thousand dollars our way while the 1% get to steal multi billions. I’ll take my chances with the virus, definitely NOT “shelter in place” , and when this is over we should hang all these bastards from lampposts.

  4. This is Government Induced Panic.
    Just say NO to being GIPed (Gypped).
    Even Governor Nuisance sez the MAJORITY of those who become “infected” will exhibit NO SYMPTOMS.
    Gee, a “disease” without symptoms (krankheit asymptomatisch).
    Can you say, “emperor’s new clothes?”

  5. My only question is ; what does the rest of the world have on President Trump that would make him, our champion of God given rights, fall in line and peddle this hoax? Whatever it is it will most likely be something that nobody has yet imagined. That in itself is mind boggling.

    • Hi david,

      “President Trump…, our champion of God given rights”.

      Are you serious? I sincerely hope that you’re being sarcastic.


    • The same president Trump who has done more damage to the Second Amendment (and has set us up for total evisceration of it) since FDR and LBJ?

      The same Trump who has championed the implementation of 5G?

      The same Trump who has implemented the BIGGEST military budget in HISTORY, including the biggest increase to the militarization of the pigs?

      The same Trump who when he was a private citizen happily used the power of the state to use eminent domain to take the properties of his fellow citizens?

      etc. ad-infinitum……

    • The President has to rely on the “experts” at the CDC and his Surgeon-General in order to make a decision. Not only are they subject to professional herd mentality, but who says they haven’t already been duped and/or compromised?

      The trouble with ANY man can become POTUS, as egalitarian as it sounds, is the ability of the Deep State to obfuscate and deceive him. Truth be known, it’s probably been IRRELEVANT who infests 1600 Pennsylvania Ave ever since 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act took the monetary powers from the Congress, which they SURRENDERED willingly, and placed them in the hands of foreign banksters, whom only have our interests at heart as long as we serfs are productive “goy cattle”. When, like cattle, we’re no longer productive, time for the SLAUGHTER.

  6. C’mon, Eric, don’t get yourself get worked up into a nut-roll over this literal fart in a hurricane. This too will pass, just as did all other hysterical overreactions such as the “energy crisis,” the “overpopulation panic,” and all other crises invented by over-imaginative and hopelessly ignorant MSM “journalists,” almost none of whom could describe the functioning of a table spoon.

    Unlax and rewind – this too shall pass and soon be forgotten.

    • you just cant see this is man made virus to hide the fact that the economy was to crash big time and they will blame the virus not themselves and your life will be changed

      • I think we can all agree with that. If the worst happens, and we get into a martial-law, suspension-of-the-Constitution scenario, there is no going back. That America, as flawed as it was, will be gone forever.

        If the lights go out here, they will go out everywhere, possibly forever. The only hope we have is that the collapse will expose them for what they truly are, and the system will implode even as they try to consolidate power within that system.

        And, did I read that right, Eric? You are praying? To whom, I wonder? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • ***”This too shall pass”***

      Always reminds me of this:

      A fart can be quiet,
      A fart can be loud,
      Some leave a powerful,
      Poisonous cloud.

      A fart can be short,
      Or a fart can be long,
      Some farts have been known
      To sound just like a song.

      Some farts do not smell,
      While others are vile,
      A fart may pass quickly,
      Or linger awhile.

      A fart can create
      A most-curious medley,
      A fart can be harmless,
      Or silent, but deadly.

      A fart can occur
      In a number of places,
      And leave everyone
      With strange looks on their faces.

      From wide-open prairies,
      To small elevators,
      A fart will find all of us
      Sooner or later.

      So be not afraid
      Of the invisible gas,
      For always remember,
      That farts, too, shall pass.

    • While the actual disease is likely that fart in the hurricane, the PANIC over it IS the “hurricane”. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

  7. Great article.

    The government certainly has a lot to gain from this, which I assume they will attempt to do regardless of whether it’s real or not. That’s about the only thing I think we can be 100% sure about. Never let a crises go to waste. And regardless if this is real or not, it’s certainly not time to start trusting the government. They might even be less dangerous if this is a manufactured crises because they aren’t terribly competent. If they did make this up, it’s likely to blow up in their faces. On the other hand, because they are incompetent, we can’t count on them to get anything about this right if it actually is dangerous. They will be lashing out blaming everyone but themselves if it’s real and they will still be grabbing power as they go along.

    The only thing we can only count on is them trying to take full advantage of this situation to grab more power. That’s the only guaranteed outcome that I’m seeing in this whole mess. I’m really hoping this is all a big hoax because if that’s true then they can be expose and that’s the only situation in which We the People have a shot at coming out of this on top. If this is not a hoax then they will use this opportunity to grab power anyway and their incompetence will be the death of who knows how many.

    • the elites who rule us want you looted then dead. if people do not see this they will be looted then made dead. the only way to stop these satanic pedophile demons from hell is to kill them

  8. Excellent article Eric. I agree with everything you’ve written and I’m going to choose to be an optimist. I do think the Wuhan virus is real, but that the government/media hysterical overreaction to it is the latest round of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Most everyone with a brain now realize that the last three years has been one childish, hysterical, unhinged attempt after another by the ruling class to remove Trump from office, this “crisis” is the latest effort and unfortunately won’t be the last.

    I choose to be and optimist because again the ruling class has overplayed their hand. Yes, some people with compromised immune systems will die from the virus, but ninety-nine percent who contract it (which in the end will be just about everyone) either won’t even know they have it or will recover after a week or two. Trump has also risen to the challenge and will emerge politically stronger. Trump’s distrust of China will be validated and after a short term economic hit, there will be calls to bring back critical manufacturing from China and other countries hostile to the United States, strengthening our economy. Also, people will realize that borders matter and the “open border” insanity of the Democrats is physical as well as economic suicide. The second amendment is alive and well, people are buying guns and ammo, because people realize in the end, the government can’t protect you. All is not lost. Carry on the good work.

    • Hi Griff,

      I pray that you are right; that your optimism is validated. I feel very uneasy about things – because of the way so many people are reacting. One can almost see the ear tags on these cattle…

    • griff raff if they bring back industry to US which is a wet dream anyway whose gonna work there? your sons who you taught manual labor is the worst thing you can do? if they ever did it the US would have to import tens of millions of non whites to work in these factories so that blows away your closed borders theory

      • O legionaire deserter, do you equate industry with manual labor? Manual labor has a place, and it’s good to have some of it around as an entree to the world of productive work for the inexperienced and the coddled. Yes, in fact we do need industry to be thriving i this country. Or are you of the arrogant belief that we can do the thinking, and the little brown f**kers over there can do the sweating?

