What About These “Cases”?

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We’ve been hearing – because it’s hard to avoid hearing about –  the cases! the CASES! since last spring, endlessly. Most of these “cases” being nothing more fearsome than “cases” of positive tests.

How about deaths?

Not those attributed to the ‘Rona – but those which can just as plausibly by attributed to the “vaccine” for the ‘Rona?

So far it is at least 3,005 in the United States alone – a 9/11 level-level death toll. This this according to the Holy CDC, whose “science” cannot be gainsaid  . . . when it conforms with Holy Writ.

This is not a small number, even relative to the number of people who are still alive in the United States. What would the reaction of the government be if there were that many deaths plausibly attributable to, say, a certain brand of cough medicine?

Do you suppose it would still be on the shelves?

How about a car that killed even 10 percent of that number? Would it still be for sale?

The infamously exploding Ford Pinto of the ’70s and the infamously rolling-over Ford Explorer of the ’90s caused fewer deaths combined – over several years – than the number of deaths so far from the “cure’ for the ‘Rona.

Just since December.

It is also a significant number in that a distressing number of the now-dead were not elderly/already very sick people – i.e., they were healthy, until they got the “vaccine.” How is this any less of a threat than the ‘Rona itself? Indeed, why is it not considered a greater threat, given the ‘Rona presents almost no threat at all – the “case” of a sickness that has a recovery rate of 99.8-something percent for otherwise healthy and not-elderly adults?

A healthy person, put more finely, may be more likely to die from the “cure” than from the disease.

And why is this treated with such indifference?

Both questions prompt some ugly answers. Or at least, they ought to.

If “public health” is in fact the motivating reason for such things as Face Diapering – a “practice” of extremely iff value if the wearer is sick, in terms of “stopping the spread” – since they are at best a partial palliative in terms of preventing viral material from escaping the mouth/nose of the wearer – and of zero value, if the person is not sick – then why the turgid, even fanatic insistence on the wearing by the healthy while so blase about the threat of injecting the healthy?

Why is the public not being told – with the same frantic hectoring about the cases! the CASES! – that this “vaccine” is not an immunization but rather a symptom-suppressor?

Why are people not being told that it is experimental?

That it has not been tested on people prior to injecting people with it – and for that reason no one knows what the effects on people may prove to be – and for that reason it is something advisable to take only in extremis – as is the case with any other radical, experimental treatment?

As in the case of people with actual terminal illnesses facing almost-certain death as the alternative?

As opposed to the slight risk of catching an almost-always mild sickness?

Is it not reasonable – because logical – to infer that if at least 3,005 people in the U.S. alone (and more than 10,000 of them, worldwide) have died after having received their infusion of whatever-it-is, that there is good reason to be concerned about how many more may die?

Yet the government is not concerned at all.

Well, about all these “cases.” .

Most of the country was “locked down” on the basis of assertions about bodies stacking up that proved to be grossly – grotesquely – exaggerated. In my state (VA) the Gesundheitsfuhrer issued a befehl – an order – forbidding businesses to remain open and threatening people who left their homes – on the basis of fewer bodies stacking up than have already stacked up due to – or at least, plausibly due to – the “cure” for the ‘Rona.

More bodies – as opposed to “cases” – are likely to actually stack up, too.

At the every least, this is as reasonable a projection as those made in justification of the “lock downs,” then and ongoing.

Yet there are no “lockdowns” of the Jab Centers, no public service announcements urging people to “practice” due diligence as regards the infusion of the Holy Waters (and whatever else is mingled with the Holy Waters).

A reasonable person might be tempted to ask: What are they up to?

And the answer to that question is of great concern – or at least, it ought to be.

. . .

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  1. “Cases” is just a mere combination of cold/flu/pneumonia to which the scoundrels and terrorists issued a new label “COVID” using the lab tool PCR.

    I’ve made this simple matrix – back in April 2020 – to show my fellow modern slaves how the scam & fraud OPERATION COVIDIUS was being deployed.


