The Why Behind the Push

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Why are they pushing EVs so aggressively?

The “climate crisis” stuff is the excuse, of course. But what is the reason? Well, it’s fundamentally the same reason behind the failed push to get everyone “vaccinated” – which was really a push to set a precedent that would inevitably be expanded, as always happens when precedents are set (as for example when the precedent was set forcing the car companies to install seat belts in cars, which inevitably led to the government forcing people to wear them . .  which led to forcing people to buy air bags . . . and more to come).

All buckled in for saaaaaaafety!

If the government had been able to establish the precedent that it had the legitimate authority to force everyone to take a drug then it could – and inevitably would – force everyone to take other drugs. And – via this method – exert total control over people’s increasingly defunct right to engage in commerce, move about freely and even freely associate with others. (The latter right has been largely defunct since the “civil rights” legislation of the 1960s set the precedent that people must associate with one another; a subject for another time.)

And how did the government plan to exert this control?

If you remember, it was to be via electronic means. People were to be QR-coded, like bipedal cattle. The code would be stored on the phone they have already succeeded in getting most of us to carry around all the time.

In order to be allowed into a store or restaurant (or to buy food at a supermarket) the bipedal cattle would have had to show their code scanned.

Via this method the government (and its complicit corporate tools) would control the populace more finely than the greatest authoritarian villains in history. No one could do anything (just about) without the government-corporate nexus knowing about it before you were allowed to do it – and thereby controlling whether you were allowed to do.

This brings us to the why of this push to get everyone into an electric vehicle:

If successful, it will achieve what they failed to accomplish with the “vaccines” – and the attendant QR coding of the population. 

Your driving will be under their control. You will only be allowed to drive as they say. You will be immediately punished if you don’t. And you will not be allowed to drive anything else.

This brings us to the how.

Via the insurance mafia – which has long been in partnership with the government, which it uses to force you to buy what it sells (and thereby can force you to pay whatever it demands that you pay).

Electric vehicles are electronically tethered vehicles – and not just to their power cords. The reason they’re being pushed so hard is because they are so easy to control – remotely. As an example, a Tesla’s range can be increased (or decreased) by Tesla and irrespective of the owner’s wishes. Tesla also sells its own in-house insurance, which “adjusts” what the victim is obliged to pay as the victim drives, according to how he drives. Too fast – and he pays more.

As a matter of technological capability, every aspect of his driving is under Tesla’s control.

All EVs have this capability embedded – as well as being tethered to a power cord, at the other end of which is the government (which has operational control over the grid – and the utilities – that produce and distribute the electricity without which an EV is a very heavy and very expensive paperweight).

This power can – and will be – metered.

Just the same as bread was rationed in the old Soviet Union. You got just as much as the government decided to allow you to buy.

But the citizen of the Soviet Union was never micromanaged to the extent the micromanagers of the technocratic world state have in mind for us.

Key to the success of this operation is the de facto banning of cars that are not electric and cars that are not electronic. That is to say, older cars that do not have the embedded capability to receive “updates” and that cannot be remotely controlled.

But how will this be done?

Via the mafia refusing to “cover” cars that are disconnected.

A report has been making the rounds about this and it ought not to be dismissed as “conspiracy” because it is an elaborating fact. People are being pushed into EVs. Vehicles that aren’t EVs are being pushed off the market. The government has been pushing the embedding of electronica in all new vehicles that is marketed as “assistance” technology – and “technology” that will prevent “impaired” drivers from driving. By which is meant drivers whose “performance” is outside of allowable parameters.

And electric vehicles are tethered vehicles – both via their power cords and via their “connectedness.”

These are the only vehicles the mafia will “cover” – the “coverage” the government says you have to have, else you may not legally drive. Thereby forcing you out of your disconnected, untethered older vehicle and into an EV. A vehicle they control that you’re allowed to use, but only as they say you may – enforced by the tether of “connectedness.”

Now you understand why they’re pushing EVs – and how they intend to push us out of anything that isn’t.

. . .

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  1. Re: Constitutionality of regulation of motor vehicles, you agreed to voluntarily waive your rights to your property, so the goons are not violating any of your rights.

    When a motor vehicle is manufactured, a Certificate of Origin (COO) is generated. Once you have the Bill of Sale, that vehicle is yours. But most people anymore do not buy a vehicle outright, and even those who do are dragged into the back room where you sign papers to let the dealer trade your COO for a state-issued title. At this point, it is no longer yours, the registration (regis=king) certifies that you pledged that property to the state, and just as in days of old, the state issues a title defining your benefits for having done so.

    I used to think that was all conspiracy nuttery until the State of Indiana accidentally sold a bunch of state vehicles at auction, but handed over the COO instead of title. Some of these vehicles are still on the road, not requiring plates, insurance, etc., and even file for return of the gas tax paid, all conditions the state can rightfully impose on any who use the state’s property.

    • “the registration (regis=king)”
      sorry but you’re incorrect. registration comes from the Latin word regerere (enter, record) which became in medieval Latin registratio which became in the 16th century registration
      “A certificate of origin (CO) is a document that is issued by the manufacturer of a vehicle. It proves that the car was produced by the manufacturer and meets specific standards and specifications. The CO contains information about the make and model of the vehicle, the manufacturer, and the date of manufacture.

      The CO is typically required by state or federal agencies when titling and registering a new vehicle, as it provides essential information about the vehicle’s origin and manufacturing. The dealership or seller also uses it to transfer ownership of the car to the new owner. Think of the CO as the “birth certificate” for a car. ”

  2. “If the government had been able to establish the precedent that it had the legitimate authority to force everyone to take a drug then it could – and inevitably would – force everyone to take other drugs. And – via this method – exert total control over people’s increasingly defunct right to engage in commerce, move about freely and even freely associate with others.”