  9. This is an immune system crisis. Any type of flu can kill you if you have a compromised immune system. We see that in the elderly whose immune systems have gone kaput mainly due to decades of faulty (unhealthy) living.

    Another consideration relating to fake global warming. Since the flu is usually a wintertime event exacerbated by the lack sunshine (less vitamin D being stored in the body), if there was truly global warming, there would be much less flu flying around. There are still hundreds of strains floating around the globe. If the earth is warming, the sun would be shining and people would have higher immunities to sickness.

    Then we have the silly government trying to get ahead of the fake 8 ball by shutting down commerce and consumers with even sillier social distance laws/mandates. They should be providing free supplements to boost immune systems, not keeping people inside away from sunshine.

    This panic is the supreme embodiment of media induced nonsense. The BS meter is on full maximum.

    • Hi Torino,

      Hat tip to you and others who’ve mentioned this. My vibe is this is contrived. It is a new nahhnnelleven – designed to (a) mask the cratering of the financial sector and (b) blame it on a bug and then (c) use this excuse to “lock down” the country.

      We have a few weeks, at most, to fight back.

      I think it is entirely possible they will shortly shut down any media that contradicts the official line, using “national emergency” as the pretext. It may even become a criminal offense to “deny” Corona Fever. This sort of thing has precedent. See the Palmer Raids, for instance. Or, what Abe did. Or what John Adams did.

      The “enemies of freedom” must be stopped.

      • It is a long game -this cow herding business. You will need your rice chip approval to safely work, travel and use the new digital currency when this one is no more.

      • you are 100% right Eric and Tru News connected the epicenter for th virus to new Rochelle NY where 100’s of infected jews went to CPAC then AIPAC spreading it among 20K people and 66% of congress was there . then these people flew back home all over the country.
        it has to come out that the 6 trillion spent fighting wars for israel and the 100’s of million it costs to have a military presence there to threaten iran for israel when we should have spent money on the US shoring up our infrastructure like hospitals food chains medical equipment medicines vitamins cause every 20 years either a man made virus or natural one threatens the world

  10. Hi Eric,
    Totally not buying what they’re selling. They are comparing apples and oranges with the alleged fatality rates. Using the estimated cases to fatalities for the normal flu vs. cases confirmed by testing to fatalities for cv. Do them both the same way, normal flu comes out much worse.
    It seems to me there should already be a measurable increase in the number of people dying because of the normal flu and cv.
    Also, i recommend looking up the report from Italy’s ISS concerning their findings. I’d post a link but i was shadow banned from utube for doing the same.

  11. Read Stephen King’s The Stand. Now THAT was an apocalyptic viral epidemic.
    I too think this is awfully convenient. Governments are getting blatantly authoritarian and using this to do things they’ve long longed for. A couple (so far) banning gun sales, for example. How exactly, does that curtail the spreading of “the virus?” And curfews? What third world hellhole is this that we need curfews? Is the virus more virulent at night?
    So some weird disease is going around that justifies shutting down society, commerce, education and recreation, but they won’t test people for it? Even those who show up with the exact symptoms they say are indicative? They say people are dying, but several celebrities and government critters have announced a positive test, and they are all still with us. It’s quite confusing, no?
    They like us scared. If we behave, maybe they’ll deign to let us go out to a restaurant or see a movie in a couple of months, but we’ll of course, be ever so grateful that they “saved” us. And the doomsayers, i.e.whichever political party is not in power, will gravely pontificate about being prepared for “the next one,” like we don’t get five strains of flu every year that wipe out thousands of the weakest among us.
    And no, no one’s injecting me with any vaccine. I got my childhood ones. That’s good enough.

    • Hi Amy,

      Amen. And in re vaccines: I fully expect them to warble that they will be mandatory. I urge everyone reading this to consider very seriously whether to resist this. I will. Because of the principle that I own my self. I am not their livestock, though I realize they think of me (and you) this way. It saddens me beyond words to see my darkest Worst Case Scenario becoming a reality. I had hoped this sort of thing would never actually come to pass; that it couldn’t really happen. That sanity – that decency – would act as a firewall to prevent the curtain coming down, possibly for generations and perhaps forever.

      And I pray I am overstating things and that in a month all will be more or less okay again.

    • “And curfews? What third world hellhole is this that we need curfews? Is the virus more virulent at night?”

      Even though I know for a fact that this “pandemic” is BS to say the least, I gotta admit that the whole curfew thing went right over my head! lol

    • Hi Amy,

      You’re right. The Super Flu (aka Captain Trip,) in KIng’s “The Stand” was not ambiguous.

      Incubation Period was only 2 to 3 days.

      Didn’t need no Test Kits, because once symptoms appeared they moved Fast. The patient usually died within one day to a week at most. The bug would mutate in a heartbeat. For one example, as soon as a patient began to fight back the respiratory afflictions, a fever would come and kill them.

      Mortality rate was 99%!! The other 1% was simply immune. That 1% didn’t need to worry about the disease: only the aftermath. 😉

      But just because today’s Corona is a wimp compared to Captain Trips doesn’t mean it’s not a badass killer.

  12. I am low on 7.5×55, anybody have any extra? Just trying to be prepared the hand sanitizer is just not taking care of the problem.


  13. Eric,
    You mean, I’m the only one who wants to use poor damaged ReGreta for target practice? Damn! I thought that that was the default position!

  14. “When the bodies fail to stack-up….” Well then, Uncle will just have to ensure that they DO stack up! Which I’m sure they’ll have no compunctions about doing….. Suppose the vaccine that the sheeple gladly line-up for actually causes the very thing it is touted as saving one from?

    Interesting how this whole “crisis” was choreographed so quickly; a collaboration of Uncle and the media- who seem to be spreading the BS far more prolifically than any virus can be spread.

    Remember all of those military training drills conducted on various cities and towns around the country? Hmmmm…… The reports of interment camps and cheap plastic caskets stacked-up on rail cars for the last decade? Hmmmm….

    Went to the dentist today. He said they’re already dictating that he must cease his practice, and can only attend to “emergencies”- “Emergencies” being strictly defined by a very narrow set of guidelines dictated by…who else?- Uncle, of course- until further notice. He smells a rat too.

    Uncle is already making stipulations to businesses regarding what they must do to “help” employees and clients….but I’ll bet ya, Uncle will not be making stipulations upon himself and his minions to cease collecting those taxes they love to collect…. Hmmm….

