Why the Push for the Jab?

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One wonders – or ought to wonder – why the “vaccine” is being pushed so aggressively, via the carrot and the stick.

Given the fact that for most of the population, the “vaccine” is a thing they ought to fear more than the ‘Rona – which is known to not be a mortal or even serious health threat to most of the population. If you’re not very elderly or already very unhealthy, as via obesity and all the related disease processes, your chance of not dying from the ‘Rona is better than 99.8 percent.

Assuming you even get sick from it (most haven’t).

This is a fact, conceded by the “science” – though for some strange reason when the “science” doesn’t support a hysterical response, it is ignored. And the hysterical response insisted upon with even greater hysteria.

As in the “case” of continuing to force people to stand six feet apart and to wear an Obedience Cloth over their faces, in spite of the fact that neither of which “practice” has been shown by facts to have any scientific support as regards preventing or even reducing the spread of respiratory viruses.

Especially in “cases” of people not being sick in the first place..

Yet millions of people sick in the head cling to their kabuki rituals – as Linus clings to his blankie – because it makes them feel safe and these feelings take precedence over facts, over the “science” – when it makes these afflicted creatures feel uneasy.

Worse, the people who do appreciate facts – and know there is no “science” supporting kabuki such as standing six feet apart and wearing Obedience Cloths – are heavily pressure-shamed to “practice” Kabuki for the benefit of the feelings of the mentally afflicted.

Who are now applying the same kind of pressure to force healthy people at little risk of even getting sick and almost no risk of getting dead – from the ‘Rona – to assume the unknown risks of “vaccines” that were rushed to the “front lines” at “warp speed,” with no long-term testing done beforehand and legal immunity from any consequences – including death – of having this experimental medicine injected into their bodies granted to the companies that developed them.

It makes no sense.

It is like insisting that people who haven’t got cancer ought to queue up for chemotherapy. Weirder than that, actually – because we know pretty well what chemo does to the human body.

We do not know what the “vaccine” does to the human body.

Well, we do know that it can kill the human body – because it has already killed thousands of them. The ”science” – CDC, via the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System – admits this. More than 3,632 so far in the United States, though great pains are gone to not to blame the “vaccine” for people who were healthy just kind of dying within hours or days of receiving it. Which ought to tell people something given the effort to associate practically every death with the ‘Rona last year. People in their 90s didn’t die of old age – they died of ‘Rona. Young guys killed in motorcycle crashes didn’t die from accident trauma; they died of ‘Rona.

But a teenager who dies a day after getting the “vaccine” just died.

A healthy teenager – who needed a “vaccine” for the ‘Rona like Michael Phelps needs a life preserver to walk by a baby pool.     

Yet teenagers (and younger) are being particularly targeted for the Jab, by a truly disgusting variant of psychological abuse. No school for you! No fun for you! Concerts off limits; forget going into bars with your friends. Want a date? Get the Jab!

But what does it mean?

It could mean something as simple as money-grubbing. It’s been reported that the Jab has made half a dozen new billionaires – people working at the pharmaceutical companies, who are now enormously wealthy because of all the money being transferred from the government – via the taxpayer – into their pockets.

This is not just a one-shot deal, either. If the principle of mass Jabbing – enforced by the “private” sector acting as the government’s enforcer, which government is bought and paid for by these pharmaceutical companies – is established as acceptable it will become normal and regular.

More Jabs, more cash.

It could be as simple as that. It is known to be the reason for government-enforced “health care” – i.e., being forced by the government to send money to health insurance companies, who may or may not pay for medical care, at their discretion. When people weren’t forced to pay for “health care,” medical care cost less and was easier to get because the health insurance combines made less, being unable to force anyone to pay them.

Being able to force your hand into people’s pockets tends toward the opposite of that effect.

The financial incentive for mass – and mass recurrent – Jabbing is real and that alone ought to get people thinking but that is hard to do when people are terrorized, traumatized and made to feel guilty for questioning the imposed assumption of unknown risks for little, if any benefit – and knowing that they’ll be punished for being “hesitant.”

There may also be something else behind all of this. It is something one hesitates to mention because it is so unfathomable as to be almost unbelievable. Until one remembers what some people are capable of. And of what they have done, when they have had the power to do it.

One does not want to deal with the possibility that those trains they’re demanding we board – so to speak –  are taking us to our death. It can’t be. No! They’d never do that. It’s impossible! It’s inhuman.

We may discover it is possible. Because there are inhuman people.

And they have power. Which they have already used.

What do we say about the people who have purposely mass-terrorized an entire planet? Who have deliberately exaggerated the risk of ‘Rona? and who are now insisting that young people who have an almost zero chance of getting sick get injected with something that might make them dead?

That everyone must “Jab up”?

It is hard to believe such a thing might be possible – again. And, worse.

But it’d behoove us to start thinking it might just be.

. . . 

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Perhaps the push for universal needling is to eliminate a non-needled control group. When all the vaxxers start getting sick and dying from Antibody Dependent Enhancement it sure would be inconvenient for the priests of the sickness cult to have a bunch of healthy non-needlers around reminding the herd that the sacramental needle is causing all the premature death and illness. Even some of the hard core believers might start loosing their faith. Can’t have that, it’s bad for business.

    I’m sure the learned elders of the church of the everliving coronapanic would rather just get on with the human sacrifice without a bunch of unvaxxed heathens meddling with their plan. Moloch’s gaping maw must be fed.

    • THAT’S exactly what I was thinking as well! This is the EXPERIMENTAL phase of the vaccine which means you need a control group. If they minimize the size of the control group, will that skew the data?

  2. Eric, you say that it makes no sense. Well, I have a hypothesis that makes quite a lot of sense, though I really hope I’m wrong. Grab a coffee and let me explain.

    One of the problems with previous attempts to create vaccines for coronaviruses was something called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). Although the vaccines produced antibodies, the antibodies failed to neutralize subsequent infections and actually caused the infection to be a lot worse, even to the point of killing the host. Clearly, that’s the oppsite of what you want from a vaccine.

