1775 . . . Again?

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When people desperately trying to avoid a fight are left no choice but to fight, they are often the fiercest fighters imaginable.

The reason being an explosion of righteous anger – of berserker fury – directed at the bullies who will not leave them be.

Governor “Coonman” Northam of Virginia is such a bully.

He intends to rescind the current, ancient and long-acknowledged legal right of Virginians  who aren’t criminals to possess more than single shot rifles and pistols – by criminalizing anyone who does possess them.

These newly minted “criminals” will then be required to turn in their formerly legal firearms to the government or be subject to Hut! Hut! Hutting! by armed government workers sent by the Coonman to enforce his criminal acts.

These acts include the criminalization of any “training” – even without firearms – which the Coonman and his supporters consider potentially “anti-government.”

This is a recipe for 1775.

Another bully – Thomas Gage, the British military governor of Massachusetts – attempted a “Coonman” in that year, which lit the fuse of what became the Revolutionary War. He sent armed government workers – Redcoats – to confiscate the weapons of the colonists – who had finally had their fill of being bullied. These long-ago AGWs eventually gunned down several colonists on the village green at Lexington.

Word of the massacre spread and the people rose in response, fighting back with whatever means available, harrying the column of armed government workers as it made its way back toward Boston, some 18 miles away.

The fury incited by that long-ago “Coonman” was subsequently described by himself:

These people show a spirit and conduct against us they never showed against the French . . . They are now spirited up by a rage and enthusiasm as great as ever people were possessed of and you must proceed in earnest or give the business up. A small body acting in one spot will not avail, you must have large armies making diversions on different sides, to divide their force. The loss we have sustained is greater than we can bear. Small armies cannot afford such losses, especially when the advantage gained tends to do little more than the gaining of a post.” 

Eight years later, those furious colonists finally succeeded in getting the bullies off their backs – permanently.

They probably never imagined that homegrown bullies even worse than “Coonman” Gage would eventually arise to torment them.

The current “Coonman” may not realize just how very tired the people are of being bullied – and how willing they are to fight, if a fight is forced upon them.

The “Coonman” feels confident. He has the full weight and force of the government and all its means at his disposal. He has legions of armed government workers available to enforce his writ.

But he hasn’t got the fury – and that is something he ought to reckon with, before it it is too late.

I speak from a rural SW Va county, in which most of the people living here know one another. Know they are not criminals, no matter what laws the Coonman may hurl characterizing them as such.

It is a very different to “red flag” and sic police department Hut! Hut! Hutters! on someone in a suburban home whose neighbors have no idea who he is than it is to order local sheriffs – who know their neighbor – to Hut! Hut! Hut! him on orders from Richmond. There is no “gun violence” problem in my county and everyone knows it. They therefore understand that what Coonman is proposing is not some kind of needed curative but the criminalization of almost an entire populace by distant tyrants who are loathed by almost the entire populace.

People such as Coonman are viewed as illegitimate foreigners; creatures who speak a foreign language, even though it is English. People here have had enough. The differences are irreconcilable. And the resentment is boiling.

Look at a map of the last election. The state remains overwhelmingly red – but the blues control the entire state government. It is because the blues – like a cancerous mole – control the densely populated counties adjacent to the federal capital. The reds no longer have a say in state government – and people who have no say tend to get angry. Right now, they are extremely angry.

It could get out of control very quickly.

It will be hard for the Coonman and his followers to portray 90 percent of the people living in the counties outside of Northern Virginia and Richmond as “criminals” by passing laws transforming them into criminals.

If this thing starts, it will not end until one or the other side is no longer capable of fighting. It will be no-quarter-given. It will be awful.

But it will be righteous.

And it may be the only way.

. . .

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  1. “This is a recipe for 1775.”

    Yes, that’s the whole point. The Grabboids have missed their window. They *can’t* accomplish gun control now, the internet has informed too many people and given too many gun culture people a community which is giving us the strength that we would not have otherwise had, and have never had before. And the Grabboids know it.

    Enter Donald Trump.

    The press and the DNC are not behaving in a way ever seen before in America, ever. There’s a level of panic that can’t be explained via simple partisanship. Hillary was supposed to easily sail to victory in a rigged election, and then pick a fight with Russia in Ukraine. If the Russians backed down instead of nuking us, gun control would be pushed and with Hillary in charge of the military it insured civil war – either way America burns. And then Donald Trump.

    All this gun control shit is on autoppilot. It was always going to be an attempt to start the Boogaloo, and with Hillary in the oval office we would have seen an invitation for UN peacekeepers to invade and that would have meant China. The United States would burn, and China would ascend to the dominant military power in the world in America’s place, which would have the effect of standardizing the whole world to China’s way of doing things. And then Donald Trump.

    DO you understand just what happened in 2016, yet? Hillary lost a rigged election, I mean with provable voter fraud in the millions of fraudulent votes and a media in lockstep behind her. And she still lost. And there are still atheists in spite of that clear cut evidence that there is a God who spared us. There won’t be a Boogaloo. This will fizzle out one way or another. They might even set court precedent that such laws are clearly unconstitutional giving our posterity easy victories in court cases down the line when they try it again.

    • Well-said, Lowell!

      And this is why I support the Orange Man – his less-than-ideally Libertarian actions in some areas notwithstanding. Whether intended or not, he has them in an absolute panic.

      I salute him for this!

    • The facial recognition software ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. A little brown rouge and sunglasses and they’d never know who it was even if they might have.

      • Eight,

        We are one 9/11 type event from this technology being adopted on the scale that China has adopted it. Sure, you can defeat the recognition technology, but if there’s a person out there that is actively defeating it, they will find you based on why you’re “defeating” the tech. You aren’t going to be allowed to run around “unidentified”.

        That’s not saaafe.

      • True 8, the fecal-recognition crap is very inaccurate….which makes it even worse, ’cause it’ll give false positives, and you’ll be driving along one day- with make-up or sunglasses or not- and they may identify you as a dangerous wanted murderer, robber or climate-change denier, and you’ll be hut-hut-hutted….and we all know how that goes.

        Meanwhile, when they nab REAL criminals, they make sure they do everything correctly, so as not to blow the case, and then slap ’em on the wrist and turn ’em- twice as fast if they’re an illegal invader.

        Consider too, this is just another way to get your mug into the databases. They now photograph your lic. plate too, to collect payment; plus have EZ Pass transponders for those who have ’em- so your car comes through, and they get your info from your plate and cross-ref it with your EZ Pass (for those silly enough to have one)….then they know who you likely are, and POOF! Your mug is in their system labeled with yer name.

        • Tell me about that EZ Pass shit! I was crossing the river where there are tolls. I normally take the cash lane. For some reason, I missed the cash lane. Naturally, they put the EZ Pass lanes in the best place! I got forced over to the EZ Pass lane by a truck. I went through it, figuring it was the safer option; ain’t NO WAY a Mini was going to argue with a truck!

          Some time later, I got a ticket mailed to me; yes, they nailed me via my license plate. They wanted to hit me for $33. They offered a dispute option though, which allowed you to pay the original toll of $1. I chose the dispute option, and I told them on the form that I’d been forced out of the cash lane. I never heard back, and all was good.

          Even so, they can nail you with the cameras; they snap a pic of your plate when you go through the toll booths. I remember not so long ago one would’ve either been able to get away with it, or one could pay cash regardless of what lane you were in. Ain’t Amerikan life grand?

          • In Illinois if you go through an IPass lane without one you have seven days to pay the toll online. And it’s more than a still photo, it’s video.

            I do not miss the exact change toll booths requiring traffic to stop and jam up. And all the idiots who didn’t have their tolls counted out before they left home. Once I stuck in a toll boot jam up for about 15 minutes and when the woman in front of me got to the basket then she started looking around her car for change.

            • I drove through Chicago area 10 years ago in a rental car. I never paid a single toll. Never had to pay any consequence. I doubt you could do that now. They’d probably track the rental car and send them a bill, which in turn, they’d send to me.

              In Idaho, there are no toll roads. But I have a dealer placard on my Pickup, so there’s no way they can track me anyway.

              • The rental car company may have gotten the bill but it could have been long after you closed out the rental and your credit card expired and was replaced. The toll road authority was slow back in the earlier days of IPASS or you didn’t take the toll roads. There are more or less parallel expressways and if you go N-S through the city there are no tolls. If venture west on some of them you’ll get tolls and N-S parallel routes of I294 and I355 of course are tolled.

          • I rarely go through toll booths much anymore, but when I do, I usually remember the reason. I got a notice in the mail with a picture of my car, and a close up of the plate. I remembered that I had taken a trip to Costco around the time indicated on the notice so I started to right out a check when it dawned on me that I didn’t take my car to Costco. I was in my van, and this was a picture of what I thought was my car. I looked a bit more closely at the picture and realized that it wasn’t my car or my plate in the pictures. I called the number, and asked them how or why this notice came to my address in the first place. They had no explanation, and without questioning me at all, told me to just ignore the notice. I bet it happens a lot, and I bet a lot of people just pay the fee without even thinking about it.

          • MM,

            Around NYC now, they removed all of the toll booths- Now it’s strictly EZ Pass and photo/send you a bill in the mail.

            $1…LOL- The Verrazzano Bridge is $19. -Only charged leaving NY- Free the other way- Sure, ’cause ya’d pay anything to get out of NY….who the hell’d pay $19 to get in?!

  2. You’ve got me having some second thoughts Nunz, I don’t watch mainstream news media. I don’t have cable or satellite tv, but once in a while I see some clip from the mainstream news outlets, and it gives me this impression that Trump is really ticking off the libtards. It’s way more than enough to get me thinking I really need to vote for this guy because anybody who can piss that many people off must be doing something right. however, I can see how this could all be a big show to distract everyone from what’s really going on. I think the problem is that we all want so desperately for someone to come along and clean up this political mess. They keep saying that he’s going to drain the swamp, and I keep waiting to see all these indictments come down, but I’m not holding my breath either. Where else do you get your information from other than LRC? There are a few posts from LRC that I find quite stale lately. it’s just more of the same old same old..

    • Hey Shnark!

      Ahaha! What you described is exactly the point of this political theater! Set up two opposing sides to keep the plebes focused on thwarting the other side, rather than on actually doing anything, and limit access to any genuine contenders who might actually throw a monkey wrench into the works; play along as if it’s real, by emphasizing the things that the current winner does which are abhorrent to the other side, etc. …..

      But neither side seems to be capable of acknowledging that no matter what, everything continues just as it had in previous administrations, because there is no real fight taking place between the communists and the National Socialists as they would have us believe- but by making it seem so, it keeps the plebes divided, and our minds off of the real fight, between the never-ending tyranny vs. individual liberty.

      I thought that this was common knowledge among people who were into political philosophy beyond the surface level; it used to be. Maybe that’s why what I’ve been saying on this subject has been taking so long to get through- I was under the assumption this was understood.

      Yeah, LRC does have some good stuff occasionally- not nearly as frequently as they used to though. Seems like now-a-days the emphasis is on statist politics and just-for-fun stuff, like articles from The Guardian UK or Daily Mail. Don’t see much Rothbard or HHH there lately…unless they’re trying to sell you books…..

      I don’t really consciously look for “news”- I don’t really care. Anything that would really matter, we’ll never know- at least until many years after the fact; and what we’re told, no matter where it comes from, is designed to make us think certain things- so the best news is no news. Even with “local” news- if anything happens locally that you’re privy to, and then you see how it is portrayed “in the news” it is never right- NEVER- even the simplest things.

      Any honest people I’ve known who’ve been interviewed by the media, after the second or third time always say that they will never give an interview again, because they are always misquoted or edited to make it look like they were saying something much different than what they actually were.

      The only news I ever really see, is if I just hear something in passing- a comment that someone makes, for example- and then I’ll do a search online just to try and ascertain the validity of any fact that may’ve been stated- ideally from the horse’s mouth….or by a preponderance of evidence, and ideally from foreign sources (far less editorializing).

      The Amish have the right idea- better to not even know, ’cause we can’t do anything about it; and if we’re living as far outside of the system as we can, it’s not going to affect us anyway; and if not….we still can’t do anything about it.

      Are the forutnes of some of the richest and most powerful men in the history of the world really determined every 4 years by a bunch of twits who have a hard time deciding between The Chimp/Biden and Mittens/Ryan; and who think that there is a meaningful difference?!

      Do the wars ever stop, no matter who is elected?

      Does the welfare ever stop?

      Is the size and scope of government ever reduced?(despite the promises)

      Is Israel ever not promoted above the interests of the USA- despite the promises to the contrary? (Pretty easy to see who all of these tyrants serve- Even Boris Johnson over in Limey Lnad has hoisted the Israeli flag- literally!)

      • PS. And if the plebes start getting a little restless….just make it sound like there is a choice who is “hated by the oligarchs”….that’ll pacify them. Let ’em hoot and hollar and wear hats and wave banners…and they’ll be too busy to notice that “their candidate” is doing the very thing all the others have done/will do; the very things which the plebes say they oppose…..

        And here we are….. (But throw’em the tiniest scrap of a dried piece of shit from a bone, and they’ll go wild and support “their guy” even if he kills their grandma!)

          • 8, what really cements the futility of it all: Even if a sincere candidate materialized; and even if the system would allow them to deconstruct it…….the people wouldn’t have it. Witness Ron Paul in ’08- what, 3% of the Repub lican primary vote….among REPUBLICANS even!

            In a country where the Clinton bitch and comrade Sanders have tens of m,illions of supporters……but RP gets only 3% of the R’s votes (and extra people registered just to be able to vote for him- Hell, I would’ve had he made it to the general election!) we are royally screwed, because all of these people are the product of the government skools and the Zionist media….and there is nothing we can do to counter that.

            • The RNC did all sorts of dirty tricks to cheat him including paying the drivers of busses to take his supporters on long rides and deliver then somewhere they didn’t need to be. They old guard even locked the doors at some venues so his supporters couldn’t get in.

              They knew if he got on the ballot he’d be elected. The people who ‘got it’ knew this and the people who don’t are clueless will vote for whoever the party puts in front of them.

      • Agreed Nunz, you’re spot on again. Have you checked out the stuff from Mint Press? I’ve found their articles quite informative. Whitney Webb had an in depth expose on the origins of the CIA, and their working arrangement with the Mafia as well as Mossad leading all the way up to Epstein. The documentation is amazing. Years ago when I was driving a truck up around the Russian River, I used to drive by Bohemian Grove, and all the locals played it up for the tourists, but they also sorta knew it was just the way the world works. They say that’s where they decide who is going to be the next President; makes more sense than voting. People think that can’t be the case, but then how else does one explain why conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats who are supposed to be so vehemently opposed to each other, get together for a roudy drunk fest and BBQ followed by some off the hook ceremony where they sail a baby across the river to burn as an offering to Moloch? When people are agreeing to participate in something like that, it kinda makes the whole partisan politics narrative ring hollow.

        I’ve got a few books by Bill Buckley where he talks about stuff going on while he was there with Ronnie. At one point, Ronnie was shaking hands with crap, I forget who it was, but it was someone he knew, maybe even a relative, and Bill Buckley whispers into his ear, “Hey you douche bag, it’s your mother”. That was before he was elected President the first time. He was already running on autopilot, and zoning out. It’s kinda weird how Alex Jones makes it out to be so secretive, but Bill Buckley basically talks about it like it was common knowledge. There’s a disconnect for a lot of people who simply can’t believe that conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats could ever socialize together, but when you’ve got that kind of money, those silly political distinctions simply disappear. I’ve kinda dropped out of the political scene for the most part because it’s just gotten so over the top that I can never take it seriously again. When I see commentators talking about how Biden is a serious contender, I know the world has lost its collective mind. When is Pee Wee Herman, or Sponge Bob, or Bozo the clown going to throw their names in as well? Then I think back to Ford, Carter, George Dubya, slick Willie, and think, yep, they were all puppets.

