Hut! Hut! Hutted! for Sandwich Eating

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Here’s video out of California of a man being Hut! Hut! Hutted! for eating a sandwich in public. The armed government workers – a whole gang of them – accost and eventually manacle/frog-march the man into “custody” over this heinous “offense” (as distinct from a criminal act) which involved no harm to anyone.

The man hadn’t even left a wrapper on the ground.

It is apparently verboten to eat on the Bay Area Transit system (BART) and the policy is enforced with all the vigor not applied to schizophrenic squeegee men and derelicts defecating on the sidewalk.

As the country literally disintegrates, ordinary people who aren’t harming anyone or even bothering them are subjected to this kind of treatment by body-armored goons whose mission seems to be terrorizing the public rather than keeping the peace.

The utter lack of proportionality and discretion; the insolence and general turgidity of these poltroons is going to backfire on them. It already has backfired.

People – ordinary people – increasingly fear and loathe armed government workers.

Videos like this tell us why.



  1. Notice in the beginning he says he’s not being arrested for eating but, for “resisting arrest”. How can that be the ONLY reason you’re charged.

  2. And there could be things they could be doing. Like solving actual crimes against actual people (thefts for example, including online ones, ones they won’t even make a police report for). But no, writing tickets and other revenue generating activities is what they do.

    • Their business is protecting criminals and going after decent peaceful citizens.

      It’s like a nationwide modern example of the old western movie trope of the crooked sheriff beholden to the crime gang and oppressing the whole little town.


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