Reader Question: Update Addendum?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Paul writes: My GTO has a stereo consisting of two Dixie cups and two strings, one for left ear and one for right ear. Works great except on windy days or at high speed, has a tendency to blow away. Fortunately, they’re cheap to replace. So, you’ve convinced me to modernize. What exactly is Bluetooth, some type of oxygen-deprived saber tooth tiger?

My reply: Bluetooth is wireless communication between a device such as a cell phone or an iPod and a car stereo system. It lets you play the music you have stored on your device through the car’s stereo – kind of like a tape deck or CD player in the old days, but without any physical connection (or physical music, such as CDs and tapes). It eliminates a huge amount of in-car clutter and it allows you to have an almost limitless menu of music at your fingertips.

And: You don’t have to give up your CDs! You can transfer them to a digital format or get a new audio system that has a CD slot (and Bluetooth).

There’s no downside here – at least, none that I can see!

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