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Have you heard about geofencing? It’s like an invisible fence for dogs – applied to humans, using the invisible fencing made possible by connected cars. You don’t get shocked – like a dog – when you get too close to the edge of the invisible boundary. The car just won’t cross it.

Or it won’t go, at all.

You get in, push “start” (most new cars do not have keyed ignition switches anymore) but it won’t. Not because the tank’s empty or you’ve run out of charge but because an update was sent overnight to stop the vehicle from starting.

All made possible by this connectedness business.

Just like the invisible fence, you don’t have to see it to be kept within it. The car’s location is known at all times because it is connected – and transmitting – and that information is known at all times to the party at the other end of that connection, which can be safely assumed to be the corporate-government nexus; i.e., the car’s manufacturer, which has become a kind of adjunct of the government, along with the insurance mafia (which has become a kind of enforcer acting on behalf of government).

The connected car’s movement (and velocity) as well as other operating parameters can be kept track of, too. Just ask Flo – or the Geico Gecko. Or for that matter, the New York Times – which actually published a story recently about how telemetry was being transmitted by people’s cars without their knowledge or consent and being used to mulct them for driving outside the fence, so to speak.

Their insurance “premiums” – as these extorted payments for services people are effectively forced to buy are styled – went sky-high though none had done anything to warrant it, such as getting into an accident or filing a claim. Or even getting a “ticket” – as those demand payments for money issued by armed government workers when they “pull you over” (that is, implicitly threaten to shoot you if you don’t “pull over”) are styled.

Rather, their connected cars updated the insurance mafia as to their driving habits, including how far and how often – as well as how fast. The Times describes this as “sharing” – which is like being “asked” to pay taxes.

Give some though to the implications of this . . . “sharing.” If the nexus knows when, how far and how often you drive – as well as how you drive – the nexus has all the information it needs to control when, how far and how often you drive.

As well as whether you’re are allowed to drive at all.

Just the same as a dog is allowed to go so far – and no farther. But at least the dog can still run around as he likes within the boundaries of his electric fence.

He will get shocked if he crosses the invisible line.But he’s still in control of his body.

If you own a connected car, you don’t control it. You are allowed the illusion of control – very much like you are allowed the illusion of home ownership. But you will never be allowed to own the home you think you do – because you will always be paying rent (styled “property taxes,” to allow you to think you’re not paying rent) to the government, so as to keep the government from evicting you from what you have been conditioned to believe is “your” home.

The government is quite literally the landlord – and you are a tenant. And it is the landlord who exercises his ownership of what isn’t your home by forcing you to pay rent – the subtlest form of control there is. And by literally controlling what you are allowed to do with what isn’t really your home, as by requiring you to get the government’s permission to make additions or modifications to what isn’t your home – because it if were, you would not have to beg permission to male additions or modifications to it. The government then demands you pay more rent/property taxes based on the increased value of those additions.

But at least you still retain in-the-moment physical control over what isn’t really your home, on a day-to-day basis. They can’t – yet – send an update to lock you down in your home.

Or out of it.

But they can do exactly that with your connected car. Via an update that sends new instructions to the car that in turn control the car. If whoever or whatever wants to keep the car from being driven beyond certain boundaries – or within certain operating parameters – they just transmit the relevant instructions. Voila – your connected car won’t start. Or go more than so far.

Or faster than they allow.

Many people think this is impossible because they believe they control their car. It is they who push the “start” button, commanding the engine to start (or the battery system to power up). It is they who push down on the accelerator pedal – and as hard as they like.

They ought to think again.

It is the car’s computer and programming that decide whether to start the car. Also whether it moves. The accelerator pedal is not physically connected to the throttle – by a cable – as was once the case. Throttle control is now drive-by-wire, which is to say  electronically controlled. Which means computer controlled. Who controls the computer? The same nexus that controls your smartphone, which also gets updates whenever those who control it see fit to send them.

Note the recent passage of mandatory automatic braking – which is to say, the car slows (and stops) when it is programmed to, irrespective of your estimation of the need to do so. Note the near-standardization of such “technologies” as speed limit assistance and lane keep assistance.