    The second time this week I have heard someone tell me that the government can’t ban gas furnaces and water heaters and force us to go electric. THEY CAN’T FORCE US! They bleated at me. I responded: look what they forced us to do the last three years – diapers, shut downs, bioweapon shots. And these are people in the plumbing/heating industry who don’t have a clue that the feds and state simps have already passed edicts to FORCE YOU to do just that. Whatever. They will force us and people will roll over just like the diaper wearing.

  3. Off topic,

    Even if you aren’t a fan of Godzilla, you might like Godzilla, Minus One.


    Pro-life, in the all-encompassing sense (except for Godzilla)

    Anti-war. All around.


    The effects are not quite Hollywood, but very good, and the movie was made, I hear, on a ridiculously low budget.

    Give this one a watch. Even better than Napoleon, though that was good, too.

  4. “And electric vehicles are tethered vehicles – both via their power cords and via their “connectedness.”’

    I had hope, early on, that if there were electric vehicles, it was in the name of individual energy generation and the autonomy, to fit with individual food production (this year I failed).

    But hydrocarbon production is not outside of the range of the individual, either. This is about self-reliance, not the the climate. But it’s congruence of those goals…

    In other words, self-reliance and self-sufficiency are both aligned with with whatever the Leftists SAY they want and what WE want as libertarians.

    But that’s not good enough, is it?..

  5. The capitalists will sell us the rope with which to hang them, and in DC anyone with a fist full of dollars can buy any policy, including policies which enslaves them. Amerika is a bought and paid for whorehouse, including DJT who keeps shilling his warp speed vaxx because he got Pfizer golden shekels for his re-election campaign.

    Amerika has always been and outlaw nation full of carpet baggers, swindlers, hustlers, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, sh*t-kickers, and Methodists!

    To justify the rape of the auto industry, the above named list of criminal types were enlisted to sell the agenda for the con man Hedley Lamarr types. Science became a whore house of grant money grubbing global warming theorists who proved beyond any doubt the CO2 was an existential threat to our very way of life.

    Nitwits like Greta Thunberg – the spiritual leader of the woke kid generation whose mom says she can see carbon dioxide going up the chimney!

    Half wits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the world is going to end in 12 Years! Give us your freedom now slaves!

    Swindlers like Al Gore tell us the oceans are boiling!

    The list is endless, CO2 is the new Original Sin, since you exhale CO2, you are a threat to the planet!

    • BTW, just so you all know we are post peak Holocene Optimum, and the planet has been cooling since peak temps 8,000 years ago, as illustrated on this chart:

      Holocene temperature taper chart:

      Contrary to all the bullshit the establishment puts out, CO2 does NOT force temps on earth and never has, and ice ages have come and gone with CO2 10x higher than it is now. Climate scientists know all about this, but you will never see a real one on the tube, only the government shills. Ice ages also last very long periods, many tens of millions of years and ours just started 2.6 million years ago.

      “Many glacial advances and retreats have occurred over the course of Earth’s history. These glaciations are not randomly distributed in time, but are concentrated into five intervals. Two very long and important intervals of glaciation occurred during the preCambrian, between about 2.4 and 2.1 billion years ago (the Huronian Ice Age) and again between about 850 and 630 million years ago (Cryogenian Ice Age). Glaciation was so extensive during these intervals that ice may have covered most, if not all, of the Earth’s surface, producing a “Snowball”, or at least a “Slushball”, Earth. Somewhat less extensive glaciations occurred during portions of the Ordovician and Silurian (Andean-Saharan Ice Age, between about 460 and 420 million years ago), followed by a much longer and more extensive series of glaciations during the Karoo Ice Age in the Pennsylvanian and Permian (360-260 million years ago). Finally, the late Cenozoic, or Quaternary, Ice Age began roughly 2.58 million years ago, at the start of the Pliocene, and continues through today.”

      We are still in the ice age, we never left it, we currently live at the tail end of the current interglacial, and like the late Robert Felix would say on Coast to Coast – ice age inception can start any time now.

      So the moral of the story is … electric cars are worthless in ice ages. Our entire society is preparing for the exact wrong ending. The real threat is ice age weather, and here in southern Oregon I woke this morning up to the 5th snow covered mountains since September. It is certainly not warming at 42 degrees north latitude.

      Ice ages are brutal. Just look at pics of the megafauna that existed during them. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, and close to were I used to trap and hunt was a big Mastadon find, while dredging a golf course pond, they got a near complete skeleton,

      Wiki “The Burning Tree Mastodon site in Heath, southern Licking County, Ohio, represents the location where the most complete skeleton of American mastodon was found. It is dated to about 11,500 BP.

      “The specimen was discovered on December 12, 1989 by a Flower Excavating Company drag line operator who was digging a new pond on the Burning Tree Golf Course grounds. The drag line’s shovel caught and damaged the skull. In the following three days, the fossil was excavated during relatively bitter winter cold and blowing winds.”

      Wow! Only 11,500 years ago Ohio had huge furry elephants.

      • The Silurian goes to ground level in the Rockies out in Montana.

        420 million years the planet was about 45 degrees latitude further south.

        What was a shallow equatorial sea became a lithosphere that covered that shallow sea by 10,000 feet of new dirt, earth, not water out on the northern prairies, the Great Plains. Takes millions of years, 360 million of them, the Carboniferous period was filled with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, 4000 to 20,000 ppm million have been estimated. Coal beds exist out there, plenty of it. Solves problems, you have electricity. Electricity gets used, you buy it and then its gone, just like beer, you merely rent it.