    The Pfizer (and possibly Moderna) shot contains three times more active ingredients than scientists thought “should” be necessary and produces far more antibodies than a natural infection. Why this is so became a bit clearer when researchers discovered that it produces two kinds of antibodies: good neutralizing antibodies and bad non-neutralizing antibodies. The ratio of good to bad antibodies seems to be 1:2 or 1:3, so the bad are actually in the majority.

    The level of antibodies in the bloodstream will diminish over time, though the rate at which the neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibodies will diminish is not yet known. The hypothesis goes like this: While there are enough neutralizing antibodies in the system, you will be protected. However, if their numbers become sufficiently reduced, there is a risk that the larger number of remaining (bad-guy) non-neutralizing antibodies will make you susceptible to an ADE reaction.

    We will probably know if ADE is a real problem by next winter. If it is, then many who have been vaccinated could become ill and very possibly die. The authorities will almost certainly blame it on a new “breakthrough” variant, rather than on the true reason, ADE caused by the shot. In order to get their level of “good” antibodies back to a safe level, those who have been vaccinated will need a booster shot. Profit! But that’s not the end of things. The joy of this scheme is that, just like narco-junkies, people will be locked in to receiving regular booster shots — or they will risk dying. If you risk dying, you’ll have no choice to pay up even if the cost of a shot rises ten-fold. So, that provides a plausible explanation why they want to vaccinate everyone, including children.

    I’ll leave things there. I’ll just add that there are many scenarios that could arise if this hypothesis pans out. These include total control of the population — and even of whole nations — and finally a solution to the aging population and associated rising social security overhads. I’m sure you’ll be able to conjure up a few scenarios yourself.

    My takeaway is this: obviously don’t take the shot but, even if you don’t, expect things to get very ugly of the next few years.

    • Hi Vince,

      Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I was aware of ADE and the various studies tested on animals with many getting extremely or dying, but did not know about level of antibodies. The booster shots also make sense now. So it really boils down to profit.

    • Thanks, Vince!

      This synopsis makes sense to me. It reminds of a plot device in one of my favorite sci-fi novels, Dune. The evil Harkonnens instill a poison in someone that will kill them unless they receive regular doses of an antidote which they, the Harkonnens, control. It’s genius, truly.

      And I remain amazed that half to two-thirds of the population has willingly accepted this Jab, without knowing what it may do to them and (if they just looked into it a bit) knowing most of them need it like a duck needs the desert.

      • “Fear is the mind killer”

        It wasn’t my favorite read, it wasn’t bad, some of it has stuck with me forever. The film was lousy, imho.

        Dune is right up there with Isaac Asimov, his “Foundation” series, whoa, quite a bit of it is so very much where The Power Elite want to take the world and how they see it. Or, so it seems.

        • Several decades after having read the Foundation Trilogy (several times), I realized what a statist Asimov was… and he only got worse in the sequels, culminating in the 100% totalitarian “Zeroth Rule of Robotics.”

          Say what you like about Herbert, but he understood the dark side of governments.

          • Hi Henry,

            The Zeroth Law, “A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.”

            “Humanity”, an abstraction that necessarily subordinates the individual to a “greater” whole, the Zeroth Law stipulates that a “robot MUST harm an individual when, by inaction, humanity would come to harm”.

            Just substitute government for robot, as Asimov implied in later fiction, is this not the perpetual excuse for tyranny?

            Asimov strikes me as thoroughly Hegelian, which is to say Statist authoritarianism dressed up as philosophy and “divine”, historical purpose. Still, he was prescient and interesting. He predicted, and condoned, a government/business nexus that punishes supposed malefactors by severely limiting their ability to engage in normal life. His very short story, “A Perfect Fit”, imagines a digital jail, enforced by psychological conditioning, as a fit punishment for those deemed harmful to “humanity”.


            I suggest that you, and anyone interested, read it. The story is short, and involves a person who is a criminal in a libertarian sense, but the parallels to what is going on today are startling.


            • Morning, Jeremy!

              I like reading Asimov as well,though I agree with you that he is implicitly authoritarian. I much prefer Heinlein and PDK on account of their defense of the individual. One of my favorite Heinlein novels is Farnham’s Freehold. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. And thanks for the recommend in re A Perfect Fit, which I have not read yet – but will soon!

              • Morning Eric,

                I thought I’d read all of Heinlein, but I haven’t read Farnham’s Freehold, what a glorious thought, a “new” Heinlein book to read!

                “A Perfect Fit” envisions a world where everything one needs is acquired through computers, and the will of the State is enforced by the “private” sector. Sound familiar?


              • Asimov was a great writer AND he was a renowned physicist as well. But…he was one of the TRIBE, though I never detected any overt Zionism in his works. Always be wary…

                I prefer Heinlein myself. Not only were his “juvenile” series still quite readable once you got old enough to legally buy a drink, but his leanings were more Libertarian, even though he did have a touch of the “Fascist” in him, such as in Starship Troopers.

    • Hi Vince, With regards to your pricing thing – not sure if any of you heard but in the recent pfizer Q4 earnings call – they basically just came out and said it!! The CFO stated the following ” So in terms of the current margins, I always start with, we’re in a pandemic pricing environment. So the one price that we published is the price with the U.S. of $19.50 per dose. Obviously, that’s not a normal price like we typically get for a vaccine, $150, $175 per dose.”….. “Now let’s go beyond a pandemic-pricing environment, the environment we’re currently in. Obviously, we’re going to get more on price.”…..

      Just imagine – when this thing goes to almost 200 USD per jab, and somewhere between half to 3/4 of the western world needs them on a regular basis, imagine what it will do to their earnings, and also to insurance premiums / healthcare cost in the west!!

      Transcript of whole call here: https://s21.q4cdn.com/317678438/files/doc_financials/2020/q4/PFE-USQ_Transcript_2021-02-02.pdf

  3. I’m somewhat confused as to why these local low level “experts” and “authorities” are so fanatical about the whole charade, but mostly the vaccines. Those with big names, like Fauci, I understand, they ae being paid to be so. But what compels a health authority in a nearby city of about 100,000 to so adamantly participate? To the extent of bald faced lies. Telling the public that the vaccines are “perfectly safe” when they, like the rest of us, have no idea whether they are or not, because there has been no long term testing. Setting up vaccine clinics in schools, to encourage CHILDREN to participate in this experiment. My God, that’s Mengele level evil.

