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I have reports of – and have seen – armed government workers in my state (VA) menacing businesses that dare to transact business. Free exchange is now a criminal offense. Of course, it has been for some time – depending on the free exchange involved. But it’s now general.

You face armed government workers – and their arms – for attempting to serve people a cup of coffee. The AGWs are prowling around local restaurants, menacing the proprietors if more than ten people are within.

The “locking down” (a term once reserved for inmates of prisons) of America passes almost without comment – and little objection. The government decrees that people are no longer free to associate; to freely transact business.

Else Hut! Hut! Hut!

Because Corona.

It is the new Answer for Everything. Or at least, the new justification for everything. Our freedom – or what we still had of it – now held at gunpoint  . . .  to “keep us safe.” The irony is lost on most people, who seem okay with being told they may not go work out, sit down for a meal or even have a cup of coffee anymore.

On the basis of . . . what, exactly?

Lots of sick people, yes. But how many dead people? In this country, about 150 so far. How many of these were very old people vulnerable to any sickness? People with some form of immune system debility that makes them vulnerable to any sickness?

Don’t we have a right to know that – since it bears hugely on how many otherwise healthy younger people may die as opposed to just get briefly sick?

How long will it be (the principle being the same) before the government decrees no more associating, period. In our homes  . . . everywhere?

This is already happening. Mass house arrest – aka, “sheltering in place.” We are being clearly told who our owners are.

I have been trying for years to get people to understand that principles matter; that evil precedents set are always expanded upon.

Thirty years ago, the principle that it’s morally legitimate – “constitutional” – to randomly stop people and demand they produce “papers” as well as prove they are not “drunk”  set a very dangerous precedent.

It did – and was expanded on. It became routine to not only subject everyone to police inquisitions on the theory that someone might be a “drunk” – but that they might also be an “evildoer.”

And now, “sick.”

“Someone” might be a Corona Carrier. Therefore, everyone must be treated as a presumptive Corona Carrier. Restricted, corralled and punished if he declines to be treated as a presumptive Corona Carrier.

That they have done nothing to indicate they are is an irrelevance. Just as it does not matter that you’ve given no reason to suspect you are a “drunk” driver or an “evildoer.”

Might justifies the application of might (i.e., of force).

Which application is unlimited in principle. There is no “this far and no farther.” Might is open ended.

Which is just how they like it.

My vibe is this is contrived. See here for some very sobering data – or rather sobering info about the lack of data and how Corona Fever is being used to terrorize the population and render it inert.

I suspect that what’s unfolding is a new and far more clever, much more dangerous nahhnnelleven – designed to (a) mask the cratering of the over-leveraged financial sector and (b) blame it on a bug and then (c) use this as the excuse to “lock down” the country.


We have a few weeks, at most, to fight back. To question the narrative. To ask: How did they get this unlimited power to decree  . . . anything? Who voted for this? Who consented to this? 

The principle of unlimited authority – freed from any pretense of consensual authority – has been placed on the table. It is up to us to take it off the table while there is still time and we don’t have very much of that left.

I think it is entirely possible they will shortly shut down any media – including social media –  that contradicts the official line, using “national emergency” as the pretext. It may even become a criminal offense to “deny” Corona Fever. This sort of thing has precedent. See the Palmer Raids, for instance. Or, what Abe did. What The Chimp did.

What John Adams did.

The “enemies of freedom” must be stopped.

. . .

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  1. I have said this many times before. the only way to stop these demons from hell is to kill them.
    after watching the pathetic anti racism rally disguised as a gun rally in virginia there is no hope for the lams awaiting slaughter

  2. So, if international travel is being banned, domestice travel curtailed by closure of rest stops, motels, and restarants, and we’re all supposed to avoid one another and cower in our basements, why is the southern border still wide open, with nary a peep from either party? Just asking.

    • Trump ordered the southern border closed but local BP supervisors are ignoring and overruling him.

      When it’s not the media running him down and asking him stupid questions, it’s the federal bureaucracy working against him since the day he took office.

      He is far from perfect, but I don’t know how in the hell he is putting up with all this shit ????

      • Yeah, it’s funny, Anon; In the statist religion, no matter which denomination one subscribes to, it’s always their god, the state, that is expected to solve all problems; and when it doesn’t, they just blame the priests from the other denomination for not doing the right thing; not doing enough; doing too much…..LOL.

        With the widening and extreme gaps between the two major “denominations” these days, as the rhetoric has become more extreme, the Big (orange) Cheese just can’t win.

    • It isn’t. the Mexican border was closed to all but essential travel by the US FedGov on Saturday, March 21.

      • That was the orders. But the local BP supervisors have other ideas. Unless Trump is willing to fire/arrest them, its not going to get any better. Perhaps they are part of the “Resistance”.

          • Anon, it should have been the first thing he did after being inaugurated…..that same day. I’m with Ann Coulter on this. She has made the point to a degree the WH called and wanted a copy of her latest book, cheap mofo’s they are. They could have bought one in 10 minutes.

  3. Not only does America buy everything from China, not being able to manufacture anything, they even get their medical plans from China.

    I would hypothesize that had China simply let this new flu just take its course like any other flu (where vaccines only protect 40% at best) then the whole world would likely have just looked at this as a slightly different strain of the flu and paid no particular attention, especially how the regular flu has infected and killed many more people already. The lock-downs here would not have happened and we would have just gone about our business like every other flu season.

    Just as how most viruses do less damage than our own over-reactive immune systems, we have been treated by an over-reactive government system that will likely kill us with their own kind of cytokine storm.

    • Umm, ET, the US is still among the foremost manufacturing nations in the world. The majority of airliners originate here in the US of A, I believe our nation is still #1 in terms of capital goods, we lead the world in terms of medical advances – anybody who can afford the trip comes to the US for treatment if they can swing it financially, we’re still the breadbasket of the world, exporting far more food than we consume, and unlike any other nation in the world we have the 2d Amendment to ensure we keep our freedoms and our prosperity.

      • Consent mfg may be hitting an all time high right now. Which is really just to say all that gobs of potential, always lying in wait, has gone more kinetic.

      • Well, the only way to know which way the trade winds blow is to have accurate accounting. Unfortunately, the only ones counting are the bureaucrats. If we are to believe their numbers, then I would refer you to Peter Schiff who seems to actually enjoy discussing them.

        Anecdotally, looking at the origin labels and I don’t see the label from my youth. Sure we still make an item here and there, and we do farm, but why do we have to force China to buy our stuff if it’s so good. That tells me Peter is probably right. And he doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

        One thing we do make quite well are fed dollars. Why China accepts them for all the cool stuff they send us, I don’t know. As to airplanes, we were once good at that. But we’re rotting because of cancerous regulation. And that leads to Boeing. After the next round of bail-outs the government will be running them and lots of others. They’re gonna start buying equities.

        More than half the country is clambering for socialism. They’re not interested in the 2nd amendment. And it’s on the way out, just like the 4th. Those people waiting in lines today to buy food aren’t even angry at their overlords. And they got a boogie man better than climate change, since this will now return on every new season. We’re broke, we’re destroying what’s left of the economy and we’re whimpering in place.

        • Hi ET,

          Well-said in re China. I’d add that a great portion of the offshoring of manufacturing was the done as an “end run” around the stifling regulations on manufacturing in this country. It’s more costly – and more hassle – to make things here in many cases than it is to make them in China and then shop them across the ocean to sell them here.

          In re the rest: Yes, socialism is no longer a dirty word – though that’s not usually the word used. Other words are used but the meaning is the same. Making people broke/dependent/passive – the necessary building blocks of arrested development coercive collectivism, (my preferred term).

          Let’s not give up without a fight, though!

        • All good points! Still, for the half not clamoring for socialism, I note that NCIS adjusted background checks have been way over a million a month for decades and are way, way up of late. If the day that push comes to shove, TPTB are going to have a reconfiguration.

          • Yeah- As if our limited-capacity non-automatic weapons are any match against their fully automatic high-capacity rifle, grenade launchers, helicopters, etc. and the obedient conscienceless goons they pay to use them……

            • Nunz, I’d like to hope that “our” armed forces will be helping us fight over foreign forces who have been getting training in this county for 2+ decades.

              A few years ago the military conducted a poll of the troops wanting to know who would use force against Americans. They are still sitting on the results.

              When people decide to just go back to their jobs and make the goods without the top brass there, will the places be bombed? That would certainly be the tipping point and the 6 evil FSM’s would be working overtime just like a CBS thing I just saw on YT. If a YT person doesn’t take the correct political stance on Covid, they are shut down. Nothing going on, move on, nothing to see here.

              Reminds me of an old movie “What we have here is failure to communicate”.

              • Hope-on-a-rope. Don’t bend over for it in the shower.

                Kent State was a few years ago.

                Armed foxes, in the henhouse, represent order, they believe, cuz the gotta’ believe – & swing that hope-on-a-rope, too — just to get thru their days.

                Order, the disembodied structuring idea of order, but more to the bayonet point, the ones giving the orders, is what, & who, the armed foxes rep prehensile their talented tails ‘round.

                Some will fall out. But not most.

                “cuz” cherry atop the noosed soap is fear o’ peer pressure\sanctions over desertion, cowardice, disobeying orders, etc & all that caught in the tribal 22 crossfire rot.

              • Eight, much as I hated being drafted in 1967 most of us would have as soon shot our officers as any “enemy”. Now that it’s voluntary only sociopaths who enjoy killing people sign up. Why risk going to jail for murder when you can have Uncle’s blessings and maybe get a medal? Then when you get out you can become a cop and continue being a serial killer.

                • Mike, have you seen the Big shitty of the troops from Australia murdering the people in Iraq? They all had body cams and some just murdered unarmed people for the hell of it.

                  I only bring it up because Assaunge was charged(illegally) of a single video with troops murdering a bunch of civilians and two Reuters reporters with a helicopter. The Aussies have mountains of footage of murders but they aren’t treating the guy who pointed it out to his superiors as a criminal. Being on the ground, he probably wouldn’t have lived to report it had he even mentioned it. Seems like morals decline every day in the west.