    And not just our Uncle…but Uncles all over….as if it’s a concerted effort to simultaneously gain complete control of not just one, or even a few countries…but the whole world…..

    Remember all of those “conspiracy theories” floating around since at least the 80’s when I first heard of them? What was the year they all referenced as being the target date for the implementation of a world government? Oh..yeah…2020. Hmmm…

    Sure are a LOT of co-inky-dinks….. More every time ya look…. (Of course, the disinformation/propaganda kept pushing that date back- so most (Including myself) were thinking that the agendas keep getting postponed- most recently to 2030 or 2035…… Perhaps THAt was just a ruse to distract us from the fact that they were on schedule all along, eh? Because if this isn’t there golden opportunity to crash the “global economy” and establish dictatorial and uniform control of everything on a multi-continental basis….I don’t know what is.

    If these be coincidences, then providence just did the bad guys a “solid”.

  15. HIV was a virulent virus at first but mutated into a more benign one. Viruses quickly learn that killing their host isnt a great idea. No one dies of herpes. That said this is a normal/cold flu virus nothing more. the hysterical reaction must serve TPTB.

  16. Anyone see that “Ask me Anything” thread on reddit where Bill Gates was asked things about this crisis?

    He kind of let slip what was really going on by talking about “digital certificates” of vaccination, at first tied to your smartphone and later tied to an implanted microchip.

    The purpose of this is movement controls (already happening in France), tied to forced vaccinations (already happening in Denmark), tied at first to your smartphone and later to an implant, which will eventually be tied to one’s ability to buy and sell. Mark of the Beast anyone?

    Definitely not what I needed to see before I head to an 8 hour closing shift as a cashier…

    • Mark of the boast. Hubris before toast.

      Even if Thermopylae Bill gets thru the Hot Gates, the bill’ll come due & there won’t be any paying it. & yet another Persian freak’ll be rugged.

      Vichy French’ll be fried & Shakespearean Danish kings’ll be kong’d, princes’ll be pincered – “not to be” — too. But not once & for all; never that.

      • Hi Ozy,

        I have no idea what you’re trying to say! As a writer, I appreciate word play – but in this context, clear prose would suit better than ornamental allegories!

        • Ok. Some translation of the translation.

          The biblical beast turns out…

          ((yes, eventually, not instantaneously…but does that not cast the recurring cast of cardboard cut-out characters in this serial tragi-comedy in an even poorer limelight? No matter how slowwwwwww the phonetics are sounded out, no matter how many times, the spelling bees just come back with bzzzzzz?))

          …to be mere boast, the same small pecker…

          ((don’t take that too literally – cuz it’s actually between ears, not legs))

          …boast, over & over & ∞ again. That kind of “pride” – hamartia, tragic flaw – precedes the fall: yer toast…

          ((but is there butter to go with that? oh, yes. lots & lots o’ lubricious butter.))

          Bill Gates. That “event 201” shindig he “hosted”…

          ((is he one of the hosts, or one of the parasites?))

          …in October.

          ((Yesterday’s anon poster here contributed a chart that “scared the crap out of him.” Chart was cobbled by the cartelista’s at Johns Hopkins – which co-hosted “201”, with Gates. World Economic Forum – those Davos dastards — was on the bill, with Bill, too.))

          Bill Gates. The Hot Gates. @ Thermopylae. 300 Spartan speedbump slowed, didn’t stop the Persian billion(aire)s.

          But the rugging did come. The rugging always comes. That’s what Shelley’s Ozymandias speaks to, ornamentally-allegorically.

          “Already happening” – again (&again&again…) “in France.” Vichy•ssoise for all (well, let them eat cake, at least).

          Collaborators are key…to the guillotine. That, & a fast enough reproduction rate…

          ((Repo rate? $5 trillion to the TBTF, this time))

          …&\but\instead most all that’s in the air {tonite – cue that one pretty good Phil Collins tune} is virus particles.

          “Already happening” – damn, this is boring…so boring it’s funny – “in Denmark.” That sleepy hamlet Prince Hamlet called home. “To be, or not to be…” again (&again&again…∞).

          You characterize the economy, the best one in awhile Das Boot, as being tanked.

          Son (you’re younger) we were all born into a drunkonomy tank.

          The tank was already there in ’71.
          It was already there in ’13.
          It was already there in hallowed 1776.

          All that’s changed is the size of the thing.

          And all the relativisms are trapped & floating – just like virus particles — inside the objectively undeniably humongous lighter than • & far more explosively combustible than • air lead zeppelin.

          Perspective from way up there aboard the Hindenburg *should be* birdseye. But somehow those dang irises don’t see. Mebbe the irises is full o’ viruses? ☻

          Ah, wait a minute. *Irises.* Mebbe it’s *ears* that don’t wanna’ hear. Poor ol’ Vincent cut one of his off, tried to send it to his pal Gauguin. (In one version anyway.) Which one couldn’t hear will remain mysterious, except to those two dead painters, I suppose.

  17. Corona Virus. Corona Virus!
    I ain’t afraid of no Corona Virus.
    I’ll slap that bitch Virus down
    Like if she were a two bit whore.
    And I ain’t jokin cause
    I’m comin out Smokin!

  18. “That – as bodies fail to stack up over the next two weeks or so – people will begin to suspect they’re being played. Again”

    Hope you are right! But… Therein lies the problem.

    Only the WHO and CDC say who has what. Notice they say the flu hasn’t been that bad this season… Would be easy for them to count deaths by flu as CV deaths. They exaggerate the flu deaths by including Pneumonia and other respiratory diseases in the count. Basically if the doctor tells the family the death was due to CV who,,, how could they contest it? It’s a perfect setup.

    All nations have economic problems. Italy for example is one of the worse. They have a very large elderly population. Last week Italy came out and said they would not help anyone over 80 as they were short machines. This week they had a very large number die. I suspect they may be removing the machines from the elderly to be used on more useful persons to the state. Then calling the deaths are CV related.

    The tests they’re using have a 70% error. That is it returns a positive 70% of the time when checking people that do not have the virus. So this makes the number of cases they spout questionable.

    We can see they are crashing the economy and using the virus as the bogyman. No matter what the Fed has done so far has improved things too much. When they take the nation down does anyone really think they can get it going in a week or two. Not happening. If they continue, I’m betting more will die by starvation, suicide and murders than the disease will kill.

    It appears they are killing the patient, (nations, economies, etc) to cure the disease.

    Trust No 1!

