Hut! Hut! Hutted! For Wheelies on Bicycles

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Here’s local news coverage about a teenage kid in Hollywood, FL Hut! Hut! Hutted! by armed government workers for popping wheelies on his bicycle. An AGW used his car to ram the kid’s bike – then several AGWs tackled the kid, who was also Tazered several times.

For riding bicycles in an unapproved manner.

In a statement released to the media, a Hollywood AGW spokesman claims the Hut! Hut! Hutting AGW’s two-ton vehicle made “incidental contact” with the kid and his bike and that this “contact” was “accidental.”

But how so? The AGW deliberately chased a kid on a bicycle using his AGW SmooVee. Isn’t this like “accidentally” pointing a loaded gun at someone?

Whatever happened to saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety? Imagine what would have happened to a “citizen” who used his car to ram an AGW on a bicycle. It doesn’t require much imagination. “Incidental” or not, the driver would probably have been shot by the AGW – and the shooting ruled “justifiable” for “officer safety” – and the driver charged with multiple felonies.

Keep in mind the Great Crime here that needed to be stomped (or rather, run over). A kid popping wheelies on his bicycle. Kids used to do that all the time – once upon a time. Before America went bat guano and empowered armed and dangerous psychopaths to use their vehicles to run them over for such “offenses” – which used to be just kids having fun.

Which they’re not allowed to do anymore.

. . .

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  1. Shoot, when I was a kid, learning how to pop a wheelie and HOLD it was a rite of passage! You couldn’t hold your head up with your crew if you couldn’t pop a wheelie and ride it well; it was good form to get the wheel up and hold it at a consistent height. I remember how GREAT I felt when I did a 90 degree wheelie, slid off the banana seat, and on to my feet…

  2. “just kids having fun. Which they’re not allowed to do anymore.”

    Yeah! Why wasn’t this kid at home, INSIDE, playing video games by the hour and getting fat on the couch?

  3. I get why the cops get interested if they are doing this on an arterial street. But it shouldn’t be more than to tell the kids to go play somewhere else. The kids took off though. This turns the modern cop rabid. Not sure what the cops would have done in the 80s if we ran. Being rammed by a police cruiser wouldn’t have happened though. Anyway we didn’t have to run off because we knew they would just tell us to go play somewhere else. So we would go play somewhere else or something else.

    • This turns the modern cop rabid. I think the point of psychological and mental tests for cops now is to weed out the ones that aren’t rabid and the one’s that are too smart. There’s a court case somewhere in the NE over the “too smart score” that caused a guy to be turned down for copdom. Probably he was going for that if he was too well educated.

          • Thanks bg. Texans think in terms of large geography plus how the hell would you ever know if you were in Connecticut or Jew Jersey?

            I agreed 100% when Barry Goldwater said if he had a large enough knife he’d slice off the east coast and send it out to sea.

    • I can’t count the number of times my friends and I ran from the cops in the 70’s and 80’s. We were never being malicious or vandalous, just being “where we weren’t supposed to be”. Cops gave a little chase, but that was it. Today you get shot in the back for that.

      • Hi Gabe,

        That was my experience as well. A different time. Cops – we had those, then – didn’t draw guns on kids. Or use their vehicles to run kids over. They might yell and run after us – but unless we’d literally just robbed a bank, that was as far as it went. Things are so out of control these days it often leaves me at a loss for words.

  4. Every time I think we’ve hit peak stupid, something like this happens. I have to wonder if PDs aren’t hiring psychos on purpose.

    • Hi Chuck,

      They are – on purpose. Because it’s default. No man of normal/non-pathological mindset could be an AGW. He might think otherwise… until he actually sees what the work involves. Then, if he’s not a psycho, he quits in disgust.

      Or becomes a psycho.

      Or gets fired because he’s not one.

      • I think I’ve said this before but a friend of my mother’s (both graduated high school in ’73) had a childhood dream to be a Washington State Trooper. He really had a good heart, really wanted to help people, wanted to be the Adam-12 image of a cop… went into the academy straight out of high school, passed, became a trooper, had to quit after less than two years because the culture on the force was so toxic he couldn’t stand it. And that was before the transition from Officer Friendly to War Boys began in earnest!

        • Indeed, Chuck…

          I’ve mentioned it before, but I once briefly considered a part-time gig as a deputy in my very rural county. Leaving aside the tax-feeder problem (enough to prevent me from going through with it) I decided against because I knew I simply could not hassle my neighbors for no reason other than some idiotic “law” having been transgressed. The idea of threatening anyone with violence who hasn’t harmed me or any other innocent person makes me nauseous and furious at the same time (at those who think this kind of thing is ok just because it’s legal).

          • Yeah, when we first moved out here in the country, they were trying to recruit reserve (volunteer) deputies from the neighborhood. It would be okay if you could just sign up to help out your neighbors without swearing to violate them for any/every little transgression.

            I did 12 years active duty on the VFD instead.

            We sort of have the “volunteer deputy” thing anyway with selected folks. There are those of us who have unofficially agreed to “mutual aid” neighbors: “call me if you have a problem” // wink.

  5. What a bunch of losers, picking on kids riding bikes.

    Funny, the picture box in my living room is full of shows about these guys, but I never see anything like this. It’s almost as if it’s all just propaganda. On TV, they’re always depicted as honorable, intelligent, brave heroes. Weird.

      • I wonder if they give you extra credit for lying your ass off in the interview? And they believe you! Maybe you could go out and shoot someone in the street claiming “Officer Safety” or “Quit Resisting” You might even get bonus points if it is a white, middle class, middle aged, middle income male!

      • Bob, the CIA has always recruited out of high school but now they are on a concerted effort to get them young and dumb. It helps to have not regurgitated the cool-aid yet. Once you puke it up, there’s no going back.

        My generation wasn’t the best to recruit since we saw through the lies of Vietnam. Older ones and younger ones were always a good source though.

  6. Well another fine report from my state of insanity…. Floriduh. I’, sure the coppers felt their lives were threatened by this 15 yo Black boy. That’s why it took three AGG’s to take him down,,,, then they did not explain why they tasered the boy in their police report.

    “Officers chased after him and, according to Stubbs, at least three of them jumped on him and kneed him in the back. One officer tased him while another slapped handcuffs on him.”

    Yes,,,our boys are fighting terrorism thousands of miles from home when the real terrorism is right down the road!


  7. If a group of kids decide to conduct a ball game on the neighborhood street like we used to many,many moons ago, God help them. If one AGW goes berserk on bicycle wheelies, then a whole SWAT team would be called in for the street game. Geesh!!!!!


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