        It is coal until the cows come home since then, thank you, Jesus.

        The Chicxulub, some kind of extraterrestrial body impacted the earth and wreaked havoc, that was 65 million years ago.

        Marine life ended up 1200 miles from where it existed, fresh water fish and ocean fish are found at Hell Creek in North Dakota. Spherules from the instantaneous blast are found in the gills of the marine life animals and fresh water fish. Search Tanis Event.

        The impact crater probably tilted the earth to its current position.

        4.5 billion years and you only get maybe, if you are lucky, 100 of them.

        Kissinger paid a high price in the end. Death makes you pay through the nose in the end. Jews know that better than the rest of the human animals here in the extant world.

        Ain’t nobody getting out of here alive.

        Back to Gondwana, then to Pangea!

        Mother Nature can do it!

        As long as the sun shines sunshine, take care.

  6. RG – “Tell another woman that you are

    Male here, and pro-life and pro-choice.

    I’m not the one to tell a pregnant woman
    what to do and neither is the government.
    Who remains to make the decision
    regarding her property?

    • Is a baby property? If you believe a baby is then is it not jointly owned? No human egg has ever been created without the fertilization of sperm. That means a man has as much right to the baby as the woman.

      Imagine if the tables were turned and men held the sole decision on the continuation of life in their hands. Do you think this would be satisfactory to feminists everywhere?

      I have never been an advocate for government involvement…on anything.

      • If pro-lifers were serious they would be looking at changing the Constitution as with slavery – taking it out of States’ hands and making illegal. Hence pro-lifers should be looking for a Constitutional Amendment that sees life as legally-protected from conception making abortion illegal in all States.

      • Hi RG,

        This issue is political, obviously – but it’s the moral element that’s determinative. What I mean is that it’s like “taxes.” These aren’t going to go away until a sufficiency of people want no part of stolen goods. Then there will be no political support for legalized theft. Abortion is similar. If you are personally appalled by the idea of ending the life of a baby then you’d never do it. No laws are needed to say you aren’t allowed.

        I agree with Franklin when he said (words to the effect) that the country’s new government was predicated on self-government. That’s mostly out the window now.

  7. This week’s The Highwire reported on the absurd narratives about climate change being pushed by sociopaths such as Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis, John Kerry, etc. Absurd narratives include ones claiming climate change fuels gender inequality, heat kills more people than cold, and food production DESTROYS the planet. Project Veritas even released an undercover video a while back of someone from CNN all but ADMITTING that the network he works for was going to engage in fear mongering about climate change…..

  8. The why, as Eric stated, is the ultimate full control of every citizen subject.

    The why behind the why is the same as it has been for over 100 years, the belief by the political class that they can scientifically manage life better than choice or chance.

    This is the theory behind communism. The political class – and their controllers – view themselves as a cut above the unwashed. They really think they are smart and capable to get it done. They will push it to the point where it is unsustainable (as always), and the best you can hope for is the fall out is peaceful.

  9. Saudi Arabia has 221 years of oil remaining, the Orinoco Basin has an estimated one trillion barrels of oil, at a hundred million barrels per day worldwide consumption, the world burns through 36,500,000,000 barrels in a year. Canada’s Athabasca tar sands has plenty of recoverable oil, Texas has oil and it always flows from wells to the refineries.

    If Saudia Arabia has 266 billion barrels in the ground, it’ll take more than 600 years to empty the Orinoco Basin.

    Where is the fear of having no oil in the near future? What’s the rush to EV oblivion?

    Has to be an evil nefarious plan or something.

    Supply and Demand, the answer for the reason why oil is used every day.

    The United States consumers burn through 20 million barrels of crude oil each day.

    42 gallons per barrel, that is 840 million gallons of fuels every day plus some gear oil.

    State and gasoline taxes create revenue for the US gov and the 58 states.

    At 41 cents for federal gas tax and state gas tax, 18 cents for the fed gov folks, 18 times 840 million gallons totals 151,200,000 USD per day.

    Times 365 days, the US receives a whole lot of money.

    55,188,000,000 USD, nice sum for easy money.

    There it was, gone.

    • Hi Drump,

      Here’s my theory:

      I think that when it became apparent – and undeniable – that oil was not only not on the cusp of running out – “peak oil” – but that there was in fact an enormous untapped supply, they decided to stop talking about “peak oil” and start demonizing oil. Because the last things these evil pricks want is cheap, abundant energy.

      • The lesson of Enron: Can’t make money when there’s plenty. When demand is flat or falling the only way to get trading action is to limit supply. In the case of renewables, randomize peak supply, preferably when it isn’t wanted, to drive out the “baseload” generating stations like coal and nuclear. Then you can turn the screws when there’s a shortfall. Great stuff if you’re a commodities trader, not so much if you’re grandma on a fixed income and there’s a cold snap.

          • No one who mattered gave a crap about the vertically integrated electric companies. Then came Kenny boy Lay decided that the grid operators could start auctioning off supply in the name of “efficiency.” Took a great thing and intentionally ruined it for a buck. Then AlGore got wind of it and figured out that was the way to get renewables into the grid. Bipartisan support for destroying the biggest machine on Earth (prior to the Internet).

            Now the generators hold us all hostage in a rolling 15 minute auction. When it works, no one notices. When it doesn’t the whole thing collapses. And no one is interested in having excess supply spun up and ready for an undersupply situation.

            But the investment banks get more products to sell. More futures contracts and more commissions. Great for Louis Winthorpe III and his buddies too.