                  • Hi Eight, I remember the video that Assange revealed, but rather than prosecute the crimes he exposed the PTB went after him instead. Our overlords are in full “shoot the messenger” mode; guess they want to send a message to anyone else who might dare tell the truth

                    • Mike, they passed the “whistle blower bill” and then immediately began rounding them up and charging them for crimes the bill was supposed to stop. That should tell everyone everything they need to know.

                      And the people it pisses off the most, you and I, are well past our prime to fight them in any way.

              • I kept my cursor in the same line and figured out(maybe)that you are replying to Nunzio. But it doesn’t need to be that difficult if you just insert the moniker before your message.

              • BigJim, if you’re responding to me:

                “We” didn’t want to win the Vietnamese “War”- but “we” sure did a lot of senseless killing. All of the innocents who were murdered; whose lives and famblies were destroyed, and who suffered horrible disabilities and disfigurement sure didn’t preserve anything or win any victory.

                Afghanistan has been decimated and tyrannized for decades now……

                Having to live under constant tyranny, threat of impending death and destruction, economic ruin, and constantly fighting, is no victory nor preservation of liberty….

                Would you consider yourself a victor if you had been born and lived in Afghanistan for the last 30 years?

                What “we” have done in those places is going to be done to us, by the very people who so many of our fellow citizens consider “heroes” and whom they claim are “fighting for our freedom”- and for them, it is well-deserved; expected payback…..and those of us who haven’t been diligent or fortunate enough to leave are going to suffer along with them.

                There is no one here to fight with us/for us. It’s Uncle, and all of the brainwashed masses who are on the other side.

                • Sad but true. The current military is little more than mercs. They are as deluded as anyone else in this insane system. They fight for a system of illusions/delusions that is pumped into their heads by the “educational” system, and the corporate mass media. They do the killing and dying, while those who own this country, and pretty much everything in it, rake in trillions every year. Now, before the MAGA types come unglued, at least attempt to see the distinction between a country and its ideals, and the gang of thieves and murderers that make up its government. The first is worth fighting and dying for. The second is not.

                  • “Country’s ideals” might be seen as branding.

                    Or pretty wrapping paper.

                    Or the flames engulfing the parcel you found at your front door after somebody no longer there rang your bell.

                    • Oyz, that may be true, to a limited extent. But without ideals, what is there to guide one? The trick is to critically examine those ideas, and make the individual determination as to their value. Critical thinking is pretty much a dangerous lost art, in this day and age. But it still lingers around the edges. Careful of that edge, I hear there may be monsters… ^^

                    • BJ…the limit is the extent. Or maybe vice versa.

                      “Individual” as you say.

                      When countries & corporations & countries inc. are radical egalitarian Frankenstein’d into “individuals,” well, fondue’s on.

                      Branding & marketing otherwise & propaganda are “guides,” too. But those are same competence as the guide that “led” the Donner party…fondue’s on.

                      And those country leaders is same as that guy who likes fava beans & Chianti with his liver…fondue’s on.

                      Melt pots just one kind of honey trap deccan trap tar pit. Yes, careful round those edges. Very sticky.

                    • Eight…started to watch, saw the Q-anon stuff, turned it off.

                      Took another pass later, but scrolled to a deeper-in sample.

                      Seems to me the actor\entertainer celebs, incl all the politicians (that, I think we agree, are fronts, or mechanical arms, or strawwo\men to be the poster children for the actions of the handlers behind them) & their ties/associations with all this satanic stuff, on the one hand, & q-anon & white hats & all that other hand stuff…is still the same simple syrup story that lots/most people are hardwired to never get enough of…especially when persons congregate into “people.” Bees eat honey & hiveminds guzzle simple syrup….

                      And that it’s kid stuff. Like Grimm’s fairy tales. Like all the stuff Joseph Campbell made a career out of. Like all religions – secular & supernatural – are built of.

                      Kids on the “adult” skids stuff.

                      Light vs dark by & for loons vs dorks.

                      Metaphors taken literally.

                      The thump sound bibles, other constitutions, make when heads are whacked with ‘em.

                      And as I keep saying, us/we vs them/they as asserted by gobs of melted I’s (assuming there was ever any wholeness – which is a huge assumption).

                      To both these “sides,” all others too, my shortest response is “yeah, keep telling yourselves that.” Chant yer humantras, humanimals.

                      It’s not the stories the gangs chant & mantra amongst themselves & shuttlecock back/forth at each other that matter, or that are dangerous. What’s dangerous is that there’s 96 moonies for every 4 that got heads screwed on curved.

                      Yes, curved.

                      Cuz there ain’t no straight in nature, & the gangsters can’t stand that – scares ‘em I’d guess — & so make up stories, & storied institutions, insisting otherwise.

                      Moonie’s the main part of h. “sapiens.”

                      Is why zombies is the metaphor it is…& that includes all who continue to insist “you gotta pick a side…the enemy of my enemy is my friend”…yada-yada-yada.

                      The embrace that holds all the mess up remains locked because it is a lock…a loch ness monster.

                      In the main, this is just a poorly designed species, that can’t get over itself, alone, or together.

                      So “social distancing” made sense long before now.

                      Cuz there isn’t actually anything social about the moonie-zombies that hang together so as to hopiumfully not hang separately. Isn’t that just like doing the prescribed things so as to get into heaven, on the one hand, & ain’t hanged hanged, on the other?

                      Or, if that is social, then only cowards are social. Which circles us back to runnin’ cows.

                      But talk about “performance art.”

                      Everywhere I’ve been, there was cowsocieties already there, eager to inform me as to the local traditions, community standards, pecking orders, etc, that most everybody’s performing for most everybody else. Not a lick of authenticity to it. Just a whole lotta moo-meograph copies of copies of copies. Form comes first, function, if it comes at all, brings up the rear.

                      & when the inform didn’t impress to cookie-cutter conform, imposition – attempted anyway – came next.

                      My response continues to be ya’ll do what you want with & in your patches of barnyard, but don’t be telling me what to do with\in mine.

                      (Which is why Hoppe’s, amongst others, “contractual societies” is just more of the same.

                      Free agent here.

                      This is planet oz.

                      These are planet oz’s satellites.

                      & ya’ll got nuthin’ valid to say about any of it.

                      The HOA concept’d be fine if it could strictly contain itself.

                      But it can’t.

                      Which is to say the people involved can’t contain themselves.

                      HOA is just a drop in the septic bleed-out that stains everything else, too.

                      Control freaks telegraphing how out of control they are.

                      Not that control isn’t just that straight lines illusion….)

                    • Hi Ozy,

                      Any one who says this:

                      “Yes, I do trust the US military, it is the one organization that has not been corrupted”

                      can be safely ignored and ridiculed.

                      Is this guy part of the merry band of trolls (the Q folks) who have convinced some that the “Orange Man and the Patriots turned the tables on the Deep State and are using this time against them, going for Mass arrests of CEO’s and Celebs (Notice all the “Resignations” and “X getting the Wuhan 400”), taking power away from the Fed (So we get our full paychecks amongst other things) and whatnot”.

                      Pretty sure these guys started on 4chan, pretty sure that Q, at least, is a master class troll.


                    • Jeremy…the Q stuff seems a lot like the secret code-breakers that have shown buyers how to wind up Irwin Shiff’d.

                      It *might* come in handy to know all it takes to infiltrate the coven is a bandaid on…wait…which finger was that again?

                      But all that said, there’s been all kinds of “safe to ignore” stuff & dreck that once sluiced thru screens & sieves has revealed bits of glint that add up.

                      No exaggeration to say most everything out there is in the STI category – includin’ especially all the taken-for-granted inculcations that begin at the beguine-go.

                      The placer mining of life ain’t quick nor sweat-free but it has a much better ROI than haystack needle huntin’ does.

                    • Hey Jeremy!
                      Re: Q-anon et al;

                      Such really illustrates just how hopeless humanity is these days. Between the mainstream propaganda; the alternate propaganda; the counter-propaganda, etc. the voices of truth are as rare as a pair of running shoes in Stephen Hawking’s closet (Excepting this site, thankfully!).

                      It’s as if people are looking for something other than the truth to believe in; anything other than the truth, which will allow them to maintain their preferred illusions.

                      And now the Corona Stimulus bill…. Never mind that it’s yet more of the very things that have caused the extant p[roblems…..just promise to give people free money, and they’re like a bunch of 5 year-olds…. “Ooooo! Free money good!”. (They can keep my share- I don’t want their filthy lucre- and I’m certainly not going to file a tax return to get some!).

                      When does it [all of the BS] end? Sigh……

                    • “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”

                      Oscar Wilde, somebody said, was a moralist in libertine disguise…close enough, I think, even if a tad-titch too far…or not quite far enough (he really shoulda’ got those two butches from that Seinfeld episode to handle the Marquess of Queensberry…).

                      So…outré•ganda: just cuz youse in Uganda – or headed there at breakneck pace – don’t mean youse can’t be like Idi Amin, eh?

                      Or at least be a cog\follower in the Idi Amin admin.

                      “Yes, please!” say the Spring Broken drunkentopless Id(iot)s gone wild grrrrls: UBI(yi-yi-yi)!

                      “Too big to fail’s finally trickled down to the too little to succeed! Ain’t democracy & the still biggest fiat fedres – them Bretton Woods ain’t been beetle-et & burnt down yet! — in the whirld-wide world grand?”

                      “Da big guys wid da big mouths & da big keyboards feedin’ inta da big teleprompters & big bank accts arrrr! bound ta be onta somethin’ big &so we’d best listen & be learnt so’s not ta get tata burnt!”

                    • Ha.

                      Them woods is beetle-et, in fact.

                      Not only can ya see the forest for the trees, ya can see right thru the perforated forest of trees to the lunar-martian landscape on the other side.