    Clearly that soccer player understood it! After that post he NEVER got a “positive” PCR ever again.

  2. Weren’t Takata airbags recalled after killing 11 people? Every sperm was sacred then, but vaccines* have become the leading cause of coincidences. Also consider that just 1% of adverse vaccine reactions are reported to VAERS, so the real number of deaths is likely to be much higher. Just as the real number of “covid” deaths is in fact far lower than what’s reported. Just 6% of deaths in people “presumed” to have died of covid-1984 died without co-morbidities. So take 94% off the top of the death count. Then take another 99% off of what’s left, because 99% of PCR “positives” at 40 Ct are false. Virtually no one has died of covid, and since flu cases are down 99.9953% (39 million to 1800), I don’t think “covid” even exists. It’s the flu identifying as a coronavirus to be popular with the cool kids.

    *Technically they’re experimental gene therapy, not vaccines.

    • Pretty much… “COVID” is the necessary NEW SOUND/LABEL They needed to deploy in order to SCARE the crap out of the Herds of moron modern slaves. It WORKED.

      the label “COVID” replaced the PNEUMONIA (they always use pneumonia to deploy “pandemics”) so indeed all cold/flu/pneumonia are since Jan2020 labelled “COVID” so no wonder there are none of those around.

      The FUN/PROFIT part is that even without flu cases they still deployed the flu jab!

  3. And now people who got vaccinated are starting to come down with Herpes Zoster – otherwise known as Shingles. It is incredibly painful and can leave lasting nerve damage. We just don’t really know what the long term effects of the vaccine are.

  4. After fighting off slavery for thousands of years, did we really do it because we wanted freedom, or was slavery back then simply too “inconvenient”? Honestly, I think that if we were locked up in small mansions and castles, and had everything delivered to us by our masters and other slaves (kinda like NOW), history may have taken a different turn.

  5. I recall the Swine Flu “epidemic” of ’76, in which I was vaccinated, along with my classmates, late in the Spring term. We weren’t given a “choice”, the school district said either we kids got it or we were disenrolled. I’d just turned 17, finishing my junior year at Lake Howell (gets) High School. Didn’t suffer any ill effects, a few of my classmates did. No one got the dreaded Gullian-Barre syndrome that I’m aware of. This over a flu outbreak that started at Fort Dix NJ, killed ONE Army private and hospitalized 13.


    The perceived bureaucratic screwup is one of the reasons blamed for Jerry Ford’s failed bid to retain the White House in ’76. I realize that the US population has increased by better than 50% since then, but what would have happened if some 2,000 persons vaccinated had perished then? It’s amazing how the PTB keep saying, “Don’t worry! It’s “SAFE”! Nothing to see here, move along, get the “Jab”, or you’ll be “locked down”!

    • Douglas,

      “I recall the Swine Flu “epidemic” of ’76, in which I was vaccinated, along with my classmates, late in the Spring term. We weren’t given a “choice”, the school district said either we kids got it or we were disenrolled. I’d just turned 17, finishing my junior year at Lake Howell (gets) High School. Didn’t suffer any ill effects, a few of my classmates did.”

      My military high school did the same.

      Out of 400 or so students only a dozen at most didn’t get sick. They were allowed to go home.

      Classes were canceled. No marching to the mess hall. The small hospital on campus was overrun.

      It was a very smelly couple of weeks in the barracks.

      My question to you Douglas, do you remember what kind of shot you received?

      Was it a needle and syringe?

      Since we were actually “in” the army, JROTC, we got the shot with a mini paintball looking contraption.

      Actual regular army medics did the deed. People we had never met before.

      They started marching us into the gym, two abreast alphabetically after breakfast. By noon the entire corps of cadets received the vaccination.

      Many couldn’t control their bodily functions, but each and every one of us had a brand new DD FORM something or other. Just like the one my dad, the colonel, kept in his passport.