      • Eric, the Bakken Formation is 10,000 feet deep in the lithosphere on the northern plains including southern areas of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

        Includes Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

        There are hundreds of Lodgepole formations that have oil deposits formed from the kerogen between the upper Bakken shales and lower Bakken shales, heat from the earth’s core is going to form oil from the kerogen and will do so for a long time to come. There are mature oil formations and immature oil formations. Mature oil formations have little natural gas, immature oil formations have lots of natural gas, it’s hot, now and then there will be a blowout. So much heat, oil forms, ruptures in the upper and lower shales leak new oil formed by kerogen down there. The oil will not stop forming for a long time, just what is does.

        Farmers don’t want to use mules and workhorses, makes no sense when there are internal combustion engines that make the world a better place for everybody.

        Just ask the Dutch farmers how they feel about it all.

        20 mule teams are a thing of the past.

        Oil, you will miss it badly.

  10. Eric,
    Is there even constitutional authority for one to have insurance (at least in the case of one owning their vehicle out right)? People can elect to have or not have home insurance, if their home’s debt free, right? (Probably wise to have?)

    How come things like insurance coverage or the EPA’s constitutional authority or unconstitutional edicts aren’t ever challenged? I get that in most cases we’re not dealing with honest govt anymore, but at least challenge their authority, no? Most of which govt “claimed” was “lawful” during Covid, completely fell apart when challenge in court.

    Maybe challenging indirectly, the very lobbyist that get these politicians elected and pass this nonsense are why we’re stuck on stupid/tyrannical, when it comes to this stuff?

    • There is constitutional authority going the other way (plain words) however when they are challenged the courts construe and interpret to make the patently unconstitutional laws and edicts constitutional. A good fairly recent example is “O’Bama care. Had to twist the law and make the penalty a “tax”.

    • Hi TJ,

      The reason why is simple! The insurance mafia bought the government (politicians) and these politicians passed laws requiring us to buy insurance because someone – not any specific person – might wreck and hurt someone else (or damage their property) and leave them holding the bag. It does not matter that you or I or most people didn’t wreck – and didn’t hurt anyone (or damage anyone’s property. The sly politicians (and even more sly insurance mafiosi) peddle the fear to the boobs – and it sells. And they pay. Of course, so do we.

  11. Screw with people’s means of transportation at your peril, government. Pushback will happen as people start realizing they can’t get to / do their jobs anymore. And by pushback, I mean mass non-compliance. When the choice is starve or drive to work, the choice is an easy one. When insurance mafioso try to extort you to the point of choosing groceries or car insurance, that’s an easy choice too. Politicians will fall in line, no need to beg them for anything, so please stop. And this shite about thanking politicians for throwing us some occasional breadcrumbs of freedom? Ho Li Fuk

    The planners of society have all these grandiose ideas about shaping the future, but go outside and take a look around you. 99% of cars are gasoline powered. Only a niche minority of dupes are putzing around in electric appliances. They probably still wear the holy rag of compliance too, so no need to even pay them any mind.

    • Exactly Philo,
      As I mentioned in a prior post, this is a hill I’m willing to die on; I am going to keep driving my old ICE cars until I can no longer physically drive. We should all follow Solzhenitsyn’s advice and be ready waiting behind our doors with an axe (or a 12 guage”) when the enforcers come for us.

    • Correct! Suppose they pass laws here in the U.S. that prevent renewing registration for older vehicles. Expect a huge number of people to keep driving those vehicles anyway; do they really expect police to cite all of them for driving without registration?

      • Yup, the meter maid started lecturing me earlier today cuz my front sticker still sez 2021. “That’s an instant violation” Swap niinny libtard ho carrying dog for 300lb psychopathic porcine and watch the great rollover resume.

  12. All this data collection isn’t paying out the way everyone thought. There was this idea that if the wise overlords just have enough data they’ll somehow gain wisdom. Instead they’re buried in haystacks full of worthless needles. The notion that AI will somehow find the insight for them is so flawed as to be laughable.

    Of course one always wants to speculate as to the end game, and the easy answer is taxation. Pay by mile in the case of transportation (not a direct carbon tax because that’s truly an impossible task), but use distance as a proxy just like gasoline taxes were used to estimate road wear charges. But I also think there’s an obsession with knowing everything. Knowledge, at least to the bureaucrat, is power. “What gets measured gets managed” is the old saying. Metrics and feedback are the new carrots and sticks for managers, even when they don’t tell you anything about employee performance.

    What’s the end game? A static world that never changes, and a theory of everything that doesn’t allow for random events. As a bonus, with you at the bottom, the 0.1% at the top and the government bureaucracy in the middle. Everything is as it once was and will always be. Perfect knowledge.

  13. “As a matter of technological capability, every aspect of his driving is under Tesla’s control”

    Lets face, there are a large number of people who want to be controlled and taken care of. They would gladly give up their freedoms for safety and comfort.

    Regarding the voting for Democrats and Republicans. I cannot vote for most of the Democrats. These new Democrats are not like the old ones. Yes the Republicans, some of them are as bad as the Democrats but for the most part I would trust them more. Look at the recent vote for choice of cars we can buy. The Democrats overwhelmingly voted against freedom to choose.

    • With all the ills brought to this country, and the automobiles therein, by Democrats and Republicans, and the thought is to continue voting Rs and Ds? If the voters of Argentina can wake up and vote for positive change (a libertarian), it’s possible here as well.

      Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again
      and expecting different results.”
      Albert Einstein –

  14. America’s history as the “home of the free” was tarnished from its founding –from the Whiskey Rebellion, through the Alien & Sedition Acts, the destruction of the republic under lincoln, etc.

    In other words, it should come as no surprise that the ‘elite’ always seek complete power over the citizenry.