                      Just waitin’ on the lightning bolt, or flicked cigarette butt, to send it all up.

        • Thats really funny. The US has some of the best med tech in the world (though others are catching up quick). But its “health care” system is badly fragmented, and almost totally corrupted by the insurance mafia, and the government. Both of which are why its so insanely expensive, and so uneven in quality. The socialized systems look appealing on the surface, until you look at their realities and the implications involved. There is a reason why so many Canadians come down to the US, for their critical medical issues. What is needed is to bring in real competition to the health care sector, and get the insurance mafia and government out of it. But given their power, thats not going to happen, anytime soon.

  4. We are being duped big time. Thousand of viruses are always around. How come we don’t normally get sick with the flu during the warmer months? It’s usually because your immune system is stronger since you are getting more sun and thus more vitamin D, which is stored in the liver and is an excellent immune system fortifier.

    Does the flu virus all of the sudden know it’s October 1st and it’s time to become active? Hardly. It’s your immunity to sickness that usually determines if you get sick. For older people and many with other illnesses, their immune systems are often compromised to some degree. It is well known that during the colder months everyone is more susceptible to sickness due to inactivity, stress and less sun.

    We are now coming closer to financial Armageddon as insane governments are acting beyond comprehension. Our leaders have severely failed the people by declaring panic and isolation for which will solve nothing. Isolation will breed more illness. What stupidity from the supposedly expert among us.

    • Umm, ET, the US is still among the foremost manufacturing nations in the world. The majority of airliners originate here in the US of A, I believe our nation is still #1 in terms of capital goods, we lead the world in terms of medical advances – anybody who can afford the trip comes to the US for treatment if they can swing it financially, we’re still the breadbasket of the world, exporting far more food than we consume, and unlike any other nation in the world we have the 2d Amendment to ensure we keep our freedoms and our prosperity.

      • John, FAR too much of our critical processes and materials, not to mention spare parts and entire sections of production, come from China these days. The damn globalists have left our country exposed to unacceptable risk, just to pad their bottom line and make their quarterly report look sweet. Division of labor is all well and good, but critical things need to stay within our own territory. What good is the Second Amendment, if the population has been so indoctrinated and cowed, that they do not understand their responsibilities and duty? That, more than anything else is why TPTB haven’t bothered to confiscate peoples guns. They may be insane, but they mostly aren’t stupid. If even 1% of the population started to get creative, and used intelligent methods to oppose them, the country would become ungovernable. They are not going to risk a system, that allows them to steal trillions every year, for the momentary satisfaction of attempting to take every ones guns.

      • John,

        The numbers may look big- but only because the US is such a physically large country, compared to most others. Compare us to Japan or Germany, which are tiny by comparison, and we don’t even look that good.

        Fact is, “we” have destroyed nearly 90% of our manufacturing; our agriculture is now mostly in the hands of large corporations, and we don’t even grow our own food, but rather produce fodder for ethanol and livestock feed (Remember, the overlords have long been promoting a “service economy”?)- Former factories in our cities and towns are either abandoned or turned into condos; what we still manufacture can not compete, as it is most often of shoddy quality and greatly overpriced, due to the insane regulation of every business and industry; the parts are sourced from China or elsewhere, and the subassemblies are assembled in Mexico or elsewhere (Even many so-called “American made cars” are really made and largely assembled elsewhere)…

        But the really sad thing is that the average citizen is unproductive. Half our freaking country is on the dole; the other half have been reduced to people whose only function in life is to earn a paycheck….but who can essentially do nothing on their own, other than staffing some job where they are shown and told what to do. Small business and family farms are essentially dead….and high taxation and regulation keeps the capable folk (of which I consider myself one) from ever even thinking about becoming a part of the mainstream economy or creating jobs.

          • 8, and I’m sure that at the very least, this will be a redux of the 30’s/FDR [Freakin’ Dirty Robber]. The “problem” has been created…..and the “solutions” will be forced upon us by the same bastards who created the problem [Not that the flu is the problem, but rather, the “official response to it” is]- and so, even more regulation, gov’t control, and usurpation of what few liberties remain will certainly follow…despite the fact that we already have so much of that that it seems incomprehensible that they could possibly do anymore.

            The Bolsheviks must be drooling in their graves, knowing that we even going beyond what they did in Soviet Russia……

            And I didn’t make it out of here in time….. [But I sure am glad that my mother’s still humming along. At least I have a good reason for staying for now- and if they don’t execute me, I may still be able to escape this smoking pile of ashes in the future]

      • The 2nd Amendment is a paper promise made over 200 years ago. We have an obligation to keep that promise or amend the Constitution. But paper does not enforce itself. Most rural people want the right to keep and bear arms. But guns are less practical in cities and that is where 85% of the people are. If we want to keep this inborn right in practice, we need to get CITY Democrats into gun ranges so guns are less scary and we can tell them individually the truth about lives taken and saved by them.
        Nor is the Corona (common cold) hysteria only government. It is Big Media having inflamed the public to WANT draconian measures. I have seen many individuals applaud these monstrous things. THAT is the problem–approval of totalitarianism by the sheeple.
        Eric, you are doing a critical job to preserve freedom. That is the typical role played by Nomad Generations like your Gen X. Your pay is to be slandered and persecuted, called irresponsible and get the smallest Old Age pensions. I think Nomads are the MOST valuable generation. For more understanding, get The Fourth Turning, by Strauss and Howe.

        • Rock, parchment, scissors….

          Born, not made, is correct. Not chosen, either. “INTJ” bedouins are born, every generation. Just not many. 2%?

        • Hi Esther,

          Amen – and, thank you. I do not consider what I am doing any kind of sacrifice; I consider it necessary and would do it regardless – out of selfishness. Because I value my freedom I know I must also value the freedom of others; that we must (as Franklin said) hang together, else…

          • “…if you can keep it.” Wasn’t a hypothetical. Franklin was one of the hangmen.

            It’s hang ten. Or drown.

            ((Cain’t breathe is cain’t breathe. & hydraulic water ropes’ll tie you down tighter n’ sisal. & them other people that populate Sarte’s hell is ~65% agua. The water brothers on Mars, in Heinlein’s story, weren’t the waterboarders that infest earth.))

            There ain’t no tandem, left alone triplicated fathersonholyghost gov boards – ‘cept as too clever by half-n-half flung in your face “jokes” – such as Franklin’s.

            Betcha the blackhats chuckle-love it every time one of ‘em’s held up exemplar whitehats. Franklin knew Lincoln was a ‘comin’. (Knew it was the plan, knew it was the way to bet – & bet it all.)

            • Hi Ozy,

              Franklin, like Jefferson was an interesting and exceptional man. Like us, he had his flaws. We don’t live in a perfect world and none of us are perfect. The thing is to try to be good. Not to impose what we think is good on others but rather to work on the sculpture of ourselves. If we can do that – and not the other thing – life could be pretty good.

              • Eric….You can do that good work.

                I can too.

                We can’t.

                Surfin’s solo.

                Ice berg’s solo.

                Titanic’s hole-o’d.

                As for BF, he was good like Mae West was good.

                “When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m better.”

                Like Shaft (good name, eh?), he was a baaaaad mofo. Same as the rest of the founding shafters.

                Remember that Hackman flick, back when he was *still* not gettin’ the hopium fueled deservin’, The Conversation?

                Remember him laboring like a manual laborer over that bugged conversation…laboring…laboring…until, way later, he finally picked up on that bit of inflection that a-ha! changed the whole “meaning”?

                The trick, the fun, is to hack it, man…but not to hack, man.

                Or, the truth ain’t gotta thing to do with settin’ free, since it’s just another inanimate thing that can be weaponized.

                Truth don’t free persons.

                Already free persons “free themselves” (superficial appearance wise, not actuality wise) – cuz they’s already wired to tightrope twixt the twin towers of “us” & “them.”

                That’s a huge, not Petit/e, difference\thing that nobody can take legit credit for. It just is, or it just ain’t.



                • Codicillary Corollary: people congealed ain’t changed a jot nor a tittle, so it’s special pleading to reach back into Lake Woebegone – “where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average” – auld lang syne for “exemplars” that never was.

                  That’s like any other argument from deific authority, even if it is posited secular•supply-side economics style.

                  ((& “bet” was used loosely. Front-running order-flow & inside info, such that the risk of loss is minimized or completely done away with, ain’t betting.

                  If people was passengers on kites & lime blight suspended the free in-flight coronas that was the main draw of travelin’ that way, ol’ BF’d been shortin’ hell outta those kite stocks in “coincidental” advance, you betcha’.))

        • The schools and media in the cities make people deliberately paranoid about guns. I’ve only handled a gun once in my life. I wasn’t afraid guns before then, during or after. It’s just another mechanical contrivance to me and like many can hurt or kill if not respected. My cars can do that so can my old CRT television sets. The natural gas line in every home can put a big crater in a neighborhood. But nobody makes people irrationally afraid of those things and more deliberately as they do guns.

  5. “just like deadly, highly contagious disease, … will eventually fall away”

    Where do cold and flu viruses go in the Summer? Where do they come from in Winter? Do some poor saps half to walk around all Summer with a cold or flu, or both? … What if there is no virus?

    • Our immune system is stronger in the summer due in large part to more sunshine (vitamin D). At least that is what I have been reading.

      • The wife and I have almost no disease problems since we take 8,000 units of vit D3, 2,000 units of Vit C, a super B complex along with 40 mg of zinc. Beats hell out of getting sick and is much cheaper. I have shingles and MRSA so it pays me to take as much as I can. It wasn’t always this way. We got sick right along with the rest of the community. It’s not a bad idea(when I can find them)to take more B1 vitamin or thiamine. I sometimes add extra B1, B3, B6, and B12 although we should be getting all we need with the super B complex. We take 400 mg of magnesium also. You’ll want to start with less magnesium or have the runs.

  6. So, is America being played?

    South Korea has basically beaten this virus with none of the draconian measures of Italy or America.