These are to be your invisible fencing. And the punchline is the fence is already in place.

The shock is what’s yet to come.

. . .

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  1. When the autobraking, lane control, speed control, etc. become the dominant vehicle paradigm it will be declared that older “obsolete” vehicles must be purged from the roads because they can’t attain the level of “safety” that is in the “smart” cars.

    One thing though, people have to buy this crap. Methinks that ain’t happenin’. The masses just don’t have the cash or debt limit to make it all happen. The Fourth Turning collapse should drive a stake through the vampire heart of GloboCap [h/t CJ Hopkins]

    • Guarantee you this is because lefties and boomers (the massively primary demographic) “trust” Autopilot. Just as they “trust the science” and “trust climate change experts” and “trust the jewjab for Covid”.

      Compliant sheep and bugmen will always trust tech even with it fails them catastrophically. Trusting Tesla autopilot on anything more than a free flowing highway is putting yourself at risk and even ON a free flowing highway occasionally it is still putting yourself at risk.
      “Phantom braking” and other very dangerous behavior are a thing.

      Elon uses his loyal sheep as crash test dummies and they are fine with it. More sadly, YOU are also a potential crash test dummy if you are driving near a Tesla with an unaware midwit behind the wheel.

  2. It will continue as long as a large majority of people tolerate it. With the current pace and obviousness of the repression, we’re already well past the threshold, the tipping point, waiting only on the one black swan, the one who’s had enough, to stand up and fight back smartly. Everybody is waiting, nobody wants to be first. But when a crack has been propagating through a dam for a long time, the burst will be sudden.

    So far, most people can pretend the system is out of adjustment and can be fixed. They can pretend that the vast murder machine that is government is not working as it always inevitably does.

    Law is only effective against a tiny minority, there aren’t enough prisons to hold us all and once they really start killing (in earnest, not just a few dozen a day and a few tens of thousands a year) the situation will resolve.

  3. You are a prisoner in the vehicle you don’t own and can’t drive.

    There are car nuts on video reporting on cars not being sold. YouTube has plenty of videos about cars not selling. Wholesale auction companies sell to dealerships.

    The news is new cars are stacking up and not selling.

    Rows and rows of vehicles in purgatory. The price of a new vehicle might be a factor in the decision to buy or not, must be.

    Even 4000 dollar affordable cars aren’t selling. Demand is not there, no money makes decisions easy, you can’t buy.

    They all could be lying about the growing inventories, wrong information. I’d say they are not lying.

    Might as well buy a new recliner and relax at home, you’ll save a lot of money.

    • Before the COVID scamdemic, I was going to buy a little convertible to enjoy memories of my youth, and remember seeing cars at wholesalers between 8-15 years old going for as little as $800-1200 to $2500-3500 for the nicer condition/low mileage ones.

      Now, the same kind of cars fetch 2-5X those prices, and although prices are starting to drop, it doesn’t matter much, since the great unwashed masses cannot afford these vehicles. And cannot afford to fix their current old jalopies breakdowns, sad stuff indeed….

      The hoi poli are (literally) now, completely broke and broken, both financially and spiritually.

      In a former life, I always figured I’d die on a mountain of hot brass, surrounded by the bodies of my enemies…and as things are developing, it appears that may still happen, since our enemies are already inside our gates!

      True patriots will always defend their country from the (((Government)))….

  4. Geez, I better start stockpiling spare parts so I can keep my ‘03 Corolla running until I’m too feeble to drive. I wonder if finding and grounding out the antenna would keep Big Brother away or if doing that would prevent the car from starting in the first place.

  5. DJI, the largest drone manufacturer in the world, has completely implemented geofencing in all of their “consumer grade” aircraft, and by default in their “commercial” lines. It only took a few incidents to get the attention of the FAA, and DJI, being a dutiful Chinese company with funding from the CCP, proactively acquiesced. There are places the drone just won’t fly without an “unlock” request being applied for ahead of time.