      I was so proud. Then I got really sick.

      • I don’t know WHICH vaccine it was (c’mon, man, does a high school kid even ask about such details? Just trust that creepy Senator guy from Delaware sniffing your g/f’s hair…). I do recall it was one of those spray guns that was touted as being “painless” (it wasn’t, it hurt like a sonofabitch, but being of that age where “machismo” mattered, not only didn’t acknowledge any pain, made sure to not flinch or wince). As I said, relatively few kids were even noted as getting any reaction at all. Then again, FLORIDA, I think we got it in March or April, we’re always OUTSIDE, which, in retrospect, may of itself have given as much protection from the “Ms. Piggy’s Flu” as any vaccination.

        Good thing the “Looney Tunes” gang didn’t actually freak out and do in Porky!

  6. Oscar Canas, 19, was found unresponsive shortly after 5 a.m…

    …Canas had been an inmate at the Garfield County Jail for 201 days.

    “As an inmate, Mr. Canas was offered the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19 on April 15, 2021. He received his vaccination,” the release states.

    19 YO kid dies after receiving COVID vaccine not quite as snappy a headline I guess.


  7. I think there are two reasons for unleashing the wuhan and subsequent mass inoculations with the experimental mRNA “vaccine”. Population reduction and global control of humanity.

    Population reduction in the near term through increased deaths from the wuhan and “variants”, deadly reactions from the “vaccine”, and increased rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide caused by lockdowns, unemployment and social isolation. Then longer term population reduction through lower birth rates caused by sterility and lower fertility rates caused from a designed “side effect” from the mRNA injections.

    Control of the population by using the “vaccine” as a tag (a global social security number) along with AI based facial recognition to create a global identity system to be used initially for “vaccine passports” necessary for entry into public areas and travel, and ultimately for entry into the “global economic reset” where digital currencies controlled by central banks and acceptable “social scores” (being sufficiently “woke”) will be required for all economic activities (to buy or sell).

    Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and gun ownership will all be under attack by the government/corporate/media elites and their “woke” foot soldiers as the move toward technocratic tyranny accelerates.

    • I agree, Griff –

      You’ve summarized “the agenda” neatly. Get them (us) the “vaccination” push is being done in order to establish the foundation for the digital panopticon. To marginalize and then exclude refuseniks, while controlling everyone else. This is why I’ve been so fervent about not Diapering. It is the foundation for “vaccination” …

      • Hello Eric,

        The “Great reset” agenda is the reason the global/government/media elite are flooding the border with illegals, stoking racial hatred, driving identity politics, fracturing civil society, continually attacking the historical and cultural foundations of the country and hate, vilify and fear Trump. Trump is a nationalist. “Make America Great Again” terrifies globalists. Nationalism, the love of country, it’s culture, history and traditions, is the only political force strong enough to defeat the global agenda.

    • I hadn’t noticed. Too busy living and breathing, willfully ignoring the “mandates,” “orders,” and “lockdowns” in favor of simple human dignity.

      Although I do admit it is sometimes hard to do.

    • The more reports that come out of places like Mississippi and Texas of falling infection rates as diaper mandates are removed the more the ptb are going to attempt to rachet up the cases/variants! fear porn. Only this time it seems to not be working very well. When people who would have recoiled in horor at my undaipered face on the elevator 4 months ago now say screw it “i’m vaccinated” you know the ptb are losing ground. Many people were willing to go along with the kabuki till a vax was available. Now they don’t seem as willing as the past 12 months to allow the goalposts to be moved again.

    • Well, with only around 35% of the population getting the vax, you don’t think that they are just going to give up do you? Their goal is to have EVERYONE vaccinated. Fauci said from the start that this was going into 2022 and he’ll keep it going at least until then. Then, as Gates has said, if this round doesn’t work the next one will be even better.

  8. So the mRNA genetic manipulation injection has begun approaching killing as many folks as 9/11. Quite a sad marker that TPTB have decided to ignore. Too bad as much hysteria is not played here as it was back then to give away our rights.