    The Diamond Princess cruise ship… basically a floating petri dish of old people…had about a 20% infection rate and seven deaths (all elderly) out of 3,700 passengers.

    A death rate not even on par with the flu.

    • The entire thing is a deep state cover for what the Fed has done and the failing economy. Just watch the stock market keep falling. If everyone is losing their bidnesses and jobs they’ll forget about the corona bs and just try to survive and “be grateful the govt. has given them some money to survive” even though it won’t be enough and the economy will stay ruined, not by the Fed’s failure but by that terrible disease. Just another 911 dressed as a pandemic.

    • south korea found the virus started in a end of the world cult church. they burned the church down bulldozed it and imprisoned the leader tracked down every member and isolated them. when you have mostly one race and religion it is easier to do what south korea did then this shithole septic tank called US with 150 different dialects 100’s of religions 50 different types of non whites who do not have a common purpose

    • PS. I work at a cleaning chemical plant and we are working 24/7 to produce hand sanitizer etc. 3 of the WHO approved chemicals. Everything we can make will be sold.

  7. I’m in Nebraska, so things are not quite as insane as the rest of the nation. Yet.

    The idea to hold onto is this: just like deadly, highly contagious disease, extreme measures by governments will eventually fall away. Of course, they never give it all back.
    Take note of these politicians and bureaucrats who are so eager to lock us down. Get rid of them when/if the time ever comes.

    Endure or leave. That is the only choice left. Everyone under the age of 20 has been trained to comply from kindergarten on up. That generation, and this one, is lost. They never knew a free country, they have no idea what was lost. Those old enough to have lived in a relatively free land will soon be gone, or rendered politically impotent. The wheel will spin faster now, and few of us will have the time or energy to accomplish much else than survive in the brave new world to come.

    If I could leave, I would. I have been advising my two sons to leave. Millions left tyranny to come to America. It appears the great experiment is over. The time to leave is past. If your fellow Americans are willing to accept total lockdown because of a virus….my god, what will happen during the next war, or earthquake/tsunami/hurricane? Will they decide that hey, lockdowns save lives, we should lockdown when the temperature hits 0?
    Fear is the new currency. Fear, propaganda, and tyranny.
    Endure or leave.

    Good luck to all of you in the months ahead.

    • it is because of the old people that sat around cheering while 100 million non whites poured in lesbians trannies homos given more rights then normal people illegals running roughshod. they cheered 6 trillion spent on fighting wars for israel. had wargasms when they saw little girls bombed wedding parties decimated. they deserve to suffer and I will take a personal interest in seeing them suffer

  8. Jon Rapopport has been writing on his blog NoMoreFakeNews that perhaps the overall current scientific Germ Theory is incorrect. What if viruses are actually solvents produced by cells in our bodies to remove toxins and such that living cells cannot remove, like say, Winter molds and Springtime tree pollens? Or, put another way, if Germ Theory is correct, how do people survive a trip to the doctors office or a walk through a hospital without getting a number of diseases all at once?

  9. Well, I guess the Epstein thing is permanently down the memory hole….. I don’t mean the fact that he was killed- I mean how so many politicians and celebs were outted as pedos and perverts…..

    THAT the public has forgotten so fast- or doesn’t care, is just as scary as anything the tyrants do, because it wouldn’t have been that long ago that just what had been brought to light about them thus far, would have shaken the world and resulted in a mass rejection of these pricks, and demands for justice, and banishment of all involved from the public scene and from ever holding office again. But today? No one seems to care or even remember. Tens of millions will still vote for these exposed criminals- and I have not heard one single voice calling for justice, or even mentioning the debacle.

    • Hi Nunz,

      Yup. And it was only 20-something years ago that a president was almost removed for lying about consensual sex with another adult. Times have changed.

      • I remember it differently, Eric. It was about committing perjury by lying under oath, which is an egregious offense regardless of the subject matter, especially for a lawyer. While Clinton was not removed from office, he was disbarred for the offense, which is no small matter considering 95% of lawyers are uber-liberal. Perjury is a felony too, and Clinton escaped prosecution for that too. Laws for thee but not for me.

        • OT; In a sane and just society Clinton and Janet Reno would have been impeached and convicted for the holocaust of 81 innocent people, 28 of whom were children, at Waco Texas and for the asassination of Randy Weaver’s wife and son ( and dog ) at Ruby Ridge in Idaho. FBI agent Lon Horiuchi and Genral Wesley Clark would have been frogmarched to prison as well.

    • Nunz, that memory hole has to grow with the govt. I just hope it all gets sucked into it and becomes a distant memory for all of us.

  10. Great article Eric. This is nuts.

    This “death rate” being thrown around is utter nonsense. It is by definition unknowable. Consider this:

    The very same people who proclaim: “This is 10x as deadly as the flu” also concede that many people who get it will be completely asymptomatic or else have a very mild reaction.

    Hence: These people are never counted.

    Given the fact that:

    A: Next to nobody has even been tested for CV

    B: Death rate is deaths from confirmed CV infections (numerator) divided by total CV infections (denominator)

    Since next to nobody has even been tested, and others have a mild or no reaction, this means the total CV infections is far, far higher than the number being officially used to calculate death rate.

    Since the denominator of the “death rate” calculation is actually much higher than the number they are using, we can conclude the death rate is much lower that what is being reported.

    We know darn well every CV death will get counted, even if it’s a total stretch to pin it on CV. It’s like the guy who gets rear ended at an intersection (but had a beer) being counted as an “alcohol related crash.”

    But this doesn’t sell headlines, or give politicians the power to lock down entire cities and or states – so we shouldn’t even think about this.

    • Hi Blake,

      What you’ve written is “it,” exactly. And the key to ascertaining just how serious this Corona thing is simply – how many otherwise healthy people are actually dying from this? Not 80-year-olds with COPD; not immune-compromised 40-year-olds. If it’s not hundreds of thousands then this grenading of the economy – which will destroy the lives of millions – is a war crime.

    • The man who won a Nobel prize for inventing the PSA test (the test that is being used to “identify” the corona virus) had this to say about his test:

      “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV.
      “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.” [1]
      – Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test used to “detect” AIDS.

      It’s posted in a blog here:

      • Yeah, exactly… viruses may not even EXIST, nevermind even if they do, they are definitely not able to detect them the way they say they are. The entire thing is a 100% fraud, IMHO. The microscopes nowadays can see very small items… so why can’t we see a virus? We know there’s bacteria, we’ve seen pictures of them, but how come we can never see a picture of a virus? They only show us drawings and computer graphics. It’s a lie, that’s why lol.

        • Of course microscopes can see viruses. Not optical microscopes due to the sizes involved, but there are certainly electron microscopes that can do the job:

          Heck, IBM has even used electron microscope technology to manipulate and take pictures of individual atoms, and made a movie of it!

          The idea that we can’t see viruses with a microscope is right up there with the old saying that some devout religious people still espouse, that we can’t even explain how a hummingbird can fly. Perhaps true in 1920. Not true today:

          • That could be fake. So what if it’s a real picture… of what? That could be something beneficial floating around. There’s alot of tiny stuff floating around… I doubt after millions of years of humans existing on Earth (and in the universe) that all of a sudden some tiny thingamajig is going to wipe us all out. That is literally impossible. The entire thing is literally impossible due to the laws of physics that make the entire universe exist period… otherwise we wouldn’t even exist if everything wasn’t EXTREMELY stable. Sigh. Ahhh, no use, ppl want to believe in fantasies because they’ve watched too many stupid movies, and don’t know the first thing about anything science related.

            • Just what is science? The application of what is known as the scientific method. It is the search for understanding the universe, and our interactions with it. Its an endless work in progress. At any given point, our understanding is based on what is currently “known”. That is a combination of understanding and technology. As our technology advances, it allows us to ask more precise questions of the universe. Understanding the answers takes time and perspective.
              Given that it is a very human activity, it has all the vices and virtues that humans are prone to. What objection do you have to the concept of the viral theory?

              • Science, the ideal.

                But not many idealists – dealing from the one deck that is ideal, or fair (true) – out there.

                And because the hens teeth are too few to bite off all the hydra heads of the confidence man (Melville’s story I do recommend), no “natural” environmental pressures obtain in that ideal direction, either:

                The confidence manimal sees to it without really even trying that the lab is sealed, the air is scrubbed, the temp & humidity are narrowly bracketed…the better that the bioweapon that is viral humanimal can project itself into even more lethal versions of itself.

                Who made this shit up? If it was scientists, it was Frankenstein Mengele types – of which there is no shortage, & never has been.

                Mary Shelley was describing goddamn fool patriarchy control freaks of her day…Mengele was a bitch the sig heilamonsters set loose.

                Mary had balls, brains, all those others was, & remain, just bouncing balls.

                Somebody mentioned Kary Mullis. I’d read his biography. Knew his like-mindedness with guys like Peter Duesberg. I looked him up for his take on the chickenlittleshit going on now, discovered he died last August. Pneumonia.

                There are scientists amongst the 4% – but they are still just as surrounded by sigh•entists & scientologists & scientism-mmm-mmm-goody-two-shoes.

                Eagles got a tune for that:


            • “I doubt after millions of years of humans existing on Earth (and in the universe) that all of a sudden some tiny thingamajig is going to wipe us all out. That is literally impossible. The entire thing is literally impossible due to the laws of physics that make the entire universe exist period… otherwise we wouldn’t even exist if everything wasn’t EXTREMELY stable.”

              This is the converse of the “humans have to save the earth” fallacy — the earth goes on whether humans survive or not. In cosmological terms, humans aren’t an integral or even significant aspect of the universe. Dinosaurs were here for millions of years, too, and they’re not here now.

  11. “Might justifies the application of might (i.e., of force).”