    • True Mike,
      Notice how the PTB use the unconstitutional Espionage Act to persecute any whistleblowers that dare to expose govco’s crimes.

  15. Thats one of hoped for option that as hacking becomes more prevalent and sophisticated it will also flip to the other side and become popular for hackers to take advantage of and sell people ways to circumvent surveillance and monitoring functions imposed on people.

  16. Speaking of the insurance mafia, I received my 2024 renewal and it went up just over 25% from last year. This after no tickets and no at-fault accidents for many years! Is this the opening salvo to “drive” my traditional autos off the road?

    • Yep! My elderly mother who drives like an elderly person had her rates jump dramatically too. They are closing the net on everyone now because they know that no one will do anything and the government & corporations are in total lockstep now.

      • Hi User,

        I think people will do something – because they’ll have no choice. If the choice is between paying for “coverage” they can’t afford to pay for – or just saying (essentially) fuck this, I’m going to just drive and if they want to arrest me for it, so be it – many will choose the latter out of necessity.

        I myself have a threshold beyond which I will spit on my hands and hoist the black flag.

  17. ‘The “climate crisis” stuff is the excuse, of course.’ — eric

    ‘Biden’ is all in, of course. But something he said this week may prove fatal for his candidacy.

    “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running,” Biden said at a fundraising event for his 2024 campaign outside of Boston. “We cannot let him win.”

    Research has shown that the presidential candidate offering the more positive, optimistic vision for the country usually wins. But ‘Biden’ has just told us that he’s an angry old man running solely out of spite, as he shakes his fist at a cloud that looks like Trump.

    ‘Biden’ is, in a word, toast. Although young Gavin the Californicator waits in the wings, this would be a rather desperate last-minute substitution.

    We can vanquish these leftist fanatics.

    • Hi Jim,

      Biden also claimed that Trump would rule as a dictator if he got back into office, which is rich coming from Biden, as HE has effectively ruled as a DICTATOR since DAY 1 of his regime. Remember his attempt to decree that ALL employers with 100 or more employees had to have their employees be vaxxed with an experimental pharma product? How about his EO that killed the Keystone XL pipeline, which might have kept gas prices as low as they were when he got into office. And how about his decree then that face diapers were MANDATORY in government buildings & aboard airplanes. And then of course his decree that would effectively shove EVs down everyone’s throats. Will he also seek a plan similar to what Europe is proposing that would have the government SEIZING older cars from the citizens and paying them NOTHING in return? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Biden Thing thinks that’s a great idea.

      I also read a piece elsewhere that the last several presidents we’ve had have ruled more or less as a dictator, but we’re to believe that Donald Trump is the only president we’ve ever had who was a DICTATOR.

      • ‘Biden also claimed that Trump would rule as a dictator if he got back into office.’ — John B

        And ‘Biden’ gratuitously called Xi Jinping a dictator after their recent meeting, trashing any progress they had made. But ‘Joe’ wisely refrained from sliming Chairman Xi as a dog-faced pony soldier. /sarc

        Should young Gavin replace old broke Joe as a candidate, keep this in mind:

        ‘California’s $68 billion deficit projection is a record in raw dollars. State leaders passed a $226 billion budget this summer. The projected deficit represents a 30 percent deficit.’ — NYT

        Welcome to Weimar, my friends.

    • I say we should screw the uniparty with their ridiculous choice between two senile old men anf vote for RFK, Jr. The fact that he’s demonized or ignored by the media is a sign that he’s a threat to their agenda.

  18. ‘Now you understand why they’re pushing EVs – and how they intend to push us out of anything that isn’t.’ — eric

    H.R. 4468, which would nullify the EPA’s attempt to force 68% of new sales into EeeVees by 2032, passed the House on Dec 6. I have plenty of problems with Republicans, all of whom voted for this bill, but clipping the EPA’s wings isn’t one of them.

    As EeeVee Fever fades to black, Big Gov (as always) is the last pea-brained dinosaur to get a clue. They are WAY out of step with the populace. Just as Ronald Reagan repealed the 55 mph national speed limit, a new administration in 2025 could reign in the EeeVee red guards of the EPA.

    This is not a time to retreat. We should thank those on our side, while relentlessly slanging the little leftist dictators who would take away our cars, trucks and stoves. This outrage will not stand.

    • I agree, Jim –

      It’s why I’ve doubled down on all of this and spend practically all day writing/speaking about it. I agree with the principle that you advance – and never retreat – especially when the enemy begins to look wobbly. That is when you become implacable and push back with all you’ve got.

      • Right on. We are at the time to go in for the kill. We attack their entire premise and push back on arguing on theirs. It is too bad that they couldn’t win on the Kill switch argument. Driving anything made since say 2015 is absolutely odious these days with the touch scrrens and “assistance” technologies. It is a mistake to assume that rolling back the manipulations to cull us into EVS and then 15 minute “cities” will solve the issue of “assistance.” All of it must be attacked, but we fight one issue at a time. Or many. I don’t know.

        That’s why an organized presence is essential. Join the National Motorists Association. For the price of dinner, you have some skin in the game.

    • In Trump’s recent Hanity interview he said he would be a dictator only on day one to secure the border and drill, drill, drill. We shall see.

    • Except EVs are only a small control mechanism heading our way. The “leftist” dictators have nothing on the dictators that control the conservatives. Who signed the Patriot Act? Who established Real ID? Who took away the Internet Privacy Act in 2017? Who allows the constant surveillance of their citizens? What group is the first to send 18 year olds to war so their billionaire buddies can exploit natural resources?

