Hut! Hut! Hutted! . . .For “Ashing Out The Window”

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Here’s a video taken by the occupants of a car “pulled over” – that is to say, stopped at gunpoint – by armed government workers who proceed to Hut! Hut! Hut! the passenger – who is apparently an epileptic – because they witnessed him “ash out the window.”

That is, he flicked his cigarette ashes out of the window, which is apparently a “crime” in this jurisdiction.

The AGWs order the male passenger out of the car; the guy objects – asks why the AGW is demanding he get out of the car. Asks what law he has broken. “Ashing out the window” is the reply.

When the man continues to question this, he is dragooned out of the car and then pushed violently up against the side of the car, whereupon he apparently has a seizure.

If this was all over “ashing out the win dow,” you can just imagine what these AGWs would do to a jaywalker or “speeder.”

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  1. Another example of too many cops having nothing USEFUL to do, or choosing to bully harmless people instead of actually FIGHTING crime.

  2. This sort of thing needs to be shown on MSM. While I applaud The Free Thought Project
    for exposing this criminal behavior, they’re preaching to the choir.


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