  19. The “viral apocalypse” numbers aren’t there, & project to there only out of the mouth(piece)s of Fauci & similar characters. (Remember him, & Gallo, pumping up the AIDS apocalypse?)

    Misdirection. Sleight of hands that are quicker than eyes…those colorful irises that sprout from gray matter soils &…clays.

    The prehensile use pretexts to maintain, or strengthen, their grip…but that’s largely due to the accumulating & compounding centrifugal g-forces of that lot’s earlier & previous machinations. Siren call o’ slippery slopestilence is irresistible to these risible rabble.

    In the end – that never ends – all these strawmen are scattered on the winds they themselves generate.

    ((If they only had a brain? But they do have brains. And this is how those brains are wired. And brains that are wired together, fire together, & catch each other on fire together – & anybody else they can get their Zippos & matches & flints & magnifying glasses on.

    Trees wish they were bipedal whilst bipedal homo flamethrowercatcher takes Kilmer’s poem too seriously – “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree — & proceeds to tree itself: “I’ll be safe up here,” says the sulfur-tipped lightning rods…& cones.

    Well, what’s a rod without cojones? A match. ☻ ))

    *BUT* more importantly, the complicit AUDIENCE for these wind shows never stops buying the admission tickets. It’s the audience that howls, in the haole bastardized sense, “aloha” – hello & goodbye – to the magicians & wizards oz in a forever feedback & forward loop…the noose it dangles from.

    In the fable, the boy cries wolf, the other people catch on & leave him to his fate.

    But in the ever accumulating shite of the Augean Stables, it’s the credentialed wolves of “leadership” that cry wolf – & the oxen-sheep come running right into their open mouths.

    Que sera, sera. Sheep are supposed to be shorn. Mutton is supposed to go into the stewpot. Oxen are supposed to pull the cart. & wolves are wolves.

    And when I say “fook these people,” I am merely describing what they do to each other (& anybody else they can lay hands on, too).

    Pulling up, seeing the forest & not just the nearest by trees:

    “A similar illustrative ecological tale emerged in the United States in the summer of 1988. Yellowstone National Park was a scene of devastation as fires raged unchecked & uncheckable through almost a million acres of forest & shrubland, ignited by a single lightning strike on June 22. Despite the largest firefighting effort ever in national-park history, the fires raged until October, when they were finally extinguished by early autumn rains.

    There was much public anguish about what had caused such a conflagration. Pundits asked, “Why had fire management practices failed so badly?” The answer, as it turned out, was that such practices had not failed. {{I could argue this another way…}} Rather, a fire of this magnitude was to be expected at some point, because waves of ecological succession had essentially turned the park into a giant tinderbox.

    Forest fires spread rapidly when flammable material, such as dead trees & branches, accumulate in the underbrush. During the early part of the 20th century, forest managers’ response to a fire was simple: put it out {{cuz forests is TBTF}}. They then realized that this practice was making the forests more vulnerable to devastating fires, as tinder accumulated. As a result, forest managers backed off & from 1972 on allowed naturally set fires, often from lightning strikes, to burn; they even had a program of controlled burning to reduce the dangerous underbrush. Occasional modest fires were said to be necessary to the ecological health of the park. The gargantuan 1988 fire therefore came as a shock & a source of self-doubt: “What were we doing wrong?”

    Nothing {{very arguable}}, as it happened, & the answer was to be found in a proper ecological, historical perspective. A fire of similar proportions had occurred almost three centuries earlier, in the 1700’s. Vast swaths of old-growth lodgepole pines, the park’s dominant tree species, were wiped out. That set the scene for the first stage in “ecological succession,” the phrase biologists use to describe the sequence in which different species establish themselves as an ecosystem matures. Succession typically goes through several stages, or waves.

    In the first stage of the Yellowstone ecosystem, small plants & lodgepole pines spring up among the dead trees left by the fire. In fact, lodgepole pines depend on fire for their existence; their seeds cannot germinate unless they are exposed to fire. This first stage lasts about 50 years, during which time the forests are not very flammable. In the second stage, which lasts about a hundred years, the pines form dense stands up to 50 feet tall, & their shade blocks the growth of vegetation below them. The forest continues to be not very flammable. The stands of pines begin to thin out in stage three, & ground vegetation gets a strong foothold. In the last stage, which lasts for 50 or more years, the pines begin to die off as they reach their limit of longevity. The forest is now primed for a major fire, to be fueled by hundreds of thousands of dead & dying pines. Once the right conditions are in place, with a hot, dry summer & strong winds, as happened in 1988, the conflagration is unavoidable.

    Many observers in the media & in politics viewed the fire as the disaster it appeared to be: the media showed hundreds of thousands of acres of blackened landscape. An editorial in the Richmond News Leader stated, “If you want to see the world’s largest charcoal grill, just visit Yellowstone. Be sure to say, ‘Thank you environmentalists!’” This paper & others failed to recognize the rhythms of nature at work in the park. The 300-year cycle of birth, maturity, & death is fundamental to the very existence of the forest & its ecological richness.

    The spring of 1989 bore witness to the beginnings of a new cycle, as lodgepole seedlings sprouted & began growing an inch or two each year. Wildflowers were resplendent, & grasses & shrubs painted a rich green canvas, proclaiming new life. Yellowstone was not dead; it was at the endpoint of one cycle & the onset of the next, a three-century rhythm that has gone on for millennia.

    Nature is rhythms at all scales. & if we don’t understand that, we fail to understand the very nature of nature. Cycles of life & death are the fount of creativity; & if we try to intervene, controlling nature & its ecosystems in the form we think it *should* be, we stifle nature.

    When we think about species in ecosystems, in the context of evolution {{very arguable}}, the phrase “the survival of the fittest” often crops up. And it is true that, through the process of natural selection {{ditto}}, species do become supremely adapted to their environments in a kaleidoscope of ingenious ways. But the history of life is not just the history of continuous adaptation, leading to the expansion of the diversity of organisms on Earth. It is also the history of extinction events, some of them catastrophic, such as the spectacular collapse of species numbers 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs disappeared. There have been five such mass extinctions in Earth history, each event changing the face of the planet, literally. Once-dominant groups of species vanish, & new ones take their place. Mammals had been an insignificant presence for millions of years during the reign of the dinosaurs, for instance, but it wasn’t until the demise of the Terrible Lizards that mammals came to the fore & took a leading role. As with all major extinctions, a wave of new life followed a wave of death.