    • They are under a strong delusion. I see this as a spiritual battle, with tangible expressions. I think that’s one reason why it’s so puzzling – one might assume that a spiritual battle would be “invisible.”

      Had a discussion with my 19 yo daughter last night. She has not taken the jab, but feels pressured to do so. I had sent her a few links to research on masks, jab, convid stats, etc., in the hopes that she would be able to digest some of it (but it’s like trying to take a sip from a fire hydrant, there is so much out there). She said she had read some of it, but I think the pressure on her at this age is very great. She wants to travel the world, and thinks the jab would be the only thing standing in her way. I tried to help her to understand that if she takes the jab, for an alleged illness that she is statistically unlikely to have any issue from (just like a common cold), then she may get to travel, but the poison from the jab will be with her FOREVER. There is NO good reason to do this. Praying for her and the young people I know to resist this siren song.

      • It could get to the point where it’s more than just the ability to travel. IDK that the US Government YET required proof of COVID vaccination for issuance of a passport, but some countries will require same anyway. Many universities, public and private, are requiring it to attend classes on campus and/or live in the dorms. There’s even a case of a jail inmate who was offered a significant reduction in his sentence if he got the Jab. Now we have Xavier Beccera, whom at least the Biden (mal)Administration took off Cali(porn)ia’s hand’s, and declaring that “absolutely”, having spent Uber-bucks on the vaccines, the Government has the “authority” to go canvas the country, looking for holdouts.

        The pregnant question is, WHY? Never before has there been such an OBSESSION with CAJOLING the public into getting a vaccine!

        The entire situation smacks of the oft-used analogy of the camel wanting to stick his nose in the tent during a sandstorm, and out of misplaced mercy for the beast, he’s allowed to do so, then gradually more of him, until finally the camel kicks the Bedouin out of the tent altogether.

    • Short-term peer pressure, the bane of politics. The government executives that did not immediately stomp the boot down as hard as possible (e.g., Florida, and to some extent, Texas) came in for continuous calumny and ridicule from the MSM, and later the Oval Office (“Neanderthal thinking”). Having no solid medical assurance that the freedom path would result in “better numbers” than the tyranny path, many of them folded. In hindsight, we understand that the states that took the freedom path outperformed the others, but only we realize that — the rest of the propagandized masses are still under the impression that they did much worse, because that’s what they keep hearing.

  4. Iowa Diaper Report: went to the big city, the farm supply store was just as others have mentioned, a surprisingly 85 – 90% with no face diapers, even the employees were finally – for the first time – free of the Compliance Cloth. It was so refreshing to see so many faces.
    Went to a few other stores, spent some time in the parking lots and noticed those coming out of all the stores (and in the farm supply store) the vast majority of Compliance Cloth displays were of the fashion statement kind with designer looks or solid black, the cheapie masks were by far in the minority, say, 1% of those of The Body. Quite a contrast to my last visit when it was more like 50-50. Which supports the idea that some people have really come to like their Compliance Cloth and, seemingly, identify with it.

    • Oh, I’m sure it’s just the attractive prices at the clearance sales. Like the people who made a killing in 1976 on remaindered pet rocks.

  5. You’d think with highly advanced technology and modern medicine, most people would be less fearful of an outbreak. But in fact, the exact OPPOSITE has occurred. Many people have become SO reliant on the state, that they have lost the ability to think or even question anything. Hell, some end up having a panic attack when their phone battery dies! So it’s no surprise that these same people would panic over a rebranded flu virus.

  6. OT, but an observation about Memorial Day. In various media forums, particularly local radio, I no longer hear any talk of how on Memorial Day folks should remember the troops who died fighting for our “freedoms.” Serving their country (really the politicians & oligarchs who rule it), maybe. Making the “ultimate sacrifice”, maybe. Dying to support their “brothers” in arms, perhaps. But no talk of freedom or freedoms. Perhaps this has something to do with some folks taking notice of the BLM flags flying over some of the 900 bases the US empire maintains overseas since May 25th. The only other flags allowed to fly being US flags (of course) and POW/MIA flags (still have to pretend the American war in Vietnam wasn’t just a waste of lives for no good reason other than hegemony and war profiteering). Masks falling off all around us, I guess.

    • Hatteras,

      Oh no, I don’t think anyone is even pretending we are free anymore. They know better. Worse, so few even seem to LIKE the concept of freedom. They not only won’t defend it, they openly attack it! They love those chains! Shackles make them feel safe!

      • More like: They died for our enslavement- because if people weren’t willing to take up arms and assault and kill and rob people who have done them nor theirs any harm, in the name of tyrants, those tyrants would have no power. This is why I despise pigs and soldiers.

        • Nunzio,

          Some of them were enslaved themselves–forced into it. Others believed the lies, and by the time their eyes were opened it was too late. Still others, unable to afford college on their own, saw a ticket into the middle class. Still others were just patriotic, or sought glory and adventure, or considered it to be their duty. For some, it was just “the thing to do”–a LOT of my friends did. I almost joined myself, although I’m glad I didn’t. I was young & dumb once, so were we all. That’s not a crime. Staying that way, sure–particularly after stumbling across the truth, however & whenever that happens.

          There is truth in what you say. There is an important element of personal responsibility involved. But I believe you are also painting with a very broad brush here.

    • Yep. No talk of “freedom” at the nascar (and Indy, I think) races today. All the talk today was all about preventing veteran suicide. I fast forwarded through it all.

  7. The primary urgency is to remove Uncle Joe from office. Job One.

    Kamala will also have to be removed, deposed. Both are obviously irrelevant and unnecessary.

    Two Dunning-Kruger incompetents nosediving everything right into the ground.

    There they were, gone.

    There is no other real emergency at this time.