    That’s the scary part. Risk can no longer be mitigated; it must now be eliminated. Of course, there’s only one way these extremists can accomplish their “risk-free” society goal…

    • No. Might does not make right. Might makes able. But simply because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should do that thing. If you start from the basic principle, that you own yourself, and you own your works, you are well on the way to understanding what we need for a better world. Collectivists of what ever type, don’t deal with reality as it exists. Only as some shadow in their minds. They mistake the ability to do something (coercion) as an excuse to do it. Its usually for the “Greater Good”… When you point out that the Greater is composed of individual people, and the Greater doesn’t exist, they think you mad. ^^

      • Might makes *rite.*

        It’s psyche/emotional religion, & its worshipers are legion.

        Sure “able” will be taken, by disableds, if it comes to pass, but it ain’t the main thing – not even close — despite the handicapped carslots bein’ more proximal the door…including the door that’s been shovlin’ fiat scrip into the musky e-carslot lately.

        &, no, “the greater good” ain’t comprised of individual people (seeing it so is idealization, rad egalitarianism): once persons have been melted into soylent green fondue, they are gone.

        & the corollary: any sumbitch that trespasses, is fondue, a thing – not a person. Not because it trespassed…it wouldna’ trespassed to begin with if it weren’t already fondue.

        ((Leave a teensy bit of possibility for the few rule proving exceptions as may be, ~4% I reckon, persons who began in the pot as all do but luck of the draw was drawn out before it was drawn butter too late.))

        • Ozy, what is this fascination you have with fondue? Where you bitten by one as a child? ^^ For me, it all revolves around property. As L.Neil Smith is fond of saying, there are really only two classes in the universe. People, and property. Keeping in mind that people, doesn’t really have to mean only human. ^^ Asking someone if they own themselves, is usually a good start. If they say no, then they are most likely beyond hope, and you move on. The ZAP (Zero Aggression Principle) naturally flows from owning oneself. The works of Murray Rothbard, Hans Herman Hoppe, and many others have built on the implications of that. Keep in mind that some MAGA types do not react at all well to those names. They seem to believe that unless the trains run on time, that we can’t MAGA.

          • BJ…enGender pronoun genuflecting synonym-slurry du jour, past couple jours o’ duty, has been fondue…

            …fondue’s just a synonym for all those other grilled meld sandwiches that go by pronouns, or pufferfishnouns, or impose such pro & pufferfish nouns onto doppelgangsters…

            …such like as us, we, they, them…

            …or, the (fill in the blank) wholemogenized placeholders designees by designates such like the Americans Peoples-thejews-themuslims-theblacks-themexicans-thewhatever….

            Action is a priori? Yes. Good. Fine. Take it all the way, tho.

            This, that, the other one’s – & the ones dissolved into melt-oneness, too — actions are determined, bounded, sorted-allotted-&dealt by that original, first action: Conception.

            Born. Not made.
            Oh, my!?
            All born. None made.

            People who insist otherwise are also born & not made. Cue Ray Charles, Born To Lose.

            But there’s no difference between Tony Robbins-esque personal development gurus, or Helen Gurley Brown-ian motion types pitching “you can have it all,” & the ones who insist gender, etc, is merely social construct.

            Action’s the a priori. But post initial little big bang, there is no action, no movement, no un-movement, that isn’t already there, wasn’t already set in motion, even if only potential motion that never goes kinetic.

            One can be only what one already is…

            …contra the rad egalitarians, & the MD’s, & the utilitarian bean counters modeling, for cash register ka-ching convenience & solipsism misused simplisticism, that everybody’s the same & it’s all just a matter of tabula rasa being filled in, “educated” “properly”…

            …That is some dumb, & dishonest\self-serving inside-dealing, shite, right there…brought to market by the better & brighter (or so better•brighter•bureaus will say & better•do•as•better•brighter•bureau•say will subsidize – as both were born to do-be-do ).

            No conversions. No immaculate conceptions. No debate, or coerced, submissions. No metamorphoses no matter the metaphysical premises. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar & A is just fooking A.

            Person, or property, is ok. Mine is person, or thing.

  12. Try as they might, they were never able to destroy the economy that the Capitalism which America practiced many ago built. It lingered on and on, despite all of the absurd debt and the destruction of industry and free-market economics, like Jimmy Cagney stumnling on and on for blocks after being fatally shot. So they had to do something to finally put the silver stake through it’s heart, so that they can finally get complete control over the entire “global economy” in one fell swoop in order to implement their “New World Order” global government.

    2020 was the proposed year; I’d been hearing it since the 80’s. The disinformation agents always made it look like their target date was forevercbeing pushed back- since the cat was out of the bag about 2020- If they just kept us thinking that “It’s been postponed”, we’d let down our guard, and not worry so much; not do anything substantive to oppose it.

    But now, here it is- 2020- and tah-dah……here it is- right on schedule! -But most of those who were doing the warning, and those who were warned have forgotten or were believing that it was always being moved to “the future”.

    • Nunzio,

      I think that the year is 2030, as in UN Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. That said, we weren’t progressing quickly enough to the “sustainable utopia” our betters have planned for us, so they needed to speed things along. This CV hysteria is just the ticket.

      That said, I don’t think that TPTB will crash the economy; it’ll be too sudden, and people will riot. What I see is similar to what happened in VA WRT the guns: two steps forward, one step back. Notice how the VA legislature passed most of what they wanted after the protests, while removing the most onerous gun control measures? That’s what I see happening here. TPTB will rattle our cages some more, but life will get back to normal by summer.

      Is that to say that things will be as they were two weeks ago? No. Gov’t will have seized more power; we will have lost more of our rights. One of Alex Jones’ recent callers called this a slow motion 9/11, which I think is an apt description. Gov’t at all levels will give back some of what they’ve seized in recent weeks, but they won’t give back all of it. They’ll do the same as the VA gov’t did with gun confiscation. Again, think two steps forward, one step back…

      • The economy is crashing NOW. Restaurants reduced to carry out only, many are closed. Schools closed. ‘Non-essential’ businesses closed. Total lockdowns in several states. Travel bans. No matter how bad the medical consequences, the economic impact will be far worse. According to estimates, unemployment is already at 18% or higher, and this is only beginning. In many places it is very similar to martial law. This is not just another ordinary emergency. It may have been intentionally caused by the Chinese. Whatever the cause, it is Biblical.

        • Two more observations- some financial gurus are saying that the dollar will collapse in April due to massive loans coming due on April 9th. see videos-

          The other point is quite interesting. For the past 3+ years, the democrats have been poking Trump with sharp sticks, taunting and insulting him, tried to frame him for ‘collusion’ with Russia, and even impeached him. NOW comes the Coronavirus crisis, and Trump has signed a National Emergency Declaration. Now if you read the text of the Emergency Powers acts going all the way back to the Truman and even the FDR administrations, you will see that in a National Emergency, the President has ALMOST UNLIMITED POWERS for the duration of the emergency. I find this amusing and ironic.

          • I suspect that the Chinese are as much victims, as responsible. Wheels within wheels, and shadows within shadows. But do not ascribe extreme competence, to those who have shown precious little of it in the past.

            • The deep state has done worse. Look what happened to cover up the stolen $2.3T in 2001.

              Did the dancing Israeli “news” crew not make an impression on everyone? It was a victory dance a group of skilled explosives experts saw work perfectly.

              Oh wait, I’m sorry. Israel is a “best” ally. Just ask the survivors and victims families of the Liberty ship.

              • If you show your work the mistakes are spottable.

                Maybe this is that mistake: believing that country-runners is allied to the captive citizen stock being fed-fattened therein.

                Country-runner alliances, such as they are, are to & with other country-runners.

                You’ve run cows, haven’t ya?

                • If you’re speaking to me I have no idea of what you’re saying. I don’t know what cow-running is unless it was running them out of the garden.

                  • Yeah, Eight. I thought everybody in TX had at least one oil well & one cow. ha.

                    Running cows = ranching, growing beef, etc.

                    At natstate levels it is CAFO.

                    Natstates ain’t allied with the milk & beef cows they run…but confusing the hopeful cattle that they *are* allied with the drovers runnin’ ‘em does facilitate, ease, the drovering.

                    • Had to move the cattle to make room for oil wells.

                      My neighbor is a drover the right way, with a damned nice helicopter.

                      I suspect he sales some hog hunts since I’ve seen it flying this way and that and sounds like it carries a Bofors.

                    • Oil wells, cows…& sense of humor.

                      I think it used to be possible to buy those Borfors out of the back of magazines, mail order style. Amazon ain’t nuthin’ in comparison.

                      Volvos & Koenigseggs, & leggy blondes can still be got.

        • Amen, Nathan –

          In my area – SW VA – most restaurants are shuttered; my gym is closed. The coffee shop where I used to go almost every day to have a cup or two and work on my articles is also on the verge of closing because almost no one is gong there. I personally know dozens of people who have lost their jobs and several who are going to lose their business because of this. For what?

          Because of a flu-like bug that almost everyone recovers from. But we aren’t going to recover from this.

          • Drawing from a nationwide sample of 60,000 small businesses it serves, joinhomebase dot com says that 4 of 10 hourly employees didn’t go to work on Wednesday.

            New initial claims for unemployment benefits, announced every Thursday morning at 8:30 am by Dept of Labor, are expected to spike to a record high of 1 to 2 million next week. That compares to low 200 thousands for the past year.

            Cold fusion in a jar was a dud. But economic depression in a can was just opened up on us like a bottle of weaponized whup-ass.

          • It’s interesting how no one panicked during the “swine flu”, Zika, Ebola, SARS (etc.) outbreaks that probably took out far more people than this Corona-crap. Not to mention that hardly anyone here in the US wore masks during the aforementioned outbreaks. Now I see like 1 out of 5 people wearing them. The majority of western civilization has now been trained to fear virtually everything that involves even the slightest amount of risk; that being “safe” is more important than being free.

                • Look at it this way…OM’s portfolio, actually in a blind trust or not, likely took a big, wet bite as well. Karma’s a witch with a capital “B”.

                  • Orange Julius is pretty near the head of the what’s comin’ line, helpin’ to hand it out, & helpin the hell outta’ it for hisownself.