    I’m not talking about authorization to enter controlled airspace. No, this is separate from any Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) zone authorization. I have drones that will takeoff, fly and land anywhere I wish without any action other than me pushing the controls. With DJI, if you’re flying in a controlled area, you have to log into your DJI account on their web site, enter the area where you’ll be flying, and the company will get back to you within a few hours. If you already have your LAANC ticket you can add it to expedite the unlock request. It’s just more hoops for people trying to fly compliant, and another reason to avoid DJI if you can live with the alternatives.

    Who cares, right? Libertarians hate drones, so screw those guys! Except that the FAA says I’m the remote pilot in command. That means I take on all responsibility for whatever my aircraft does, even if I hand over the controls and let you fly for a while. Even if the geofence causes problems. And because this is outside of the purview of the FAA, anyone can submit to have a no-fly zone around their property (the company probably won’t add it to their database without some government iron to back up the req though, so don’t think you can get a geofence around your house). So critical infrastructure, government buildings in class G airspace, military locations, whatever… can all be added to the database (which sounds like a great way to come up with targets for your new hyper-speed missiles).

    A few years ago there was a FAA reportable medical incident where a salesman was demonstrating a DJI M300 (a large industrial quadcopter) to a police force, hoping to make a sale. It took place out in the parking lot of the barracks, which also had the county lock up adjacent. Because the prison was on the geofence database, as he crossed the parking lot the drone stopped. Then because the GPS position solution wasn’t accurate he couldn’t land or move the aircraft back to the launch. He then did something stupid and attempted to grab the aircraft out of the sky. Of course this ended with some very deep lacerations on his arms and upper body. Whoops.

    There are lots of dumb rules out there that do nothing but make it harder for the people just trying to live their lives. After Newt Gingrich got his cell phone calls played out over the news, Congress passed a law that said it was illegal to sell a radio that could receive 800 MHz cellular band. Didn’t do anything for existing radios, nor “test equipment.” There was a pretty easy fix for most scanners (Radio Shack had one that simply removing a diode would unlock the vilified frequencies). I had an old TV that still went up to ch 83 that picked them up. I’m certain that no one complied, just that they stopped selling recordings of politicians to the mainstream media. Only after the technology changed to digital signaling and encryption did the practice of listening to mobile phones end. Never mind that the recordings probably came from a three letter agency, but that’s another conspiracy…

    Laws keep honest people honest. Criminals do what they will, law or not. Geofencing will cause more problems than it will solve. Sad thing is, most everyone won’t notice or care, because the fences will be set up to handle 80% of the trips people take. That 20%? Well, you’ll just have to jump through a few hoops, maybe pay a little processing fee, and you’ll be on your way.

    • What use do people “just trying to live their lives” have with stupid drones?

      I despise those insidious trouble making devices with every fibre of my being.

      • “What use do people “just trying to live their lives” have with stupid guns?” FTFY.

        They’re a tool. They have many different uses. Just because you cannot think of one outside of spying on your daughter says more about you than it does about drones.

  6. You don’t own your house you only have fee simple title…the slave owning control group has allodial title… not you

    As soon as you register your car, or gun or boat, etc…. you don’t own it…..but…you have permission to use it….for awhile….

    • This government is the landlord deal – what gives government the right to declare ownership of all land, or the ability to take your land if you pay them a rental fee?

      What did government do to make this land theirs? Because that is what they are saying by the action of taxing property.

      I heard a lawyer once explain that the state is in place of the king, so took on the role of land grantor after the king was overthrown. Seems nonsensical to me for a population that divested itself of that type of monarchy.

      • Hi Dan,

        I have argued on many occasions that the property tax is the most tyrannous tax of all – because it renders ownership of the most important thing a person can own (other than himself) impossible. The income tax can be avoided – by not earning income. But you must have an income to generate the money needed to pay rent/taxes on a place to live – forcing you to earn income. Forever. At least, if you wish not to become homeless.

        On the other hand, if you owned some land and your home outright – meaning you did not have to pay the government rent/taxes to be allowed to possess it, even after you paid for the land/home – then you’d have a place to live, free of the need to generate income.

        And that’s why they will not allow us to own our land/homes.

        • Eric,

          I don’t agree the government should tax anything that is a right: life, trading of goods and services, contract, property.