        I remember when I was just a kid reading about the Civil war, and how people used to pack a picnic basket and head down to the battle field and watch the war for a while from the sidelines. I thought, what the hell is wrong with you people, but now I’m starting to feel like I’m a bit too close to the battle field myself. The way we’re all being manipulated, it’s like we’re all just a bunch of expendable semen bumping into each other wondering why were all so agitated while uncle is getting a hand job for the elite’s money shot.

        • Hey Shnark,

          Meh, I don’t put much stock in those secret-society/conspiracy theories. There may be elements of truth to some of it….but ya know, it’s kind of absurd to think that what the elite do in private is going to be made common knowledge. If they were that sloppy and incompetent, we’d have nothing to worry about.

          I think instead, these theories are just disinformation to distract people from the more obvious truth. I mean, we know the overlords and their institutions are ludicrously corrupt- that is plain for everyone to see- so what does it even matter if the players participate in some Devil-worship fraternity? Meanwhile, so many of the people who are obsessed with this type of stuff seem incapable of or unwilling to do the most basic things in their own lives to eliminate much of their own slavery- like: They still watch TV, and send their rugrats to pooblik skool- stuff they can actually do something about, that would improve their own lives, whereas all of the hours they spend worrying about secret hand signals and the Illuminati does absolutely nothing to free them.

          Yeah, everything’s “documented”, but it’s the kind of documentation like the “freemen” crowd use to “prove” that you can drive without a driver’s license- LOL- bit’s and snippets of stuff from all over that often has no relevance, but looks good to people who don’t bother checking the context of the references.

          Probably the biggest problem with these theories though, is that they usually ignore the fact that the politicians and familiar names we know are just “lower management”; the real rulers are still shielded from view- and it is made to look as if their underlings/flunkies are doing what we see, while the Zionist cabal (((Alarm goes off at Jason’s house 🙂 )))) is ignored.

          Or even worse: These ruses make it appear that the elite have more power than they actually do. It is made to seem as though they minutely control every detail of everything that goes on- but in fact, it is still a difficult thing for a small cabal to control a few billion people- or even their own underlings completely (I think that may be too what the Epstein thing was about: Some underlings may’ve gotten a little too cocky or grasped for a little too much power of their own, so they were reminded just how easily the whole mess of them could be ruined. humiliated and jailed if need be- Once that message was made clear, they executed Epstein and the misdeeds of all of the players is forever swept under the carpet- except perhaps for Prince Andy….whom I guess they considera bad boy.)

          And [long breath LOL] emphasis on that type of stuff also takes away emphasis from things that we coulkd have more power over- such as local politics. Soros and company fund local candidates and committees in many places, to help accomplish their agendas (Such is probably the case in VA. with the current 2A attack)- and if all of the people who were devoting time to learning of secret societies and such were instead focused on fighting intrusions of tyranny in their own communities, they might actually be able to do some good. Just like if they were more aware of the phony “left vs. right” paradigm portrayed in the media, they might actually be able to see the futility of supporting any major party candidates.

          Seems to be the constant ploy of the vast majority of media these days- MSM or alternative- on purpose or unwittingly, to distract us from the reality; the things which we can have power over in our own lives; the things we could even somewhat change politically, if only we weren’t always distracted and divided.

          I mean, whetewhr some president or CONgressman goes to a Skull & Bones ritual, or a Calf-lick or E-piss-copal church….it all amounts to the same thing anyway….and it’s their actions that really m,atter and which tell the story.

          • You obviously have not done much if any die diligence. We don’t have to deal with “theories” much as most of what we know is well established fact.
            It’s sad to see people like you under the influence of cognative dissonance….and unable to shake the mind control.

            • Well, good luck, Joe, proving those “well established facts” to anyone- and even if you could, what would it matter? The corruption and adherence to evil political philosophies, etc. are more than enough to paint their purveyors for what they are…so who gives a rat’s patoot about whether they lay neklked in a coffin or give each other a secret handshake? It is utterly irrelevant.

              I don’t like psychopaths who have no compunctions about using coercion and violence to get me or anyone else to do what we otherwise would not when we just want to be left alone to live our lives, as is our right…..and I really don’t care what they say to each other at parties, or why they’re doing what they do; the fact that they are doing it, is reason enough to abhor them and count them, as the enemies they are.

              Would that more people would come to realize the value of Libertarian/Anarchist philosophy, than spend their time speculating about secret rituals and magic.

              • You are living in a fantasy world like about 95% of the population, where your cognative dissonance will not allow you to accept the facts…..
                The facts are available whether you accept them or not.
                The sad truth is that people like yourself that do not accept reality are the ones helping the NWO pull it all off on us.

          • Hey Nunz,

            “I think instead, these theories are just disinformation to distract people from the more obvious truth”.

            Cass Sunstein, “information czar” under Obama, proposed doing exactly that and I suspect it has been common practice for a long time. But, I think there is a subtler and more powerful way of distracting people from the obvious corruption, lies and self serving actions of the elite; get the so called conspiracy theorists to create alternative narratives, which can always be mocked and often debunked, themselves. I have no idea what actually happened on 9/11, though the official story is clearly absurd. So, getting the “cranks” to speculate on what really happened, distracts people from the obvious conclusion that GovCo is lying. If you can encourage enough of the “cranks” to blame it (anything, not just 9/11) on the Jooos, all the better for GovCo.


            • Hey Jeremy!

              Exactly! There’s usually a good deal of truth to many of “theories”; but it’s often hard- especially for the average person- to distinguish what is true, vs. what is speculation vs. what is outright fantasy/misinformation/propaganda- and in such contexts, any truth is discredited merely by association with the gobbledygook.

              That is one of the reasons I hate when people speculate or use false references as “fact”…because ultimately it does more to destroy the truth and to turn people toward accepting the official propaganda, than anything else.

              9-11 was a perfect eggsample. The best “truther” i’d known, completely abandoned the movement. And that brings up another aspect of civilian counter-intelligence/disinformation/propaganda: Was he a victim, or was he a plant used to cause others to lose faith? Who knows!

              Actions speak louder than words though. We can speculate about what goes on behind the scenes, and we know that something is going on….but we’ll never know the details- and even if we did, what does it ultimately matter?

              But look at the actions, which we can see; and know that they are not right; that they do not match the words spoken by those who perform them, and that they are not legit nor for the furtherance of liberty or justice or truth.

              We’ll never know what goes on behind the closed doors of the elites…but we can easily see things like subservience to Israel, and the disregarding of the Constitution, and the corruption and evil policies and use of force, etc.

          • Nunz, the thing is, none of these a holes can conduct a meeting without some mundane or many of them, being there to wipe their asses and feed them and take their notes for them.

            Have you ever seen the movie Fight Club? I love the scene where the serving staff takes down the member of the elite club and threatens to remove his nuts. He leaves and doesn’t say shit because they know where he and his live and have a everyone at the brouhaha on their list. Too bad Brad Pitt and Ed Norton are false pieces of shit who only view it as big bucks for a movie.

            • Hey 8,

              Of course I didn’t see that movie. If it was made much after the 60’s…I ain’t seen it!

              Hey, I ain’t saying they ain’t holding hands..they sure are; and neither am I saying that a lot of this Loyal Order Of Water Buffaloes ain’t real…I’m just saying that we don’t know what’s real and what isn’t; and we certainly can’t prove it to anyone; and even if we could, it doesn’t empower us to do anything about it.

              Better just to call out the readily observable evils manifested in their observable actions (Like Trumps “take the guns first…” quote, and his stacking the courts and cabinet, etc. with gun-grabbers; and even further militarizing the pigs – thus enabling gun-grabbers even if he’s not re-selected..err…elected -etc.)- That are plainly seen and provable, and which can warn us of what is soon coming.

              And heck, we can’t even convince the drinkers of the orange Kool-aid of stuff like that, let alone what goes on in Grandpa Munster’s basement after dark when the Hilaries and goblins get together!

          • Nunz, I don’t think you caught the meaning of my last post. When I refer to Bill Buckley, it was to point out that it wasn’t even really secret 40 years ago. He was talking about it like it was business as usual. The people who get all worked up over secret societies don’t realize that what they call a secret society is what the ptb simply refer to as networking. They just don’t network with the riff raff.

            People who are already well entrenched in the political sphere go along with the pagan/voodoo stuff because it’s just part of the program. My grandfather, as well as my uncle and my dad’s cousin were all Masons, and all Presidents of their local chapter. We used to go to some of their functions, and they took that stuff seriously. The thing about it is that if you’re not paying attention, you don’t really see anything amiss. it all seems above board and normal, but when you get a little deeper into it, you begin to see that it’s Satanic to the core, and the way they present it allows them to display it all right out in the open. They hide it in plain sight, and nobody is the wiser. It’s how they manipulate everyone. Look at the Fed. Go to their web sites, and what do you see? A whole lot of convoluted BS as well as blatant claims to perpetrating fraud; legalized plunder. They’re right out in the open about the fact that they’re committing fraud, but their presentation is so slick that everybody just accepts it as the way the world operates. Everyone just accepts it because they just think they’re too stupid to do anything about it anyways.

            The masses are hypnotized, and it will take a whole lot more than a few people waking up to the fact to change much of anything. It’s not going to happen until the whole mess comes crashing down around everyone. It’s like they say, you only have to change 10% of the population to make a difference. The problem is that they have no problem changing the vast majority, and have no problem swinging people back to their point of view because most people are so easily hypnotized. Just about everything on mainstream media employs hypnotic techniques. Everything from the news to sports shows to sit coms. It’s all propaganda.

            I can distinctly remember thinking that the horrible things going on around the world didn’t seem real when they would cut to a commercial. Going from bombs dropping in Vietnam, and the spread of communism suddenly didn’t seem so threatening when Cal Worthington was talking about eating a bug and playing with a Bengal tiger while talking about the great deals he had on his used car lot. It jars the brain, and easily facilitates cognitive dissonance.

            Ultimately, any half intelligent person who suddenly realizes that the powers that be are able to get away with such blatant theft, murder, rape, etc. is going to know that going up against them is a fool’s errand. Look what happens to anyone who crosses them. Who wants to follow in the footsteps of Snowden, Assange, Epstein, or any of the numerous people who were suicided or died under mysterious circumstances shortly before they were about to testify against the Clintons, or anyone else connected? The ptb make an example, and everyone else with half a brain is going to take notice, and shut the hell up. The Deep State really isn’t operating all that deep anymore because they can see that they can get away with this stuff out in the open, and people who know what’s good for them aren’t going to blink. We’re all just going to go right back to work, and mind our own business.

            It’s like a story my aunt used to tell years ago. She ran a catering company, and they had a job out at a really ritzy mansion in Silicon Valley. They got to the residence and got set up, but then one of my cousins noticed that there were a whole bunch of unmarked crown vics with military looking guys in suits writing down license plates, etc. My aunt and cousins started getting nervous, and they began to connect the dots, and realized that these people were heavily connected to organized crime. When it came time to start serving snacks, and drinks, they would walk out with their trays, and nobody looked anyone in the face. They would just walk up to a crowd and point to the drinks, identity them, and let each person take their own drink without looking at any of them. They didn’t want anyone thinking they could ID anyone there, and they didn’t want to have to lie to the government spooks if they were questioned.

            • Oh, Shnark, I may’ve gotten carried away on just one theme in my earlier post.

              I do realize they are all connected; in fact, this is what I’d been saying earlier about the phony right vs. left paradigm/they all ultimately do the same thing. They all work for the same people [Hint: NOT us! :D] and by their actions it is obvious that they all worship the same god[small g].

              But what exactly goes on behind those closed doors; what is reality vs. controlled disinformation? I mean, C’mon- Hey, one of my uncles was married to a Sicilian; she was a nice lady, but all of her relatives were low-level Mafia guys…and the only thing I ever knew about any of them that went on behind closed doors is what my mother overheard once when I was a kid and we were renting an apartment from one of ’em [We didn’t know prior to that that they were Mafiosos]…..and you’d be surprised how many relatives (including my uncle- my mother’s own brother) didn’t believe my mother (but later came to find out)….so ya really can’t expect to even know what’s real yourself when you’re getting stuff second or third-hand…much less convince others of it.

              And even the Mafia is quite good at keeping mundanes from spilling the beans…and the Mafia is just a bunch of klutzes compared to even the janitor among the elites……

              Hey, they do worship Satan though- and not just in ritual, but in every deed and philosophy. The Bible says of the end-time system of virtual world governance, that Satan gives it it’s power and authority.

              This is also what I have long been saying- that the government wants to be God; and why the Roman Empire and it’s continuing remnants and offshoots especially persecute those who practice a Biblical economy- starting with Christ Himself.

              Oh,. and I’m too lazy to find the post, but, I’ve been thinking about that guy ya mentioned what replaced his terlit tank with a 5-gallon bucket. How did he get it to seal between the bucket and the bowl?! It’s driving me nuts!

              • Well Nunzi, it’s like I said before, I don’t really pay much attention to politics anymore, but way back when, the so-called left and right were out vacationing with each other. They’d all go out after fighting each other for C-SPAN, and have a few drinks, go out to dinner, etc., and best of all go to that drunk fest at Bohemian Grove. So when the lights are on, and the cameras are rolling, they have their media events, but when the cameras are off, they’re laughing and slapping each other on the back, and planning their t times, fishing expeditions, comparing notes on their favorite whores, page boys etc. This is where the whole occult, skull and bones, etc. comes into play. That trumps partisan politics. They’re loyalty is to the club, not the political party because as you already know, they’re just two heads from the same beast.

  3. Nothing will change until we have a major military defeat – likely with our PC military – a collapse of the economy or the dollar. Nothing. trump has zero guts to do anything. To care about politics until then is useless.

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  5. More power to you folks, Eric. I live in rural NYS and I’m quite sure that Cuomo is keeping a sharp eye on what happens in VA, so he’ll know what — or what not — to do.

    In the spirit of the times, I recall a tidbit from H.L. Mencken: “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    Also, from Mark Twain, as to fighting spirit: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of fight in the dog.”

    Michael Rozeff has been writing about these happenings on the Lew Rockwell.com blog for a few weeks now. The Virginia Citizens Defense League has their own website, here: https://vcdl.org/

    • Bruce, thanks for that link. You probably already know Coonman can’t run for office again. He’s going to leave his “constituents” in a hell of a bind. I’ll bet there will be plenty Democrats in the state senate that won’t vote for these bills.

  6. Eric very true statements of fact.
    I forget who said we’ the people have 3 boxes.
    The Soap box presently censored more everyday.
    the Ballot box, a completely useless pacifier, the lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

    The Bullet box, the one that invariable is made necessary because tyrants understand nothing except force.

    Virginians, one would hope still recall the ‘civil’ war of northern aggression. The Constitution was overthrown then because it sovereign signators could exit at their will. What kind of Union is it at gun point?
    It is unfortunate that we have allowed it to go so far.
    The time for a mass Exit from DC and a change of ‘rule’ locally is fast approaching. California, Texas, Oregon, and many others. Edward Abbey said” A Patriot must always be ready to defend his country from it’s government”. That is why 2A exists. T. Jefferson-“Those who hammer their guns into plows will Plow for those who do not.” And MAO restated it ” political power comes mainly from the barrel of a gun” . Happy New year and Peace friends

  7. “Look at a map of the last election. The state remains overwhelmingly red – but the blues control the entire state government. It is because the blues – like a cancerous mole – control the densely populated counties adjacent to the federal capital. ”

    This doesn’t explain how the democrats seized so many seats in the legislature. For decades, the cities and a few northern counties always went to the democrats because of their ability to falsify vote totals. They weren’t able to effect the vote counts in rural counties. Petersburg, for example would show vote counts of 1.5 times the total of black voters. This past election, those kinds of totals showed up in the rural counties without the numbers of democrat voters needed to make those totals.