  8. The scam is clearly on the wane here in coastal NC, for now. The video ads at the gas pumps are now from financing companies enticing millennials to buy homes (in a super hot RE market, go figure) rather than celebs pushing the jabby jab. No diaper/kabuki signs at all at Harris Teeter supermarket today and down to only a plurality still diapering in the 88 degrees and humid weather. What’s left of them seem to be militant commies, the old, scared and sickly, and very disturbingly, the young. Something I’m watching closely is how on May 21st, the Democrook govking decreed that “work search” requirements have been reinstated to collect UE bennies. Every single business around me still operating these days has “hiring now” signs up and this holiday weekend is already booming with visitors. The supermarket was super busy and even though they have something like 15 check out lines, only two were open with huge lines due to staffing issues. Radio ads are offering all kinds of hiring bonuses and increased wages to serve the tourist economy. All I can think of is how the insane the already bad inflation might get when the unprecedented increase in the money supply hits the streets full force via pent up demand in conjunction with rapidly increasing wages.

  9. Remember “The Andromeda Strain” (1971) movie? Clearly, if we were ever dealing with a seriously fatal disease, we’re done. Look at how ineffectual, performative, and just plain old superstitious everything the govt. has ordered in response to an ordinary cold virus with a 99%+ survival rate!

    Social distance 6 feet? Wear a rag on your face? YOU’RE DEAD! The real deal, if it ever hits, would absolutely wipe out our civilization.

    The best we have to offer, in this modern age of (quasi) “Artificial Intelligence”, genetic tampering, and hypersonic missiles, is preposterous theater and nothing more. They can surveil the communications of every human being and record them, look through walls, trace every single transaction, but can’t even put a meaningful dent in the progression of a mild cold virus.

    And then they want to experiment with genetics at a level with which they clearly do not understand. They are working hard at creating “The Andromeda Strain” (might win a war!) but clearly have the associated mitigation strategies of your average Sci-Fi cosplayer.

    And this is “the science” we’re supposed to “follow” and “respect”… as it kills thousands upon thousands in the name of safety. Don’t forget that EU has tracked greater than 7 thousands deaths related to this “vaccination” experiment.

  10. Questioning anything makes US the kooks. It’s pretty nuts.

    Never mind that we haven’t been wrong about any of this all. It keeps happening the way we say it will.

    How the government and the elite have any credibility is insane. It’s hard to believe anything out of a mouth of a politician.

    • Hi DC,

      The life insurance article is very good. Of course, you are asking non thinking people to think so I don’t believe they are going to comprehend the comparison to life insurance and how non deadly SARS2 is.

      I noticed another article on the site as well. http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/peace-and-prosperity/2021/may/21/dallas-schools-are-busing-students-to-coronavirus-vaccine-injection-sites/

      It is a little frightening when schools are busing kids to get jabs. I can’t remember a school district doing this for the measles or the chickenpox, or heck, even the flu shot.

      • “how non deadly SARS2 is”

        Perhaps this is also evidence about how non-deadly the past year was, in general?

      • When I was a boy (1950s), it was considered normal and necessary for all children to contract measles, mumps and chicken pox. Mothers would organize “chicken pox parties” to expose their children to other children who had an active case of chicken pox.

        We all survived. I never heard of adverse long term consequences of any of these diseases if contracted during childhood. OTOH, adults who did *not* contract these diseases as children were known to be at risk of serious consequences if they contracted them as adults.

        Mumps, for example, attacks the testicles of adult males, and is said to be very painful, whereas for children, it manifests mainly as swollen lymph nodes in the neck. My uncle contracted mumps while in the U.S. Army; he later fathered 4 children.

        OTOH, chicken pox is forever, and “comes out to play,” so to speak, later in life as “shingles.” My Mom had shingles twice; she said it was painful. But, it *does* go away, with no lasting consequences AFAIK.

        • I had a shingles breakout in my early thirties. My dermatologist cured it in a week. Largely by taking heavy brine baths. Which are a pain. Soap won’t make a bubble in heavy brine.

        • Hi turtle,
          I had all those childhood diseases and remember how the other moms in the neighborhood would bring their kids around to whoever had it so they could get it and be done with it. Was tough for adults as you mentioned, my dad never had chickenpox as a kid so when my sister got it he got it then and was in tough shape for a few days; I remember him staying in a really dark room because it made him super sensitive to light. Glad I had all those diseases back then, our pediatrician for my kids, an old timer doc, said those early diseases were a workout for your immune system. He was right about that because mine still works great, never a flu shot and certainly never the holy jab.

          • Yep, thanks for confirming.
            The *BIG* worry, as you no doubt recall, was polio, up until the Salk vaccine came along, because polio damage is forever. I did have an elementary school classmate who was condemned to wearing leg braces for the rest of hi life, due to polio. No baseball for him, ever.
            Very sad.

            We *did* get vaxxed for smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus & whooping cough. No issues whatsoever, for any of those.

            >never a flu shot and certainly never the holy jab.
            Ditto, here.

            • As an interesting exercise, I suggest looking up “DDT is good for me” videos on either YouTube, Rumble, or bitchute. Also consider how microcephaly from Zika coincided with certain chemical “dispersements.”

            • RE: “The *BIG* worry, as you no doubt recall, was polio, up until the Salk vaccine came along”

              There are a number of articles online which point out that polio was on the decline well before the vaccine was introduced.
              The vaccine likely was not effective and there are cases where it gave people the polio they sought to avoid.

              Lots of eyebrows should be raised anytime any vaccine enters a conversation, imho.

              • My mother’s cousin had a lifelong disability (effectively crippled, plus more) from the Polio vaccine- as did millions of others. Funny how the knowledge of that debacle seems to be fading from common knowledge……

                Of course, the vaccine and subsequent disappearance of Polio also coincided with the widespread improvement of sewage systems and clean water supplies.

                Just like how leprosy largely disappeared after the introduction of the leprosy vaccine… Oh..wait..there was no leprosy vaccine…….so at least they can’t claim that one!

    • Excellent! I noticed that our car insurance premium went down last year, and some companies were giving credits bc of less driving nationwide…it appears that the insurance industry was responding in as close to real time as possible.