    • Imagine how many vaccine deaths there would be if the same protocol used to assign cause of death as COVID for the last year were used regarding vaccines. Instead of being assigned by the exact opposite protocol from COVID.

  9. ‘the most hated company in the United States’ — RK

    Numerous rankings exist. But the common theme over the years is cable companies, telcos, banks and airlines (plus Facebook, in the past decade).

    And yes, I do hate their sorry asses, each and every one of them.

    Death to the telcos!

  10. What are they up to?

    I’m going to stray a bit from the conspiracy theories about microchips and gene therapy and the like and just say this, which Occam’s razor tells me makes the most sense:

    Having promoted and instigated panic and fear worldwide over a single mundane election for a politician that they found aesthetically distasteful but whom they could not beat “fair and square”, they found their panic and fear campaign to be wildly – overly – successful. So much so that the panic and fear gained a life of its own and could not be turned down easily, what with the death count tickers and masking orders and sheep eager to prove how virtuous their fear could be. These guys literally took a slightly more dangerous flu bug and turned it into something bigger and badder than it really was and the people embraced the idea whole-heartedly.

    So the powers that be realized that only way they could end the out of control hysteria would be to introduce an exogenous counterpoint to the original antecedent of the panic. They couldn’t just say, “OK, everyone has caught it now, you’re immune! It’s over!” because that would make them look like liars. Or unserious. No, a “VACCINE!” was needed!

    But much like there is no cure for the common cold, which most people overcome and survive just fine, there thus far is no real cure or vaccine for Covid-19, or at least one that could be discovered and reliably rolled out quickly, much less on a conservative and prudent multi-year timeline of testing and observation. SO THEY JUST THREW SOMETHING TOGETHER AND CALLED IT A ‘VACCINE’! As noted elsewhere, it’s not a vaccine. It’s a prophylactic treatment for symptoms. In many people it makes the symptoms less severe, but in other people it has no effect or, even worse, the contents of the vaccine itself sicken or kill the recipient, which is what is happening more and more frequently now.

    The point of the “vaccine’ is just to start calming the panic without admitting it was overblown.

    Just like the powers that be had no compunction exaggerating the original toll of the original virus, they have no compunction now minimizing and hiding the toll of the “cure”. So what if expendable people die after getting injected? The greater good says that the original panic-narrative worked and the election was won so now that narrative has to be wound down so that a new narrative can begin.

    None of it is real. Not the scale of the original “pandemic” (which was a real virus, but a fake crisis). Not the “vaccine”. It’s all political narratives that use the people as props.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

    • You assume a lot. I, for one, don’t even believe that convid is a naturally occurring pathogen. The narrative actually makes more sense if you assume it isn’t. And why, if the purpose of the jab is merely to calm down and save face, so to speak, is there such a push to make everyone get the jab?

      Also, re: US Election hypothesis – search for Oct. 2019 Event 201. This is so much bigger than what is happening in the US.

    • The problem being with your evaluation is that this male bovine organic fertilizer has gone world wide. Since the result is likely to intimate the cause, I would suspect it has far more to do with the eminent collapse of the western fiat currency and debt based economy, which was evident in 1999. All during this psyop, there is one common thread. What wealth remains among the 99.9% is being extracted and delivered to the 0.1%. Private businesses are being destroyed, while corporate businesses thrive. Private assets are in distress, which the 0.1% buy up for pennies on the dollar, or simply foreclose on them. Add the threat of the “great reset” and it appears this is a bank cartel project to maintain the lifestyles of the rich and famous among their cohorts in the 0.1% while the economy burns. Any Trump effect is a byproduct. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if not for the fact that nearly all the 0.1% are outright evil. They did not acquire their position by being ethical and moral human beings. They are sadistic psychopathic monsters that truly delight in our pain. Because we are their inferiors, we deserve no less, or more, depending on your point of view.