    Vote fraud is now rampant statewide in all elections. It wouldnm’t be possible without electronic voting machines.

  8. Getting back to your article. The battle of Bunker Hill soon followed. Britain lost more officers in that deadly confrontation than in all others combined. The rebels, having run out of shot, resorted to using nails and stones which created terrible wounds. Terrified English soldiers who ran from the bloodbath were summarily hung in plain view to set an example for others.

    • There are a whole lot of folks who are on the verge of going into what I call, The Popeye Syndrome: “It’s all I can stand, I can’t stand no more”. When, and if that happens, the s**t will hit the fan. Let us hope government gets it’s head out of it’s backside and not try to disarm the citizens, or seize our inalienable Rights. I believe most Americans when they think about would rather fight and maybe die that to live on their knees. Right now the USA is not a united nation, and a divided nation cannot stand.

    • I’m under the assumption that the appropriate response to the question “Do you have any guns?” is “BANG!”. If show ‘N Tell was good enough for us in their indoctrination camps….it should be good enough for the bastards now, eh?

  9. Nothing is inevitable until it happens. The success or failure of government gun grabbers wet dreams all depend on how comfortable the average Joe is with his life. There is nothing more dangerous than someone who has nothing left to lose. I think the reason that the commie bastards are going all in with the gun grabs is because they know that with a rapidly deteriorating economy teetering on the edge of disaster, the number of folks with nothing left to lose is about to go parabolic and they’d like to have the people defanged before they get the notion to go hunting for the people responsible.

    I believe that ammo will become unavailable soon. Stock up now.

    • This is what happens when one party controls the capital city of any State where the vast majority of the rest of that State controlled by the opposing party. The same for DC being blue, controlling the rest of the country, with no regard for the red States.
      It is the main inherent flaw with so called ‘democracy’, where 51% of the votes override and control the other 49%.
      The only possible solution for this inequality, might be some sort of compromise, where laws like this only apply to those cities who enacted them, or where the problem exists.
      Obviously, in this case, 90% of that State is not being represented or fairly treated by the 10% in the capital. The crime these laws are supposed to address only exists in the capital and other large cities.
      Basically, the blue capital cities are controlling the rest of the red State.

        • The Founders loathed the concept of a “democracy”. America was never intended to be a “democracy”.

          A majority-rules direct democracy gives unlimited power to the majority with no protection of the individual`s God-given inalienable rights or the rights of minority groups. In contrast, in a Republic, the power of the majority is limited by a written constitution which safeguards the God-given inalienable rights of minority groups and individuals alike.

          Alexander Hamilton asserted that “We are now forming a Republican form of government. Real liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments. If we incline too much to democracy we shall soon shoot into a monarchy, or some other form of a dictatorship.”4 Hamilton, in the last letter he ever wrote, warned that “our real disease…is DEMOCRACY.”3

          Thomas Jefferson declared: “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

          Benjamin Franklin had similar concerns of a democracy when he warned that “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” After the Constitutional Convention was concluded, in 1787, a bystander inquired of Franklin: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

          John Adams, our second president, wrote: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”

          James Madison, the father of the Constitution wrote in Federalist Paper No. 10 that pure democracies “have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”3

          The Constitution itself, in Article IV, Section 4, declares: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” Obviously the Framers were not speaking of a political party, as no political parties existed at that time.

          • In “The Republic”, Plato described in detail how democracy inevitably descends into tyranny. The Progressives, 100+ years ago, did not by accident turn the ideal for which society should strive from “liberty” to “democracy”. They and their intellectual descendants have been playing the long game, chipping away at the restraints on democracy built into the Constitution.

    • Hank, where is this near economic collapse you speak of. The economy is on fire, not teetering on destruction. You want a job you can find one in days or weeks. Go out in the world and see how it looks, perhaps you are reading the wrong stuff that fills your mind with Obama type of promises.

    • I’m very proud of all my fellow Virginians (with the obvious exceptions of Richmond and Northern VA). Even the Tidewater area has come to the call of mutual aid…which frankly surprised me a little.

      I think not only will we get a handle on this abuse of power, but actually turn the tide in the next election cycle as this makes its way through the courts.

      All we have to do in the short term is not comply. Don’t surrender your property. Don’t submit to registration.

      We have until July 1st AT THE EARLIEST before any of this would take effect. I am positive that multiple injunctions will be filed well before then. All we have to do is hold out until the SCOTUS whacks ol’ coonman’s pee pee for him and we’re back to business as usual…God willing.

      • I hate to be Mr. Buzzkill, Charles- but I’m a realist. Don’t count on the SC(R)OTUS to uphold the Constitution….and even if they do, as they did with DC’s gun prohibition (aftyer howe many decades of abuse?) DC still ain’t complying….and who is doing anything about that?

        • Perhaps, but in this case it will be the sovereign citizens of Virginia who will refuse to comply (by the millions). And NEVER underestimate the NRA / ILA lawyers’ skill and influence arguing before the Supreme Court. They file Amicus briefings constantly…which officially means they are “friends of the Court in good standing” and recognized experts on all issues regarding the 2nd Amendment.

          And this is NOT Obama’s SCOTUS. This is Trump’s SCOTUS.

          And here’s the kicker. Even IF we inconceivably lose that appeal, we still have gunboat diplomacy to fall back on. Our position will not have become one iota worse for having made the effort, and we will have demonstrated good faith in trying to resolve the crisis peacefully BEFORE hostilities begin.

          If it does go down that way? I’m all in.

          • Trump has packed his cabinet and the courts with gun-haters/grasbbers….Trump himself has said “Take the guns first, worry about due process later”……

            The omnly difference between the “right” and the “left”are what the media emphasizes about them respectively- buty they ALL do the same things. In fact, over the lasst 50 years, the majority of federal gun control measures have come from the Republicans.

            Tyrants are tyrants…and they’re all serving the globalists who REALLY run this country- not us!

            Now there’s even talk of communications being cut in the “sanctuary” counties if the National Goons…err…Guard is sent in, so that no one can communicate via social media, tyext, cell phone, etc.- to prevent an organized rebellion.

            They’ve got this figured out…it’s been long planned…..and the people have been asleep and have let down their guard to the point where they asre utterly powerless.

            • Hi Nunz,

              I realize we disagree about the Orange Man, but consider who hates him. Consider the enemies he has – and the vociferousness of their hatred.

              This makes me like the Orange Man!

              • Mornin’ Eric!

                Eric….it’s just an act. Political theater.

                If Trump were currently a member of the party he used to donate to, and had a D after his name instead of an R, the media would be praising him for doing the same things he’s currently doing- such as making 5G a priority; appointing gun-grabbers to key positions; complying with Agenda 2030, et al. And they would be emphasizing those things.

                See? He does the very same things that any other tyrant/servant of the real rulers would do; The show is put on merely to keep the peons content and give the illusion of choice, so that half the time, the given tyrant in office will appear to be on the side of half of the people- but ultimately, the long-laid plans of the globalists are carried out, and at the end of every four years, more of our liberties are gone.

                I am perplexed that you of all people, who are now in the very midst of this dire 2A crisis, would still think that the one who said “Take the guns first and worry about due process later” is somehow any less of a threat to your liberty than any of the other ilk who contend to run and expand our brand of tyranny.

                You’re acting as though the political theater is real. Even if it were, it would still amount to nothing more than the equivalent of supporting dictator A of dictator B in some banana republic. The more loathsome and vocal party may hate dictator B, but that doesn’t mean that he will do anything different than their favored dictator A.

                Or…it’s like two crime families vying for power. The Bonannos may be the enemies of the Genoveses, but that doesn’t make the Genoveses any more benevolent than the Bonannos. The state may hate both of them, and fight them, but that doesn’t make the state’s other crimes any less so crimes, nor the state any less of an organized crime ring.

                Look at what they do, rather than what they say, and what is said about them. Three years in, and ouir liberties under Trump are eroding just as fast as they did under Slick Willy, Bush, and Obozo; in fact….faster, ’cause this guy is given a free pass…even by many Libertarians- and now look where we are! Has the blowhard even uttered a word about VA. and protecting it’s citizens Constitutional rights which he swore to uphold- or if he says anything, will it be a repeat of “Take the guns first….”?

                • Hi Nunz!

                  I understand about political theater – but (and I grant I may be soft-headed here) Trump’s actions have been on balance both good and decidedly different. I’ve mentioned already his efforts to stymie the Climate Cultists and his getting rid of the “Shared Responsibility” payment; he is also trying to get rid of the whole rotten Obamacare mess. It is inconceivable this would have happened had she won – or any of the other Republicans.

                  Trump has made a mockery of all the SJW identity politics; he has enraged CNN and the entire mainstream media.

                  Yes, he makes some alarming statements (Red Flag laws, saber rattling) but his actions tell a different story.

                  I support the Orange Man – because what else is there?

                  • eric, here’s what Ron Paul has to say about the state of the nation.

                    You see, battles (and perhaps even bipartisan “deals”) over gun control, so-called “climate” legislation, expanded government spying, and socialized medicine are all in the works.

                    The Federal Reserve is dumping hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars into (SECRET!) banks to try and hold off a financial crisis even WORSE than 2008.

                    And that’s on top of the major showdown looming early in the New Year over reauthorization of the so-called “USA Freedom Act” and some of the Deep State’s most abusive spying powers, which are growing like weeds today.

                    That’s why I’m counting on you to renew your support for Campaign for Liberty right away.

                    With so much at stake, I’m hoping I can count on you to go above and beyond what you’ve done in the past by making your most generous contribution today.

                    The truth is, if we choose to do nothing, the America you and I love could cease to exist.

                    Just consider the Democrat Party’s open embrace of Central American-style socialism.

                    After years upon years of indoctrination in government schools, our national media is beside itself with excitement that Americans are finally “ready” for full-scale economic authoritarianism.

                    As a recent Newsweek headline stated: “Popularity of Socialism Spiking in U.S. With 43 Percent Saying It Would Be Good for Country.” And you can find headlines like that virtually every time you open a newspaper, flip on a TV, or scroll through a few of your favorite online news sites.

                    Believing President Trump is political toast, Democrats are falling all over themselves to out-radical each other, including supporting:

                    *** Outright GUN CONFISCATION. Former Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke summed up what ALL Democrat presidential candidates are planning, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47;”

                    *** Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s (D-NY) so-called “Green New Deal” to BAN cars, air travel, FORCE every building in America to be rebuilt, and hand people “unwilling to work” fat taxpayer-funded welfare payouts! Estimates are this scheme could cost up to $92 TRILLION – approximately $420,000 per household;

                    *** Crackdowns on religious institutions and non-profits who don’t bow at the altar of government-defined “morality;”

                    *** “Medicare for All” (AKA Euro-style socialized medicine), which would send costs to taxpayers skyrocketing, quality of care sinking, and force rationing – enabling government bureaucrats to decide who gets care and who doesn’t;

                    *** The flat-out elimination of the First Amendment by muzzling grassroots Americans and organizations like Campaign for Liberty with a ball of bureaucratic red tape, and then censoring ALL online speech that isn’t “government-approved” under the guise of combating “hate;”

                    *** Packing the U.S. Supreme Court with Big Government apologists who think sayings like, “America is a free country” means the government gets to do whatever it wants.

                    As you can see, Campaign for Liberty certainly will have our hands full in 2020.

                    And I’ve barely even touched on the 2020 elections where there will certainly be opportunities to make new strides for liberty. That’s why I’m counting on you to renew your support for Campaign for Liberty for 2020 at once.

                    With so much at stake in the coming year, I’m asking all Campaign for Liberty supporters to stretch and give as generously as you can — $100 if you can afford it.

                    I realize it’s a lot to ask for. Especially at this time of year. But there’s so much on the line as we head into 2020.

                    Of course, if it’s just too much right now, could you consider $50 or $35?

                    2020 is an “all-hands-on-deck” moment for the Liberty Movement. Each and every one of us have a role to play.

                    It will take work. But it’s work our R3VOLUTION has proven we can do. Please renew your support for Campaign for Liberty at once!

                    For Liberty,

                    Ron Paul

                  • Hey Ya, Eric,

                    I keep pondering why it is, that since you and I are almost always in philosophical agreement, that we are always at an impasse on this one tangential issue.

                    I further wonder why it is that although I have been long providing evidence to the contrary, you keep insisting that The Donald is somehow bucking the system and resisting the agendas of military-industrial complex/globalists.

                    I’m not going to just keep citing examples of the above, as we’ve been through this quite a few times already- and you don’t really seem to offer any rebuttal to the overwhelming proofs I cite that Trump is no different than any of the others- except for the Obozocare mandate (Which the SCOTUS has now declared unconstitutional anyway- and meanwhile, Trump could’ve scrapped Obozocare entirely, as he promised to- but he instead chose to use it as a bargaining tool- just like he bargained away any staunching of our illegal-invader situation)- that, and the CAFE temporary freeze.

                    It’s as if one’s house burned down, and then they emerged from the rubble and said “See? I sasved two toothpicks! It’s not a total loss!”. And the CAFE thing is just temporary- necessary to keep things rolling, given that there is time until 2030….any other WH occupant would have done the same- analogous to Slick Willy’s uncharacteristic welfare reform, if a Dumbocrap were in office now. They do whjat is necessary, bu8t never whaty is contrary to the overall agendas, over which they have no control.

                    But again, those two little perks are NOTHING- as they really shouldn’t even affect us, because we hopefully have figured ouit how to avoid the Obozocare mandate…and I should hope that we won’t buying some air bag laden, camera-equipped, black boxed self-braking overweight gov’t-mandated transportation device.

                    But, as I think I hjave proven in past posts, Trump is just as much onboard with the Zionist/Globalist/Socialist agenda as is Hitlery, or comrade Sanders, or anyone else…..if you look AT HIS ACTIONS and even a good deal of his words. He is just playing part of the opposition- as all Repugnantcans do.

                    Did GWB not do more to advance their agenda than anyone in the last 50 years?
                    Ronald Reagan?

                    Did they not advance the state and thereby it’s socialism; do more to destroy the Second Amendment; swallow our liberties, as much or more than any Dumbocrap? The only difference was that they used words that appeal to “conservatives”, while not being at all conservative themselves.

                    The only guess I have as to why you think that Trump is somehow different, and that he is not serving the Zionist-Globalists and FURTHERING their agendas, is perhaps because you are exposed to some mainstream media news?

                    I mean, yeah- if you hear some loon on CNN ranting against Trump, it’s easy to say “I like him because he makes these people mad”- but weren’t you just as mad when Fox used to praise GWB?

                    It’s all an act. They get some loony commies to rail against someone- be it Trump, or GWB or Hitler….it doesn’t matter- they will rail against anyone who doesn’t openly advocate communism- but it’s a totally false paradigm- because in reality, the ones they rail against are doing just as much as the ones they like, to establish the pre-eminence of the state, and destroy our liberties.

                    I guess the phony dichotomy works pretty good, when it can even get Libertarians to declare that they support TYRANTS who are openly increasing the military and police powers of the state, and furthering it’s spying on and control of every citizen.

                    This is why I refuse to expose myself to mainstream media- and have had to cull even a lot of alternative media- even LRC to a good degree, because even they (perhaps unwittingly) often peddle that false dichotomy- which in turn causes us to to very easily lose sight of the reality. But when one looks at the realities, apart from the show that is being put on, and apart from the commentary and reactions of others who buy into the show, I think the reality becomes quite clear.