  11. Not the most “devout” person around……but all I come up with is EVIL. I am long-enough in the tooth to have confidence in my assessment that there are powerful forces beyond us at play. I myself have been but a pawn, tempted by trivialities to do the bidding of evil (“scare” badges of uniforms, awards/decorations, “Airborne!”).
    Stir up the pot a little: http://voxday.blogspot.com/2021/05/skinsuits-for-satanists.html

  12. This is screwy- I was fully vaccinated when people ask (granted it was in 2002) and the current shot is not a vaccine, so I am telling the truth- but this spike protein spreading thing from those who have been shot in the arm recently is an issue….for an airplane flight I think I would probably wear a mask now, but not some BS useless blue one, but a spray painter mask possibly with goggles. I just feel like I need a sign that says “not for ‘rona'” or something on the mask. People would think I’m nuts again, but they did in jan of 2020 when I was buying preps. Some are predicting a death wave and the vers site seems to be supporting that starting

    • As crazy as it sounds, maybe the spike protein vax spread rumor is another backdoor way to push everyone into getting the jab…after all, then they would be “safe.”

      • I’m not sure how… that theory just makes me want me to stay away from those who have been shot up even more and certainly not get it. If they are correct, it is a suicide shot, but time will tell who is right. I have a mental list of people I am watching who have been shot up so I can see what happens to them

        • I’m thinking it’s the same logic that the vaxxed are using when they keep wearing speedos on their faces…but nothing makes sense any more.

  13. I just learned that my brother-in-law, who is in prison, took the jab upon significant coercion. There, they will not be letting those who don’t take the Anointing to have any visitors, and who knows how long that will last. He could serve the rest of his 4 years or so without ever seeing his family. There are numerous other privileges tied to the Jab as well. Sickening.

    It’s difficult to get anyone to care, of course, because “They’re prisoners! They have no rights!”. I disagree. Secondly, “EVERYONE should be vaccinated!”.

    What’s also a travesty is that, in that environment, likely everyone has been exposed to the ‘Rona by now. The Jab is nothing but a useless detriment to them (and perhaps to us all).

    • Right! Remember, when prisoners were being released bc “rona” might spread within the walls of the prison? (conveniently forgetting that the alleged spread would be made much worse by releasing them).

      Total BS. And I am sorry that your BIL is being manipulated and used in this way.

      • Thanks, Anon. And yes, I remember that. Lockdowns supposedly worked for the rest of us, and who was more “locked down” than those in prison?

        It’s all been made of contemptible BS. Eric, here, asks the right question, the question which those of us with any sense whatsoever have been asking. What is the impetus behind this? Especially within the private prison system. Who got the kick-back? Whose palms were greased, and why?

  14. Let’s also remember one thing: This scamdemic, along with “global warming” and “terrorism” are all aspects of the social-engineering processes being used to usher in “globalist governance”- a.k.a the NWO (“UFO”s/a supposed threat from outer-space will be the next and final psy-op).

    We may never truly come to know all of the nefarious purposes of these [non]vaccines -likely everything from delayed mass death, to mass ruination of health to make people even more dependent on the gov’t-pharma-medical complex, and or “priming” people to just casually accept any proffered ‘vaccine’ when required, to achieve some specific mass control or condition.

    And the fact that this is being done on a worldwide basis! The NWO- widely regarded as a “conspiracy theory” is being implemented right before our very eyes, while the majority of the world’s population not only fall for the lies and fairy tales used to establish this travesty, but actively embrace them. This has all come to pass in one generation- from the propagation of the obsession with outer space…to the fomenting of a universal collectivist mentality…to fear of the seasonal flu……

    I’m listening to a random video right now, which just mentioned that “As a response to the COVID pandemic, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are now holding their services on Zoom instead of at their Kingdom Halls”! -Ladies and gentlemen, this is how easily it can be done…..even getting an organization which has traditionally resisted government controls and forbids it’s members from voting, is now voluntarily jumping off of a cliff, without so much as a hint of resistance.

    • Although I read a lot of web sites, I rarely comment. EPAutos is an exception. It is small oases like this that help to provide a reality check and counterbalance to the constant drumbeat of propaganda and lies, that are even being carried by one’s close associates and (sometimes former) friends. I remember through the years occasionally having a feeling that something was afoot, but without obvious (to me) evidence, that feeling was easy to ignore or suppress.

      Not so any more.

      • “small oases like this that help to provide a reality check”
        Indeed. Male bovine organic fertilizer won’t float here. Eric’s audience IS capable of critical thought, and such is quickly disposed of through logic and reason.

    • People are cheering for this technocratic global company town where they will be cared for by others. Provided for by others. Well so they think. A century of conditioning and peoples that wouldn’t accept the company towns now want it, but not just for them of course, everyone has to be forced into it.

      Every time I get a chance I point out that the people who laughed at this whole thing being a “conspiracy theory” 15 years ago are now the ones cheering it on.

      It’s really rather sad.

      • Which is the purpose of the entire charade. To confiscate what wealth remains among the 99.9%, and deliver it to the 0.1%, and destroy private business. Putting us all to work in the company town (as in Amazon), living in company housing, and buying our goods in the company store, until the company decides we are no longer cost effective and sends us to the company crematorium.

          • Already being done. A number of States have made it legal to pulverize and liquify human remains, and either dump them in the sewer, or SPREAD THEM ON CROPLAND FOR FERTILIZER.

    • Nunzio,

      I think that the Holy Jab is definitely being used to usher in the Mark of the Beast. How so? Rev. 13 talks about how those who don’t have the mark won’t be able to buy or sell. What’s the stick being used here? If you don’t have the Holy Jab, then you can’t do things you used to do, go to places you used to go, etc. The Holy Jab is being used to train us to accept the mark when it’s offered.

      • I posted a link a few months back of an in-depth look at occult practices where he showed the Compliance Cloth is more like a wedding rehearsal, it’s preparing those of The Body to become and accept being the bride of Satan.
        A key part was, those taking part, Do Not need to know they are doing so.

        The real mark is yet to come.
        Or, so he wrote. …Pretty convincing stuff and supports your take on it.

      • Definitely, MM!
        This scamdemic is the perfect ruse to implement a non-transferable (implanted) identifier/record of personal & health data/tracker…. Imagine a “vaccine passport, in conjunction with all smartphone data, contact tracing, financial/payment infrastructure, all contained in one’s body….and all of the technology for it is now fully here and in use separately- so it’s just a matter of combining it all into one small unit, and now even the very pretext for doing so is upon us!

