Elevator Hut! Hut! Hut!

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Armed government workers in Chicago were caught by a bystander’s cell phone camera Hut! Hut! Hutting! – and multiple shooting – an apparently unarmed man for no apparent reason beyond the usual assertion of their Authority, the affronting which is now a de facto capital offense in metastatic stage America.

The victim – shot twice by the AGWs and (as of this writing) in critical condition – was “moving between two train cars,” according to news reports. This is a “city ordinance violation.”

Which was handled by the AGWs in the manner cops used to deal with armed and dangerous felons like Bonnie and Clyde.

The AGWs apply fists and Tasers, the first aria of Submission Training. When the victim manages to break free, one of the AGWs can be heard screaming “shoot him!” Another AGW does precisely that, hitting him in the gut and the abdomen. He will undergo several surgeries and may be permanently disabled.

News story here.

Naturally, the taxpayers of Chicago will receive the hospital bill – and the lawsuit. The AGWs “won’t be assigned field duties and will be on desk work” – and paid by the taxpayers – “pending the outcome of an investigation.”

AGWs are the only class in America besides politicians and government bureaucrats who can get away with murder and keep their jobs.

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  1. Shooting a guy for walking between train cars? Really? I’m sorry, but that punishment is WAY out of proportion for the “crime”! Actually, it’s not a crime, because the only person he’d harm is himself…

  2. Just like the head honcho said to me back in 16 “And now they’re shooting as us”. This was right after the shooting of some ossifers in Ft. Worth. I replied “Shooting back you mean”. That pissed him off even more. Too bad he didn’t have a cardiac attack and die “at the hospital” cause I sure didn’t want him to die with just he and I as the only witnesses. Of course, that would have been preferable to having his crew “witnessing”.

  3. We are no doubt subject to a total tyrannical government. Any offense is subject to the death penalty without legal recourse, with the judge, jury, and executioner embodied in the “hero law enforcer”. While many instances relate extremely vague notions of threat to the hero, many exhibit none at all, with their victims doing a bang up job of not “resisting” and getting shot for the privilege. Rarely charged, less often convicted, and mildly sentenced if they are, and most often given paid vacation during the process. There is no incentive whatsoever deterring the thugs from continuing down this path, with ever increasing incidents, and increasing levels of violence. At some point, our conclusion must be that its best to defend ourselves from any contact with AGWs at all.


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