                    What we are seeing played out before our eyes, is very similar 1930’s Germany- “Hitler is going to save us from the Communists!” -Oooopps! Hitler just practiced “National Socialism”- communism-lite, for people who don’t like the commies….much like Republicans have have become Democrat-lites (Only the “lite” isn’t so lite these days…only the words are lite….but the actions/tyranny are as heavy as they’ve ever been, and being made heavier…not lighter.

                    • It NEVER ends, 8!

                      Not mention that 188 Democrats seem to like Trump well enough, as they, along with virtually every Republican just approved his $738 BILLION military spending plan, which includes the implementation f Obozo’s “space Force”.

                      OOoooo!, where’s this great resisting of “the deep state” and the tyrannical commies? Where’s this lightening of the tyranny and foiling of the globalists agendas?

                      Mayube I need to listen to some MSM so that I can be convinced that evil tyrant collectivist dictator A is the only thing saving me from evil tyrant collectivist dictator B!

                      GWB repackages what Clinton started…and the people love it. Obozo continues where GWB left of…and Trump is now doing the same…..but the respective sides still love their respective champions, and cheer them….and imagine there’s a difference……

                    • And the absurdity! All of that money for “defense”(LOL)….but of course, we can’t defend our own borders. We only defend against people half way around the world who aren’t even capable of setting foot on this continent (But thanks for the oil!) and against citizens, like in VA. who expect to maintain their Constitutional rights…oh…and we can defend “space” now…and Israel, of course…..

                • Nunz, when I read what eric posted, I could see his point, but after reading what you posted in response, it’s like you just ruined my party. You really are a buzz kill dude, but I need to stop drinking the Kool Aid anyways, so thanks for that. Eric articulates what we all wish was the case, while you’re the more analytical side of the brain that doesn’t necessarily have to quench our dreams, but definitely puts a damper on them.

              • I look at what Trump does, not what Trump says. Yeah, he said he was leaning towards red flag laws…but he hasn’t been pushing Congress to get legislation, so I chalk that up to pandering.

                I also don’t think he’s too knowledgeable in matters of the Constitution. Combine that with a propensity to ad lib and you can get some pretty scary statements. Still…he has advisors and lawyers to fill in those gaps for him, and I think he generally wants to do right for the country.

                He’s certainly a better choice than Hillary!

  10. I’ll bet my next catalytic converter that the state will leave you guys alone.

    We now have red flag laws here in the Cradle of Liberty. If someone has it in for you, a call to the Bluecoats gets your sidearm summonsed. When Patriots’ Day rolls around (the other one, not the Brady/Belichick one,), the re-enactors march down Main Street with musket and what balls they can muster. A few blanks get fired, then everyone goes to breakfast. Emerson’s Concord Hymn engraved on the Minuteman statue has been re-worded to say that by the rude bridge that arched the flood, there to April’s guns uncocked, there once the embattled farmers stood and fired the shot heard round the block.

  11. Why in GOD’s name don’t we DEMAND that USC title 18 sections 241 & 242 be used against these gun grabbers?

    **** No link because your site has been refusing to post my comments calling them spam where they clearly are not.

    • Use the “name dot XXX” format to get your message out.

      For instance…go to “Gun Rights Watch dot com” to see the glorious 2A map of VA.

      Anyone really interested will know how to enter the address themselves and you bypass the spam filter.

      Hope this helps.

  12. “Virginians who aren’t criminals to possess…”
    Eric must I give you a lesson on the Constitution?
    The second amendment does not say “shall not be infringed except for criminals”
    A right by definition is something that can not be taken away and they were not until we adopted the Nazi written 1968 gun control act.
    You may want to rethink your statement as it is as un american and anti liberty as it gets.


    • “except for criminals”

      A perfect example of the kind of slow encroachment which destroys all human rights.

      Abolish all gun laws, including the automatic “felon” clause. If someone cannot be trusted with arms for their own defense, what are they doing out of prison?

    • That “except for criminals” in relation to the 2nd means federal felons technically. I don’t know if they were thinking of state felons too since states have their own type of felons and laws about when, where and if ever they can possess a gun again. It’s a damned wicked web.

    • Guys,

      The Founders’ position WRT firearms prohibition was simple: if you wouldn’t allow someone to own or carry a gun, then he shouldn’t be on the streets to begin with. IOW, unless you were imprisoned or committed to an institution, you have a a right to have a gun and carry it. I think that is the right position.

      Every other gun law is an infringement on the 2A-end of story. The 2A doesn’t say everyone but felons can have a gun; it says that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed! The GCA of 1968, which instituted the 4473, prohibited persons, etc., started prohibiting felons from ever owning guns. Sorry, but that’s an infringement on the 2A. What part of shall not be infringed do people not understand?

  13. The government of Virginia is just going to overwhelm you with diversity.

    Because wanting a nice home on a patch of land in a quiet community of people that look and think and share the same values as you, is racist and killing the environment.

    Va. Dems eye state law against single-family zoning, say it’s racist, environmentally unsound

    By Daily Caller News Foundation December 25, 2019

    By Luke Rosiak

    Virginia House Del. Ibraheem Samirah introduced a bill that would override local zoning officials to permit multi-family housing in every neighborhood, changing the character of quiet suburbs.

    Oregon passed a similar bill, following moves by cities such as Minneapolis; Austin, Texas; and Seattle.

    Proponents say urban lifestyles are better for the environment and that suburbs are bastions of racial segregation.

    Democrats in Virginia may override local zoning to bring high-density housing, including public housing, to every neighborhood statewide — whether residents want it or not.

    The measure could quickly transform the suburban lifestyle enjoyed by millions, permitting duplexes to be built on suburban lots in neighborhoods previously consisting of quiet streets and open green spaces. Proponents of “upzoning” say the changes are necessary because suburbs are bastions of segregation and elitism, as well as bad for the environment.

    The move, which aims to provide “affordable housing,” might be fiercely opposed by local officials throughout the state, who have deliberately created and preserved neighborhoods with particular character — some dense and walkable, others semi-rural and private — to accommodate people’s various preferences.

    But Democrats tout a state-level law’s ability to replace “not in my backyard” with “yes, in your backyard.”

    House Delegate Ibraheem Samirah, a Democrat, introduced six housing measures Dec. 19, coinciding with Democrats’ takeover of the state legislature in November.

    “Single-family housing zones would become two-zoned,” Samirah told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Areas that would be impacted most would be the suburbs that have not done their part in helping out.”

    He said suburbs were “mostly white and wealthy” and that their local officials — who have historically been in charge of zoning — were ignoring the desires of poor people, who did not have time to lobby them to increase suburban density.

    In response to a question about whether people who bought homes in spacious suburbs have valid reasons, not based on discrimination, for preferring to live that way — including a love for nature and desire to preserve woods and streams — he said: “Caring about nature is very important, but the more dense a neighborhood is, the more energy efficient it is.”

    He said if local officials seek to change requirements like setbacks to make it impossible to build dense housing in areas zoned to preserve a nature feel, “if they make setbacks to block duplexes, there’d have to be a lawsuit to resolve whether those zoning provisions were necessary.”

    He wrote on Facebook, “Because middle housing is what’s most affordable for low-income people and people of color, banning that housing in well-off neighborhoods chalks up to modern-day redlining, locking folks out of areas with better access to schools, jobs, transit, and other services and amenities.”

    “I will certainly get pushback for this. Some will call it ‘state overreach.’ Some will express anxiety about neighborhood change. Some may even say that the supply issue doesn’t exist. But the research is clear: zoning is a barrier to more housing and integrated communities,” he continued.

    He tweeted Sunday that that would include public housing. “Important Q about new social/public housing programs: where are we going to put the units? Under current zoning, new low-income housing is relegated to underinvested neighborhoods, concentrating poverty more. Ending exclusionary zoning has to be part of broader housing reform,” he said.

    Tim Hannigan, chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee — in one of the areas Samirah represents — said that urban Democrats were waging war on the suburbs.

    “This could completely change the character of suburban residential life, because of the urbanization that would develop,” he told the DCNF. “So much of the American dream is built upon this idea of finding a nice quiet place to raise your family, and that is under assault.”

    • There ought to be no zoning, Period. Any government employees, local, county, state, or federal, that dictates how a private person may use their own property is acting as an arbitrary king.

      Within my lifetime, there was a time when there was no zoning in parts of Michigan. The State decided that everything needed to be zoned, so the lawmakers proposed a law empowering zoning boards in every county. I attended a packed meeting with the state senator (generally well liked, but a typical slick politician). He presented the proposed bill to the group of a hundred or so people crammed into an old ‘town hall’ (a long-abandoned one room school house), going through each of its’ provisions and explaining how it would be controlled locally.
      An old farmer got up and said something to this effect:
      “I understand the law…what I don’t understand is why we have to have one at all.”
      The senator, usually very smooth, stumbled a bit then said ‘if we’re going to have a law, it is better that it is administered locally than from Lansing.’
      That didn’t fly with the room. There were loud murmurs and mumbling as people understood better than the senator what was at stake.

      • It does sound good….in theory. But in practice, it’s not as nice as you might think.

        An extended family in this county bought a parcel of land, private and cheap. Then a farmer builds a big hog farm right beside them. Oh happy days.

          • Anon, it’s because you haven’t lived with a hog farm beside you…..or a cattle feedlot. I’ve lived several miles from a feedlot(and that same hog farm too). There were times when you could hardly bear it. You simply can’t imagine living down wind of a place that processes the blood from huge feedlots and slaughter houses. For people unfortunate enough to not be able to move, they have no problem getting others to move away from them. Everything they have including their house is inundated with that godawful smell. The only time they could ever get away from the smell would be to go somewhere else for a while and wash everything they wear or throw it away and wash themselves enough times to get it off and finally get it out of their sinuses.

            Just driving by those places the unofficial speed limit is however fast you can go.

          • Anon, I knew a nice guy who owned a feedlot and he needed a driver. So I show up to drive for him and the truck is solid fly shit on the inside. I drove from Merkel Texas to Lubbock and back. I went in and said I had probably had enough of it.

            He wasn’t surprised and bore no ill will to me and said he’d always have a job for me.

            My wife worked at a place you couldn’t get her on the phone(Wall’s Industries,……sweat shop). I walked 4 miles to the interstate(no vehicles came along, imagine)and caught a ride. I got to be pretty good at hitchhiking when I wasn’t driving my own truck. A totally different world back then. A young, nicely dressed man with a soft suitcase with a CB antenna sticking out of one end and a shaving kit in the other hand had you out there on the side of the road for a minimum of time. That rarely describes a hitchhiker these days and I gave people a ride I wished could have had a shower.

        • Sadly, you nailed it 8. While you do have a right to do whatever you want with your property, you are also responsible for it. If you decide to rent it out to store spent fuel rods in open air, or to render animal carcasses, you are definitely affecting your neighbors. Having a few old cars is only your business, but if you have a junkyard with rats and snakes thriving in the grass, you’d better expect reaction from your suburban neighbors. What is lacking is sense and judgement, and the fact that some folks are assholes we’d all be better off without.

      • You have no property rights.

        You own nothing, you just rent from government.

        Government has decided that the current crop of squatters must be run off and displaced by a new group of squatters, since the old group are getting too uppity.

        That is why I posted this article, not as a defense of zoning, (which I knew would provoke a bunch of knee jerk reactive squalling) but as an indication of government sponsored hostility and pogramism towards native white folks and the continuing campaign to replace, displace and remove them.

    • I wish I was alive 120 years ago cause the men would have gone to the seat of power taken the snake charmer ibraheem samirah or any one else out in the street and hung him off a street light post

      • Hell, SPQ- 120 years ago, we wouldn’t have had to even have worried about someone named Ibraheem Samirah being in the seat of power! People back then were still intelligent enough to only allow people from their own culture, who shared their own values and interests to be in such positions.

  14. Greetings,

    There is another option that hasn’t been discussed in this thread. These rural counties in VA should secede from the state and the USA. It doesn’t have to be just one large entity either, it could be four or five areas or more of the state. It is time to start the domino effect.

    • This time it will be legal, what happened to WV was illegal since Abe took that part of VA and made it a separate state. These counties/towns/cities will be doing this willing.
      Another way is to just barracade the blue areas from the rest of the state, easier and not as bloody or difficult to do, or if the counties want to, create their own Militias so every one carry a gun – doesn’t matter what type of gun – will be exempt from any and all gun control laws and permits and lincenses. The last one would be the easiest to perform and Constitutional so the State Govt would have no reason to start making trouble. We the people of VA win, the Govt of VA looses

      • Hi Charles,

        I’ve just read that the Coonman has requested a budget increase for prisons and so on to accommodate what he reportedly expects will be a huge influx of newly minted “criminals.” It’s rubber-meets-the-road time. No more half measures, no more accommodations. No more giving ground. It’s either – or.

        The right of the people must either be defended – of given up, for good.

        • eric, at a time when most governors are handing out(in Texas, 7….pitiful)pardons, Coonman wants to create as many criminals as possible. It’s a teaching lesson for those who don’t get caught or are either his legions who want to punish their fellow man for abiding by the Constitution and living lives of morality and abiding by “just” laws….and even many that are nowhere near just but don’t have a prison terms involved anyway.

          • Morning, Eight!

            Yup; indeed. And that’s why this thing is such a powder keg. People like me – and essentially all the people in my rural county – are mind-our-own-business honest folks who resent the Hell out of this “Coonman” person characterizing us as criminals. We are the people who pay the taxes which subsidize the useless eater “Coonman” and his friends. We won’t have it. Because we know that if we let this happen, everything else will happen – and we’ll have no recourse but to accept open, formal indenture in perpetuity to these creatures.

            I’m no hero – but I’m not willing to be a slav, either.

            • eric, I fear we’ll all eventually be in your spot. I understand you’re over-run with yankees but we are too now. I include nearly everyone in this category from Ca. or anywhere on the left or right upper coasts and even some SE states, hard as it is to imagine.

              I fear we’re in it and foreign troops that began to be trained in the US when Shrubco was in power will be the “military” they use in DC to combat our very limited, soon to be no, freedom.

              • Difference is that those troops AND their families still have to live in this country. Can’t go around dressed like a stormtrooper all the time.

              • @eightsouthman
                Can we come up with a secret handshake or something? Some yanks recognize the wrong side won the first time and would prefer history does not repeat.

                • bob, I don’t need a secret handshake. I can look into a man’s eyes and hear what he’s not saying and it tells me everything I need to know.

            • Stand your ground, don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.
              Honored words for every free man to live by.

    • Agreed, Michael!

      And the best way to lay the ground is to assert what every schoolchild is taught about government of the people and by the people. Well, great! Let’s have it!

  15. Keep pushing.

    Virginia Governor Northam Increases Corrections Budget In Anticipation Of Jailing Gun Owners


    The budget bill (HB30) includes an appropriation of a quarter million dollars to carry out a host of gun control measures that Northam and his anti-gun allies hope to enact.

    The $250,000 is appropriated to the Corrections Special Reserve Fund in order to provide for the “increase in the operating cost of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment” of Northam’s gun control measures. Among the enumerated laws that this allocation is meant to fund is a ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, the criminalization of private firearms transfers, and gun confiscation orders issued without due process.

    • Long guns are rarely use in crime. Just so. Long guns are used to water the tree of liberty. My stainless flash hider came in today to replace that POS muzzle brake/compensator. If you have one of these bastardization devices, get rid of it before you can’t hear anything. You don’t need a muzzle brake on a 5.56 anyway. Wish I could afford a game hearing aid/ear protector.