  15. Why the push? Power, control, money. And the last not just because of more jabs. If someone ends crippled because of the side-effects, it means treatments to attempt to counter those.

    What really makes me horrified (and makes my blood boil) is that they are pushing this into children. Heck, some places are even jabbing without parental consent. And TV shows for children are attempting to brainwash them into accepting the jab.

    My advice for anyone with children or teenagers: better sit down and talk with them!

    • “better sit down and talk with them!”

      Spoke to both of my boys. They know they are not to under any circumstances take a shot from anyone at their school. If there is even any talk about it they are to call me instantly. My wife says i’m crazy and that the school would never do that, but hey had i said 18 months ago that everyone would be wearing diapers on their faces happily while never visiting family and lining up to get themselves injected with an untested dna altering drug she would have called me theb crazy then as well.

      The ptb have declared that this jab must go into all. If free stuff like donuts, icecream, beer and lotteries don’t work they will get very creative. And forcing students to get jabbed while in school without their parent’s consent is something i expect will be on the table.

      • Hi Antilles,

        It is already here. Below is a list of states (there are about 5 that do not require parental consent for teenagers to get the jab). DC allows children 11 and older to give authorized consent.


        Here in VA, some schools have been hosting school based vaccine clinics for kids 12 and older. What is consent? A forged permission slip from said parent? An adult (the parent) being on the premises with the child? Etc. I don’t put anything pass the schools and “health care” industry in this day and age.

        I am just waiting for the next bomb to drop on the American public. I foresee a “vaccinate or no insurance for you” scenario arising shortly. Basically, they are going to lock us out of getting any type of medical treatment without having the “vaccine.”

        • Raider Girl,

          Short of catastrophic injuries after what i have witnessed in the last 14 or 15 months i have about as much faith in the health care industry as i have in politicians, news media and govt workers, which is to say none.

        • They can bring it on. I have already divorced the Medical Industrial Complex. They aren’t that good anyway. Every illness is a drug deficiency. It ignores the by far most important factor in health. Nutrition. If you don’t believe it, spend the night in a hospital and look at your breakfast tray. Mostly carbs, and not high value carbs at that.

          • Agreed, John. I don’t have a lot of confidence in health care, which is one of the reasons I don’t have health insurance. I much rather pay for what I use rather than a predetermined amount that ends up in the pockets of a billion dollar a year industry. I just do not like the pending possibility that anyone who needs a doctor or hospital will be unlikely to garner help, because of a fool vaccine requirement.

      • Antilles,

        Do your kids have their own phone and access to it at all times?

        (Genuine question, I’ve had nothing to do with the youth prisons and when I was there you had to use the teacher’s landline phone lol)

        • Yes,

          Against my better judgment and really had to be dragged kicking and screaming to allow it, but this is one time i am ok with them having them.

          • That is good. Rinse and repeat telling them that if they try to needle the kids, to get out and call you immediately. It’s conceivable the school nazis would allow NO PHONE CALLS , and say they need to go NOW.

            They’ll try to say “you can call your dad later, this will just take a second and you’ll get free ice cream” or some other carrot and/or stick. “Do you want to get detention???”

            They got someone close to me with a non-mRNA jab that way even though the person said they wouldn’t take it. I would say telling them once isn’t enough. Drill it into them and train them. This IS life and death.

      • Hi Antilles,

        Spot on! Heck, they might even attempt to (indirectly) use your boys’ friends to convince them to take the jab. Sort of peer pressure. Hopefully this doesn’t come this far…

        And regarding healthcare industry (which I would really call medical care industry), agreed! Nowadays, lots of doctors barely examine, they just want to push meds based only on labs and tests.

        • Marauder,

          It would take a hell of job convincing them. The 1 won’t take any shot ever. I even had a nurse ask me once if he is autistic, which he isn’t, he just won’t take shots. I would guess it would take about 6 or 7 to hold him down to get a shot into him if me or my wife weren’t there.

  16. There is something very sinister about all of this. I really don’t even want to consider the possibilities of this, but why else the massive rollout? We now have six states offering lottery winnings for people to get the jab, CVS is offering free vacations, colleges are offering free classes, etc. There has never been a time in history that has offered incentives to get a shot. In the old days (2019 and prior) if you did not get your vaccine it was on you. That was the risk that you took, but it was made by you as an individual.

    What concerns me is what happens when the incentives for money and free vacations stop and 30% of the population still refuse the jab. I believe things start to get ugly at that point.

    • RG, that is when they round up all the genetically original. You’ll be brought to a camp and presented with a final attempt to coerce you into becoming genetically modified, because you “can’t be released back into society” without it because you’re a danger to others. Refuse, and you will be shot and your remains will be dumped in an incinerator. There won’t even be a record of your death.

      My expected timeline: before year end. On New Year’s Eve, I told people I did not expect to be alive for the next one.

      People think I’m being facetious. I’m not.

      • Ugh! I definitely do not like your scenario, DC. Gut tells me you will posting in 2022. 🙂

        I would be suspicious if the government kept better records, but it is too hard to tie 328 million people down. Right now there is about 40% of us that have not (or will not) take the jab. One hundred and thirty one million people are too much for any country to try to dissolve of, especially by year end. Add to the factor that most of these 131 million have weaponry. Do they really want us that bad that they are willing to risk their own livelihoods? I don’t think so.

        They want easy to control sheeple. I don’t think the rest of us are worth the aggravation and time that it would take.

        • They don’t even have to round us up. Just cut us off from banking services. Which is why I fear a cashless economy more than COVID hysteria. Make a “misinformation” or “conspiracy theory” post on social media, and you no longer have any money. You can’t eat or sleep indoors any more. Even if your a “good” boy, your money is subject to negative interest rates, which would then be easy to collect. At whatever rate they so desire.

          • I am hoping this is where reading all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books kicks in. I can live like Little House on the Prairie, if necessary. 🙂

            It wasn’t too long ago that this country did not have a banking system, an electrical grid, or modern technology other than fire, rock, and wheel. We may have to go old school, but it isn’t a death sentence.