    What many people are unaware of, however, is that major die-offs are not restricted to the Big Five, as the most famous mass extinctions are known. In recent years, paleontologists have discovered that they occur with eerie regularity, every 29 million years or so. There is much discussion about what drives this periodic culling of species, but the best guess is impact from asteroids. Good arguments can be made for how asteroid impact could occur on a regular basis. But the point here is that Earth history is punctuated regularly with substantial extinctions, & each event is followed by the rapid blossoming of new species, a repeated resetting of the stage of life. Extinction was for a long time largely ignored as a factor in shaping Earth history. But the fact is that we humans are here today, in the company of the 50 million or so species around the globe, largely because of the wave of extinctions & rebounds. It’s a wave of life & death on a grand scale. ~~ Making Waves: Irving Dardik & His SuperWave Principle (Roger Lewin)

    As for Trump, ya’ll pOM-pOM’s is crazed. He’s a gnat. & the PTB wouldn’t go global nuclear-financial war to get rid of him. (Tho they might, maybe, possibly consider him collateral damaging a bonus.) Some patsy with 3 names – first, middle, last – would be more than enough (among other ways & means) to check that mate. Nobody sits that throne that ain’t installed, nor warms that cushion for any longer than the aLotters decide to shake that salt.

    Hercules may be comin’ to clean out the stables again, but the janitor ain’t ever in the form of a person – & sure as hell not in the form of a scumbucket like OM.

    And after the dung’s been washed to elsewhere, the hero worshippers’ll start refilling the stable…ain’t nuthin’ more stable than that bowel movement.

        • Ain’t we all?

          (got errored: message too short. well, that don’t happen much to me. but I can add.)

          “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.”

          Damn soap opera, fer sure.

          • “beyond the gates lurk chipped vipers foul, within the hold, twined tongues of flame do howl”

            Good. I like it.

            Miliary TB got Thomas Wolfe. But it wasn’t in the time of corona, so….

            The prologue of O Lost (the “restored” version – all the imagery hacked out by editor Perkins put back — of Look Homeward, Angel):


            “. . . a stone, a leaf, an unfound door; a stone, a leaf, a door. And of all the forgotten faces.

            Naked and alone we came into exile. In her dark womb we did not know our mother’s face; from the prison of her flesh have we come into the unspeakable and incommunicable prison of this earth.

            Which of us has known his brother? Which of us has looked into his father’s heart? Which of us has not remained forever prison-pent? Which of us is not forever a stranger and alone?

            O waste of lost, in the hot mazes, lost, among bright stars on this weary, unbright cinder, lost! Remembering speechlessly we seek the great forgotten language, the lost lane-end into heaven, a stone, a leaf, an unfound door. Where? When?

            O lost, and by the wind grieved, ghost, come back again.”

            & so, & because alone is a loan that isn’t due until next Super Tuesday that comes & goes but never arrives – roll, roll, roll your debt-boat, “gently” down the coriolis – Wimpy’s delude-dissolve themselves into we’s, sometimes refraining “we owe it to ourselves, so no reason the burgers should ever stop coming.”

            Wevasion o’ reality, that thing perception “is.” Doubly, or more, O’ Lost, are such perceivers.

  20. This “crisis” has completely destroyed any shred of hope I had. There is no crisis there is only irrational fear. Irrational fear like people living in caves in the Himalayas will nuke NYC unless Uncle mows the grass with Predator drones. Irrational fear like San Diego and Miami will be submerged unless cars run on power generated hundreds of miles away instead of under the hood. Irrational fear like an imaginary new wall being the only reason Arizona is not a Hezbollah Outpost.

    Americans are pussies and they are about to be fucked hard. Land of the sheep, home of the ‘fraid.

    As long as the rapist wears red or blue, half the country will convince themselves they enjoy it only because they see hear the helpless cries of the other half.

    Pussies get fucked. Never forget

  21. Don’t expect “the Media” to do anything but support GovCo. Today’s journalistic lickspittles are either too stupid or too corrupt to challenge Massa.

    I work with them, I know. One of my co-workers thinks this is The Biggest Crisis In History. Another thinks it’s wrong to question county officials as to the legality of imposing a Shelter in Place Order. (Shelter in place, another GovCo euphemism, instead of House Arrest which is what it really is). Others wallow in their new found power to affect the minds of others.

    Thankfully I’d already turned in my 2 week notice before all this deification contacted the rotary oscillator. I need to go work on my race cars and pray this PANdemIC ends soon.

  22. I don’t know if this crisis is deliberate, though there are good cases to be made for that when asking cui bono. That said, I think that the gov’t and the MSM are taking advantage of the CV hysteria; they’re not letting a good crisis go to waste. They’ll use it to strip more of our rights and freedoms.

    That said, I don’t think that they’ll deliberately bring on a depression. While I think that they’ll rattle our cages real good, I don’t think that they’ll totally kill the economy. Why? Simply because too many will lose everything, and there’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose.

    • Even if they don’t deliberately bring on a depression, they can do it as an unintended consequence, by simply not caring enough to avoid a depression. It’s time to consider the probability that the ones doing this just don’t care. Government actors, both elected and hired or appointed are economic ignoramuses.

      • If people lose everything, they’ll riot; they’ll go looking for blood-elite blood. TPTB may be wicked, demonic, etc., but they don’t want to die.

        • Believe me, the real PTB are not at any risk from mobs or anything like that. They are in unknown locations DEEP underground with supplies for multiple years. They are guarded by elite mercs with state of the art gear and training. That is only one of the reasons they don’t care what happens to the inhabitants of their tax farms. The worlds politicians are just fronts for those who really own the world. We’ve simply moved from the divine right of kings, to the sacred “will of the people” (they just don’t tell you which people… ^^). Look at it this way, if you had basically unlimited money (which gets you access to the finest everything) and many decades to act, what would you be able to do with it? Then multiply that for some of the most intelligent, ruthless and psychopathic people who have ever lived. These people look at things from the LONG term perspective, and view the Great Game™ as the only game worth their time.
          The only reason that things aren’t even worse, is because TPTB are broken up into some times opposing factions.
          The late great George Carlin had it right in this video.

          • Mostly agreeably true.
            Mostly they are at risk from each other.
            Same as mobs of lesser means are.
            Et tu, Brutus ides March across scales, calendar months, days, minutes.
            If you’ve seen one ouroborus scale, you’ve seen them all, despite differences in shininess, coloration, texture, size, etc.

  23. Chloroquine, comrades. It’s the miracle drug that will save us all.

    Just kidding, of course.

    The only thing that’s going to stop this black plague is a decisive action that no politician dare utter: human sacrifice.