      • I don’t know what the plan is. Sometimes I have to wonder if there even is a plan.

        But what I see coming is millions entirely tapped out by the ‘Rona circus, standing on the precipice of destitution and eventual homelessness. The perfect time to have Daddy Gov swoop in and offer a version of Brave New World to the masses that probably have not read it. All it will cost is what is left of your assets, what is left of your freedom and your soul.

        NO RESPONSIBILITIES AND FREE STUFF, sign here, __________________________

        The lines to sign up will be epic. Few will question exactly what they will be getting for “free”.

        • Worse yet, every one of them will think they can game the system. They will think that “I have an angle- I’ll keep mine”.

          So very few realize the extent of the police state, the tyranny, the gulag without boundaries which has been erected around them. The still support the police and think they can vote themselves free next time.

          The modern electronic gulag is hell on earth. But it is only perceived when you attempt to resist it- don’t pay a tax or an outrageous child support, or say something dangerous to the system. Then you will have your red pill/blue pill moment, and it will be too late but to die on your feet rather than your knees.

      • Ding ding ding, Mr. Kable. That’s exactly it. Removing OM was just the cherry on top for them. Having us serfs eat the brunt of the currency collapse is exactly what has happened.

  11. Our church has been meeting in person since late last spring, with diapers optional. Very few diaper. Those that do tried to make others do so at first, then make diapers “available” at the front lobby (I doubt anyone would take one, since undiapered and diapered alike should feel perfectly at home), then even a “sign-up sheet” was floated. I protested each idea, especially the latter, because a church should be a place of open doors for any and all who wish to enter. Having a sign up sheet to make a reservation or even to identify oneself destroys this vital purpose, and reduces the church to nothing more than an exclusive social club. The idea was mercifully nixed when wisdom prevailed.

    For nearly a year, we haven’t had to “shut down” due to the convid nonsense. Recently, we had a special service and a respected elderly man and his wife were guests of honor. A couple of days later, we learn that both had “lost sense of taste and smell” and (you guessed it!) tested positive for convid. So we cancelled midweek service and Sunday was outside (via radio broadcast). No one was to be allowed into the building. When I received a call about this a few days prior, I told our new pastor’s wife (who had called us) that I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing where we continually disrupt worship every time someone gets sick or the sniffles. Even if convid was really a threat, our church has already posted signs advising (reminding) all who enter that “there is an inherent risk of sickness every time people gather” (this was done for liability purposes, to make some people feel better about the undiapering). Why aren’t we sticking to that simple truth that all of life involves risk and continuing to meet in person, in accordance with Biblical imperatives? I am very interested to see what happens this week.

    I also wonder if the elderly guest and wife didn’t recently receive the jab, maybe that was the cause of their symptoms/results. NO ONE ELSE IS SICK.

    • When you consider how likely it is that their symptoms are psychosomatic and brought on by intense stress and fear, and how those test results are basically a lottery, there’s no sense at all to be made of it. Best not to bother trying to justify their lies for them lol. This shit sucks.

      • I believe they had some kind of symptoms, but the cause is undetermined in my view. Could have just been seasonal allergies. Psychosomatic is a good point. Of course the PCR is not a “test” for illness or infection, and the fact that both “tested” positive is consistent with anecdotes about those who get the jab suddenly “testing positive”.

        I hate the fact that after a year of applying wisdom and resisting the foolishness, we caved. Even a little bit is a problem. I’m concerned that there is not a good way out once we let the camel’s nose in under the tent, and that every time someone gets a sniffle they will feel obligated (as perhaps this couple did) to get “tested” – with all the ramifications of the “result.”

        • I’m letting go of any pastor who doesn’t yet see through the deception. A pastor at a friend’s church told the congregation that if no one gets sick, they’d be able to have an Easter service. That’s the kind of preacher who needs to be let go, or non-Satan-worshipers need to leave a congregation like that.