        • The 2nd class citizen rules are being set up. How long will it before we need to have a symbol sewed on our clothing?

          One thing is, this entire jab thing has been poorly managed and documented. That is likely something that can be useful if things get bad. Remember, they are only asking for the documentation. Search engines are your friend if you know what I mean, the people being so proud of their jabs helps too.

          • Hi Annoy-amous,

            I think their disorganization could be our saving grace. I highly anticipate vaccine passports to be the future in corporate (large cap) America, which will just create a Black Market to cover the basic needs of those that have no desire to have the jab, but still function in their own society. The Amish and Mennonites have been successful doing it. I noticed there has not been a caravan of shot centers in Lancaster or Holmes County. I actually read that the Amish population has doubled since 2000. Seems to be a good place to hide out until the craziness dies down.

  17. I read somewhere some people have come up with a clever response if anyone questions if you had the jab: Say: “I identify as a vaccinated person.” Maybe come up with a clever preferred pronoun; call me Vax.

    Use the Marxist Left own Orwellian speech back in their faces.

    • Hi Hans!

      I may have an opportunity to screw with Covidians this weekend – at Earth Fare. If they attempt to Diaper me, I will say: Praise Landru! Peace and Joy be Unto You! Then just walk away. I’m not going to dignify these Freaks with any attempt to engage in conversation.

      • If they were intellectually capable of real conversation, they would have figured it out by now, and they wouldn’t be pushing COVID hysteria.

      • Don’t do it, Eric! Go to Polyfarm and stock up on meat and other essentials. Help a fellow libertarian and not the mass produced diaper wearing conglomerates that are grocery stores.

        • I know, RG –

          You’re 100 percent right. But I need to get a chest freezer first otherwise it’s an issue keeping stuff at home. I’m working on that; hoping I can find a “dented” floor model at Lowes/HD soon!

      • Throughout this mess I’ve been posting science fiction references elsewhere. It seems nobody gets them.

        Guess once something gets past the censors it requires too much intelligence for the population at large to grasp.

        • Hey Brent!

          I absolutely love science fiction. That and horror… WIsh I had more time to read/watch this sort of thing. Much of my time, for better or worse, is spent with non-fiction, technical books, textbooks, etc. Can never stop learning in my position…

          But I think you’re right. The populace is growing less sophisticated and imaginative every day. Pretty soon, and I think this is a very real possibility, if not so already, science fiction will be considered “racist” or condemned in some other ridiculous way, simply because it provokes unconventional thought and imagination.

  18. Nobody with half a brain and the time to look into this beyond the radio propaganda and offers of free food for getting jabbed believes this is a good idea.

    I’ll be watching over the next decade, I think the population will be thinned pretty effectively by then.

    • Any time a sales pitch goes this hard, its time to walk away. Hopefully you yourself live for another decade, without their good graces.

  19. The mad push to get everyone jabbed is quite disturbing. The mad push to get children jabbed is horrifying. They don’t need the vaccine because the virus doesn’t make them sick, and even Saint Fauci has declared they ae not a significant transmission vector, so why are they so desperate to get them jabbed with an experimental vaccine that is not even FDA approved, and wouldn’t even qualify for Emergency Use Authorization if a number of other treatments hadn’t falsely maligned, or outright banned. EUA is only applied when there is no other effective treatment. Most often used for cancer drugs for terminal patients. Well there ARE other effective treatments, they just aren’t allowed, to keep the vaccine flowing.

  20. My son joined a local swim team. Last night was the parent meeting. Although the original announcement recruiting for the team was posted before the Gov lifted the “mask and social distancing mandates” (for those who believe the fairy tale that Gov’s can enact mandates on private individuals), I expected that since we’re talking about a swim team, in a chlorinated pool, for which practices and meets are conducted outside, that even the most hardline covidiot would relent in the hysteria. But no, this is not to be…those kids who are “not fully vaccinated” (including all kids under 12, as apparently the jab isn’t yet “available” for them so they can’t possibly be “fully vaccinated”) must wear masks in the pool deck area. Surprisingly they are allowed to take the masks off when swimming. Again, there is now no “mandate” requiring this idiocy, it is completely owned by the dunderheads running the team.

    Meanwhile, in the last month, two people close to me, an in-law and a longtime family friend, have died within 2-3 weeks of their 2nd jab.

    My son will NOT wear a mask and definitely will NOT receive a jab.

  21. ‘It makes no sense.’ — EP

    Not from our perspective. But here’s a different one:

    ‘Vice President Kamala Harris’s address to the graduating class of the United States Naval Academy … is expected to focus on some of the Biden administration’s most urgent challenges, like the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and a host of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats.’

    “The global pandemic has launched us into a new era. It has forever impacted our world,” Harris is expected to say, according to prepared remarks shared with The New York Times. “If we weren’t clear before, we know now: Our world is interconnected. Our world is interdependent. Our world is fragile.

    All three of Harris’s alleged dire threats involve some mix of exaggeration, outright fabrication, or lack of independent verification.

    Contrary to all history showing that the human drive toward progress and betterment is quite robust, politicians find it convenient to promote learned helplessness — only THEY can protect us from a scary, fragile world that’s out to get us.

    Why are lotteries proving so successful in promoting the Jab? Because in a dying empire with falling living standards, a desperate population will grasp at even the remotest chance to cadge a windfall.

    That’s the doing, of course, of our self-appointed [literally, in the case of Biden/Harris] political saviors, who are presiding over our slow-motion cultural destruction, even as they claim to be opposing it with all their might.

    That’s what they are paid to do. Who provides half the campaign funding of the Depublicrat uniparty?

    • Every single government is based on the premise that it has sole authority to kill you if you don’t go along. Sane people have no desire for such. Which means those that presume it aren’t sane. They’re psychopaths. If you vote, you are voting for a psychopath.

  22. I think Eric is right.

    Our globalist oppressors have made it very clear, a million times, in print, in interviews, in speeches, on monuments, that their desired human population is about 500 million people or so.

    I believe that COVID was a test run, designed to do two things: gauge the level of control the system would be able to exert, and to convince a skeptical group of humanity to “jab up” and do as you are told by the neo-shamans of the Priesthood of Medicine.