      What did Trump do to secure our privacy? Did he do anything to stop the collection of biometric data? Hell, he was the one that opened the door for Operation Death Speed! It was only the Democratic House of Asses that stopped the renewal of the Patriot Act in 2020 where Trump (who is somehow deemed the Savior of America) would have happily signed it.

      Both sides are evil. Both sides hate us. Freedom is a delusion. Not one of them is fighting for us or even gives a damn about us. We have had choices over the years to become a less stringent society…Harry Browne, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul, heck, even DeSantis, who puts his money where his mouth is, but Americans are dumb. They are interested in “tough talk”, catchy slogans, and “bringing our country together.” They continue to visit the ballot box where the Asses will vote for a glass of water if it has a “D” nexts to its name (per Nancy Pelosi) or they will vote for the likes of Trump and Haley who will bring any smell of freedom to a grinding halt.

      Keep voting for shackles, guys, either side will happily handcuff you as their boot on your neck takes away your last breath.

      • ‘We have had choices over the years to become a less stringent society … Harry Browne, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul …’ — Raider Girl

        I would add to your list Rep Thomas Massie (R-KY), who this week poked the hornet’s nest by kvetching that in the past six weeks, the House has held 18 lopsidedly pro-Israel votes — more votes than it conducted to name post offices, a favorite slam-dunk pastime of cupidinous Congress Clowns.

        Massie (I take it) is FED UP and just doesn’t give a shit anymore, as our national clown car runs totally off the rails.

        Meanwhile at Lew Rockwell’s website, which often features Eric’s essays, I would nominate this effort by Andrew Bacevich as Post of the Year:

        • Hi Jim,

          Yes, I would add Thomas Massie to that list. I appreciate his efforts to bring the alienation of the Kill Switch to the House floor. It is sad that the majority of his constituents do not shudder in fear at what this will do to every American who gets behind the wheel of a new car. But, I guess when one sells their body for money on Only Fans or videotapes their daily life on Tik Tok, a little thing like lack of privacy doesn’t alarm them.

      • AMEN, RG! You’re 100% right, of course. It often seems that the GOP puts anti-freedom measures in place, e.g. the USA PATRIOT Act, and then the Democrats make use of the tools the GOP gave them.

        I don’t know if you watch the David Knight Show, but Dave has repeatedly said that, had Trump won in 2020, he would’ve instituted the vax mandate the same as Biden; the only difference is that he’d have been more stealthy about it. Rather than issue an authoritarian mandate, a la Biden in September of 2021, Trump would’ve met with Fortune 500 CEOs and offer them bribes to roll out the mandate. He would’ve also quietly issued an EO directing Fed Gov employees to do the same; either that, or he would’ve told his cabinet secretaries (i.e. gov’t dept. heads) to institute the mandates in their respective departments.

        How do we know Trump would’ve done this? How do we know that he would’ve mandated the COVID vaccine too? Easy. Back in 2019, during one of his impromptu pressers prior to boarding Marine I (POTUS’ helo), he said that they (meaning CA school students) had to take their shots, meaning MMR vaccine injections. CA had recently mandated these shots for their school students, and that there were no exemptions for health or religious reasons. He was telegraphing his authoritarianism. That comment also gives us insight into how he would’ve handled a vax mandate had he retained office and was POTUS now.

        Also, please keep in mind that Trump was old enough to know better. Back when Trump was a kid, not only did kids get measles and survive just fine; people had measles PARTIES! That’s right; when word got out that a kid in the neighborhood got measles, the parents would see to it that they all mixed together, so they could get measles and thus develop natural immunity to it. Trump was of that generation, so he knew better that the MMR shots weren’t really that vital.

        • I think this is an accurate assessment of what the Orange Dufus would have done. The banality of evil. I’ll say this, the only thing the Badyear Blimp (Christie) and I can agree on is that Trump needs to be behind bars.

        • Hi Mark,

          Trump is just has swampy as the rest of them. He is not a fighter against the Swamp, he is the Swamp. Why is Trump not behind bars now? If he did everything they said why is he walking around a free man? If he was truly against the Swamp he wouldn’t be alive to talk about it. Ask JFK or RFK. Oh, we can’t. I thing RFK Jr. is a more frightening nemesis to the Swamp then anything The Donald pretends to portray. Him and Biden are cut from the same cloth…an old, dirty, corrupt one.

          • Again, you’re right. I realized Trump was a Swamp creature long ago. Look, if Trump were so anti Swamp, then WHY did he fill his cabinet with Swamp creatures? Why did he select a RINO like Mike Pence for his VP? Why didn’t he keep his promises about pulling out of Afghanistan and securing the border? He could’ve killed two birds with one stone; he could’ve pulled the troops out, then redeployed them along the border. I mean, why do we HAVE a military? To protect our nation, right?

            And you make a good point about JFK, RFK, and RFK, Jr. I dare say that JFK was the last POTUS who really tried taking on the Deep State. He was calling for peace (American U speech of 1963), wanting to break up the CIA, and end the Fed. The Deep State struck back on 11/22/1963.

            At times, I wonder if Trump received a visit from CIA spooks, and was shown the Zapruder film as a message to stay in line. At other times, I think he was Swamp all along, because he picked a RINO like Mike Pence to be his VP; by picking a quintessential insider as his VP, didn’t he telegraph that he was a Swamp creature before taking office? I don’t know for sure, but he acted like a Swamp creature in office.