      • Hi Moose,

        Indeed. The psychological conditioning is so great that many people will now freak out if they feel a cold coming on, get the sniffles. It must the ‘Rona! I am going to die! I was at Lowes a couple of months ago- Undiapered, of course. At the checkout line, someone in the rear sneezed. The people in line all froze and got bug-eyed.


        • Fear is a good thing. It encourages us to avoid truly dangerous situations. Until it becomes the driving force in one’s life. Living in fear is not living, its reacting, constantly, to any thing that entails any risk whatsoever. Which includes stepping out of your shower.

    • “Why aren’t we sticking to that simple truth that all of life involves risk and continuing to meet in person, in accordance with Biblical imperatives?”

      Simple: because RISK itself can no longer be tolerated. Welcome to the “trans-humanism” era!

      • Kind of weird when you think about it – who is responsible for doing the “tolerating”? I always thought it was up to the individual…

    • Got an update – elderly couple is fine. Quick hospital visit for some kind of heart issue, but everybody is fine and resting at home now. No church this week. The answer I was given was that “we need to be sure no one else is going to get sick…” It’s been over a week.

  12. It matters not. The sheeple have no principles and they do not question “official” sources. Therefore, the state/media assertion that there have been 500K excess deaths in 2020 will go unchallenged. And honestly what do we have? Anecdotes that there have not been that many excess deaths.

  13. “How about a car that killed even 10 percent of that number? Would it still be for sale?” I think Elon Musk is working on this. But of course his car will still be for sale.

  14. Can you imagine the death toll of the vaccine if the same protocol used to define a COVID death was used to define vaccine death? In fact, the standard for assigning cause of death to the vaccine is more restrictive than what were previously normal standards. Exactly the opposite of what’s being done regarding COVID as the cause. Doing every statistical thing possible to PREVENT the vaccine being assigned as the cause. I suspect that such would PROVE the latest and greatest cure to be worse than the disease.
    A thing I am becoming more concerned about than I previously was is the wild enthusiasm of very local agencies in promoting as many vaccinations as possible. In the nearby college town, even churches are getting in the game. Apparently there is no thought involved. It’s become a sporting event. One that locally so far is being won by the “hesitant”. Local MSM is constantly harping about all the vaccine appointments being unfilled.

      • Of course, but you would think there would a few unwilling to participate in such immoral behavior, and speak out. A local church officer for example. I suppose there may be, but the local MSM is just not reporting it. It’s getting down right spooky I tell ya.

          • Hatt, thank you for linking this article. I’ve always felt that the Rapture teaching was pretty hideous, especially coming from Christians, who are supposed to love and give hope to people. The Rapture theory is an escape fantasy where ‘good christians’ get taken away, and then severe persecution commences for those left behind. It’s an ugly, Godless thing, in my thinking. I’m sick of it.

            I’m also sadly aware of Christians who happily mask up and take selfies, post to Twitter, publically and proudly documenting their compliance. Blecch! And blecch to Franklin Graham.

            • Snapdragon, (Nunz),

              “ The Rapture theory is an escape fantasy where ‘good christians’ get taken away, and then severe persecution commences for those left behind. ”

              I have a very good friend who is an eschatological.

              We’ve had numerous discussions about this. He maintains that is some future event yet to happen.

              I maintain that IF what he believes is true, the second coming of Christ happened long ago.

              I say Jesus came and picked up the 8 people on the planet that fit the description. And left long ago without any fanfare.

              Those left behind are enduring what you mention. What we are living today.

              Unless it is still paranoia when they really are out to get you.

    • I am encouraging everyone who expresses interest in getting it, to get the jab.

      If they want it, I suggest several, from multiple manufacturers, might be a good idea, just to be sure.

      Anyone who can’t recognize I am not serious and that I am mocking them, won’t be missed.

      Let’s clean the pool.