  16. No 1775. 1) The “patriots” today have already been subdued into narcing on their every financial transaction; every sale, every act of labor they perform, to the Federal and state tyrannies. Tyranny is tolerated and accepted. People talk…but ultimately, they will be up and ready to go to work in their cubicles and government offices come Monday morning….and heaven forbid they should do something to lose their professional license or farm subsidy, etc. Most of the “patriots” today are current or former pigs or soldiers….and or support the same- and ultimately consider it their duty to protect “our form of government”.

    2) If the locals won’t support and participate in the oppression of their non-criminal neighbors who are made “criminals” by the stroke of a pen, they’ll just bring in mercenaries from elsewhere to do the dirty-work. “our” military and para-military agencies have been conducting exercises and drills on the streets of American cities and towns now for a few decades, in preparation for just such occurrences. Bubba’s little AR-15 with a 20-round mag ain’t gonna do much against heavily armored personnel in tanks and armored Hum-vees. Most people would run when they see them just coming down the street (Wise decision!).

    Just depends how much resistance there is, and how far the tyrants want to take things. All they have to do is declare resistors criminals or domestic terrorists…and they’ll have no lack of mercenaries willing to enforce their laws with the most powerful and high-tech weapons (paid for us, the victims) which have brought down entire nations.

    3)Been there, done that. Remember…this shit [gun control/prohibition] has already long ago been enacted in CA., DC., NY. etc. At a time when there was less control, and when the government was less brazen about trampling normal decent citizens….and there was a little resistance…err…some people wrote nasty letters to Congressmen and newspapers!

    We were conquered long ago. There are still two sides: Those who generate the tyranny; and those who submit to it. There is no room for those of us who do not wish to be on either side; we must go somewhere else, where the people are sane, and where life is still normal. Any conflict here will be nothing but a war between statists who are on opposing sides…but who are ultimately still just collectivists- so no matter which side wins…we still lose.

    • Nunz, I say the worse they are, the more high-handed and bloodier they are will be a good thing. People will have to pick sides and realize it’s either eat their shit or fight to the last man. Recall how war with Iraq would be a cake walk and hence, Afghanistan too. Nearly 20 years later they’re still fighting and the US is not winning, well, not winning in a physical way. The people who profit from war will always want more. I give you Cheney as an example. 5 deferments during Vietnam but ready to take over the worlds when he was the one profiting.

          • 8, once the gubmint declares on a “criminal”/terrorist/enemy-combatant, those who have volunteered to be slaves and be the tools of the overlords don’t care who or what you are….they are just conscienceless mercenaries who have been trained to do as they are told without thought- just like the pigs who routinely murder our countrymen in the streets (or their own homes)- or just like the Federal, state and local vermin at Waco…or the Bundy Ranch.

            • Nunz, the Bundy Ranch? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Those were the words wild Bill said to me when I heard the Bundy’s had been vindicated(early 2018). And yet Bill wears a t shirt with an AR on it.

              But he’s clueless to what’s going on. We had a tv I didn’t have any use for. He’d turn it on and watch really stupid shows like one that was a game show so stupid it would make you lose your lunch.

              What do you do(and I didn’t even try since he was so clueless and cared so little)with people like that? I hesitate to give my opinion.

              • I’m not understanding ya, 8. I meant that the gov’t mercenaries had no problem executing Finnicum LaChoy (Sp?) and doing all the dirty deeds and sabotagie [-Bugs Bunny] right in their own backyards.

                Am I missing something?

                • Nunz, re-read it. I was just pointing out that many people had no idea this was happening. It meant absolutely nothing to them but they were gung ho for gun rights(as they say them……vaguely).

                  When you don’t even know in 2018 about the Bundy’s or the Finicums, you are really clueless. We have too many of these…….people?

                  • No, but 8, my initial point was that the government goons had absolutely no qualms about oppressing and murdering “their own neighbors”.

                    Uncle says “They’re bad guys”- so those who suck on the gov’t dong consider it open season on anyone so designated…..

    • Nunz the afghans and Iraqis wearing bathrobes and flip flops with rusty 70 year old rifles kicked the shit out of the US and US caused a civil war there to weaken them and they still did not get defeated. it would be easier here cause the tyrants families can be hunted where the afghans and Iraqis did not have that advantage

      • Hey SPQ,

        On the surface, that sounds right- BUT, the difference between them and us, is that they have a chesive culture united by a common religion, worldview and political paradigm. That, united to fight a common enemy, is indeed a force to be reckoned with (And still, they lost a good percentage of their people; their government; their homes, and their liberty… at least as far as the Irqies go).

        Here? Pfffft! We have a “diverse” bastardized mash-up of people, of whom the better part aren’t fully functional under the best of circumstances; and most of the good ol’ boys who are capable of taking up arms and could actually do something, are also troop/cop lovers; have sons, fathers, brothers etc. “in the service” or working for other gov’t agencies…. in other words, they don’t even recognize the enemy- they only think a portion (i.e. “ther left”) is the enemy- They’ve been conditioned to obey and honor the very ones who will kill them and their famblies…….

        It’s basically Stockholm Syndrome.

        Hey, thanks for the kind words on the otherr post- and I wish all the best for you and your family as well!

    • @nunzio
      all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed…..

      You are not the first with that observation.

    • “Bubba’s little AR-15 with a 20 round mag etc…” is a typical response of those who are unaware of 4th generation warfare. I was going to post a rebuttal, but this article, posted on the web on Monday 23 Dec. 2019 at Raconteur Report, says it all much better than I could.

  17. And about got damned time, as far as I’m concerned.

    Donate and support VCDL in Virginia.

    The time is long past for secession, separate or die.

    And that will require a bloody fight.

    • Thomas Jefferson sure thought so. He predicted that every 20 years that the tree of liberty would need to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants….

  18. this is life under jewish rule. bloomberg bought the democrat wipeout in virginia and told them gun control has to be implemented. jews are chipping away at the 1st and 2nd amendments. soon you will go to jail if you criticize israel

    • LOL! You’re a laff riot, with about as much credibility as the flat-earthers and worthy of the same reception.

      These aryan shitheads never fail to disappoint. Of course plenty of good White Christians have been chipping away at the 1st and 2nd amendments, as anyone bothering to actually take a look will find. However, being an addled, motley collection of liars, cowards, and weak-minded fools such things escape the notice of the aryan “supermen”. The lot of them are not worth spit, good only for a few laughs. In fact I’ve met plenty of Negroes and other members of “mud races” who have a lot more on the ball than any of you do, bunky.

      Have a great Kwanzaa, honky! Don’t forget to look under your bed and in your closet for Jooooos!

      • Concur.

        Both major parties and few third ones are funded and controlled primarily by Jewish billionaires. The so-called Federal Reserve, along with most other central banks and international entities like the BIS, WB, and IMF, were created and are controlled by a cartel of powerful European jewish families like the Warburgs, Schiffs, Leobs, Kuhns , and of course the Rothchilds. Corporate Hollywood and mainstream media are more than 90% owned and run by jews.

        Jews are about 2% of the US population. Why are three of the Supreme Court Justices jews, two of whom are stridently anti-White, feminist jewesses? Before Kavanaugh, there were no WASPs on the court. Why is that?

        Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner, Trump’s two innermost WH advisors are jews. Kushner’s family BTW acquired their untold billions from organized crime.

        Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Rod Rosentein, Andrew Weis, and others who have led the various collusion and impeachment hoaxes against Trump are jews. Trump has been the most conciliatory president ever toward jewish interests, yet the overwhelming majority of American jews hate his guts. Is it because they perceive him – incorrectly IMO – as a proxy for White people in general?

        Why does the wealthiest, simglemost powerful, culturally privileged enthnoracial group on the planet falsely depict themselves as victims of White supremacy – whatever that is- and obsessively accuse White men of the crimes they themselves commit? Why has the DOJ and Congress ranked heterosexual White males as the country’s number one domestic terrorist threat? Why has mere verbal support for boycotting Isreal’s products or any criticism of pro-jewish policies effectively been criminalized, by Trump’s latest EO, on college campuses nationwide?

      • @ Jason Flinder
        “Have a great Kwanzaa, honky! Don’t forget to look under your bed and in your closet for Jooooos!”

        Hey whigger. In case your interested, Kwaanza did not exist until 1966. It is not remotely similar in scope or scale to Christmas. It was created by a Black political activist, Maulana Karengo, who served 4 years in the California pen for assaulting and torturing women whom he, while possibly under the influence of drugs, believed were trying to poison him. Later he became a Black studies professor at Long Beach State.

      • HE doesn`t have to, because you are one. Just remember what the
        bolsheviks did to the ethnic Russians. what sixty to a hundred million
        was it ? the leaders of that group were all american jews from
        Brooklyn. You give yourself away with your hysterical response.
        Remember when one we most heavily attacked is when weare right
        over the target. Jerk !

  19. cops are to yellow to confiscate guns. robots will do it. they are getting robot dogs that can knock on your door and that is just the beginning. it is easy for them to enforce it by taking away drivers license. fine you daily massively. if you try to drive you will mostly be alone easy pickings for them. gun owners worship cops so I do not see them taking action against their heroes. there might be some lone wolves who fight get annihilated and made example of
    NG in early 60’s used rifles with bayonets to keep whites away from blacks forced into their schools at a time when 90% of whites did not want to be around blacks. then they shot a bunch of hippies at kent state. only way to stop them is to get 1000’s of armed guys march to the seats of power take them out and hang them

    • Exactly, SPQ. Where was all the resistance when the same gun-control came to CA, DC, NY, etc.? Oooooppps! “Can’t be labeled a criminal, lose my license, miss work on Monday morning…”- and it’s 10 times worse today, as people are now much more dependent upon the government (even farmers are) and licensure and “papers” and courts…and the government tyranny is now far worse, and extends to “health[sickness] care” and finances; and between the pig/soldier-loving doofuses, and the fact that the pigs and soldiers have no qualms about inflicting violence, robbery and murder on innocent citizens for fun and profit (much less, any concerns for our actual legal rights)….IF there is any real resistance at all…it will be feeble. But there probably won’t even be any….it’s just talk…as it was in CA and NY years ago, ’cause the cost is too high…and people are now even moire used to rolling over and rationalizing away every infringement.

      If our people had any guts and any spirit to defend their communities, we would not have current Detroit and Baltimore and Camden, etc.

  20. Another unforeseen consequence of Coonman’s overreach is that quite a few Virginians will decide to vote with their feet, particularly those in border counties. Expect to see said Viriginians calling the realtor about properties in West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. And that means fewer tax donkeys for Coonman.

    • Bryce, I see that as the least effective way to turn Virginia red again. The rural part is full of people who support the 2nd A and own farms and ranches and have for generations. Those people won’t be selling out and trying to start over again somewhere else.

      What it is time for is to double down. It may take a lot of 3 S’ing but you do what you have to.

      • You’re right about that…what I’m saying is that some will choose flight as I described, but others will choose fight as you describe. In Pennsylvania where I live, a similar thing is going on with the cities and the rest of the state, aka Pennsyltucky. It’s such that Trump only flipped 2 or 3 counties to win.

  21. To deal with the legal risk of large fines and/or criminal prosecutions and raids and other interactions with law enforcement: the formation of a mutual assistance legal defense organization. The organization could collect small amounts of dues money from many members, and use the funds to provide full-time staff lawyers to come to the defense of members, and take a pro-active approach to bringing tremendous amounts of litigation in the courts. (Full-time staff lawyers substantially reduce the per hour cost of legal services). You want to get a reputation with the offending bureaucrats for litigating aggressively, early and often. The organization could also provide relief to crisis situations, such as families affected by a raid, and members of the organization could be at the ready to arrive (and videotape) at the scene of another member who is having an interaction with law enforcement. This gives the law enforcer who is hut hut hutting a citizen the impression that he is being videotaped by twenty different people, all of whom are probably armed: with cameras, lenses, apps that upload video in real time, and perhaps with other lawful equipment as well

    • While this plan is a good first step, using lawyers and litigation and working within the system to mitigate damage to individuals is still playing their game on their turf by their rules. It might be too little too late for some people. This system is what is seeking to oppress them.
      A big settlement for trigger happy police misconduct is nice, but I’m sure the survivors would rather have had their loved one still alive and their home unmolested and their right to live in peace respected.
      And we’ve litigated 2A repeatedly, yet they persist with measures such as the one described in the article. There are no guarantees that a new SCOTUS, such as a reconfigured one with ~20 justices as envisioned by the Democrat party, couldn’t one day just decide 2A is invalid.
      I think Eric is alluding to something much more extreme and permanent that might be in the works.

      • While a few lawsuits merely challenging the constitutionality of new gun laws might not be particularly effective (after all for such lawsuits to prevail you need judges that aren’t particularly hostile to the 2nd amendment), rapid response litigation for cases where families are wrongfully raided, or where people are wrongly made the subject of a red flag order, can be helpful and can deter abuses of the red flag laws (this litigation can for instance involve suing neighbors and others who call the cops, or who make unfounded red flag reports. THE PROCESS IS THE PUNISHMENT).

        The key is that middle class gun owners, referenced in other comments as not wanting to jeopardize their houses, cars, families, and jobs, might not be as intimidated if they know they have good, eager, aggressive legal defense (and aggressive civil lawsuit offense) at the ready (much the way the cops have union lawyers backing them up*), particularly if there’s material support available for them and their families should the government raid them, arrest and jail the family breadwinner, etc.. League members regularly getting into the habit of coming to where other nearby members are dealing with a cop, and lawfully video-recording said encounter while not physically interfering with what the cops are doing, would be a good thing (always use a recording app that uploads the recording in real time so the cops can’t destroy the recording). That multiple people (who may or may not have carry permits) show up to record the cop from all sorts of different angles, will probably tend to discourage certain bad behaviors by the officer.

        *Cops tend to feel emboldened by the fact that the police hierarchy, prosecutorial establishment, and court system generally back them up, and even when those institutions don’t, the cops still have their own union lawyers.

  22. Meanwhile gun violence is at an all time low in the US. The reason school shootings make the news is because they are such a rare event these days.

    The overwhelming majority of gun deaths are suicide. Maybe we could do something about mental health (real mental health, not the 28 genders stuff) instead?

    • Or we could accept that suicide is a choice that some people make, and ultimately have a right to make. If the government weren’t determined to keep a death-grip on people’s lives, there would be less bloody methods of suicide available, but as things stand, a gun is often the most viable option. I’m not against trying to help people who feel suicidal, but I see no need to obsess over the relatively small number who choose that path.

  23. Coonman is not going to confiscate guns — YET.

    The Plan is the following: to outlaw the sale of hi-cap mags and “assault weapons” and to ban all private transfers and sales. They will be able to enforce this 100% at the licensed retail gun shop level. The next part of The Plan is to “allow” existing owners to “keep” their guns… for now… as long as they register them with the state. This way they will be able to appease the “law-abiding gun owner,” aka “Fudd,” crowd. They will also go out of their way to tell the Fudds that they will NEVER take away their duck-hunting shotgun… but “NOBODY needs an assault weapon” (except the COPS, of course). This will work for a significant number of Fudds with a job and a truck payment and a mortgage and little kids in grade school, who are too afraid to be caught with an “unregistered assault weapon” and have the SWAT team come in and point a gun in their five-year-old’s face at 3 a.m. in their suburban cul-de-sac and the get ten years in prison.