                    To eat the preach otherwise is to put your portfolio into the blindest blind trust.

                    If a congresstitute can go in with nada & become millionish, a billionaire prestitute just might come out trillionish.

                    Plus govflunkie bodyguards for life. Plus prolly seats on plush COG (cuz lord knows, we god-gots to save the queens…) accomodations.

          • I see this CV as an excuse for large business to shut down the little businessmen. Happening on a massive way. It has long been the goal of large companies to put small businesses into the grave, and now they have the perfect excuse. BTW, the large business I work for is going on with business as usual. Stores that attract people en masse, mainly these days to buy freezers and frigs. Meanwhile the Aussie government wants to print $200 billion to hand out to people to stay home.

        • Yes, our system was already on life-support; the digital digit pumping by the Fed. This little crisis just shows how fragile a crony capitalist system is, and how terrible collectivism is. A nation that had espoused and practiced real liberty and free markets could have dealt with this virus, or any crisis, with ease.

          Decades of training adults to be as little children results in what you see happening now.

  13. “Lots of sick people, yes. But how many dead people? In this country, about 150 so far. How many of these were very old people vulnerable to any sickness? People with some form of immune system debility that makes them vulnerable to any sickness?”

    Many if not most of ’em got that way by putting FDA approved “food” and drugs into their bodies to begin with.

    Oh the irony.

  14. The only thing that adds up is (1)over 130 CEO’s cashed out and quit last year including Bill Gates who is teaming up with the CDC to get a vaccine to market ASAP, (2) Everything that can be done to terrify people is being done, (3)the economy was crashing and they needed a reason to keep from blaming the Fed and WS(4) all this bs is causing a massive gun and ammo ordering spree with anti-gunners buying as fast as they can and the poleez in some states have stopped taking requests for NICS and the FBI site has slowed to a crawl for NICS to keep people from being armed.

    This is a much easier thing to figure out when you never believed the bs of 911 but we’ll get stepped on much worse than then so that the next emergency it becomes easier to intimidate the population.

    JWK, I can get the doc to prescribe me chloroquine which kills hell out of a virus including the current wildly over-rated COVID 19. But most of all, we need something besides govt. to blame for the worst stock market crash ever.

    FFL dealers are backlogged to the point they could sell 6 times as much guns and ammo as they can get or are allowed to sell(that number of people in one place thing).

    Politicians are running scared and using the hardest hand they have which will backfire for them no matter what sort of crap they spew as things ease. I don’t think this will ever be over. And that doesn’t mean a shooting war might happen. Trump looks confused. He is scared shitless. He should be. He needs to appear to be a much nicer person and do it quickly.

  15. I am just as disgusted as anyone here about the tyranny being imposed. But I have a few thoughts perhaps worthy of group consideration.
    1. We don’t KNOW that this is a harmless virus- we don’t KNOW anything. I know the numbers reported don’t add up, and that coronaviruses are ridiculously common and outbreaks naturally clear up with sunshine and warm temperatures. But with all the hysterical overreaction by the Chinese, by the apparent greater lethality in Italy and Iran, by a bunch of other scattered data points- there is another possibility. What I’ve read of bio weapons includes lingering disabilities- random recurrences, serious health problems delivered by these packages of nucleic acid “code”. Consider Lyme disease, which most likely was a combat bug leaked from Plum Island in NY. It seems innocuous, but gradually attacks joints, nervous system, etc. This would justify stopping the spread by extreme measures, and nobody in the know would ever fess up to it….
    2. It appears that given any chance at all, this thing wants to die out and not spread. Direct transmitted cases seem to be more severe than “community transmission” cases- and it starts to break down pretty quickly after ravaging a hot spot.
    3. This is a great time to sit back and study the game board. In a week or two the “cattle” are going to get restless and events of resistance are going to start popping up- this crap they are imposing is being done in an election year- it should be easy to remind folks of who did what to us. Keep track of what the anti gun, anti car, anti liberty communists do and remind them yourself.
    4. If this is a cover up for the long delayed collapse of the world ponzi economy (likely)- there will be opportunities for gains by sharp thinking free minded people. Not only in the “markets” and not only in politics, but in ways which will become apparent in time.

    • Correction: dunno what “we” know (actually tho, I do…), but I know the sorts of people pushing this latest hairy pimple narrative.

      And I know that that scum is floated up by pig waste lagoon water.

      Dirty, stagnant viscosity below, bright greenback above – the original & still the beastest beast with two backs.

      I also know that despite most knowing the metric “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” it’s still all just metric system greek to ‘em. They’ve heard the advice, but they don’t know it. And if it’s not known by now, it’s because it can’t be known, & never will be.

      Another thing I know: everybody dies anyway.

      Making not dying the raison detre of living — swallowin’ down that takeaway close gruel — just screws it, life, all to hell.

      Which wouldn’t matter to me at all if comporting suchly didn’t also suppurate noxious ooze all over the place & everybody else. But it does.

      Welcome to the jungle bungles. Cue Upton Sinclair. Cue Jethro Tull. Cue Guns N’ Roses.

  16. Where I live, the Chief Hose Monkey (der Feuerwehrkommandant) now has dictatorial powers, due to an open-ended “emergency” declared by City Council, which met behind closed doors (broadcast on TV) last Wednesday. Can hardly wait to see their new black uniforms, red arm bands & sidearms.
    (I hope not.)
    Die Polizei?
    They all wear the patch depicted above, have for many years.:)

  17. Guys,

    TPTB can’t keep at this very long. Why? If this goes on more than 4-6 weeks, businesses will be gone, and jobs will be gone. Once a man has nothing to lose, look out! There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose. People, especially the business owners, will say “Screw this, I have mouths to feed!” At that point, people will flout these ‘shelter-in-place’ orders, because they can’t starve. Good old fashioned, primal self preservation will kick in at some point.

    Is that to say that TPTB won’t rattle our cage? Is that to say that they won’t try to take away our rights? No, it’s not. I think that they’ll rattle our cages, but they won’t carry this too far. If they do, people will: 1) wake up; 2) have nothing to lose; and 3) will be driven by hunger at some point. I think that TPTB will make noise about locking us down for months, then back off. It’ll be a replay of what happened in VA WRT the gun laws. They’ll still take away some rights, but not as much as they could have. The Sheeple will be relieved, and that’ll be it-for now…

    • Exactly MarkyMark,
      If this goes too long, our Masters may trigger a decentralization movement where the folks realize that family, community, and friends are better at protecting our lives than the self-proclaimed masters of the universe. Perhaps the only good to come of this power grab will be a more self-reliant population.

      But the powers that be would rather gut our economy by flooding the world with funny money than admit they have no answers.

  18. It’s time to reconsider this closed minded “either/or” mentality.

    One side says that we have to follow these government mandates re social distancing, because it is the only way to avoid millions of more people being exposed, and hundreds of thousands more deaths.

    The other side says that this virus is “nothing more than a different flu.” That the government is just using this crisis to deprive citizens of all their liberties.

    Wake up and recognize the conundrum! It “is” a real pandemic. And the government “is” using the opportunity. Until you’re willing to deal with BOTH of these facts, your response will be ineffective, or unbalanced at best.

    One point where we can all agree…..this is one virus that cannot be spread via internet. So there is absolutely no reason to impose online censorship, or even worse, shut the whole thing down. Let us start here, then learn to deal with both threats simultaneously.

    • Great point about this being both the real thing and the gov using this as chance to observe a social control experiment. Rehnquist said never let a crisis go to waste

    • But the virus might morph and be able to travel through electrical wires! So entire electric grid must be shut down. If all the people die of starvation etc, that’s okay, because at least the boogie-man fake “virus” didn’t get them!

      Last time I checked, there’s a huge CANCER EPIDEMIC going on, but don’t worry about that! Not a word about that! Just the latest boogie-man invisible germs that are going to get you! And don’t worry about those chemtrails or the GMO’s either — not a word about that either! OMG… total insanity. The only disease this country/world has is MENTAL DISEASE and corrupt satanic gremlins that rule over the people with evil.

      If there WAS any kind of parasitic thing “going around”, the most important thing to do would be to avoid KIDS, because they’re the ones that are more sick than anyone else… yet NOT A WORD from the “authorities” about that! Bacteria are small and very weak, they need special environments to live in… they die within a day or so of being exposed to air and/or sunlight etc. Sooooo… what a joke.

      Decade+ ago I literally got infected with the worst stuff in the universe, multiple occasions, plus radioactive toxic exposure too — damaged my internal organs — the parasites were only able to grow due to the toxins, it’s all about the toxins not the germs, anyways… I’m still alive. If I’m still alive, then noone else has anything to worry about EVER. Like, don’t even give it a thought because you have NOTHING to worry about AT ALL WHATSOEVER, it’s a joke. You will die of old age or TOXINS, you’ll never die from a bacteria or whatever. IMHO.

  19. Per Zerohedge report. Update 1320.

    “Update (1320ET): As Italy’s worst outbreak spirals further and further out of control, Italy is reporting 5,986 new cases of coronavirus and 627 new deaths on Friday, raising the countrywide total to 47,021 cases and 4,032 dead, as the total number of cases in Europe surpasses the total ‘officially’ confirmed in China.”

    Per release from Italy’s Civil Protection Dept.

    “Unfortunately, we have registered 627 [new] deaths. I want to stress that they have died having coronavirus, not because of it” , the head of the country’s Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli said at a briefing.”

    Misleading information. They had 627 new deaths,,, the people had the virus BUT DID NOT die because of it.

    • ZH has been publishing misleading information for years. I stopped participating there in the winter of ’15/’16. What “Tyler Durden” publishes as his own writing is almost all C&P from MSM sources. ZH is an ad rag without the rag.

    • Much like the CDC lies about seasonal flu here in the U.S. For years, the CDC reported an average death toll of 38,000 for flu. Then it turned out they were counting pneumonia victims who also had the flu in that number. So they went to the current range estimates.