    Each day, bodily hurl one Democrat and one Republican into the maw of a fulminating volcano … until the infections stop, or no Ds and Rs remain to hurl.

    Either way, the world will be a better place for it.

  24. The We’re All Gonna Die Virus is Plan D (or maybe E, I’m starting to lose count…)

    The Impeachment fizzled (WTH did they think???) and so the communist news media turned all their attention to the Bat Soup Flu, “Trump’s not doing enough,” and so now Trump is over reacting. Actually, state and local authorities are over reacting and goading Trump into paying for the damage to people’s lives.

    I actually thought the CIA was going to assassinate Trump after the failed impeachment, but I guess WAGD Virus is the plan instead. Swine flu killed 12K and infected 60 million and you never heard a word about how bad a job Obama was doing.

  25. Eric, I believe this virus is a product of evil; from an evil regime in China. Trump wasn’t supposed to win in 2016 but he did. Trump has been hard on China and pulled the rug out from all their cheating and lying and caused a recession in their country. Trump made the Chicoms come back to the negotiating table but only reluctantly. Xi was counting on the Left’s coup of impeachment but watched it fail. Xi released this biological war upon his own people first for cover and then to quickly tank the US economy…the one thing Trump was going to win the election upon. This designer virus is perfect for this affect, highly contagious which the host doesn’t know he has for 10 days but not a plague that kills millions. Just enough to create fear.

    • All forms of government are the ideal environment for sociopaths and/or psychopaths, and so are shortly saturated with them. Don’t even suggest that the Sociopaths In Charge of the US have any moral superiority over those in China. In fact, what we are witnessing is the conversion of the West to absolute tyranny equal to or greater than that in China, using the simple excuse that people get sick and die. Trump is not a hero, he’s a player.

    • Hans,

      China has made it perfectly clear over the last two decades that it seeks to become the world’s dominant economic power. The idea that it would intentionally cripple its own economy is absurd. This is not to say that the Chinese regime is not evil, but so is “ours”. If covid 19 is a manufactured “pandemic” which, at this point, is still a big “if” (though only the ignorant would dismiss the possibility entirely) it is far more likely to have been engineered by elements within the US State than the Chinese.


      • I’m thinking the reason the Chinese went all out on this virus is that they honestly thought it was bio warfare. They locked down Wuhan and got control of it finding it was like the flu maybe a little worse on the elderly. They did not lock down the entire country. They are now back to about 80% production. They found several drugs that seems to work and are helping other nations that ask for it.
        In the US the fear mongering is continuing by the CDC and NIH and just about every media outlet, including the alternative media.
        We have nothing to fear except fear itself and that fear is corpgov. Listen to the government and media,,, then look at the actual numbers. You can readily see the numbers don’t jive with the reaction. 190,000 infected, about 8000 deaths out of 7.8 billion. No where close to the flu or TB. In fact I suspect a lot of this is the return of TB. 1.7 million deaths in 2017.
        I am over 70 and if I die of it,,, so be it but I am not going to let the fear mongers dictate my life nor will I be a coward.
        What gov should be doing is trying to calm down everyone and punish the media for fake news. Helping people understand the virus and how to deal with it rather than scaring the shit out of everyone and shutting down the entire nation which could kill more than the disease itself.

    • If it is bio warfare, some suggest Italy and Iran were targeted for signing up with the Chinese New Silk Road Initiative. Others point out the large number of elderly in Italy infected and dying and the fact? that in Iran open sewage is prevalent.
      We had a Harvard professor moonlighting in China who was arrested recently and Chinese smuggling Toronto lab viruses back to China, while one Chinese expert pontificating in Wuhan spent some time at Fort Detriech, MD. Go figure.
      Early on, Boyle the anti bio warfare lawyer from Harvard said the disinformation was rife (translation, the bullschtick was thick/deep). Hard to say what’s up, but it was awful convenient timing, not that the market was the strongest thing since Hercules.
      D. Stockman’s comment was why elect Bernie, if Trump is going to bail everybody out?

      Bottom line, it is definitely overblown and it remains to be seen if a panic vaccine will hit the market in time.
      But maybe, when God intends to destroy a nation, he gives it over to suicidal stupidity.
      It certainly might appear that way.


    • That the Loony Left, at least those rich enough and connected enough to matter, have been completely BOUGHT by the Chicoms is a national disgrace; these traitors should be shot, immediately, and their heads cut off and mounted on pikes on Pennsylvania Avenue as a WARNING. And they accuse TRUMP (and at times, that somewhat cutie, Tulsi Gabbard, now defunct politically) of being RUSSIAN pawns. What hypocrisy and utter BULLSHIT.

  26. Re this: “The “experts” agree that the recovery rate for Corona is 95-97 percent, with the variable being the capacity of the health system to treat all at once a large number of sick people plus all the other people who need care for one reason or another.”

    The experts appear to be wrong, if you’re talking about the recovery rate of those who were diagnosed with Coronavirus (as opposed to the unknown people who got it and recovered and either never knew they had it or reported it, or governments lying their asses off about the stats). The chart you included shows 6,500 deaths worldwide, and about 77,000 recovered. That’s between a 7% and 8% death rate. Counting the 86,000 or so unresolved cases is bad statistics, because some of them are gonna die, possibly 7% or 8% of them.

    Again, some huge uncertainties about how many people got it and weren’t counted, or got it and the governments cooked the books.

    • Hi Jim,

      It’s hard to know what the actual death rate is – or will be. But let’s say it is 7-8 percent. A tragedy, certainly. But how about the lives of the 92-93 percent who don’t die? What is unfolding is a civilization-ending event. Or at least, a capitalism-ending event. I don’t want to live in an authoritarian socialist company town, begging for my daily gruel and doing as I’m told. I’d rather get the effing virus and die.

      • Agree that it’s not a valid reason to throw away the Constitution, Eric.

        However, consider even a TWO percent fatality rate if half of American contracts the virus. That, of course, is a big IF. Let’s also assume that “only” FOUR percent get sick enough to require hospitalization.

        330,000,000 Americans x 50% = 165,000,000 American infected.
        165,000,000 x 4% = 6,600,000 American patients requiring hospital beds.
        It should be obvious there simply aren’t anywhere near that many…it would take a herculean effort to create, in effect, MASH units nationwide, and would we have enough doctors and nurses to man them, and how many of those would be lost due to cross-contamination?