    Then they will require background checks and state registration of all ammo sales, which will be a backdoor way of allowing them to figure out what you’ve got. After that they will pick people off one-by-one… some guy gets into an argument with his wife or gf, or his ex gets pissed off at him, and calls the cops and tells them about all his unregistered shit. They will pass a Red Flag law, requiring the immediate confiscation of ALL your guns if someone gets pissed off at you and says they’re “afraid” of you, and then they’ll come find all your unregistered shit. Then they will pass a law that says if you’re arrested for ANY crime even a misdemeanor — such as driving 10 mph over the limit, which is a crime in VA, or getting caught urinating the parking lot of the local bar — they come take ALL your shit and they’ll find the unregistered stuff that way.

    If you avoid all that, on your death the “registered” stuff will automatically be seized by the government. In 20 years if you take any unregistered AW or 10+ round mag to the range your fellow gun club buddies will call the cops on you the same way they would do today if you had an unregistered machine gun. (The cops will do undercover ops on the gun clubs anyway, and if you shoot illegal stuff on your own property they’ll spot you from a helicopter just like they already do if you’re growing weed behind the barn).

    We KNOW that this is The Plan because they’ve already implemented it in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California. The asshole Cuomo in New York specifically said this was a “model for the nation” — and he’s right. Other states have copied it, and eventually the Feds are going to copy it. And they have gotten away with it because NONE of it has been overturned in court, and NOBODY has tried to take out any politicians or cops over it.

    But someday, somebody WILL try. Virginia is going to be the first state where the people are going to get blindsided by this. NY and MA and CA have all had gun control for decades, and the public has accepted it. But sooner or later the gun grabbers are going to push the envelope and try to cram this down the throats of people who WILL fight back.

    Jan 20. is going to be a VERY interesting day in Richmond…

    • Hi X,

      I agree with you in terms of the plan; I disagree with you about its implementation. 90 percent of the state’s counties have declared themselves to be “2A sanctuary” zones; even AGWs in rural counties have said they will not enforce this stuff. I have never seen the degree of anger and resolve among ordinary people – not just the hard-core “gun people” – on this issue. The left has, I think, overplayed its hand. They went too far, too fast.

      I say this as someone who lives in a rural part of the state. For this first time in my life I think there could well be a fight. I don’t welcome it. But if it comes, it will be purgative.

      • Yes, but the problem is that they’re going to enforce 95% of it at the retail level. No sales of semi-automatic AWs, no sales of mags, and regulation of ammo sales.

        They’re not going to go house-to-house kicking in doors (yet, anyway. Eventually they will). The sales ban is the key to the strategy: nobody is going to go out and shoot the cops because their local gun shop won’t sell a 20-rd mag. Or shoot the gun shop owner because he can’t sell them an AR. So they get what they want… in the long run. The thing people need to understand about The Plan is that it isn’t an immediate “hand ’em in by” a given date like in Australia or New Zealand. It’s a 20 to 25 year confiscation plan, where nobody will have been able to legally buy certain items for a couple of decades, and in the meantime they tighten restrictions so much it isn’t worth the hassle of keeping what you’ve got, and they “make examples” out of a few people who get caught violating the restrictions.

        A good analogy is the incremental restrictions on the auto industry you yourself wrote about just they other day. It starts with mandating catalytic converters and ends with outlawing the internal combustion engine. Same principle. They start by saying “we need to outlaw weapons of war” but you’ll end up not being able to buy a box of fifty .22 Long Rifle cartridges for shooting tin cans and squirrels without government permission.

        And the proles who are too busy running on the hamster wheel, distracted by cell phones and cable TV, will go along with it.

        I hope Virginians start a fight, I really do. But.. that’s EXACTLY what the government wants, isn’t it??? They’re trying to box us into a corner: do what they want and surrender your gun rights, or fight back and now they’ve got an excuse to kill you. Remember, the reason we’ve been in Afghanistan for 19 years isn’t because Afghanistan remains a threat to the U.S. It’s because Afghanistan is an excellent training facility and proving ground for the “anti-terrorism” tactics they WILL (already are?) going to use here.

        Who do you think the guys on the SWAT team are? Ex-Army Rangers who learned how to drive the MRAP on five deployments to Afghanistan before the joined the local PD. Their chain of command will simply tell them that you’re a “domestic terrorist” and they’ll clap and bark like trained seals in the circus.

        I’m not trying to black-pill everyone, I’m just being realistic about the way this shit actually works today. It isn’t 1775. They’re not going to send a regiment into the town square and demand that the entire town hand over their guns. They know they’ll get shot at if they try that. They’re more clever than that; they might have actually learned something from Gen. Gage’s mistake.

        They’re going to ban all retail sales, then start picking people off one-by-one over shit like “domestic violence” or a prescription for an anti-depressant. Anyone who resists will be labeled a “domestic terrorist” and treated accordingly.

        • What you say makes sense. What I think is that the current proposals are “trial balloons” or negotiating chips. They not only want to gauge public reaction; they want to put a “throwaway” out there. A throwaway is something used in negotiation; it’s not something one expects to get, hence its name, throwaway. It’s a means to soften up your opponent so you can offer what you really want, while appearing to be reasonable.

          What I think will happen next is this: these proposals to confiscate guns, outlaw self-defense training, etc. will be withdrawn. In their place, they’ll offer magazine restrictions, background checks on ammo, etc. This was what they REALLY wanted all along, but they couldn’t go for it right away. Gun owners will breathe a sigh of relief, and as X says, no one will start a fight over the more “reasonable” gun restrictions that’ll come.

          I thought of this yesterday, but I couldn’t articulate it. Thanks to X for his insightful comment! That’s why I love this site… 🙂

          • You’re overthinking this. These are the people who gave us the post office and the DMV, the CIA and the NSA. They don’t think in terms of “negotiating” or “throw aways”. They think in terms of “Society must be made batter: I have a great idea: and damn the consequences and those that get in the way.”
            Don’t think negotiation strategies; think resupplying Ft. Sumter, or cutting off Japan’s oil supply, or innumerable “false flags”. If governments actually believed in negotiations, wars would be extremely rare.

        • Yep, you can’t fight big govt. It just can’t be done. It’s George Cheney(I like to picture them with their heads up each others ass)view of the world.

          Somebody forgot to send the memo to the Afghanis though. 20 years on and they’re still giving the US the finger…..and I say “Good for them”. WTH did those people do to the US? Gave em a good fight and that’s what the military likes since it makes a small amount of people super-rich.

          I say it won’t play out the way they intend.

          Whether Yamamoto said “You can’t invade the US. There would be a man with a rifle behind every blad of grass” isn’t all that germane to whether he said it but the truth of what that says is still true today.

          The National Guard already said they would not deploy(against their families). That leaves LEO’s who have families too and they’d already said for over 90 counties, almost the entire state, they aren’t going to play the game. If they lose some state revenue it won’t be the end of anything. Counties support them anyway. Turn off their GPS and keep them in hand. Put them on an enemy vehicle or a train going through or a long haul truck.

          It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and I think she’s tuning up right now.

        • You’ve hit the mark. A gradual, fabian approach to gun confiscation is almost surely how it’ll be done. Even what looks like overreach by Big Brother could simply be a negotiating tactic in which a resolution that rescinds much of that overreach–but not all of it–will be a negotiated compromise by the gun-owning public.

          Most political compromises shift the frame of reference to the left, so even what’s considered centrism today was radical left in the recent past.

          • Hi Ross,

            The Fabian approach has worked well for them so far. But the left has gone loony – openly. But they don’t realize how loony – and scary – they come across to people still in possession of their senses. It’s not just this business. It’s the reality inversion business (e.g., “transgenderism”), the fatuous virtue-signaling and “sensitivity,” the obvious race hatred (for white people – especially heterosexual male white people) and their despicable preening entitlement to . . . everything.

            People like us understand that it’s not merely guns. It is everything.

            Stand your ground – or give it up.

            Your treasured things – your home, your peace – all of it is on the table. And once they have your guns, it will be off the table.

            For good.

      • “…even AGWs in rural counties have said they will not enforce this stuff…”

        I’ll have to see firm evidence of this before I believe it.

  24. FYI….. Gerald Celente had a few things to say about the Gun confiscation in Va. Go to usawatchdog. It starts around the 30 minute mark. I like Gerald,,, he is a genuine patriot and fun to watch.

  25. One thing that has me curious is why do the gun grabbers all of a sudden feel compelled to rush things? Why didn’t they stick to the incrementalism that brought them so much success. If you toss a frog in to a boiling pot of water, he’ll jump out ASAP. If you put him in room temp water and gradually raise the temp, he’ll cook to death before he knows what’s happening. I don’t understand why these people feel compelled to rush; that’ll only tip off the majority that had been asleep, and anger them to the point of wanting to fight. Why did the gun grabbers make what seems to be a stupid move?

    • Because they think they already own everything. Have you been watching all the theatrics surrounding Trump? If I read entrails correctly, the elites and the establishment already thought they were on the home stretch. Then Trump won the election, and they went into some kind of manic denial which has been obsessed, ever since, with trying to un-lose the 2016 election so they can continue to believe they have everything on lock and are about to see their final victory.

      This also means that they’re going to keep pushing their agenda regardless. When they think they already pretty much have it all, why would they let little things like reality or the clearly demonstrated will of the little people (who they have clearly demonstrated they don’t and never will care about) get in their way?

  26. Can we finally look at history, and LEARN something for a switch? On July 21, 1861, the Confederates met the Union forces at Manassas Virginia. Gen. PT Beauregard kicked the Yankee’s collective asses, and opened the way to march on DC and hang as traitors those who actually started the War Between the States. But the victorious Confederates plundered the Union camps, and partied hard instead of chasing down the enemy. Let’s not repeat the same mistake. If the Real Americans have to take Richmond, they should take DC as well.

    • Amen, A. Nonny Mouse –

      If it comes to a fight, it must be a fight of no-quarter-given. A war of annihilation. Horrible, yes. But it is the only way to deal with people who will not leave you be, ever.

      • eric, and not just DC but every damned legislature in every state. Those who would rather take up arms or be the enemy of the people have that choice.

        The people have long suffered at the hands of the deep state. It’s time.

      • I have been asked in the past what is required to retain and reclaim our individual rights.

        When I say that somewhere around 100,000 to 200,000 psychopaths in charge need to be executed at the same time, they recoil in horror. The psychopaths have absolutely no hesitation when it comes to killing tens of thousands of innocents to achieve their goals. This difference is why the ‘normal’ will never rebel and the psychopaths will remain in charge. One side can’t even contemplate the nasty things needed to be done to protect themselves and reclaim their rights, the other side does not even see mass murder as an issue.

        It’s why most revolutions end up with a government little better than that which they replace. The ones with the stomach to rebel and do what is required, are just a different group of psychopaths.

        Then there is the ‘good slave’ mentality. I constantly have folks tell me just how wonderful it is that the government maintains such a nice cage for them. These are the folks that will rat you out in a second for an extra ration of chocolate.

        The only way for normals to make real change is to educate the masses and reveal the evil that is ultra-centralized coercive government. The education and media have been captured entirely so that is no longer really an option either.

        I really think reform is impossible short of total destruction of the existing system. One nice big coronal mass ejection in this direction please. Those at the top who have not shopped or cooked for themselves in the last several decades might think they will be OK, but those who support them now will likely quickly realize that they can live in the big house if they just shoot the plantation owner.

        Bring it on.

        • Those with body guards will survive somewhat longer. When the body guards can’t find anyone with food to steal then it becomes every man for himself. Sounds good to me. CJ and I will be waiting at the garden. I have never had a problem of sleeping outdoors, esp. through the growing season.

          One year I was sleeping outside on my cot but when someone got beyond my gate, I got out of said sleeping bag along with my pit bull. No better sleeping for me with my pitty snoozing right beside me.

        • I tend to avoid violent rhetoric, but with your mention of “good slaves” and captured media you do highlight a far more basic issue: we, as in the entirety of the western world (including the USA, which is currently better than the rest only because it had more freedom to start with) failed to cultivate and preserve a liberty-loving culture at the grassroots. Not every attack on freedom is this brazen; most are far subtler, they seem smaller from a practical perspective, they come dressed in non-confrontational verbiage about “safety” or the “environment” and may even use a real problem as a Trojan horse. It’s easy to get outraged when the elites show their hand, but it’s hard to work up the same level of anger over catalytic converters, especially if you live in a Big Liberal City with horrid air quality. And so every time they showed us a picture of syruped-over Los Aimless and told us we needed pollution controls, or spouted some statistic about traffic fatalities and told us we needed to be tougher on drunks or speeders, well, there may have been outrage in some quarters, but enough “ayes” made enough noise that the evilmongers got at least some of what they wanted.

          And once they have what they want, it become the new normal. People who initially hated catalytic converters for turning 350-horsepower muscle cars into 180-horsepower wheezers eventually admit that the air really has cleared up since the non-doers forced their way into the vehicle design (and, eventually, ownership) process. People who balked at seatbelts eventually get used to them and decided they’re not so uncomfortable after all, or decide that the benefits outweigh the discomfort and forget about the “being forced to use them” part. Even hardcore gun enthusiasts realize that unless, and maybe even if, you live in a serious gang-war hot zone, a machine gun is probably a bit much for personal defense. People know in their hearts that racism is mean, so they applaud efforts to curb it – then, when the LGBT-whatever mafia tries to make their company/church/whatever celebrate immorality OR ELSE, they don’t realize that freedom of speech and freedom of association already died on what seemed, at the time, a much smaller hill. The next generation that comes along knows nothing but the new way; in fact, the system tries deliberately to cut children off from their parents (and, thus, their connection to the past) while subjecting them to constant safety helicoptering and environmental hectoring which will form the baseline they eventually judge everything else by.

          Even when there is an explosion of rage, the elites know very well how to stall and wear down their opposition. Damage control stage 1 is ridicule; label the opposition so only hopeless extremists will want to align publicly with them. Damage control stage 2 is making false concessions; pretend to listen to the concerns of the Little People but frame the issue relative to the change you want rather than the way things were before. Hence the well-known – and deliberate – two-forward-one-back dance of BS that defines modern life, wherein each generation’s baseline standard of what is “normal” is a little bit closer to omnipotent one-world government than the last one’s was.

          J.T. Gatto traces some of this in The Underground History of American Education. He traces these machinations to the first coal barons and hereditary societies; people on this site trace them to the Civil War or even the Constitutional Convention; Gatto’s book shows that all the necessary machinery was well in place by the 1910s and more so by the 1930s. The major incidents, where people rise up and express their displeasure in earnest, are merely periodic foregroundings of the work which is always going on in secret. By the time people start to realize, in large numbers, that there is a problem and that this problem exists outside their immediate geographic area, it’s already too late as the evilmongers own enough of “the system” to throw a wet blanket on any fires that spring up. You speak out? They just use the media to call you a wacko or a troublemaker. You try vote the rascals out? They cheat blatantly or just pass the torch to a new set of rascals. You fight them in the courts? They have sympathetic judges ready to twist the plain meanings of words or even, if necessary, invent legal fiction in order to keep their cause alive. You follow your conscience rather than some particularly wicked legislation? They penalize you until you fold; you’ll run out of resources and will to fight long before they do, and they have an army of just-doing-my-job desk jockeys to insulate them. You stall this process at some point? They make a partial concession (based, once again, on their desired change rather than whatever is being changed from) and wait for your kids to give them the rest without even realizing it. You actually get things to go backwards? That’s still not a complete victory; there’s LAYERS to this junk and your baseline idea of normal is probably messed up just like everyone else’s!

          • Brother, I ran out of resources LONG ago, but they will NEVER break my will to fight and resist. N E V E R.

            The LORD has this to say to all the would be tyrants of the world. Are you listening, Governor Northam?

            Obadiah 1:
            2: Behold, I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised.
            3: The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?
            4: Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.