      • Part of the problem with so many voters is that they are single issue voters who cannot (or will not) see the forest for the trees. For instance, in the most recent election so many voted for pro abortion bills and candidates who supported such. OK, so, many got what they voted for and bills were passed and candidates were elected.
        But the poor stupid rubes who could not see beyond the pro abortion lure also elected (or re-elected) candidates who are doing everything they can to crush pretty much all other personal freedoms.
        In Gavin Newsome’s ideal future California, women will have unfettered rights to abortion, both minors and adults will be able to undergo any and all gender swapping procedures, all paid for by the states (few remaining) tax payers.
        But, the catch (which so many voters don’t see or bother to look for) is that they will be taking the bus (if one is available) or walking to access those supposed freedoms. They will have no choice as to how they heat their homes (for those who still have them), cook their food or, as noted, what transportation to use. And medically, if another new virus comes around, they will be forced to submit to whatever “vax” is developed to stop it (which really doesn’t).
        These voters are like animals in many ways. An animal approaches a trap with a nice tasty treat inside, but, being an animal, it cannot think nor reason that there might be an ulterior motive on the part of who has offered the treat. And once it goes for the treat – bam! It is now trapped inside a box with no escape, totally at the mercy of the person who set the trap. It’s so sad that so many people can’t seem to use their brains and instead have only a single minded focus….

        • Hi Lee,

          You are correct that most voters are strictly “one issue” especially my sex (sad, to admit). When sixty year old women believe abortion is the biggest issue facing America I want to scream. Is this more important than a wide open border, out of control inflation, a crumbling supply chain, a police state, and the pending arrival of digital currency? Apparently, for them it is.

          I have given up trying to make sense on how anyone can believe only one factor transcends their entire voting life.

          • RG,

            Begging your pardon, but why would anyone who’s DECADES past fertility care about abortion? It no longer affects them!

            Also, the other morning, I heard a replay from a local conservative talk show guest. They were discussing the role abortion played in the most recent election cycles (2022 and 2023). They attributed the GOP’s loss on the abortion issue to waffling on it. They (the local host and his guest) cited examples of how, when the GOP candidate remained strong on pro-life (i.e. he didn’t waffle), he won handily; it was the candidates who waffled, flip-flopped, or walked back their previous pro-life positions who lost. FWIW…

            • Let’s be honest, Mark, the majority of women are one issue voters and the only issue that matters to them is abortion. The women’s age is irrelevant. They are so gung ho on this topic nothing else even exists. I cannot tell you how many arguments/discussions I have gotten into with other women that refuse to vote on anything else.

              Youngkin didn’t waffle in the Virginia mid-terms. He said 15 weeks. He lost the House of Delegates and didn’t stand a chance in taking back the Virginia Senate.

              Only because Nikki Haley has stated that she will not be outlawing abortion is she even a contender in the Republican field.

              Tell another woman that you are pro-life, oh my gosh, you would have thought I ran over her dog. How dare I believe a man should have a choice if he wishes to keep his child! How dare I not allow a woman her “right to choose”! Where was my right to choose when I did not want an experimental gene therapy treatment? Oh, but that’s different. Me not getting a vaccine put the rest of society at risk was what I was told. I was a danger to the public.

              Aborting a child is a danger to the public. Who else do they think is going to supplement their Social Security income in later years? Do we know if the child (ahem, sorry, fetus) can feel pain? Is their a danger to the woman later in life? Are there studies that show a woman who has had an abortion may have a higher risk of cancer or other auto immune diseases?

              We no longer live in the 1930s. Women back then did not have a choice. There was no contraception. Women had very little say to what was done to them. Today, women have options, tons of options. The Pill, IUDs, Plan B, condoms, abstinence, etc.

              Should exceptions be made? Absolutely. Not everything is black or white, but one million aborted babies a year in this country is not from indescribable, sickening, and heart breaking conditions, but sheer thoughtlessness and lack of preparation.

              Just my $.02

              • RG,

                I don’t know if you saw my analysis of the recent VA races in another post, but the upshot is this: the VA GOP blew off 23 races for both houses-23! They cannot blow off 23 out of 140 races and hope to do well. I can see skipping races in areas that are solidly Democrat, but don’t tell me all 23 races were in solid Democrat areas. If they’d entered candidates in all of those races and even won a handful of them, then they could’ve controlled both houses of the VA General Assembly.

                How do the numbers break down? What will be the makeup of the VA General Assembly? Well, after the elections last month, the Dems will hold a 21-19 majority in the VA Senate, while holding a 51-49 majority in the House of Delegates. Those are slim majorities. Again, the VA GOP BLEW OFF 23 RACES! Just winning four of them, a reachable goal, would’ve given them control. One can’t win a contest in which one is not entered of both houses; as the old lottery commercial says, you have to be in it to win it.

                After the election, I dug through the VA election results. I was appalled that the VA GOP would blow off so many races.

              • RG,

                WRT abortion, I think that pro-lifers could make headway if the gritty reality of abortion were shown. There’s an animated film that David Knight has shown; it’s entitled “The Procedure”. It was made after an ultrasound tech was called in to do an abortion; it shows what he saw. It’s a gruesome film; it’s hard to watch. When David Knight showed it, I couldn’t watch it; it’s too gut wrenching. I think if more knew about what was going on, then I think some headway could be made on the issue.

                The way the issue is argued is all wrong. Pro abortionists will say that they’re just exercising choice; they’ll say that they’re only wanting to control their own bodies. The detail that they leave out is that abortion affects ANOTHER body-that of the baby! There are two proofs for this. One, there’s a different set of DNA. Two, half the time, the sex is different. Pro choicers can’t even truthfully say that they’re only wanting control over their bodies.