        165,000,000 x 2% = 3,300,000 corpses to dispose of.
        Needless to say, Batesville Casket Co. could run 24/7/365 and not even make a dent in that. Neither would the existing Odd Fellows Crematoria. We’d have to bring the “Krema” back from Auschwitz, since supposedly THEY could burn up millions of J-O-O victims, but we’d have to conduct seances, I guess, to reach down there to Hades to the SS-Kommandanturen whom ran the operation so fiendishly effective! Or maybe we’d find out that even THAT wouldn’t appreciably help!

        The numbers that a BONA FIDE Pandemic pose are daunting, and are on the order of a full-scale nuclear war with numerous targets in the Continental USA hit. At least with nukes, the problem of disposal of bodies is often handled almost instantly.

    • You can’t believe anything we are told by the Sociopaths In Charge. We have been lied to so much and so often, by both parties, their sycophants, and most of the media, that they deserve zero credibility. You might as well ask your dog what the death rate from C-virus is, or even if it exists at all. You would likely get a more accurate answer. There is no act so evil that they would not commit it if they find it in their interest, and believe they can get away with it. If we do not die by accident or violence, we all get sick and die. To suggest that a modest increase in the numbers legitimizes the destruction what little liberty remains is absurd.

      • Hi JWK,

        My insufficiently cynical* friends are baffled when I suggest that the correct default position is to assume that everything the government, and the embedded “fourth estate”, tells us is a lie until proven otherwise by credible, independent sources. When they challenge me, I simply ask them which of the original narratives, propagated about any of the major events of the last twenty years, proved to be true.

        * Cynic, noun: one who angers others by correctly observing reality.


        • Here’s the problem: Remember that old Star Trek episode where “Keptin” Kirk mind-fucks the androids that took over the Enterprise at Harcourt Fenton Mudd’s behest, only to be found that THEY had their OWN agenda? Even their “leader” and coordinator, Norman, couldn’t handle the “Liar” Paradox, sizzling his circuits when the con artist Mudd tells him he’s lying.

          The whole thing has gotten to be such a grand mind-fuck that it’s difficult to know what and WHOM to believe anymore.

    • The statistics are based on a selected-for population, namely those who are symptomatic or sick. Necessarily, then, the reported rate death will be inflated. The issue is that the number of positive cases being reported does not include the number of positive cases not reported, because of people who do not run to the doctor (or panic because they got sniffles) or who don’t know they have it because they are infected yet asymptomatic.

      A recent report I read (scientific, not news) is that current estimates are that 80-90% of cases will exhibit no symptoms at all. If this is true, that means the number of infections is or will be off by nearly a factor of 9. Thus, multiply the number of reported infections by nine, with the death number remaining the same (since we assume deaths are fully reported). This means that the death rate (%) is off by a factor of nine: if the reported rate is, say, 3.6%, then the actual rate, taking into account unreported cases, is about 0.4%. Slightly worse than a normal flu rate.

  27. Of course, the “virus” and its “antidote” are cohencidences…
    Obtain and watch “V For Vendetta”. There are ominous parallels to the situation that is developing before our very eyes.
    From engineered “pandemics” to delayed “antidotes” being conveniently available after the fact, and the subsequent loss of both civil and personal liberties, starting with the demonetization of anonymous paper currency, these are all developments outlined in the movie.
    The WTC 9-11 destruction was only one more step in “total information awareness”, the loss of privacy and personal liberties cohengineered by the “powers that be”.
    The FEMA camps are ready and waiting…

        • Bzzzt! Sorry, but thanks for playing.

          What this whole affair has is the Chicom stink all about it. Bigots who want to blame those wily wascally joooos for everything have their heads up their nether regions.

          • They’re BOTH involved. See my longer rant above.

            Elmer: Oh, how I hates dat wascally kosher wabbit! (FWIW, he was voiced by Mel Blanc, the man of 1K voices, and one of the ‘Tribe, as was Bugs and so many more…)

          • Actually globalist. But they are only one, of many factions of oligarchs that actually rule the world. Those who blame the Jews (just another group of people) for this, that and the other, have an IFF problem. A small subset of them is the problem. The rest are just people, like anyone else.

            • You hit the TARGET “dead on”. Yes, MOST of the “J-O-O-s”, in fact, are decent folk, and ever as much the victim as anyone else of the Kraven Kosher Kriminals. It’s analogous to the concentration camps, which operated as well as they did for the Nazis (to get the Jews and other inmates to labor for them, they were a critical part of the Nazi war economy) due to the “first-line” supervision of the “Kapos” (of which SOROS was one), whom oppressed and brutalized their fellow jews, at times WORSE than what the SS overseers would allow (not out of mercy, but how it affected production) in return for better food and privileges. I agree it’s misplaced to blame ALL Jews (“Da doity J-O-O-s”) for the depredations of a SELECT minority among them.

              The trouble is, legitimately call out the misdeeds of ONE or a FEW, and all the butt-hurt ones scream “Anti-Semite”, not unlike if you criticize a black, you’re a “racist” by default, regardless of the merits of the criticism. To wit: criticize Israel, or even its more bellicose adherents, and so many USA Jews that have NO desire to go there come to THEIR defense. And they wonder why the hateful stereotypes.

              • This is how articles of con•federation “get” adver(torial)bed into coups o’ constitutions.

                If you were a fiddler crab, sideways scurrying round rome maybe, your one huge lopsidedly overdeveloped claw would be, could be, should be named “the.”

                Way “the” claw pinches it – well, projects it – “the” jews is an even bigger claw.

                When your only tool’s a claw hammer….

            • Just another “people” en-grouped. By other en-grouped “people.” Hail(stones), hail(stones), the gangsters is all here.

              Groupers got gaping maws, swallow whatever comes along – but especially bottom-rig tackle.

              Jewish criminal, Christian criminal, atheist criminal…the criminal subset is a problem, the rest is irrelevant.

    • Hey Annie, since we’re such great ol’ pals could you favor me with one of your famous delusional exclamations of “I struck a nerve, good!”, thinking you’ve made some kind of point? I’m sure we could all use a good laugh.

  28. If my history is correct, OM is the first US President to challenge (and actually contract) the global elite’s new world order march. JFK was attempting to do such, Reagan stemmed the tied, and now OM actually contracted it with reversing (although only slightly) the giant sucking sound out of the US for the past 50 years. Every other President allowed or grew the NWO, and retraction of our constitution. One could argue it all started way before that, but it certainly got legs after WW2.
    One thing I noticed early on was all of the supposed ‘Dr’s’ that were saying how bad this was, early on, from Europe and Asia, were government employees. IMO, they were handled.
    Hope I’m wrong.