  15. Whatever happened to informed consent? How many of these human lab rats dutifully lining up for this would continue in that capacity if they were given, say, a two minute tutorial on the risks and a sheet with maybe 10 simple bullet points (just off the top of my head):

    1) The FDA granted only EUA, based on limited test data done by the manufacturers; that the FDA does not independently test for safety or efficacy; 2) the FAA once relied upon Boeing to say, trust us, it’s safe, for the 737 Max; 3) mRNA therapies have never been shown effective in humans or previously approved for use, in about 15 years of trying; 4) previous coronavirus vaccination attempts for SARS 1 and MERS failed, because they were killing the lab animals; 5) PEG (polyethylene glycol) is a polymer of ethylene glycol, the stuff used in automotive antifreeze, and it constitutes most of the mRNA capsule used in these vaccines; 6) No long term effects of this are known or knowable; 7) that you have a higher risk of an adverse effect from the vaccine than of dying from covid; 8) the jab won’t stop transmissibility if you get infected, but might at best lessen the severity of symptoms; 9) Once you inject this, whatever happens can’t be reversed; 10) the 95% efficacy is based on 150 people and is thus grossly overstated.

    • In my early twenties, I engaged in considerable experimentation with psychotropic illegal drugs. But I NEVER stuck a needle in my arm, for the very reason that you can’t puke up, cough up, or otherwise expel a drug injected. Even young, stupid, and drug addled I had enough sense to make such decision.
      I read an article just yesterday, I forget where, stating that the reason that no animal studies were done on these vaccines is that because every other time an mRNA vaccine has been tested on animals, they all died. Everyone of them. Its not looking good. And guess what all those vaccine deaths will be blamed on. Why the “variants” of course. Isn’t it interesting the amount of “Newspeak” we are getting. Mutations are now “variants”. I suppose some focus group determined that “variant” was more scary than “mutation”.

  16. Falsi’s been doing some verbal gymnastics lately. He knows that these gene therapies aren’t vaccines per the traditional definition and that they’re likely to create, among many adverse reactions up to and including death, the very thing diapers purportedly but not actually protect “others” from, asymptomatic carriers. So everyone needs to get gene therapied and stay diapered. Every so often and forever. This seems to be causing consternation in some of the I’ll do anything, even play Russian roulette, to get back to normal crowd. Time will tell. I’m hoping this scam breaks down under the weight of all of its contradictions. The sooner the better.

    • It’s interesting, Hat, that the recipients of this potion have yet to granted the restoration of freedom they believe they were promised/owed – still diapered, still restricted, still can’t really travel or cruise or attend sporting events en masse. Nor will they. The little Fauci twerp is still out there shouting about how we can’t talk about freedoms, rights, and human dignity with all these deaths still going on.

      They’ll keep it all in place through the summer, just in time for the new respiratory virus season to begin, and just in time for variants to dominate the case count. So booster jabs will carry the day, but without any meaningful pullback of the restrictions.

      I have little hope the sheep will suddenly get it. The scam will continue, the question is whether anything will be done to combat it. I submit not.

      • I saw a TeeVee commercial from Google, it had a search bar with terms something like: ‘masked family gatherings’ and ‘masked while outside having fun’. Then a cursor erased the word ‘masked’ and left the rest. A follow-up caption said something like, ‘as soon as everyone gets vaccinated, we can get those back’. Or, some such wording.

        A big fat bit of old fashioned ‘mothering’ is what that was.
        Similar to when a employer says, ‘We’ll pay you next month, if you keep working for us’, then they say the same thing again and again as the weeks go by unpaid.
        It’s simply amazing that people keep falling for this sane stupid, ‘Lucy and the football kick-off with Charlie Brown’, sheet.

        Mothering. A quick online search and I can’t find any definitions for the term mothering. Hmm.

        One kind of example might be a twist of the Popeye character Wimpy, “We’ll gladly take your money for a hamburger today, in exchange for a promise of a hamburger, tomorrow.”
        Tomorrow never comes, but the offer to take the money does, as does another promise never meant to be fulfilled.