    Having accomplished that goal and the ongoing mass rush to get injected with a “key” protein, all it will take is a reagent to be released in the next year or two, which is much easier to control and engineer than a fully functional “gain of function” viral pathogen with a mortality rate of 99 percent or so.

    This will react with the already injected mRNA “vaccine” and activate the body’s own immune system to attack itself, burning the victim down in a cytokine storm.

    I’m not sure how a viral vector vaccine like the Johnson and Johnson variant would respond. If I were forced at gunpoint to accept one, that would be the one, if only because it seems to work in the same manner legitimate vaccines do.

    Regardless, I honestly think you are seeing the set up for the Great Culling.

    • The Deagal Forecast hit too close to home for me. Yes, they have been wrong in years prior and honestly, I hope they are wrong this time as well, but how else do you explain a 70% drop in the US population, which also coincides with a 70% vaccinated public? It really is just too eerie. No other countries are hit as hard as the USSA, although the UK is up there (another pusher of the “vaccine”. The countries that are currently promoting the vaccines have the largest population decreases. Reviewing the chart Mexico, India, Tanzania, and anywhere in South America are looking pretty inviting at this point.


      • They all have governments. Which can turn into monsters in a heartbeat. Besides, how am I going to haul all this Gold there. Will the US Psychopaths In Charge even let me. Dollars aren’t going to account for anything much longer.

    • Hey Anti Federalist!

      How are things at the Ron Paul Forums? I haven’t visited in quite some time. Been hanging out here.

      Anyway, don’t worry about the Johnson and Johnson jab being any different. The adenoviral vector is just that, a vehicle for carrying much the same mRNA into the cell, rather than the fully artificial nanoparticles others use.

      The only up-and-coming vaccine that uses traditional methods is Novavax, and for some reason, they still haven’t released that one. Also, it might behoove those making a genuine vaccine for the ‘Rona to use something other than the spike protein as a target, as it appears to be deleterious on its own.

      Nice to hear from ya!

      • Supposedly, China’s vaccine is of more conventional construction, but Hell will freeze over long before we see it here.

    • AF,

      I did a little research in to the J&J jab, and the adenovirus (or whatever it’s called) is just a more covert method of delivering genetic material in to your cells; rather than the mRNA going in to your cells direct, it uses the virus vector to HIDE the genetic material.

      The only jab I’d take at gunpoint (and this would be contingent upon availability) would be Covaxin, which is a classic vaccine; that is, it introduces a weakened version of COVID to your system. Covaxin is put out by India’s Bharat Biotech, and Bharat is partnered with PA based Occugen. I don’t know if I’d trust Covaxin much over our shots because: 1) like our shots, it was rushed; 2) Occugen does research in to mRNA substances to cure eyesight problems; 3) India was experiencing DECLINING COVID deaths (thanks to Ivermectin and HCQ), UNTIL their population started getting vaccinated. Once the COVID shots rolled out in India, not only did deaths increase; they shot up exponentailly! I mean, the curve went almost straight up after India did its COVID vaccine rollout.

      • Hi Mark,

        If they point guns at us, to force us – using the threat of murderous violence – to submit to a violation of our bodies that could result in our crippling or death (the “chances” are irrelevant, the issue is their violation of the sanctity of our bodies) then we have every right to defend ourselves using any means necessary. I do not say this lightly, but I do say it seriously. I pray this sickness does not result in such an eventuality. I desperately want only to be left in peace. I harm none. But if that is not enough to be left in peace, then may god damn them – and I will do what I am forced to do.

  23. Follow the money

    Every few days more info comes out proving to me EVERYTHING we are being sold has been a lie

    The trials for Pfizer did not test for covid. If they had, they never would have received EUA.
    These vaccines simply aren’t
    So what are they?

    In many countries increased shots = increased covid
    How can this be if the shot works?

    CEOs are pushing booster shots, not the researchers

    Estimated 50% of adults are cross immune, making a shot unnecessary

    Non pharmaceutical interventions don’t work
    Lockdowns don’t work
    Why are they mandated?

    Who benefits?

  24. There are problems with the conclusion in my mind because of mass incompetence, and that would be one hell of a secret. I guess we’ll find out in the years ahead. All manner of conspiracy theories are indeed difficult to disprove because everyone knows how mainstream sources lie or distort the truth. And they control the narrative for the sheeple. Meanwhile, those awake to the propaganda are susceptible to a whole cornucopia of pessimism porn or conspiracy.

    • Zach, they’ve been bragging about/discussing/plotting out in the open for decades. They’ve been planning mass depopulation/mass murder, and totalitarian control for longer than I have been alive.

      The key is to keep the majority of people distracted with media, formerly radio/TV/cinema, now the ubiquitous smartgadget. There is always something more fun/interesting/entertaining to look at and avoid thinking about the reality. There is also the Hollywood villain/supervillain, which amazingly is always defeated easily by the “good guys” which imparts the massoge,”Why worry? We can kick their ass…”

      So to answer your point, there is no competence necessary, just control the narrative and openly admit and downplay what you’re doing. This is evil- recognize it.

      • Ernie,

        I forget exactly how Alex Jones put it, but TPTB have this metaphysical thing (a point of honor, perhaps?) where they have to TELL you what they’re going to do; then, when they do it, you can’t say you weren’t warned. AJ has also said that, because these psychos are real criminals, they can’t help but bragging about what they’re doing; they have to brag about how they “pulled one over” on us.

        • I have heard something similar – that the psychopaths behind all of this need you to know and then willingly accept their terms, whether it be the diaper, jab, or anything else. There is plenty of information available from CDC, FDA, NIH, JHU, and many other sources in the US and around the world that provide the truth…then the talking heads proceed to tell you that’s NOT what it really means, etc.

          Just like Satan said to Eve after God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree, “Hath God really said that?”

    • “those awake to the propaganda are susceptible to a whole cornucopia of pessimism porn or conspiracy.”
      Rather that than bald faced lies from the Psychopaths In Charge. Given the opportunity, truth will win out, eventually.
      Truth can easily withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. It neither needs, desires, nor requires protection by censorship. LIES DO!!!


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