    • Good luck with that. You’ve got to go through Quantico first. I’ve seen M1 Abrams rolling on the secondary roads of Garrisonville with my own eyes…and that was over 20 years ago. That doesn’t count the attack helicopters, jets and heavy artillery they practice with monthly. Those boys are shaking foundations and rattling windows 30 miles away just from TARGET PRACTICE! If you think you’re just going to blow through that with pickup trucks and deer rifles, you’re out of your damned mind all together.

      The USMC answers to the POTUS, and no matter what your opinion of Trump might be, there’s no way in hell he’s going to let a bunch of yokel hicks kick him out of his own party with that kind of power at his fingertips. He’ll slap that advance down faster than you can yell “RETREAT!!!”.

      • Exactly, Charles. The moment there’s any sign of any real resistance from a handful of citizens, they’ll call out “the troops” and make an example of a few of them, and that will be that. Game over.

        Even the sheriffs and county officials in the 2A Sanctuary movement admit that their actions are just symbolic and really have no force against state law. When threatened with termination or prosecution, they will not only give up…they will enforce the very laws they claim to oppose- as they always have.

        Trump has gone on and militarized the pigs even more than Obozo had….in preparation for tis very type of thing. He’s the one who uttered “Take the guns first, worry about due process later”!

        • Nunz, the US has done that without success for nearly 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like I said before, they’ll mostly use foreign troops cause Americans aren’t keen on killing their own families.

          • You could be right 8, but it doesn’t matter, since we’ve trained plenty of UN troops on our soil already- but I don’t see the home-grown mercenaries having any more of a conscience- witness everything from Kent State to Katrina to Waco….. Take a bunch of stupid young men who can’t figure out how to earn a respectable living, so they sign-up to become salves and guinea pigs and learn to folly orders unconditionally- just like Hitler’s troops….and it doesn’t matter to them if they’re killing some poor foreigner or grandma. Hell, put up a Walmart sign and turn ’em loose…they’ll shoot up some people without even being told!

        • You just aren’t getting it. As long as we stay on defense, the Feds aren’t going to go on offense. As long as the boogaloo stays confined to VA, we have nothing to fear from Federal troops, our Sheriff’s departments, or our district attorneys. Our only enemy will be the State Troopers and the Legislature itself.

          I’m advising against marching on Washington D.C., not against defending our Constitutional Rights. Two completely different topics. And unless you actually LIVE in VA, you are unqualified to pass judgment on the moral fiber of her citizens. I’ve lived here for 60 years, so I’m pretty sure I know my neighbors better than you do.

  27. You only have the rights you can defend. Give up your arms, and the rest will go shortly. There is a reason the first two amendments are the first two. Freedom of religion, press, and speech are the most important to maintain communication with each other and settle things without guns. The right to keep and bear arms is the only thing keeping the rest intact. However much tyranny you will tolerate is exactly how much you will get. The number of licensed hunters in the US is the largest armed force in the world. Many shooters don’t hunt. Me for instance. If the rest of VA is as vociferous as you say, I suspect there may be a severs shortage of enforcers. Easy to prohibit an act, nearly impossible to force one. How to force a sheriff to enforce these tyrannical edicts?
    We are being robbed blind as we speak. Really, as Solzhenitsyn said, “We have nothing to lose”.

    • They violate all of them and get off Scott free…

      3rd? NSA rooms and taps in phone company co-location sites.
      4th? Hoovering all the data on the Internet “just in case” and then combing through it later. Checkpoints. “Probable cause.”
      5th? Courts have said you can be compelled to surrender your cell phone for a search. No warrants needed for access to your email or other services provided by 3rd parties.
      6th? Speedy trial? In this day and age? And the aggressive DA practice of overwhelming the jury with charges brought in an effort to get a guilty verdict on anything.
      7th? EULAs routinely have language stating you give up your right to a civil trial instead going through arbitration.
      8th? Julian Assange. (OK not a US citizen, but it’s our government at work).
      9th? Never mind, there aren’t any rights not enumerated
      10th? States are so gelded by Uncle’s payouts that they might as well not exist.

      And that’s just off the top of my head after a half cup of coffee.

      • My point. These rights are lost because they were not defended. There is also differing degree of violation. The 2nd was initially violated long ago. But this degree of violation has not yet been attempted in a State that is geographically red. Of course they get away with it in new england and california, where the idiots love their Sociopaths In Charge.

  28. To all the nay-Sayers on here, maybe, just maybe Most of the Virginians have stiffer spines then most. Most of the country is pissed off if any other the other blogs and comments and other sources suggest. It may be a hundred Virginians get arrested and their families butchered to light that match that will spout into a flame that will cleanse. We won’t know until it happens as to what we and some of us are made of. To those that have had combat experience and what a two way range is, will know the brutality going in, some will learn very quickly. At this point it is a wait game. I don’t underestimate a single man or woman at this juncture.

    • I think that, at first, the gov’t will arrest a few gun owners, and make examples of them. They’ll go after someone high profile, so it’ll get lots of media splash. They’ll give him a choice: either surrender your guns, or you’re going to be looking at 10 years and a $250K fine. To really twist the knife, the gov’t will slap the defendant with 10 years/$250K for EACH illegal gun; they’ll be looking at SERIOUS prison time! Once they do that a few times, the rest of the VA gun owners will fold.

      • MarkyMark, I don’t want or need your counsel… I hope those gold plated chains about your wrists and ankles are real comfortable and they sparkle in the night and hold your fascination.

        • I hope I’m wrong, but the history of gun owners just TAKING IT doesn’t encourage me. Gun owners should’ve fought back against 2A restrictions long ago.

          • Hi Mark,

            I think it may be different this time because it’s now become obvious to millions of people that their freedom – not just their guns – is on the line. That people like Coonman are American Stalins in embryo – and that time is short. It is no longer possible to just live quietly and live a reasonably good life; these sons-of-bitches will not leave us alone.

            What happened to Mussolini is too good for them.

            • eric, I agree. There have been meetings with thousands of people attending. Most venues hold only a portion of the people who show up.

          • They HAVE fought back…and successfully on MANY occasions. This time will be no different. Whether some hot head decides to go solo Rambo or not, this is going to be resolved in the courts in due time.

            Big problems create big solutions. Much good might come from this in the end without a single drop of blood being spilled.

            Personally, I am filled with great pride and gratitude for my fellow Virginians for their courage and restraint thus far. The only ones who benefit from a shooting war are the small group of legislative tyrants fomenting it in Richmond…and anyone advocating for it at this point is simply on the side of the tyrants!

            Responsible gun owners regulate their passions as a daily duty to themselves, their families and their community. Stay the course until there is no other option left. We still have plenty of time to settle this issue lawfully.

    • Hi Cederq,

      I agree. I speak from a rural SW Va county, in which most of the people living here know one another. It is a very different to “red flag” and sic police department Hut! Hut! Hutters! on someone in a suburban home whose neighbors have no idea who he is and to order local sheriffs – who know their neighbor – to Hut! Hut! Hut! him on orders from Richmond. There is no “gun violence” problem in my county and everyone knows it. They therefore understand that what Coonman is proposing is not some kind of needed curative but the criminalization of almost an entire populace, to reduce them to the state of helpless serfs, at the mercy of government goons.

      It could get out of control very quickly.

      • eric, it’s that time of year I hear shots around me every day. The only downside is when I’m thinking “Damn, I hope that wasn’t that big spike I was going to cull”.

        • Yep. Or the big 12 pointer I’ve been watching for six years grow on my property. Gotta give those good genes time to multiply!

      • Same way in my rural Piedmont county. The VAST majority of folks are stand up, do right people. Everyone has their own little attitudes and pet peeves, but generally it is a “Live and Let Live” environment. Everyone understands that if you step WAY out of line, the cops won’t be involved until long after the fact…and that’s the way we like it.

        I don’t think it will get out of hand for precisely that reason.

        Even IF they pass all these unConstitutional “laws” Jan 1st, they won’t take effect until July. Plenty of time for injunctions to be filed and the issue pushed up the ladder to the Supreme Court, where they will die ignominious and shamefully embarrassing deaths.

        Tee hee hee! Thank you POTUS Trump for stacking the court! Hell, this might even be the case that give old Ruth Ginsberg that fatal heart attack! Wouldn’t THAT be one for the history books?!

        Let’s try to stay positive!

        • Stacking the court? With what? Kavanaugh? The douche who always sides with the liberals? Who helped establish NSA spying on every American citizen? Who helped the Clintons get away with murder? Who had a hand in The Patriot Act and Obamacare?

          Yeah….THANKS A LOT, Trump! (Might as well thank him too for installing a gun-hating gun-grabber as head of trhe BATF too, while you’re at it).

          • Do you actually have a dog in this fight, or are you just here to talk sh!t? Because you certainly aren’t impressing me or convincing me of anything.

            There’s a right way and a wrong way to do anything, and you are clearly on the wrong side of this debate. You wanna go out and get yourself killed for nothing? be my guest! Those of us with common sense will exhaust our peaceful options before going to war, but go to war we WILL…if we must.

            • What do you need to be convince of? A “right way” and a “wrong way”. Sounds like hocus pocus. Almost always the debate continues after the last shot/bill/court rendering is done. You have that crystal ball?

              • Maybe you ought to put the bottle down and go to sleep. You want to fight this guy’s fight for him, fine.

                What’s your relationship to him and why should I give a fuck?

                I don’t know either of you from Adam, and I’ve been nothing but nice to you up until now.

                And guess what? I’m GLAD your neighbor shot your cat! You ever stop to think the REASON he had no quail is BECAUSE of your cat…just like he said? Sounds to me like you have no respect for your neighbor’s property Rights.

                If and when the boogaloo starts, it’s going to be your own neighbor YOU need to worry about…not me, the cops or the Nat’l Guard…unless you’re my neighbor…and I already know you aren’t.

                If you were, I’d have straightened you out 40 years ago.

                And…we’re done here.

                • ***”I’m GLAD your neighbor shot your cat! “***

                  Wow! You’re a real piece of shit, Charlie boy! In your case, what we’re seeing is a perfect case of people getting the government they deserve. It’s a shame that the decent citizens of VA have to suffer too….but if you’re any indication, I’d be expecting Pete Buttigieg to ASSume the VA governorship any moment…so he can ream you an oh-so-well deserved new one!

            • What are you talking about, Charles? I’m merely pointing out the reality of the situation. A physical fight is foolish- a guaranteed loss. A legalities fight? Who knows? But it doesn’t look good, because once you get past this phony political “right vs. left” paradigm, you’ll see that that is just an act for the benefit of the public (and judging by what you’re saying, it seems to work pretty damn good)- But the fact is that the globalist agenda being played out is not being hindered one iota by Trump and his deep-state appointees.

              Dog in this fight? Yeah, as an Ameican, and living one state over from VA. I have a dog in this fight just as all Americans who value liberty do, because just like what took place in CA, NY, MA, etc. is spreading to VA now, so it will spread to the rest of the country.

              My overall message is that expatriation is the only real solution, because those who stay in this mess will either comply, or be caged/economically raped/killed.

              This is no different than Hitler’s Germany or Bolshevik Russia- it is too big to fight. Yoiu can’t even identify the enemy, because half of your neighbors are them; and if you think that Trump is your friend, you are absolutely clueless and ignorant of the plain facts.

  29. Eric and Allen are correct. I too live in VA, and people really are angry about these proposed laws. The speed and the breadth of the 2nd A. sanctuary movement is indicative of that anger. The media isn’t reporting on the implications of that speed and breadth. Eric and Allen do understand it. God protect us and save our state from violence.

  30. Eric,
    I wish you were right. However, with gun owners almost universally being supporters of cops and the military, I doubt they’ll do anything but comply.

    The AGW’s will Obey Orders as they always do. Like the jailer locking Luke “in the box” saying he’s “just doing my job” the locals will probably offer little in the way of defense.

    After decades of sucking a big red, white and blue phallus the conservatives will fold like a cheap suit.

    • I agree. Gun confiscations have happened in CA in the wake of their draconian gun laws, yet they never fought back.

      What I predict will happen is this: the state governments will pass very HARSH PENALTIES for owning an illegal gun; most people, when faced with serious prison time and large fine, will turn in their guns. The Feds already have these penalties for “prohibited persons” who have guns. The fed penalty for a PP owning a gun is 10 years prison and/or $250K fine. States like VA could institute similar or harsher penalties. I submit to you that, when faced with losing everything, most people will comply; most will turn in their guns. Why? Most gun owners are middle class people, and they don’t want to lose their homes, their nice cars, their families, etc., nor do they want to lose the nice job that PAYS for it all! When faced with that, most gun owners will fold like a cheap suit.

      • You both make an excellent point. And in the case of Virginia, where people have chosen to live for so long, so close to the core of the malignancy, I suspect you’re absolutely right.

        Go farther south, or southwest, and you will find less bootlicking, and more resistance. It’s impossible to know if there will be enough resistance until the moment of truth. I could spin hypotheticals either way.

        Stay tuned.

        • You, like Gov. blackface, make a grave mistake judging the entirety of the State of Virginia by the butt kissing suburban sweathogs of Northern VA. Take a look at the map of 2A sanctuary counties over at Gun Rights Watch dot com. What you’ll see is that the vast geographical majority of the State holds those plebes in utter contempt and derision…and so it has been the last 60 years of my life. I don’t see that EVER changing.

    • Don’t bet your life on it. Unlike these snowflake millennials, most of us know a Nazi when we see one in action…and we know what to do with them, regardless of what they’re wearing, be it a badge or a uniform.

      When the rubber meets the road, I promise you you’ll see something you’ve never seen before. It would be better for all concerned if it never gets to that point. That’s a lose-lose scenario, and freedom’s just another word for “nothing left to lose”.

      Look up “The Battle of Athens, TN – 1946” if you think it can’t, or won’t happen. Good movie, great true story.

  31. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    • Well Aleksandr, there would have been two or three successful ambushes. But soon the operatives would just burn every suspect building to the ground and shoot anyone who tried to get out. Just the the feds did in Waco.

      • You overlook one little detail. Actually two details.

        1 – The people Solzhenitsyn describes had previously allowed themselves to be disarmed.

        2 – The scale of a few dozen people surrounded in a single compound is in no way comparable to tens of thousands of troops surrounded by tens or hundreds of millions of armed enraged citizens with the highest Law of the land on their side.

        Your premise does not hold up to objective scrutiny. I suggest you’ve let your fear of tyrants overwhelm your ability to reason.

        • Sorry but it won’t be hundreds or even tens of millions, it won’t even be hundreds of thousands, maybe not even tens of thousands. It’ll just be you and maybe a couple friends. And those friends aren’t so sure this whole rebellion thing is a great idea.

          There are lots of Internet Rambos who think they will grab their AR15 with the red dot and the 4000 rounds of 5.56 they squirreled away and take on all comers. 99% of those Rambos couldn’t carry that ammo 3 miles without taking a break…..and they forgot to bring food and clean socks. Besides NFL playoffs are starting soon and no one wants to miss that. You try to fight the USG on their terms and you’ll lose, and you’ll probably just get your wife and kids killed in the process.

          My reason is tempered by reality.

          • Fred, I think you underestimate your fellow countryman. I used to keep a couple 40 rd mags taped together. I found out I could get two stripper clips into a bandolero made for 20 rds each pocket so I’d have 240 rds and put on two bandoleros, plug both 40’s into my gun, grab a canteen and tear off over really tough west Texas ground in all kinds of weather, mostly so hot it would fry you. I learned after having to carry both my dogs for over a mile along with all this weight, I had to chain my dogs at home due to them having heat strokes.