  17. What are they up to?
    *They* liberals, academia and Marxists, China and the deep state want to curb the population. It 3-5 years there will be a spike in cancers from reprogramming your cell structure via the vaccine. We will have less people on social security, medicare and all the other age programs doled out to save the USA from bankruptcy. Remember Obama who said the would rather give granny the death pill rather than an operation. The Marxist will safe the planet by having less white privileged old people on the planet. China will have a baby boom and in 15 years field a 10-million man army. This is what they are up to.

  18. Eric,

    “ A reasonable person might be tempted to ask: What are they up to?

    And the answer to that question is of great concern – or at least, it ought to be.”

    The answer is easy. Genetically Modified People.

    The wet dream of Eugenicists from Margaret Sanger to little mouse with the big head who answers, “Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world”.

  19. Not enough people pay attention to matter. The selected officials defer to the experts, the experts are so specialized that they fail to see past the end of their nose. What’s the death rate from the annual flu vaccines? Is the COVID vaccine death rate similar? Does the vaccine death rate department compare notes with the infectious disease death rate department? Meanwhile the population has their own specialization problems, trained to believe they’re unable to comprehend even the most simple math, or obvious medical procedures.

    I work for a giant faceless corporation. One that celebrated the fact that we went from being the most hated company in the United States to the 3rd from the bottom (look it up, someone has to be last and for decades it was us). From what I can tell, the bureaucracy is a being unto itself. It achieved sentience through the failures of thousands of individuals, levered up through hundreds of processes and procedures, many of which are purely as a defensive maneuver to prevent other departments from achieving their goals. The bureaucracy interacts with other bureaucracies, each of which are also slaves to the process. And of course there are thousands of people who can say “no” but none who can say “yes.” When your only tool is a hammer, everything is a nail.

    • This is why “too big to fail” is such a risible concept. More like “so big it can’t help but fail sooner or later.”

      If only there were a way to make money in my line of work outside the corporatocracy.

      Perhaps I should start busking or something…

      • Hi Publius,

        Corporations can do big things – literally- because they are big. They bring big resources, financial and otherwise, to bear. But they have several downsides, both economic and moral. Their scale is problematic in terms of maintaining the important human connection between buyer and seller and their legal status – “limited liability” – at least tends to encourage immoral behavior by undermining accountability for harms caused. They are inherently centralizing and homogenizing and their massive economic power always becomes political power, which is invariably used to benefit them – artificially, through such things as regulatory capture – to the detriment of personally/family owned businesses.

        On balance, I’m not a fan. I think we’d have so much more in the way of choices as well as decentralization if corporations could not exist – italicized to emphasize that absent government creating and protecting them, they cannot exist –

        • 30 years ago there were literally hundreds of small and medium-sized operations, all in my metro area, all doing more or less the same thing. It was good for the consumer, but it was also good for the employees…because if they got mad, they could go somewhere else at the drop of a hat, without even having to move.

          They all bought each other out years ago (most likely driven by regulatory compliance costs), and there are only a handful of companies left. The companies have their employees by the balls, and they know it, and they act like it.

          My biggest mistake, when I was younger, was choosing to go into something where I would be effectively forced to work for The Man, because striking out on my own would be virtually impossible. I didn’t know, didn’t know that I didn’t know, and was misled. A lot of implicit deals were broken, or were BS to begin with.

          My entire generation, and the one after it, has been screwed over, repeatedly and continuously, by the system over and over again, from 2008 (shortly after I graduated college) right on through to the present. And people wonder why I cheer its downfall…

          • You’re right, Publius –

            I’m Gen X, so just behind your generation. Mine was the last generation to achieve adulthood before it all turned to shit. I feel for your generation. Lots of gadgets – and the Net, which Gen X didn’t have when it was in high school/college. But we had something better – jobs, opportunity. Freedom – at least, relative to what we have now.


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