      I think a truly free people would rather chose their own level of risk, than be forced into lockdowns. If information is disseminated, and the truth is known, or as near as possible, then let the people decide.

      It used to be said, that in America, people voted with their feet, meaning that they moved to a different state if they despised the state they resided in. Now we cant.

  20. Principles do matter.

    And the fundamental, underlying, ponzi pyramid base, principle is the humanimal nervous system.

    Particularly & especially when humanimals congregate.

    Melt pots of boundaryless goo. “We’s all so fond•u o’ each other!” Followed immediately by, “You better melt – or else!”

    ((So I been fond a’ (gotta’ go with Hank, not any o’ the progeny) “social distancing” since long before it became a thing.))

    It’s only in sci-fi – perhaps slowly being inch wormed to sci-fa\ct – that that h. system is teachable, improvable.

    ((But, you know it’s true, if fi ever does get to fa, it’ll be fo-fum “teachable, improvable.” The better to facilitate Jack’s Giant’s donut dunking.))

    It ain’t a slim-jim’able system. Insisting, or beseeching, otherwise, is just spittin’ into the wind.

    ((Outliers? Just born that way. And for every Bergeron, there’s a large auditorium full o’ ready to do you goo.))

  21. Flew from west coast to east coast last night. Normally packed flights. 20 on one plane and 5 on the final leg.
    I would assume this would be a canceled flight normally, so they either had to get the crew home or they had 100 customers going the other way this morning?
    There will be no need for Gov involvement in air travel, there won’t be much of any soon.

    The parking place I use normally has 100’s and 100’s of cars. When I got there, 10 left. They said they are closing and being laid off today.

    This is all bunk. Feel very sorry for people affected by this charade. Will not follow any shelter-in-place rule/law.

    • I agree. My boy and I are going shooting in Nevada for his birthday, fuck ’em all. Father and son bonding is NOT subject to bureaucratic diktat.

      • Amen that, Doug.

        I also am making a point of going out every day and doing business with businesses still open, like my coffee shop. I will not willingly or quietly accept ny life being shut down because Corona. I urge others to act in the same way for the same reason!

    • I myself aren’t so sad for the airlines anymore… I like the airlines, I have no beef wit them. But I was Russian Goulag’d by “customs” agents at Seattle Intnt’l Airport recently, and I’m a us citizen too. They were so mean and nasty to me, it was insane. I hope they all lose their jobs and go broke and never recover, sorry to say that, but I loathe the thugs that work at airports nowadays. The TSA is a joke too… although at least the TSA people were all SUPER nice to me. The airlines are SUPER nice too… but the customs agents are PURE EVIL THUGS, and at South Korea airport, some airport employee came up to me … while I was waiting at the GATE… and asked me questions about my backpack… where did you get that backpack, is it yours, did you buy anything from anyone on the way here, … yadda yadda, OMG, HARASSMENT. I say… shut all the airports down for good! We’ll all be better off without the rotten tyranny & harassment going on at the airports! Bankrupt all the employees that work there too because they chose to work for evil.

    • We are doing that, too, going out, talking to people. Yesterday, I bought soup from a “wandering chef” and she came inside our house and we talked for a while and I walked her to the end of the driveway and we hugged goodbye, as we’ve done every time she’s come to our house. Next week, there may well be a drone to tell us to be six feet apart. I am not at all afraid of dying from the hyped-up virus, or even of getting it. I am finding conversations with people, despite the edicts, and I am not alone in seeing through the bull. I will civilly disobey these stupid edicts as much as possible, as long as possible.

  22. I think the sun is on our side. When the air is warm, the grass is green, and the sun is shining out of a cloudless sky, most normal Americans are going to go outside and enjoy life: children playing, girls in shorts, frisbees, etc. Right now a lot of people are having a sort of perverse fun with the restrictions–gives them a sort of frisson of danger and importance and excitement. But it will soon become boring, and the sun and pretty girls will beacon.

    Also it will be easy to point at the places that did NOT have restrictions and compare the incidence of the kung-flu in those places to those in which there were restrictions. I will bet my eyeteeth that the rate of infection will be the same or HIGHER in places with restrictions compared to those without.

    Simple math plus nice weather = victory.

    • Anon, I read a comment on another site where the guy said the supposed 400 cases in Oregon or Ca., don’t recall which, Oregon I think, were in a hospice type of place and were simply waiting to die. Of course they’ll include them all as if CV killed them.

      • Hi Eight, I read the same thing about Italy – 99% of the people who died were already sick at death’s door and the CV just gave them that final push. As someone else posted most people died with it, not from it.

        • People host parasites (& are parasitical too, as often, if not more often, than not) their whole lives & then, even after shuffling off the mortal coil, the parasites get one last advertorial outta’ them.

          Vertical integration from conception to six feet under.

      • Yeah, Eight – my mom died yesterday, but not from the Chinese virus. She was just old and had a massive stroke almost 4 yrs ago. It’s been horrible watching her suffer, but she had great care.

        • Anon, I’m sorry to hear that. My dad lost his mind 2 years before he died and he was miserable. If I’d had my way, we’d have gone out to look at the cattle(he loved to do that), I’d have plugged him in the head when he was at ease, dug a hole, stuck a marker on it and simply denied seeing him in months. Govt. can even screw up death.

          Well, that’s the way it was for my dad, not saying that applies to everyone.

  23. This morning the Peoples Republic of Nueva York (PRNY) has gone offline, following in the footsteps of the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornicate).

    Oh the humanity …

    Recommended reading: Mackay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

    How long till the tumbrils start clattering down the empty streets, carrying their load of trussed-up corona deniers (still wearing their damning red MAGA caps) to the guillotine?

    • When this doesn’t work (and it won’t), they will elevate to the next level – per Italy – that no one may even leave their house absent showing their permission papers, for God knows how long. And, sure as we are sitting here, no one will so much as make a peep in protest. And those that do, well, deplatform for them or off to the cage. It’s surreal.

  24. I live in a small town outside of Tulsa, OK. The mayor has only made “recommendations” so far to area businesses. Nothing enforceable at gunpoint as of yet. It should remain that way. Tulsa on the other hand has gone full batshit crazy, wreaking economic havoc on businesses which will surely cause more harm than the virus!

    • I’m in OKC. They shut down bars, restaurants parks and gyms. So far everything else is open.
      What’s going on in Tulsa. To be honest, I went to Tulsa a couple of times. It strikes me as an extremely weird city. I don’t think I want to return.

  25. And yet police nationwide are saying they will not enforce the law because they might come in contact with an infected person. In SF people are walking in and looting stores in broad daylight while employees watch helplessly.

    Some badged thug tries to tell you what to do, just cough in their general direction // evil grin

    IF I lived in CA, I’d be gassing up the 4×4 and going out to camp in the desert for a few weeks. Can’t get much more isolated than that.

    • Or I’d ventilate the hides of the thugs robbing the stores, kick them out to the curb; pour lighter fluid on them, and set them alight. Let the cops deal with THAT.

  26. This from freedom site Zerohedge
    “When historians look back at this time, we suspect that California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s landmark decision to order more than 40 million Californians to remain at home on Thursday night will be remembered as an important demarcation point – the beginning of a more heavy handed response as it becomes increasingly clear that too many Americans are simply ignoring the government.”

    Praising that POS governor for martial law and wanting more.

    and this:
    “Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday morning that social distancing in the US should continue for ‘several’ more weeks, as officials scramble to try and discern exactly how far the virus has penetrated, as hundreds of thousands of tests arrive at labs.”

    Where are those “hundreds of thousands of tests” that might show a different death rate than they are throwing around now scaring everyone shitless.
    Is anyone aware that about 15% of the viruses floating around are in the Coronavirus family. The flu is part of that family. If they are testing for a “coronavirus” virus then it’s possible the test will be positive if any in the family are present.

    In my county Escambia Florida after searching every nook, cranny and graveyard they finally found one person they claim had the virus. With that comes the clampdown on bars, restaurants, fitness gyms etc, an 81 year old man. ONE. UNO, 1….. and bye bye freedom!

    What a crying bunch of pussies we have become. We are threatening the very existence of the country to prevent being in a 1 0r 2% group that might die.
    When the American militias lined up against seasoned British troops to fight for freedom does anyone think they worried about being 1 or 2% dying in the exchange. Freedom and Liberty was more important than their lives.
    Sometimes 80% or more were killed. They prevailed and created a country that now is wuss nation shivering in their boots demanding government incarcerate them for their saaaaafety. Too scared to go get a cup of coffee. Too scared to go shopping. Too scared to do anything except cringe in terror locked up at home. My, how far we have come.

    Well, if we allow this to continue that virus will be the least of our worries. I for one stand with those brave militiamen defiantly going up against the British troops. I rather die free than a saaaafe slave.

      • Hi Ken, totally agree with your sentiments, when did the US become a nation of chicken littles? So far here in Massivetwoshits ONE person has died…! and he was in his eighties. Our (Republican) governor is just itching to declare the whole lockdown BS. Well I will be out doing whatever I feel like doing, I’m 72 so going to die someday anyway so come get me mf’s. Will adopt our neighboring state of New Hampshire’s motto – live free or die.

    • His lockdown is based on his pronouncement that 25 million CA residents will get the disease. He can’t seriously believe that; it’s a blatant ruse. Think about it, locking down an economic powerhouse on the fantasy that 100-times the current number of worldwide cases will befall California. They’re literally making shit up, and releasing their full authoritarian. And no one does a thing or says a word. No one asks if this smells right. No one steps in and says, wait a minute… No one asks why.

      Expect other states to soon follow suit. NY, CT, NJ, MA, PA, MD, VA next. Then the rest. Nationwide lockdown within two weeks. And it won’t do a thing to stop this.

        • That doesn’t matter, as long as the Enforcer class continues to follow orders. What they really want, is some excuse to kick it up to the next level. The system knows how to deal with violence, it is its stock in trade after all. What it isn’t designed to handle, is a creative approach that sides steps their advantages.