    • Hi Chris,

      I also hope I am wrong. I will be happy, in a way, if it tuns out that the virus is as bad as advertised. Because only in that case will what’s being done be justified.

      • I’m not so sure ‘with what’s being done be justified’ remotely comes true until if/when deaths surpass the normal flu death rate for US.

          • I know the consensus here is pretty much, ‘just the flu bro’. But let me offer some evidence that maybe it is not so mild.

            Take a look at the JHU map.

            click on the dots for Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Scotland, Italy.
            Note the very high death to recovered ratios.

            The total infected numbers went up 19,000 Tuesday-noon to noon-Wednesdy-noon, 36,000 in the next 24 hours. Friday numbers will probably be 50,000+. The numbers themselves may just reflect more testing and so finding more cases, but the death/recover ratio scares the crap out of me. Check back next Thursday and see if you still hold the same opinion about the danger of this. It is just starting to take off IMHO.

            Good luck all.

            • My census is that counted numbers from cartels cannot be taken at face value.

              These people lie too much to embrace these latest pronouncements as a haystack needle truth, or to let them stick\jab me.

              I haven’t dealt with a doctor yet whose allegiance to malincentivized “authority” did not far surpass his or her intelligence, integrity.

              Related smoking red flagun: iatrogenic mayhem & carnage that’s “business” as usual…& a new to me word: nosocomial infection.

            • Hi Anon,

              It seems clear there are a lot of people who’ve gotten sick; but how many have died? It’s under 10,000 so far worldwide, including China. A lot of people, yes – but not the Black Death, either. And how many of these people were people who had compromising factors such as advanced age, or health issues? It seems to be about a third to half of the number.

              Maybe it’ll get worse. But it will have to get a lot worse – orders of magnitude worse – before it (in my opinion) justifies literally destroying the economy and with it whatever was left of the few liberties we had two weeks ago.

              • What governments are doing to the economy is a separate issue from the danger of the virus to me.

                But I do think you are missing my point about this thing is only just getting started. Only 10,000 but now starting to climb rapidly. The total recovered numbers are moving up by ~2000/day, the deaths by about the same. That is a serious change from how the deaths were slowing compared to recoveries a couple of weeks ago. Something has changed and if that is indicative of a future trend, by May this will be far worse than any flu for the last hundred years.

                If the trend does continue, we could easily see hospitals overwhelmed to the point of simply not being able to treat more than a small percentage of those who will die without intervention. Then the death/recover ratios gets even worse.

                The destruction of the economy is due to half measures. Either shut everything down for a month or two and get this under control, take the economic hit and then get back to normal, or do nothing and let it run its course. They are trying to keep the economy alive and trying to halt the spread which is just going delay the inevitable while not really containing the spread. What they are doing now will not solve either problem.

                And I do certainly agree that it is possible that more deaths will result from what they are now doing to businesses and their owners than from the virus. Unfortunately we won’t know for many months, if not years, what the correct decision would have been.

                And of course the bastards live by “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, so no matter what, we will lose life or liberty.

            • Of course he is a player. But for which side? He appears to be a nationalist, which is better than not. He is surrounded by enemies, both known and unknown. But he does have support from at least one faction within TPTB, or he wouldn’t still be in power. Unlike most professional politicians, he appears to want what he sees as best for the nation. But then one can say the same about both Putin and Xi, and they are both dangerous psychopaths. This is a VERY complex game, with many levels of illusion/delusion. The next few months should give us a better idea of what is going to happen.

            • Test rates? Let’s see reality–U. Washington Viral Lab testing in Seattle. From the heart of the “hot zone:”

              Go about halfway down the page, for a chart detailing up to date testing numbers and results:


              Exponential growth rate of infections? No. Falling rates.

              And this is ground zero of the “pandemic” in the USA.

  29. The ONE thing left to use as an anti-trump plan is to crash his success with the US economy. Nothing else worked. Yesterday we got a Dow Jones print UNDER the Trump election low. Success! See? Trump’s economy was BS. Obozo’s economic success is the foundation of the market. Peach Foty Fi! Peach Foty Fi!

    FDR who knew a thing or two about manipulating Americans (Pearl Harbor anyone?) said “Nothing in politics happens by accident”. This bullshit WooHooFlu is not an accident either. China got revenge for Trump squeezing their nuts until their eyes went round, OneWorlders got a chance to holler that making middle America great again was a terrible idea- “they exist to be tax slaves and almost got uppity on us” and the Multinationals got a clean shot at reinstalling a pupped president. Is anyone in recent memory more easy to manipulate than Crazy Uncle Joe? And the EnviroNazis got a clean shot at EV subsidies for St. Musk and Government Motors .

    Hell yes this is on purpose. And it fucking stinks. My hope is Middle America gets PISSED and takes it out on the Satanic politicians with tar and feathers. Plus overwhelming voting for freedom and not goodies.

    • Hi Auric,

      My take as well. And – I think there is more than a good chance that I and anyone else daring to contradict the narrative will be shut down and possibly Hut! Hut! Hutted! in this “time of emergency.”

      I urge everyone reading this to keep this in mind and know what happened if we go dark.

      • Good point Eric. At some point, our Dear Leaders will cut the internet, and cell phones for the sake of “national security”. Anyone who has been thinking about what communication counter measures to take, better have them in place soon. It appears like the Schiff, is about to well and truly hit the fan.

        • Hi BJ,

          In my area, people are already talking about self-defense … of the community. About preventing anyone not from here from coming here. About locking them out. I pray it does not come to this – because I fully realize what this will mean. But they seem to want this outcome, which will leave people with no choice.

          • Eric, thats a natural human response. Protect the family and the tribe. Much beyond that is an abstract that many people can not internalize.
            The Monsters that rule us, have established an interlocking system of illusions/delusions that allow them to extract trillions from our people. Murray Rothbard, many times stated that government is a gang of thieves writ large. To which I’ve always added; and murderers. But then I’ve never been as charitable as Rothbard was. The current scheme has been running for decades. Have you read a book called War is a Racket, by Marine major general Smedley Butler? Or the Confessionals of an economic hit man? Both speak of what has been in process for many decades. Then there is the Long March through the Institutions, which describes how the Progs have infiltrated and subverted the foundations of western civilization. Starting with the universities, and then spreading their warped and twisted ideology from there. We are very near the end game. They have to move quickly, because the forces of nationalism/populism are spreading through out the world. Lets hope they make mistakes that can be capitalized on. In any event knowledge is power, which is why their ‘education” system keeps most people ignorant. Lets hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


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