            I did this a lot and got to know my equipment really well. I didn’t use my Aimpoint but used a Colt ranging scope. The more weight the better. After 8 to 10 miles I was worn out but it made me feel better. I rarely shot anything since I made so much noise but hunting wasn’t the goal. Keeping myself hard and ready for anything and highly armed if needed was my goal.

            I guess you either get this or you don’t. I”m a Texan, born and raised, but I am a Southerner too and my forefathers (reluctantly…..they didn’t relish war)all wore the Southern uniform and were buried in them.

            So for all you true Southerners out there, I give you something another Southerner gave to us all. https://youtu.be/UJCPnd3NDNs

            • You got it brother. I pack like that, plus prospecting equipment, and hump it 4 miles through the woods to the river, pan for gold all day long, and then hump it 4 miles back…5 days a week in the summer. And I do it all without ever coming under observation!

              These gun grabbing snowflakes have no idea what kind of wood chipper they’d be sticking their heads into!

              • Hi Charles,

                You probably know the old song… a country boy can survive. Speaking just for me, I’ve got a backpack ready and can be gone in about ten minutes’ time. My place is walking distance away from thousands of acres of forest. Lots of us may be headed there.

                • I’ve tried not to think about it much, but I’ve been prepared to go that route for a very long time. I always assumed I would avoid other people in the wild as a matter of survival. The thought of actually joining a group of folks like myself is an interesting paradigm I had not seriously considered before.

                  I would definitely have to observe them from a distance for a while to determine what sort of group morality they displayed before approaching them.

                  OT…I like your site. My first car was a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass. At 17 years old, it truly was a freedom machine! Those were the good old days.

                  • ****”The thought of actually joining a group of folks like myself is an interesting paradigm “****

                    NAMBLA has already rejected your application.

                • eric, when it looks like it’s coming down the pike I’ll stock the hog pens and have an easier way for the 3 S’s. Of course I have the use of a backhoe anytime I choose.

        • 55 million people in California alone- a good number of them conservatrives living in rural climes…..where were they when the gun grabbers came?

          • 10% compliance rate and they’ve only lost 200,000 in total population. I’d say they’re right where they always were…smart ass.

              • I don’t think he’s on the side you think he is. Have you read the crap he’s spewing? Sounds to me like he’s absolutely giddy to start a shooting war. I call that “incitement” and considering that? I went VERY easy on him.

                And obviously we AREN’T “all in this together” or we wouldn’t be facing this crisis in the first place, would we? For all I know he could be some pencil necked plebe sitting in the Governor’s Office trying to wind up the opposition with his goading and condescending snide remarks all over this board.

                I came here to be a voice of reason and to get the pulse of sentiment of the folks who actually have skin in this deal. In matters like this, I keep my own council…and I make no apologies for it. But thank you for your concern.

              • Oh, you’re talking about CAers registering existing “assault rifles” and applying for serial numbers for 80% receivers? Yeah…10% compliance (How would they know until the non-compliers were all “caught”?)- Yeah…and what good is it? Can’t use the guns or transport them, or even have them around your home, because it’s an automatic felony- so the guns are rendered essentially useless, except for one being able to say [only in the proper company, of course] that they own one.

                • Hi Nunz!

                  I’m only speaking for myself and people I know in my rural county… but I have never seen – or heard – the degree of outrage among the people as is percolating right now. They are up in arms over this – and while few if any of them want to take up arms, they understand that backing down on this will be the same as backing down on everything. That if Coonman et al succeed, there is literally nothing left. Which is why they understand they have nothing left to lose. It is deadly serious. I hope people saner than the Coonman understand this – and take the steps necessary to prevent this.

                  • eric, I know I’ve said it before but Coonman has an evil look……reminds me of a snake. Those same eyes of a predator with no humanity.

              • And what about all of the other BS in CA? Having to lock ones guns away in your own home; having to render them useless when transporting? Being only able to purchase a few “compliant” guns that are on the state’s “O-K” list, etc. etc.?

  32. The CONservatives do nothing either to help with liberty either. CONservatives and DEMONcrats, bought and paid for by the illicit “globalist powers that be” do not give a damn the peons. Personally, since 2008, this country has gone on a rapid decline, even more so than after 9/11. We are in free-fall off a cliff waiting to be caught by the clutches of a murderous tyranny set up by the globalists, who have infiltrated all levers of power in this country.

    This is much deeper and further along in planning than anyone can imagine. America has been robbed blind for the past 100 years or more by globalists/bankers. Her people have suffered (two World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, War on Terror). Our industry has been hallowed out and sent to China. We make nothing of substance anymore, other than war machinery. Farms are owned by multinationals. We are shot up with cancer causing vaccines from birth. The middle class is all but gone. Now they want the guns. Of course. I say, if they come for the guns…make sure you give them lead and to pry them from your cold, dead hands. It’s not that its just 1775 again, it is also 1917 again rolled into one (only the bolsheviks are here in the US now, not the USSR). Make no mistake, a war is coming.

  33. Gov. Conman will be emboldened after his merry band of Marxists take control of the legislature in January. What these fools will accomplish is lighting the fuse of a very big powder keg that they cannot control. We in the rural areas will not cede one inch to the lunatics in Richmond and many local elected people will not enforce the unconstitional laws being devised. These radicals can go to hell! If they attempt to follow through on their threats, they may be sent there!

    • Hi Allen,

      I agree with you. I also live in a rural part of SW Virginia and the fury is like nothing I have ever seen. People are going to fight back – because they see this as a mortal threat to their way of life. Consider that 90 percent of Virginia’s counties have declared themselves to be 2A “sanctuaries.”

      This is not going to end well. Or, it might end very well.

      I have spent my life trying to just live my life – and I had hoped (and still hope) I will be able to live out my life without ever having to point a gun at anyone – even a burglar. But if these bastards push us to the edge of the cliff, as they seem bent on doing, god help them…

      • Eric,

        What Gov. Coonman and the Dems in the legislature will do is institute severe penalties for keeping illegal guns, and most people are going to fold. If you’re looking at, say 10-15 years prison with a $250K-$500K fine; if you’re looking at losing EVERYTHING you own; what are you going to do? Hell, Eric, you submitted to the system too! You got a CCP like every other good little boy and girl gun owner…

        Most gun owners are middle class people, and they don’t want to lose their homes, cars, toys (bikes, boats, ATVs, etc), or families; they don’t want to lose the job that pays for it all. No, when push comes to shove, the gun owners will roll over-just like they did when CA passed its draconian gun laws. Oh, and BTW, CA’s gun laws are nothing compared to what Gov. Coonman and Company have in mind for you all…

        Consider this: though, many of the VA counties have declared themselves 2A sanctuaries, they did so via toothless resolutions; there are no TEETH to these declarations. They haven’t made declarations that they’ll order their LEOs to stand down and not enforce Gov. Coonman’s gun laws.

        Also, Gov. Coonman is getting ready to play hardball. He’s looking at having the sanctuary county sheriffs arrested. He’s looking at cutting electricity to these counties. He’s looking to activate the Nat’l Guard. He’s looking at doing a lot of stuff. As someone pointed out, the AGWs will go along; they have their pensions to protect, after all. Don’t underestimate Gov. Coonman! Anyone who’d kill a baby after birth is capable of doing anything.

        We do agree on one thing: this won’t turn out well. That said, I don’t expect the gun owners to stand up. They’ve rolled over and agreed to all the previous 2A infringements, for one thing. For another, they don’t want to lose their jobs, their lives, their homes, or their families. I never thought I’d see this in VA…

        • But, Markymark, consider this: If violence over this breaks out in an American city, like Richmond, people are going to panic. The first thing you do in a panic is grab your money out of the bank and the stock market if you have any there. The run will be enough to topple the whole house of cards.
          Then these middle class people will suddenly be looking at losing EVERYTHING whether they risk resistance or not…
          When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it. This is VERY liable to spin completely out of control very very fast.

            • MM, You said it right. Push a man….or anything else….into a corner and find out he rightly sees he has no choice but to fight.

              I regret being old. I don’t regret being able to hit my target. And I’ve learned a lot in my life about being invisible.

              In 1982 I was doing shift work. It made me hungry so the last morning working midnights I came in hungry. I donned my camo gear and grabbed my AR with the Aimpoint on it. I was going to get the one with the scope to go hunt but out my window I saw a couple guys trespassing. They had set snare traps along the fenceline not 100 yds from my house. One dog we never found, another got caught and chewed that SS cable in half but really screwed his neck up in pulling it out to the point where he could chew it. Our other dog was caught in one and hadn’t come in at 9:30 when I was headed to work. I immediately began looking for him and used my offroad tires to go across tire ruining terrain. I finally found him with a spotlight. I cut him loose and he was ok. I had already spent a lot of money and lost one dog to these a-holes.

              Back then I could get bent and wasn’t one to be fucked with. That day I saw the trespassers my blood boiled and I went after them. The particular gun I used had an automatic sear in it. I came up behind these guys and began to give them small bursts right beside them. I kept it up till they nearly killed themselve(wish they had, goddamn firefighters with no values)and tore hell out of themselves getting over the fence. Watching them disappear hauling their fat asses over the fence and through the pasture I eventually got a smile out of it. But I wasn’t through.

              I blew off hunting and went back to the house, got my Klein linesman pliers and went back and walked 3 miles of fence and cut every one of those snares. I left them there for them to find.

              A couple days later I found the landowner at the liquor store I used, some people I’d known all my life. I started in on him for shooting one of my cats. He started telling me how cats killed his quail. He had no quail. He owned a restaurant and bought cattle and let them die from no food. The place had always been grazed bare. That pissed me off as much as anything but he was claiming a lot of money for old cutter/canner cows and using them as tax write-off.

              When I saw him at the liquor store I started in on him and his shooting my cat(he lived with plenty of money going to the vet). He started in about quail and I shut him up. I said “There ain’t no quail on your place. What would they eat?. I feed the quail on my place and have 5 coveys coming in all the time.” Then I said (and this is true)” noticed you doing something on the dozer the other day. It was easy to see you through my Leupold on my .06. I had you right in the crosshairs”. Then I told him when it comes to killing, what goes around comes around. The people (really nice people) who owned the liquor store just stood there with their mouths hanging open. I then turned to them and had a nice conversation although I knew they were stunned. I got my stuff and left. They never mentioned a word about it.

              I never had another snare in the fence or saw those a-holes again. Running and turning your head and not being able to see the source of automatic fire right beside your heels is a thing anyone with a lick of sense want to avoid. Actions speak louder than words and I never had a word with either of them.

              This just shows what someone doing harm to your family will bring out in a person. I never had picked a fight, never thought about shooting anyone or doing harm to anyone. But that was the tipping point. DON’T TREAD ON ME……..

              • You should be in either a mental institution or State prison, ’cause you ain’t right in the head. It’s precisely people like you that caused this crisis in the first place.

                And stay out of the liquor store! You obviously aren’t mature enough to handle either strong drink OR firearms!

                • And you should be in Richmond, with the faggots, niggers and SJWs; where you won’t get in the way of real men.

                  Now shut up, the adults are talking!

                  • Yep. I was right about you from the start, you damned Democrat.

                    You down low types ALWAYS accuse others of what you are guilty of yourselves.

                    Go tell your boss, Coonface, his days are numbered!

                    Now mince on back to whatever bath house you crawled out of, Mary.

      • Eric said, “I also live in a rural part of SW Virginia and the fury is like nothing I have ever seen.”

        Eric, if so many Virginians are hard core patriots, how did they manage to elect a state government that is way more vile and tyrannical than even the PRK (People’s Republic of Kali)?

        • Hi Mike,

          They didn’t! The current government was elected by Northern Virginia; just a handful of counties outside of DC – where all the government apparatchiks live. The state is still overwhelmingly conservative but the weight of the population in Northern Va makes it seem otherwise.

          • Couldn’t have explained it better myself. One question though. Do you think if turnout was high enough in the rural areas that we’d have the votes to out-vote the scumbags of N.Va. and Richmond combined? I honestly don’t know, but I’m thinking it would be close one way or another.

            • Hi Charles,

              In re voter turnout: I think we are going to find out. “Coonman” may have just given Virginia to Trump in 2020. I certainly hope so. My sense – and it may be naive – is that the Northern Virginia leftists (the Coonman and co.) overplayed their hand; made the mistake of going too far, too soon. It has awakened the “deplorables” outside of Northern Virginia.

              My hope is that this will trigger not armed conflict but a secession movement. The rural southern parts of Va have nothing in common with Northern Va and if the doctrine of “consent of the governed” has any meaning, it means the southern parts have a right to express their lack of consent to be governed by the alien people who live in Northern Va.

              Irreconcilable differences. Let them govern their own affairs – and leave us free to govern ours.

              • Rather than secede, I think D.C. should annex N.VA. *(funny how “NVA” keeps showing up in history as an enemy of freedom! First in Vietnam and now here in Virginia).

                We keep our State and they get to live with their masters…PLUS they have no vote as part of DC! Talk about a win-win!

                Richmond without N.Va would not be as much of a threat then. How do you like that idea?

        • Also, in 40 of VA’s 140 counties, the Dem candidate ran UNOPPOSED! There was no GOP, Libertarian, or other party candidate running against the Dem. As the old lottery commercial used to say, you have to be IN it to win it. Ergo, 40 of the Dems won by default, since there was no one to vote against them…

      • I think we’re going to be fine, Eric. Passions are high right now, and that is a good thing. It is motivating us to take appropriate action now to prevent precipitous actions later.

        I predict this is gonna blow up in Coon Man’s face big time. VA will swing back to red in the next election over this BECAUSE people are so pissed that they’ve pushed us to the edge of civil war.

        Rural VA has been put on notice that if they want to continue to live in peace and happiness, they’re going to start having to get off their complacent asses once every 4 years or so and take the time to vote! Just look at the unity represented in the 2A sanctuary map of VA! You think those folks are going to stay home on election day after this crap? I don’t think so.

        They screwed with the bull, now they’ll get the horns.

        Have a Happy and prosperous New Year!

  34. If Americans bowed up like this when the first “Gun Laws” were “passed” we wouldn’t be at this juncture. They’ll likely back off a little and wait for the next even more indoctrinated generation coming from our schrools.

    In 1837, only forty years after the Constitution was ratified, Georgia passed gun laws to ban hand guns which the Supremo’s found unconstitutional. 1934 the National Firearms act passed. No more Automatic weapons unless you were wealthy. 1938 it was amended to require a person having a federal firearms license. 1968, 1972, 1977,1986, 1988, 1989,1990,1994, 1997,1998 (6 laws, Brady Act), 1999 (4 more laws), 2004 (2), 2005(2), 2008 (2), 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 (4), 2018 (2), 2019 (4 Red Flag Laws)… Aug 9 2019 Trump voiced his approval for the Red Flag Laws.

    Anyone see a hockey chart here?

    Anyone honestly expect them to just give up after all the above.

    I don’t think so, Tim!

    • I don’t think so, either, Ken. Not only have they said nary a peep in response to all the above 2A infringements; they haven’t done anything.

      There’s something else to consider: most gun owners are responsible, middle class people. Few, if any, of them will keep their guns and risk losing everything. Will they risk being hit with a $250k fine? Will they risk 10 years in prison? Will they risk all the above? Will they put their assets at risk to pay the six figure lawyer fees in an effort to keep their freedom? Will they risk getting arrested and losing their jobs that pay for their lifestyles? Will they risk losing their nice homes, their SUVs, etc.? Will they piss off Wifey by doing this? The answer is no, no, no, no, and no.

      • MM, will they piss off Wifey? That’s how we got here. This country has become a country of girly men. Oh, there’s plenty of real men out there but they’re running scared from the LEO that loves anything to produce criminals.


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