                David Knight has said, and I agree, that the Republicans didn’t really want abortion to go away; they weren’t really pleased with the Dobbs decision, as they’d no longer have the issue to use for fundraising purposes. They waved their arms around every four years over it. They kvetched about abortion for decades, but they did little or nothing about it. Why? Because they couldn’t have something to whip up their base to drive both fundraising and turnout.

      • You are spot on RG. The reasons I haven’t voted for the last 20 years you point out very well. I cannot vote on a single issue and the person I do vote for has to have loyalty to this country and only this country. The scum running for office today isn’t worth my half mile trip to a voting booth.

        Everyone of these ‘candidates’ they have chosen for us to choose – is a war mongerer, and all have first loyalty to the Israhell Reich. Both sides are controlled so no matter who ‘wins’ ,,,the same agenda remains. This is why, in my 74 years, I have never seen a positive change. Always more control and less choice. The End is nigh. We are speeding at Warp 10 to our own destruction and Gods experiment will be over as Man makes his choice for evil over good.

        • Hi ken,

          I think the USSA had a good 247 year run. I agree with you that the end is near. Now it just looks like the fall of Rome. It is like a race horse with a broken leg. You don’t want to, but you just have to put it down.

          There is not enough freedom loving Americans to save her. This country would have to do a full 180 and how does one do it sitting on $33 trillion dollars of debt and two generations of commie loving socialists? Time to cut the cord and start over.

          • RG,

            Don’t forget that that 33 trillion is only the on-budget debt; that takes no account of unfunded liabilities; I’m talking about SS and Medicare. Depending on whose numbers you use, it’s somewhere between 80 trillion and like 200 trillion dollars. Those kinds of numbers are unimaginable. WE ARE SCREWED!

            • You are right. The unfunded entitlements are not calculated including the amount of interest. What is 8% of compounding interest on $33 trillion annually?

              Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the old lot of Avengers couldn’t save this country with the financial collapse that is coming.

      • Excellent: “Keep voting for shackles, guys, either side will happily handcuff you as their boot on your neck takes away your last breath.”

        Give a libertarian a chance, i.e., Argentina

        Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again
        and expecting different results.”
        Albert Einstein –

    • Jim,

      Unfortunately, the Senate is under Democrat control; this bill will go nowhere. The only thing the GOP controlled House could do is to withhold funding from an important Democrat program or defund the EPA.

  19. And that’s IF you can afford one in the first place. They would much prefer no one drive at all. And that’s where we are headed. Much easier to control people if they can’t get away.

  20. The elites are pushing us into a world that day by day looks more and more like the movie “Demolition Man”; a world where meat, sex, toilet paper (three sea shells any one?), gasoline, music, weapons, etc have all been banned. It’s a pity that Stallone won’t save us.

    Makes you wonder when people are going to snap.

    • Oh Landru, you’re 100% RIGHT! People just think of “Demolition Man” as a shoot ’em up, hard hitting action flick, but it’s so much more. It’s predictive programming. It’s the powers that (shouldn’t) be telegraphing the society that they envision and want for us; in so many ways, “Demolition Man” gives us a peak into the dystopian future our “betters” want for us.

      As a Christian, there was another chilling thing in the film: how cashless payments would be made. After John Spartan (Stallone) is taken out of cryostasis, he’s being brought up to speed on what modern life and San Angeles are like. When showing him how payments were made, the right hand was shown, implying that an implant or mark was placed there, and that this mark or implant would enable one to pay for things. Guess what? Revelation 13 of the Bible PROPHESIED this over 2,000 years ago! In Rev. 13, it talks about how one would have to take a mark in the right hand or forehead in order to live in the cashless society prophesied over 2,000 years ago.

      Oh no, my friend, “Demolition Man” Is SO MUCH MORE than a mere action flick! There are multiple nuggets of truth all throughout that film. There are also multiple clues about what TPTB want for us. It’s truly chilling if you look at what the film is REALLY showing us…

  21. Speaking of electric meters, the local electric co-op near me has an employee going house to house putting these big bright orange stickers on the meter, one saying “tampering with this meter is a crime punishable by a $500 fine and 2 years in jail” and the other defining tampering as breaking some kind of seal on the meter. I wonder if this a thing now. These meters, being “smart” are probably hackable in some way.

    • Most meters are not smart, the smart meters cost more than double what a standard old school meter does. And electric utilities WANT to sell more electricity, just like power plants WANT to generate more electricity. It is only the empowered insane using government force working against this.

      The bastards are elitists, but they most certainly are not the elite.

      Smart meters used correctly allow a utility to control their baseline load and carry a smaller safety factor in conductor and generator capacity. In other words, they are band aids to cover for the generating capacity the communists haven’t allowed to be built or brought online.

      The stickers are there because fiat currency inflation is incentivizing more and more people to cheat the meters, and it is remarkable easy (but dangerous) to do.

      • You’re right, I don’t think I have a “smart” meter either. What I meant was that it can be read by remote reader, which I remember them swapping out a portion of my meter for this capability. I was wondering if this was what folks were hacking with some kind of dummy signal that showed lower usage than actual.

    • My co-op required two meters to be installed when I got my grid-tie solar system installed. Last spring I got a call saying they were going to remove the second meter as “it was no longer necessary.” Gee, thanks. Are you going to reimburse me for the added cost of a meter pan and all the extra conduit?

      Then a few weeks ago I had a visitor from the co-op. Seems my meter was unresponsive and needs to be replaced. The guy said he spends all day replacing meters that have failed. I guess that’s still cheaper than sending employee’s high school and college age kids around to read meters, but what the heck? Electric meters were invented before power distribution was even a proven thing (Edison being no dummy), and who’s ever had one of the old mechanical meters fail? I would guess anything short of a direct lightning strike on the mast wouldn’t phase them.


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