          • Or NUMBERS. Onsie-Twosie, they can deal with just fine. Hundreds, or even THOUSANDS, and they flee like the chickenshit cowardly bullies that they mostly are. Witness what happened in LA in 1992 when some ‘groids in South-Central and Watts got upset over the verdict of the trial of the four LAPD officers accused of violence against Rodney King under color of authority. They bailed out, pronto, and ANYONE that wasn’t “African” (and even some that WERE, it was also an opportunity for the ‘gangstas’ to settle scores) had a big target on their backs. Just “ax” Reginald Denny.


            I make no excuses nor qualifications for exercising my 2A rights.

  27. There will be no fight back. This is the Boston Marathon bombing redux, where the police get to go door to door and threaten you with murderous violence because a boogie man lurks among us. No one objected then, and many of them cheered the heroics of flexing weapons in their living rooms.

    It will be no different here. This is just scaled up. A spooky disease is just the perfect vehicle to quell the spirit of resistance, after all, you could get sick too. If you don’t get sick, then they’ll shoot you in order to keep you healthy.

    The fear out there is palpable. Compounded by lack of information, mis-information, conflicting information, and wholesale ignorance about viruses. Hell, three weeks ago, 99.8% of people never heard of a Coronavirus, but now they’re all experts, just ask them. Playing off of this fear is bringing this hell upon us, and it’s only going to get worse.

    This will not end well.

    • As young Alejandra is learning to her sorrow, you’re not a real Hahhhhhhvid elitist, unless you’re the legacy admission of a billionaire alumnus.

      F Scott Fitzgerald: “The rich are different from you and me.”

      Ernest Hemingway: “Yes, they have more money.”

    • So I wonder how much we are paying for this feel good program that trashes the creme de la creme. I’m sure corpgov will come to their rescue. Good thing we are in the digital age as they would never have enough printing presses to cover the dollars government is spending today.

      Maybe Iglesias could get a yob…. oops,,, everything is closing due to CV.

      Soon all degrees, just like the High School Diploma, will become useless due to degreeflation. And who will need them in a nation locked down living off of government food vouchers.

  28. And in a parallel, non-bizarro reality, where the made up “disease” of corona never came to be, the same people got sick and the same people died as in our made-by-fiat/media reality. In other words, the “corona victims” in our reality did not become ill and/or die because of COVID-19. These events occurred for very real and valid reasons not related to cooties, corona virus, and other boogie men. There is no “corona virus”. It’s not been isolated and never will be, so its supposed cause of disease has never been established. The basis of this pretend illness has been established by coercion and consensus, not by science. This “pandemic” is a very useful fiction by the powers-that-think-they-be powered by a comically grotesque amount of propaganda designed to play on fears inculcated into very indoctrinated population.

  29. Eric, I am conflicted on your contention that sheltering is a bad thing. One the one hand, as a strict constitutionalist, I agree.

    However, take my state of Florida as an example. It took weeks for Gov DeSantis to order closing of the beaches where the stupid “spring breakers” were packed butt-to-butt. It took police action to disburse the crowds.

    I feel for the business owners hurt by the loss of these customers.

    However, every young adult that contracts CV, commanding a hospital bed, takes the bed away from us that have been following the rules.

    • Hi Anon
      Sorry,,, disagree. The government can advise but to use armed force…. no. Apparently you are afraid of contracting this virus which has not been proven to be any worse then the flu. If you read the link Eric provided and still think we should be treated like cattle I don’t know what to say.

    • Sure, smugly feel bad for their livelihoods. It’s their fault for being a restaurant proprietor, right? Tough noogies!

      Go sit in a fetal position in the corner of your house somewhere, and cower in fear – the rules you are supposedly following. Never thinking about the permanent effects. Because you don’t think it affects you.

      Tired of stuff like this.

    • Hi Anon,

      It’s ok to be conflicted; if you feel it’s necessary to “shelter” then by all means, do so. My objection is to enforced “sheltering” – and shuttering, of businesses and people’s livelihoods.

      • Agreed, Eric.

        People deride the free market; they say it is useless in a calamity and we need government during a crisis. Wrong!

        If institutions were respected because they had to compete, and they gave complete and trusted information out, then the citizenry would be able to decide for themselves what level of risk their lives were worth. Why should bureaucrats decide?

        In a crisis, the free market decisions of millions of free, educated, and semi-rational citizens would do far less harm than the decisions of a few, power-mad, corrupt presidents, governors, and county health department directors.

        Some things are worth a risk. The risk of getting exposed to covid-19 may be high, but the risk of death is less than many other things we take in stride as the price of freedom. Businesses forced to close; no different than forcing us to stop living. If this country is going to turn into the USSR, I hope it at least goes down with a fight.

    • Let me explain something to you, ’cause I think you’re the same person who responded to me the other day:

      Nobody is saying that we shouldn’t take necessary precautions (e.g. washing your hands, etc.) to help prevent the spread of the virus, nor is anyone saying that the death toll is irrelevant. Any death is indeed a tragedy, to an extent. These few tragedies, however, should not turn into guns that threaten to (literally) end the lives of hundreds of millions of survivors who “dare” to exercise their (our) freedom of living.

      So if you want to cower in fear over a virus that has so far taken out less people than your run-of-the-mill flu virus, then be my guest. Just don’t force the rest of us to follow suit.


    • Anon, I must be slipping. I thought you said something about living in Ok.

      Regardless o where you live though, the worst thing to happen to flu virus is sunlight. If not for the bored factor, it wouldn’t bother me a bit to be there on the beach with the throngs. Astocillin and chloroquine(esp. this one)kill flu quickly.

      Don’t accuse me of following the rules, I hate the damned things.

      In 2015 I was driving a truck with side windows that wouldn’t go all the way up, about 3″ from the top, a hole in the floor with no boot around the shifter eating all that blowby of a big diesel and a leak that hit me on the right side of my neck and went down my back.

      It was one day after the other of rain and frozen rain and snow, really nasty stuff. I got sick late in the season and went to the doc. They had a fit and wanted to put me in the hospital. No way I’m doing that, not with all those other people that have diseases I don’t.

      I asked the doctor if I’d get a pill or injection in the hospital. Most likely a pill she said. So, I go home and rest in my own bed, set my alarm for a pill every 6 hours, keep a cooler beside the bed so I can stay hydrated and drink whatever I wanted when I wanted as opposed to calling a nurse and waiting for her to show up with a drink and bring everyone else’s germs to me at the same time. I made my point asking her to find a flaw in my reasoning. She couldn’t and I left. I had bronchitis and pneumonia but I had everything and more than I could get at the hospital and wouldn’t be around any germs besides my own. She said go home and do it. I got my meds, went home and healed myself. If I wanted it to be dark, it was dark. If I wanted it to be bright, it was bright. If I wanted quiet, it was quiet and when I wanted entertainment, I had music of any sort I wanted. I don’t care to watch tv so that was neither here nor there. I got a bit better every day and had no stress except to answer the phone when the old lady called which I nipped in the bud. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

      I lived and did better than I would have in a horspital. I even had a piss duck from having shoulder surgery so I didn’t have to get out of bed. It was easy to starve a fever or feed it if I felt like I could eat and we have chicken, turkey and cabbage soup home made and frozen in the freezer whenever we want it.

      A cousin was a doctor and he was head of the bariatric unit. I used to pass by the hospital and think about dropping in but it was a hospital and that kept me away. I saw him at a family gathering and said I’d stop in and see him but I hated hospitals. He told me “We have a ward that’s as sealed off as we can get it and it’s full of people with diseases we can’t identify. Stay away from the hospital when you can avoid it.

      Now that same hospital has another building that’s just for those diseases and I’m guessing, they have different wards for different types of diseases although I’ve never been in it.

      I have nothing against people who want to stay on their own place since that’s just a way of life with me. I only have to go to the liquor store and post office and I get groceries delivered in waterproof bags that may lay at the gate a day or two. No doubt the hogs will find something good some day but I’ll still be money, time and isolation ahead.

  30. Is anyone surprised that the Peoples Republic of Kalifornicate — initially in the SF Bay area, now statewide — is the first to decree total lockdown?

    Me neither.

    The US economy is on a controlled flight into terrain (CFT).

    Speaking of CFT, credit default swaps now indicate a 40% probability of default for Boeing, and 45% for Ford.

    Looks like that flying car they promised us in 1985 is off the table for good.

    Still optimistic about receiving the pony, though.

    • I love how the LA mayor calls it the “Safe At Home” order. Don’t worry, it’s not a lockdown. We’re just “asking” you (i.e. demanding at gunpoint) to stay safe in the comfort of your own home. That’s all.

  31. Morning Eric,

    Whether this virus was intentionally manufactured is unknown at this point. However, those who dismiss such a possibility out of hand have a dangerously naive, and all too common, understanding of government. But, it is certain that those who claim to rule us, are using this as a pretext for power and division. I’ve long maintained that one of the most powerful weapons the State uses against us is the manufacturing and intensification of class conflict; keep us at each other’s throats, and we will ignore our common enemy, the State.

    With that in mind, check out this awful development.

    Gotta make sure that the few people capable of independent thought and resisting the hysteria can be identified and punished. At the same time, coddle the cowards and hysterics, encourage their inner envy and self righteousness and provide them a risk free avenue to indulge their basest impulses.


  32. About 16 thousand people die from slipping in their bath tub in a year. About 18 thousand have died in the last 5 months from the standard influenza. We are being tyrannized over a virus that’s killed a lot less than that in 3-4 months. An interesting parallel between the three is that old folks are the most numerous victims. Its not adding up. Unless of course one suspects that the real reason for the tyranny has nothing whatsoever to do with our health Count me in. There is no act so evil that the Sociopaths In Charge find it unacceptable if it is in their interest and they think they can get away with it. I’m 65, and so a prime candidate to be a “victim” of this manufactured “terror”, yet I fear the tyrant far more than I fear the virus. Which brings to mind, which is the actual “disease”?


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