          If a right can be taxed – it can be removed from us by making it unaffordable. Is it really a right at that point?

          Government exists, can’t get around that, so it will be funded somehow. I would rather see user fees that can be avoided instead of repetitive taxation that will be used to steal your property or deny your rights.

          I know that’s a pipe dream, but around here school taxes are the largest property tax we pay. What sense does it make for an 80 year old to risk losing their home to make sure somebody else’s kid is [poorly] educated?

          If we are going to pretend that government gets its power from the people, which of my neighbors has the right to charge me every year to keep my property?

          The whole system is a lie.

          • I agree, Dan –

            All taxes are theft because done at the point of a gun. It does not matter that the “gun” comes in the form of letters demanding money; the guns will appear if you ignore those letters.

            You write:

            “What sense does it make for an 80 year old to risk losing their home to make sure somebody else’s kid is [poorly] educated?”

            I’ll refine this a bit. I don’t consider that “sense” is the issue. It is that no one “owes” anyone else anything – other than common courtesy and respect for their equal rights. The fact that other people whom I do not even know have chosen to have sex and thus to have a child does not impose upon me a morally binding obligation enforceable at gunpoint to “help” educate, feed or house their child. That is the responsibility of the child’s parents; anyone else who wishes to help is free to do so. But it is beyond obnoxious to say others “owe” such “help.”

            There is an old saying I like. It’s coarse, but gets the point across:

            Can’t feed ’em? Don’t breed ’em.

            • Indeed, if I am financially required to fund the education of the product of the sexual activity of others, should I not have a right to participate in such sexual activity?
              Sure, I’ll fund your child’s education, when shall I expect you to come by and deliver your sexual payment?

      • The words “real” and “royal” are semantically related. So when you buy some “real” property it is essentially “royal” property.

  7. All of this crap has been brought on by feminists and panty-waste neutered males. When men stopped watching over, and caring for their women, the government took over the role. Women love this ‘oversight’ crap, because they brought it all about to begin with.

    • No, they love it because they (speaking very generally here, of course there are plenty of exceptions) don’t know how anything works, and don’t care to take the time to learn. Because they don’t understand it they are afraid of it, and because they are afraid of it they only feel safe when “someone” is “in control” of it.

      It doesn’t matter what the rules are or if they are being followed, what matters is that there are rules and that someone is perceived to be enforcing them.

      A great deal of problems could be solved by spiking all of the pumpkin spice lattes with Xanax.

  8. Somone called these EV’s robots…(the new ice cars are just as bad in this way)….you are inside the robot….it watches you….make one little driving error, drive a bit spirited, say the wrong thing, go the wrong place….the robot locks you inside and delivers you to the enforcers…..coming soon…..the robot is actually a robocop….

    The car is the new train to the camp….new overnight update….all cars to the camps…..

    Your house is connected too… meters, smart appliances, smart doorbells, your computers, cellphones, your neighbours…..all listening and watching,

    The slaves actually buy this crap….going in debt to enslave themselves……the slave owners are laughing their face off…..and making billions….

    The stupid slave says…I don’t care…I have nothing to hide…as they lock themselves in a gold fishbowl inside a cage….headed to a camp….the ones in the trains to the camps said the same thing….

    Soon they will chip you…..the beast will be inside you….

  9. Good video today. Looks like nice spring weather for a drive. Remember when people used to just go for a drive? People take driving for granted. You say all this is incandescently obvious but I wonder. It’s obvious to your readers. I think most people don’t have a clue what is coming.

    • They don’t. And we really are in a bubble.

      At least none of us will be shocked when everything goes sideways.

  10. I call it ‘digital castration’. Emasculation by the feminazis wasn’t enough, it was only the beginning of the end.

  11. What adds insult to injury is that your “connected” and “smart” home and car are not yours to do with as you please within reason, but they are yours to pay for.

  12. If it’s reliant on GPS, then it can be defeated or spoofed. I’m sure if it’s deleted then big brother will know it. Smart EE types here can elaborate on how to spoof the location.

  13. And we invite the fence builders into our lives, buying “connected” cars, and carrying cell phones (a not so private computer) every where we go.


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